The Legend of Chusen Season 2 Finale Spoilers and Summary

Well, hopefully, I don’t have to write another one for Chusen. Lol.

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Episode 16 – 18 Summary and Highlights:

After kidnapping Bi Yao’s body and obtaining her Broken-Hearted bracelet, Xiao Yi Cai wants to use her body in exchange for the incense-burner thingy (LOL, sorry I really have no care for his magical object), at least that’s the excuse he gives to the innocent believers: Jing Yu, Xue Qi, and Shu Shu’s cousin. Jing Yu finds his behavior strange and comes back for another look and catches Yi Cai in his human beast transformation, reminding him of the attack many, many episodes go. He fights with Yi Cai and successfully obtains Bi Yao’s bracelet and runs away. Injured, he stumbles his way into a cave and discovers Bi Yao’s lifeless body.

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Lord Dog is so adorable in this scene, announcing himself as Bi Yao’s underling, whose primary job is to protect her and Gui Li. Aw. You loyal subject. (Shu Chang plays Bi Yao’s aunt and she looks flabbergasted being addressed as an aunt. Lol.)

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I really appreciate this scene because up till now, it seems like Bi Yao was only a part of Xiao Fan’s life, since everyone on the “good” side seldom shows their sorrow for her sacrifice. “Long time no see, Bi Yao,” Jing Yu starts. He sits beside her body and envies her deep slumber, having no heartaches, no worries, and no pain. Unlike himself, he rarely has a good night sleep this past decade (but you don’t look a day older? Skin care recommendations? 😀 ). He misses his shifu, Xiao Fan, and the times they spent fighting side-by-side. “Bi Yao, you will definitely wake up.” Awww.

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He thinks of a way to alert Xiao Fan to their location and sends some energy into her bells, which signals Gui Li’s staff to glow red. Gui Li heals Jing Yu and recalls their memory together as innocent teenagers. Jing Yu knows that Gui Li wants to gather the books to stop Ghost King from reviving the beast and he intends to help. Not wanting to owe anyone else, Gui Li rejects the offer, but Jing Yu reminds him that Bi Yao was also his friend. Gui Li asks him to leave, hoping they would never spar again. Serious man-crush Jing Yu has.

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Xiao Fan meets with Xue Qi and tells her to expose Yi Cai to the other senior and junior disciples, and Xue Qi explains that she didn’t know Bi Yao was inside the bracelet when Yi Cai stole it. Again he reaffirms his goal in the whole matter is to revive Bi Yao, so “Don’t force me to fight.” Xue Qi looks away and recalls the competition they had for the first time, admitting that she knew he held back that time. She looks longingly at Gui Li and says she harbors all their memories together in her heart, never forgeting them. Gui Li wonders why she has to put herself through that misery, and Xue Qi honestly reveals her feeling, that in the past 10 years, she had always waited and hoped he would turn around, but now she realizes it’s too late.

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Shaking his head, Gui Li remains quiet, until Xue Qi’s longing eyes turn sharp again, and she challenges him to a fight to see how much he’s improved in ten years. A smile creeps up in one corner of Gui Li’s lips and he deflects her moves easily, sending her sword plunged into a nearby tree. Xue Qi asks why he still uses good sect’s kung fu and Gui Li answers that kung fu doesn’t discriminate good and bad, it’s the person who uses it that determines its origins.

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At the highest peak of Mount Ming, Ghost King and his subjects greet the Beast, who’s impatient for his return to the human world. He craves blood and thinks the sacrificial human (Yi Cai) isn’t as flawless as he wishes but he would have to do for now. In order for the spell to work, they need 12 hours of uninterruption, hence Ghost King tells everyone to safely guard the mountain from intruders. Ghost King also asks the beast to give power to Wu Yan since he’s shown his loyalty to their sect repeatedly.

Gui Li meets with his Qing Yun brothers and sisters and enjoy a peaceful night with them before their big fight tomorrow. All of them agree to fight side-by-side with Gui Li, like how they used to do it, following his words.

