Behind-the-Scene: Ye Hua removes Su Su’s Eyes

Oh Lord, I’m so glad I’m not watching this torturing process to happily-ever-after. What went on in the writer’s mind at the time she decided to torture her characters in this way? Anyway, the raw behind-the-scene video of this take is trending on weibo and netizens complimented both actors for doing a great job. I have uploaded the cuts for you strong-hearted viewers. Lol. Ye Hua (Mark Zhao) removes Su Su (Yang Mi)’s eyes… Poor Mark, still affected after the director called cut.

Her beautiful eyes staring at him as he does the deed… Oof.

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BTS of their Wedding:

Raw, Undubbed BTS of Eyes Removal:

If the link above is removed, I have uploaded it on dailymotion.

The Scene As Aired on TV:

Preview of Ep. 24 & 25:

  1. 47 thoughts on “Behind-the-Scene: Ye Hua removes Su Su’s Eyes

    lol…. im crazy i was thinking of him actually plucking out her eyes. so twisty. *shivers*

    the writer is a bit much. if the novel is plagiarized, what is in the original? =O

    • 47 thoughts on “Behind-the-Scene: Ye Hua removes Su Su’s Eyes

      You are not the only one thinking this ?I thought they were going to show us her eyeballs or something bloody
      As for the plagarism, I think some dialogues are similar and I know the ending scene was very similar to the novel that came before this.

    • 47 thoughts on “Behind-the-Scene: Ye Hua removes Su Su’s Eyes

      “Removing eyes” is not in the “original.” That couple would do everything they can to protect each other no matter what. They also have good friends who can actually help.

      The similarities that I noticed: love of peach blossoms, first person narrative, the tone, the narrator’s rather nonchalant attitude about many things/events, a few places and names, and the idea that when a person cannot reciprocate someone’s feelings, that love may still become a debt to be paid in future lifetimes.

      • 47 thoughts on “Behind-the-Scene: Ye Hua removes Su Su’s Eyes

        omo! removing eyes is not in the original?! and i thought it was worst in the original. no wonder why the criticisms towards this fake version. and yet many still loved it despite it all. o_o guilty pleasure?

        • 47 thoughts on “Behind-the-Scene: Ye Hua removes Su Su’s Eyes

          i think also for the fact that the ‘original’ story had a BL [boys love] line ..compared to this one which has [more] straight couples [lol, if you get what i mean] on what perhaps mainstream/majority of chinese’s people view on same-gender storys [there are quite some storys/tvs but you always hear news of them getting censored anyways…. XD]

        • 47 thoughts on “Behind-the-Scene: Ye Hua removes Su Su’s Eyes

          There isn’t much explicit BL stuff. Likely due to the fact that human “romantic” love was forbidden in the Heavens so the main immortal couple were platonic best buddies for thousands of years.

  2. 47 thoughts on “Behind-the-Scene: Ye Hua removes Su Su’s Eyes

    Cried pretty bad during the part when he told her he was going to take her eyes. HOW DARE HE!? I understand that it’s not completely his fault because he did it to protect her but for some reasons I hated how he hurted her. Hated Sujin and Heaven Emperor too. Those two really piss me off. Just wait until SuSu come back as Bai Qian and remember what Sujin did to her. Ooo can’t wait for some sweet revenge and for Yehua to get what he deserves. I have a really bad love/hate relationship with him right now.

    • 47 thoughts on “Behind-the-Scene: Ye Hua removes Su Su’s Eyes

      lol did you read the novel? XD (there is a part devoted to why Yehua did what he did, but its all palace politics lol)) Sujin is definately at fault (typically evil, jealous character, the acteress playing her did really well lol the more you dislike a charachter, the better the actor XD haha) I understand, to be honest it’s 50/50 everyone’s fault, the whole point of it was miscommunication, not telling each other everything (or being open) and like the Heaven people for not figuring out who Susu was in the beginning … lol like even Fengjiu went Bai Qian in her ‘fox’ form and didn’t realize that was her aunt………like the level of dense and clueless is unreal

      • 47 thoughts on “Behind-the-Scene: Ye Hua removes Su Su’s Eyes

        I did read the novel that’s why I’m just waiting for the sweet revenge Bai Qian gives everyone who wronged her. I totally agree on the characters being dense part lol. Especially with Fengjue not even noticing that SuSu is her aunt. I do understand why no one else in heaven know who she is tho considering the fact that she rarely ever step out of Qingqiu. But yeah, I really disliked Tian Jun(the heaven emperor) because of his double standards for SuSu and Bai Qian. I’m also not a fan of Yehua’s mother in the drama either because of how she cared more for the well being of SuSu only because SuSu is carrying her grandchild but not care for SuSu as a person. Especially to see Tian Jun(a man) treat a women so harshly like’d think people would speak up. ?

