Chinese Remake of Miho Nakayama’s Love Letter in the Making

Ooo, another Chinese adaptation of Japanese goodies. The classic story and highly rated Japanese movie, Love Letter, which hit theaters in 1995 and became a box-office hit will get a Chinese film remake. No names has been dropped yet either in directing or casting. Producing the movie will be under Dreams of the Dragon Pictures, which also produced The Man Behind the Courtyard House, Cloud Atlas, and Out of Control. I personally haven’t seen this movie before so can’t even throw out a few names for casting potentials.

Which actors do you think will fit the characters?

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The synopsis revolves around Hiroko Watanabe (Miho Nakayama), who lives in Kobe. Her fiancé, Itsuki Fujii, was tragically killed in a mountaineering accident. One day Hiroko finds Itsuki’s old school yearbook, from the time he lived in Otaru, Hokkaido. She finds an address in the book. She writes a letter and sends it to that address.

Itsuki Fujii (Miho Nakayama) lives in Otaru. She receives the letter a few days later: “Dear Itsuki Fujii. How Are you? I am fine. Hiroko Watanabe.” She is a little disturbed by the letter, but decides to write back.

Hiroko is astonished when she receives a reply. She goes to discuss it with Shigeru Akiba (Etsushi Toyokawa). When her fiance Itsuki was alive, Shigeru and Itsuki were mountaineering partners. After Itsuki’s death, Shigeru thought very seriously of marrying Hiroko. But the memory of Itsuki was a barrier between them. Soon, Hiroko discovers that the reply came from her fiancé’s classmate and namesake, Istuki Fujii, a woman. The two women begin a strange correspondence [Wiki].

Stills from Love Letter 1995:

Miho Nakayama in dual roles as Itsuki Fujii and Hiroko Watanabe.

 photo LoveLe 13.jpg

 photo LoveLe 8.jpg

 photo LoveLe 10.jpg

 photo LoveLe 14.jpg

 photo LoveLe 17.jpg

Actor Takashi Kashiwabara.

 photo LoveLe 16.jpg

 photo LoveLe 15.jpg

 photo LoveLe 9.jpg

 photo LoveLe 7.jpg

 photo LoveLe 11.jpg

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    • 5 thoughts on “Chinese Remake of Miho Nakayama’s Love Letter in the Making

      Lol….. I wonder whether they will spice it up then. XD

  1. 5 thoughts on “Chinese Remake of Miho Nakayama’s Love Letter in the Making

    Aww, I loved this movie. Really hyper romantic but understated at the same time. But it really has the 90s nostalgia factor now, so I wonder how they’re going to do it.

  2. 5 thoughts on “Chinese Remake of Miho Nakayama’s Love Letter in the Making

    this movie is absolutely sacred to me. absolutely petrified (also morbidly curious) about what they’re going to do with it. shunji iwai has a very distinct, understated storytelling style that can’t be replicated.

  3. 5 thoughts on “Chinese Remake of Miho Nakayama’s Love Letter in the Making

    Such beautiful actors. I used to think takashi was really good looking although I never watched anything with him in it. Looking back he has such a baby face though. Still beautiful but so boyish.

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