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As the group charges up the steps, the fights are divided equally. The first one being Wu Yan, finally settling scores with Shu Shu. Wu Yan cracks me up, he’s lying on the steps, adopting Xiao Fan’s Hawaiian beach pose from Season 1 finale. XD

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Xue Qi stops their march for a little bit to apologize to Gui Li, saying that she owes Gui Li and Bi Yao for saving her life back then and how she couldn’t stop Qing Yun Sword from harming them both that day. This kind of sincere feeling is what she owes them both. Gui Li says he will always remember that fateful day and will settle score with Sect Leader one day, but he also keeps Xue Qi’s repeated attempts to speak on his behalf in his mind, indirectly telling her he doesn’t blame her.

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You Ji’s voice interrupts the conversation. Aww man, please don’t kill her. I like her motherhood with Bi Yao. She tells Gui Li to return to the cave and wait for Bi Yao’s revival. Xue Qi volunteers to hold You Ji back, allowing Jing Yu and Gui Li to continue their path.

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At the next level of defense, Qing Long gege and Jin Ping Er stand stationed. Ah. Don’t hurt these two either! Damn my feelings for the supposedly bad people. Lol. Locking eyes with Ping Er, Jing Yu bids farewell to Gui Li and aims his sword at Qing Long. You are so hilariously obvious about your affection, Jing Yu. I saw that move! XD

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Final stage, Ghost King greets Gui Li, and each launches into their own defense for doing what they are doing. Ghost King says reviving the Beast is the way to save Bi Yao; when all the energy gathers, she would be revived, but Gui Li counters that line of thinking as a direct attack to Bi Yao’s wishes. She wanted there to be no more hate between the two sides of good and evil. No more loss of lives. Ghost King doesn’t take those wishes as more important than his daughter’s own life and Gui Li admits that Ghost King would never understand her perspective. “This is her faith. And because of my beloved’s faith, I will not surrender.” That is one hell of a romantic declaration.

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They fight and Ghost King has Gui Li locked under his power for a moment before his sister-in-law, Xiao Bai, enters and lures him away, well, with him having a chokehold on her. Lol. He locks her in a bubble at the peak.

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Back to the level 1 fight with Wu Yan holding both Shu Shu and his cousin, Li Xun, in the air. But Shu Shu gathers strength in his other hand and breaks free and gives a deadly kick at Wu Yan, sending him down the vortex of nothingness. Even then, Wu Yan disappears with a mocking smile.

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Goodbye Wu Yan. Mao Zi Jun shares his thought about the role, “I really like how the writer dissects the character of Qin Wu Yan. In life, no one is truly evil and truly good. The role of Qin Wu Yan is my favorite character to play since I started filming dramas.”

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The fight between the ladies doesn’t go anywhere, and You Ji wonders why Xue Qi is not really attacking her and the latter becomes nostalgic as she remembers how Bi Yao saved her once and how kind Bi Yao was. You Ji: “Because of her kindness, she died under ya’ll hands!” Xue Qi shakes her head, if it weren’t for their insistent on starting the war, Bi Yao wouldn’t have died. You Ji calls it fate, the hatred between the good and bad sects runs deep and long, never a chance for resolve.

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But Xue Qi believes otherwise; if Bi Yao were still alive, she would be their hope for that dream. OMG. That breaks my heart. That response stuns You Ji and Xue Qi continues, “You guys destroyed her dream, demolishing that beautiful belief.” Affected by those words, regret shows on You Ji’s expression and she disappears.

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At the next level, Qing Long gege fights furiously with Jing Yu and questions Ping Er’s statue-like behavior on the sideline. Conflicted about her position, Ping Er finally chooses to stand against Qing Long, leaving him with little choice but to render a deadly blow in her direction. She falls the slowest fall ever, allowing Jing Yu plenty of time to catch her. Lol. When he moves to heal her, she stops his futile attempt, making it known that she was already poisoned by Mr. Ghost. She looks at him. “I didn’t want you to see my defeated look. Being liberated this way is a kind of happiness.” A tear strolls down her face and she turns limp in his arms. He cries out her name and then her good sister comes with some magic pills and promises that Ping Er’s shifu will save her. That was so anti-climatic.