        • 47 thoughts on “Behind-the-Scene: Ye Hua removes Su Su’s Eyes

          haha i agree with you, but Tian Jun’s is sort of the current emperor’s ruler … not anyone can just stand up to him like that… he always does end up having the final say… plus Yehua’s mom is an [in law] not Tian Jun’s blood related daughter, so i get the feeling she wants to maintain a decent relationship with Tian Jun, and just want Yehua to suffer less [from a mother perspective, just being obdident and saying yes to whatever tian jun says would make Yehuas overall life a bit easier….he already carries the burden of being the ‘next’ Tian Jun xD], perhaps the reason he doesn’t rebute BQ has much because of her ‘real’ status [offending the Qianqu clan isn’t a smart move when they need to gather more supporters in case of wars against the Ghoul/demon clan haha]

      • 47 thoughts on “Behind-the-Scene: Ye Hua removes Su Su’s Eyes

        I think her mortal form and lack of “godliness/仙气” pretty much deceived everyone who at first thought she was Bai Qian. After all, Bai Qian is a goddess and Susu is just a mortal.

    • 47 thoughts on “Behind-the-Scene: Ye Hua removes Su Su’s Eyes

      I think when the writer wrote this she had wanted us to hate yehua and understand how susu would feel; from loving him to feeling hurt and betrayed. However, unlike the drama, we were kept in the dark as to why he did what he did.

  3. 47 thoughts on “Behind-the-Scene: Ye Hua removes Su Su’s Eyes

    Mark Zhao has surpassed all my expectations for Ye Hua. I prefer Yang Yang looks wise, but Mark has done a fabulous job portraying the brooding, stoic Crown Prince. He is knocking my socks off with his angst.

    Yang Mi on the other hand, is a subpar actress. She’s unconvincing as Su Su, and her acting is weak, extremely so considering that she’s experienced. Her “angsty” scenes were so insatsifying to watch.

    Mark is carrying them both.

    • 47 thoughts on “Behind-the-Scene: Ye Hua removes Su Su’s Eyes

      I couldn’t have said it better myself, also find Yang Mi super unconvincing and unsatisfying to watch in emotional moments especially like these ones. In general her and Mark have good chemistry, but I felt so underwhelmed by her performance in perhaps the single most pivotal moment of Ten Miles that I wish they gave Mark a stronger co-star to work with:( He’s been excellent on his part

      • 47 thoughts on “Behind-the-Scene: Ye Hua removes Su Su’s Eyes

        I feel like they have decent chemistry bc Mark is acting his socks off and would have decent chemistry with even a rock at this point. His expressions are so subtle and spot on. It’s really easy to overract angst.

    • 47 thoughts on “Behind-the-Scene: Ye Hua removes Su Su’s Eyes

      I actually found it opposite, I find Yang Mi very good while having never liked her before but find Mark Zhao just so so.

      I thought Yang Mi portrays the gentler more demure SuSu very convincingly and the restrained emotions fit more with her character then an all out cry fest.

      Mark is doing much better then I expected but he lacks the maturity I was expecting in his character, he lacks that ‘heavy’ feeling, like the worlds problems rest soley on his shoulders. Like this scene I thought he could have been a lot more heart broken, he was a bit too restrained.

      But then it might be more me expecting how a character in their situation should be reacting as oppose to how the actors himself see’s his character.

      • 47 thoughts on “Behind-the-Scene: Ye Hua removes Su Su’s Eyes

        A lot of praises for his acting -particularly the brooding and silent intensity of his character. Goes to show how truly subjective it really is, with the various interpretations, expectations and all!

  4. 47 thoughts on “Behind-the-Scene: Ye Hua removes Su Su’s Eyes

    I watched the short clip of SuSu saying goodbye to YeHua and jumping down the “hole”, and damn I was sobbing like mad. Everyone keeps complaining about how it’s the same voice actress again, but she is the one who gave life to that scene for me. Fantastic job she did, kudos to her!

    So far I am liking Yang Mi as SuSu, but not so as SiYin because honestly, it felt like Yang Mi all over again. I hope she will be able to do a good job differentiating QianQian and SiYin because I am actually liking the drama so far!

    Mark Zhao, I didn’t watch a lot of his scenes because I was skipping here and there, so I have no idea how he did, but he got loads of praises! Hopefully I will understand why when I officially start to watch from when Yang Mi finally became QianQian~

  5. 47 thoughts on “Behind-the-Scene: Ye Hua removes Su Su’s Eyes

    On the fence with Yang Mi’s acting, and I’ve been following this show the entire time. Simply fail to see her emotional depth and ability to express the range of emotions her character is going through, which you can see when director asked her to exhibit shock-denial-acceptance+shock+pain, and she thinks its nothing more than fear (director is like before eventually getting the scene down but rather underwhelming. Her acting pales in comparison next to Mark, even though they have good chemistry in general.

    Simply don’t feel Yang Mi gave Mark enough to feed off in that scene to produce the most emotionally intensive moment possible. You can tell he was really trying. Her dubber put way more emotion into it than she did, and it felt bit off. Actually, more than a few were saying thank goodness for her dub/better than what she emoted originally.

    No offense to Yang Mi fans or anyone who felt differently about the scene than I did. Didn’t intend to be critical, but it felt lacking and severely underwhelming for that level of heartbreak. Maybe I had too high expectations. But Mark Chao has been a pleasant surprise so far, a lot of praises for his acting, which I agree.

    • 47 thoughts on “Behind-the-Scene: Ye Hua removes Su Su’s Eyes

      Completely agree with your description of the emotional range of the scene. I was facepalming at Yang Mi. Did she not read the novel closely? Does she have poor interpretation skills?

      That scene is supposed to be THE turning point for Su Su. Yang MI’s portrayal of that scene was so blah. I expected to see more shock, resistance, dawning horror, confusion, and heartbreak. Her perception of Ye Hua and their relationship took a dramatic 180 in that moment, and all Yang Mi portrayed was meek fear.

      • 47 thoughts on “Behind-the-Scene: Ye Hua removes Su Su’s Eyes

        Not a fan of YM, and not a fan of actresses anti-YM. In terms of acting, I don’t think any actors are totally 100% at fault because once in a while, the script choice of this show shift into something stupid and then kind of back to normal. It is not only YM that was so emotionless overall, almost everybody was the same, just standing and talking doing cute/angry/mad faces, but do their body language really show much from any of these emotions…? It’s just that some people got better roles than the others, but in terms of acting and scripting everything as a whole, nobody is even that above another. Switch some other actresses into the role that YM is playing, what differences are we going to see anyway, this show is totally role vs scripting.

  6. 47 thoughts on “Behind-the-Scene: Ye Hua removes Su Su’s Eyes

    Is anyone like me? I only watch BTS of this drama. LOL. Too many side characters that I have little care for.

    Can someone tell me what Bai Qian will do to “revenge” for all these suffering? If she doesn’t get revenge, then I’m really done for. It’ll be like Hua Qian Gu and her epic fail all over again!

    • 47 thoughts on “Behind-the-Scene: Ye Hua removes Su Su’s Eyes

      Don’t worry she will get her revenge, unless the scriptwriter decides to do it the Mary Sue way, the revenge will come 🙂

  7. 47 thoughts on “Behind-the-Scene: Ye Hua removes Su Su’s Eyes

    OOOh…YM is even worse with her own voice. I’m glad they dubbed her.

    I’ll have to agree w/ everyone, Mark is spot on. YY has competition now.

    • 47 thoughts on “Behind-the-Scene: Ye Hua removes Su Su’s Eyes

      More like he is better be more careful because the bar is set high.
      It’s not like he is a good actor in the 1st place.

      • 47 thoughts on “Behind-the-Scene: Ye Hua removes Su Su’s Eyes

        This! I can’t seem to express that Yang Yang only looks good for the role but not in terms of acting ability without being attacked in other discussion platforms.

        Yang Yang might look the part of a dashing god/prince of heaven, but I am not convinced he will be better than Mark. In fact Mark has really surprised me with his portrayal and acting.