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Weakened by his earlier fight with Ghost King (where the heavenly books were removed from his body), Gui Li falters at the last staircase to hell peak. “Bi Yao, I don’t think I can stand it any longer. Bi Yao…” On cue, Ghost Bi Yao appears like an angel and holds his hand. “Silly, don’t worry, I will walk with you.” With that, Gui Li becomes empowered, walking up the stair with flashbacks of their times together.

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He makes it to the top and vows to stop the revival. Ghost King sends him flying over the edge and as he hangs on for dear life, his friends (Xue Qi, Shu Shu, and Jing Yu) fly up to contend with Ghost King, joined shortly by Gui Li. They get pushed back and it becomes a battle between Ghost King and Gui Li until the broken-hearted flower hovers over them and releases Ghost Bi Yao, and she pleads for her dad to stop. He pauses, giving Gui Li the leeway to knock him and his precious Fire Emblem Dish towards Xiao Bai’s direction, dissolving her bubble. She quickly throws the dish towards Xiao Fan and tells him to enter the trap and disrupt the reviving process.

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He does and we are serenaded by some epic music. I like this piece! With their plan once again disrupted, Ghost King escapes with Mr. Ghost. Xiao Bai tells Gui Li to hurry up and collects the energy from the skies and he uses his staff to store it.

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He returns to the cave and releases the energy along with the bracelet and it returns safely around Bi Yao’s wrist. She’s slowly lifted to a standing position with Gui Li passing the energy into her body. After all is inserted into her body, he stands, arm outstretched, palm hovering near Bi Yao’s face, waiting for a reaction.

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When no response is generated, he takes her hand and looks at it forlornly, then lowers it slowly. He looks away and closes his eyes, exhausted of the whole ordeal to come to this conclusion. As he nears his own hopeless fight, a tear escapes from Bi Yao and drops into the bracelet, making it and the bells glow. Gui Li jerks his eyes opened.

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And we end on that note. A cliffhanger.

—– END —–

Kappy: Perhaps the most frustrating one to date. The production is thinking of a season 3 but the same returned cast? Let’s see… Yi Feng is focusing on his film career, Yang Zi has new and better projects going her way, and Li Ying aims to focus more on herself this year. A reunion of the main cast is nearly impossible at this point. If I have to say, Chusen is but a launching vehicle, allowing most of its cast members a solid rise in their careers.

Chusen has pretty cast, gorgeous costumes, elaborate filming sets, a popular novel at hand, and yet it fails at telling an effective storyline, meandering on story points that audience could care less about, sacrificing one character development in favors of another. Butchering characters is the worst offense in this case and Yang Zi’s Xue Qi tops the list. Is she Xiao Fan’s love interest or his Professor of Moral Literature? Most of the time, I really didn’t care much for her strict and unbending ways, same goes for Jing Yu’s straight-laced character. I enjoyed the last three episodes more because they were allowed to be sympathizing due to what their characters went through instead of being dictated by their “shifus” all series long. I like characters who show growth, and while they were late, better late than never.

The other disappointing aspect is Xiao Fan’s love story with Bi Yao. It could have been the talk of town, the most memorable, but alas, it didn’t give me those turbulent emotions because Xiao Fan is always a tree when delivering emotions. There were no high points or low points for his character, falling flat throughout the series. What I wanted from Xiao Fan, Mao Zi Jun’s Wu Yan delivered.

But I wasn’t angry with his Gui Li’s transformation as I was with Hua Qian Gu, Gui Li has a line of supporters who still believe in his goodness, which anchored his character from veering completely towards the dark side. Moreover, he believes in Bi Yao’s kindness and strives for that faith. While Qian Gu had none of that, and everyone she loved died, which makes her mediocre transformation all the more frustrating and very dissatisfying.