        The only to look forward to in the movie version for me is better CGI and star studded all around cast (Yan Kuan as Bai Zhi, Luo Jin as Zhe Yan, but who is gonna be Li Jing?! )

  8. 47 thoughts on “Behind-the-Scene: Ye Hua removes Su Su’s Eyes

    I really want to know how the drama is doing in China, can someone enlighten me please? I can guess it’s doing extremely well for far, netz are saying it would be difficult for Yang Yang and Liu Yi Fei to catch up to Zhao Yo Ting and Yang Mi.

    I like Ye Hua so much, heehee Zhao Yo Ting is so good at portraying YeHua. I think Yang Mi is perfect for SuSu/Bai Qian.

    • 47 thoughts on “Behind-the-Scene: Ye Hua removes Su Su’s Eyes

      Online views, it has surpassed 5 billion views and it’s been only 10 days.

      Ratings wise, it finally broke 1 on 2/5 2/8 and 2/9. With General and I out of the way, it might increase. I think that’s pretty darn good for not being aired on Hunan. 🙂

      • 47 thoughts on “Behind-the-Scene: Ye Hua removes Su Su’s Eyes

        Thank you Kappy for replying. I wanted to know how it’s doing and it seems the drama is doing well. Ye Hua and Bai Qian story will begin in a few days, and plus General and I is ending too. So the rating may rise even more. I think General and I didn’t fare that well considering its high profile actors and huge budget.

      • 47 thoughts on “Behind-the-Scene: Ye Hua removes Su Su’s Eyes

        Not to mention it airs in 2 channels at the same time… If you add them up they would surpass the current N.1 right now

  9. 47 thoughts on “Behind-the-Scene: Ye Hua removes Su Su’s Eyes

    Very nice pictures of YM teary eyes. This writer likes to make her heroines go blind like hua qian gu. I have very mix feeling about this show, one side watching because it is interesting and the other side watching to see how bad it can get.

    I hate the idea of creating an extreme woman B**** in order to create dramas, there are other ways to make things dramatic, I think those characters really need to go away. A very bad way to make some people stereotype how all asian women are like. That style usually only exist in thai and korean dramas, it was never this extreme in chinese dramas but it’s starting to get into all chinese genres now. 😛

    • 47 thoughts on “Behind-the-Scene: Ye Hua removes Su Su’s Eyes

      Extreme characters are easy outs. No need to spend much brain power to give them much complexity and substance. These innocent, naive, bumbly female “foxes” are another extreme.

  10. 47 thoughts on “Behind-the-Scene: Ye Hua removes Su Su’s Eyes

    is there going to be a new link for the bts ? its down on both links. qq

    • 47 thoughts on “Behind-the-Scene: Ye Hua removes Su Su’s Eyes

      Holy. They got both of my accounts. T____T Need to find another alternative.

  11. 47 thoughts on “Behind-the-Scene: Ye Hua removes Su Su’s Eyes

    I take back everything I’ve ever said about Mark Zhao before this drama. I doubted him when he was first cast for the drama version and didn’t think he could be Ye Hua but man has he proven us all wrong. His acting is beyond my expectations and I almost cried at Ye Hua’s heartbreak scenes. It’s rare to see male actors able to do crying scenes so well.

    • 47 thoughts on “Behind-the-Scene: Ye Hua removes Su Su’s Eyes

      When I read that Chinese netizens described Mark as having “Cosmetic Surgery-like Acting,” I busted out laughing. A lot of people didn’t think he was good looking enough for Ye Hua, but as they watched Mark perform they began seeing him getting more good looking by the minute. Now, he is the handsomest guy in the whole heaven. LOL!!!

      • 47 thoughts on “Behind-the-Scene: Ye Hua removes Su Su’s Eyes

        What does “Cosmetic Surgery-like Acting” even mean?
        Those who said he is not pretty enough should get their eyes checked … like NOW!

        • 47 thoughts on “Behind-the-Scene: Ye Hua removes Su Su’s Eyes

          There’s a BTS video with the cast promoting the drama and when it gets to Mark’s segment he’s like – “I’m not good looking so please focus on my acting” . Even Mark himself doesn’t think he is good looking enough for Ye Hua….

          Haha “Cosmetic Surgery like acting” Mark certainly isn’t bad looking but even I initially thought he wasn’t handsome enough for Ye Hua. But now his acting has won me over entirely. I’m glad he is getting recognised. He’s not that popular in Mainland (not sure about Taiwan) and hopefully through this is going to get a lot more roles in the future. The only drama I ever saw him in before was Black and White which was his first drama.

      • 47 thoughts on “Behind-the-Scene: Ye Hua removes Su Su’s Eyes

        What in the world is “cosmetic surgery like acting”?
        That his acting is stiff like those who got too much work done and can’t move a muscle on their face? *ahem Hawick Lau* Or his acting and facial expressions are beautifully crafted onto his face? Cause Mark is impressing the hell with me with his acting, and he surely has a very natural face that doesn’t look like it’s gone under the knife to me.

        Also from what it sounds like, a lot of people in China are really happy with his acting as Ye Hua. I see a lot of netizens praising his acting. Unless there’s many who don’t see the same? So what context does cosmetic surgery acting even mean? I’m truly confused lol

      • 47 thoughts on “Behind-the-Scene: Ye Hua removes Su Su’s Eyes

        It sounds like it means that his acting is so good that it raises his level of attractiveness in the eyes of viewers—an analogy to plastic surgery making someone more beautiful. He doesn’t need PS, he’s got talent and skill, and an on-screen presence.

        It sounds like a compliment, actually. That is, it’s his skill as an actor that overshadows any apparent lack in looks or excessive good looks. Of course, we know he’s a handsome guy, plus his talent makes him EXTRA handsome.

    • 47 thoughts on “Behind-the-Scene: Ye Hua removes Su Su’s Eyes

      Totally became Mark fan after seeing him as Yehua, with every ep, I am falling for him even further. He is not active in China that much so this surge in popularity would encourage him to take more works from now on.. it would be such a waste to hide his talent all along.

  12. 47 thoughts on “Behind-the-Scene: Ye Hua removes Su Su’s Eyes

    Was plesantly suprised by Mark Chao. Always felt he was not suitable for the role. But now watching his performance, he portrayed the subtlety very well. His character could easily come off as stone faced brooding but the managed to turn that into such a thoughtful performance with very exquisite touches. Instead found yang mi underwhelming… the movie version have big shoes to fill for Ye Hua’s character. Mark chao set the bar rather high!

  13. 47 thoughts on “Behind-the-Scene: Ye Hua removes Su Su’s Eyes

    When I first saw the still image of Mark Chao as Ye Hua, I had decided to drop this drama. Butsomehownotsurewhathadhappened, I watched it on the first day it aired and I been hooked ever since.
    I read the book and to be honest, I was not thrilled by the story. I find there are something missing from the novel itself. I love every scene of Ye Hua. To not over do those scene be it cry or stone faced is very difficult and he did it just nice and I feel that he is the real female and male lead for the show.

    This is the first time I find the drama did a better job than the book..(sorely my own opinion).
    -I like the way drama rearranged the timeline from start from KUN LUN XU.
    -The way they change the golden egg to golden lotus and Ye Hua later born as the crown prince
    -I also like the way they add the sceene how SU SU got the burn mark on her hand and was recognized by YE Hua 300 yrs later (I find it more convincing)

    Just hope that the ending is better than just ” Qian Qian, come here” (from Novel)

  14. 47 thoughts on “Behind-the-Scene: Ye Hua removes Su Su’s Eyes

    Ye Hua may be Mark Chao’s defining role, that took off like a spaceship on the launching pad. In the beginning, I liked the Mo Quan role. When Mo Quan went to sleep, I was reluctant to replace him with Ye Hua. Since Ye Hua’s persona has dominated the drama since episode 9, and Ye Hua inveigled his way into the hearts of viewers on the planet Earth, I have to compliment Mark Chao on owing, and breathing life into, his characters.

    I watched Yang Mi in Witness only. She has enchanted me in this drama, portraying Si Yin-Bai Quan-Su Su. For a 140,000 (?) Celestial Years’ old lady, Bai Quan is holding her own. Si Yin was a zealous youth. Bai Quan is a supreme being. Su Su was a big-hearted mortal, devoid of malice or artifice.

    • 47 thoughts on “Behind-the-Scene: Ye Hua removes Su Su’s Eyes

      Sorry for the typo! “Owing” is the wrong word. I meant to type “owning”. I need to wear my glasses.

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