  1. 28 thoughts on “The Legend of Chusen Season 2 Finale Spoilers and Summary

    It’ll be our last time lol

    Season wasn’t as draggy. LYF was much better as GL. Haha

    Season 3 would yield high profits with the original cast. A new cast would backfire. The power of idol fans.

    • 28 thoughts on “The Legend of Chusen Season 2 Finale Spoilers and Summary

      Indeed, just like Huan Qian Gu. HQG 2 was not at all well received with the new casts (eventhough some of the original like Ma Ke were there). It was a total flop.

  2. 28 thoughts on “The Legend of Chusen Season 2 Finale Spoilers and Summary

    Season 2 already finished airing? was it well received? Don’t seem to see much talk about it.

    They changed so much from the novel >.<

  3. 28 thoughts on “The Legend of Chusen Season 2 Finale Spoilers and Summary

    Thanks kappy for the summary.

    if they are planning to make season 3 better continue with original cast otherwise dont make it at all. since the 3 main casts are busy this year, hopefully they can do it on 2018. sorry but im a fan of biyao and xiao fan’s love story and i cant accept the ending/cliffhanger, i want to know what will happen to biyao, i havent read the book so im not sure if this realy the end or not.

    • 28 thoughts on “The Legend of Chusen Season 2 Finale Spoilers and Summary

      Bi Yao doesn’t wake up in the book, Carla. If they follow the novel….

  4. 28 thoughts on “The Legend of Chusen Season 2 Finale Spoilers and Summary

    If the first 4 episodes wasn’t wasted on a non-existent storyline between ch.84 and ch.85 of the book, we could actually get to see the enormous battle between the beast army and both evil and rigorous sects. (run out of CGI budget?) As well as better explanation Linglong and the Beast Lord, their story was actually quiet touching in the book and serve interesting paralles and alternatives between Xiaofan-Bitao and Jianyi-Youji.

    Xueqi’s role got cut a lot, but at this point, it’s a lost cause in the drama. Also GL is way less evil in season 2 compared to the book, disappointment.

    • 28 thoughts on “The Legend of Chusen Season 2 Finale Spoilers and Summary

      Ah, Linglong and the Beast. Could have been interesting!

      Might I ask what Gui Li did the novel?

  5. 28 thoughts on “The Legend of Chusen Season 2 Finale Spoilers and Summary

    actually,i’m hopes that i’m would see at least Bi Yao opened her eyes,,but not still cliffhanging,make us as this series’s fan feel frustrated,they should go with original cast if there is a season 3,evethought there is a season 3,hoping that Bi Yao and Xiao Fan have happy ending,i’am Zhao Li Ying fans since the legend of lu zhen,now waiting for “the princess agent”,hopes Bi Yao would casting in another chinese fantasy wuxia series one day.

    • 28 thoughts on “The Legend of Chusen Season 2 Finale Spoilers and Summary

      yes yes! cant wait for Princess Agent

  6. 28 thoughts on “The Legend of Chusen Season 2 Finale Spoilers and Summary

    Gah, I saw the final episode on YouTube’s recommended list and my itchy finger clicked it, only to be left feeling the same WTF as I did when Season 1 ended.

    Give me my 45 mins baaackkkk!

  7. 28 thoughts on “The Legend of Chusen Season 2 Finale Spoilers and Summary

    I only watched the subbed episodes and jumped to the last just to see the ending but then they gave me this… *sigh* I feel really sorry for Xiao Fan’s Professor of Moral Literature, Lu Xue Qi. I thought this season would focus on her relationship with XF. Anyway, I can only say good luck, Producers, if you still want to make season 3~

    • 28 thoughts on “The Legend of Chusen Season 2 Finale Spoilers and Summary

      If they do Season 3, I think that will involve the development between LXQ and GL.

      • 28 thoughts on “The Legend of Chusen Season 2 Finale Spoilers and Summary

        If there’s a development between LXQ and GL I will be very disappointed. In one of this “dreamlike state” GL did said to Biyao that he will never forget her and will be like the Young Master and Yunshu (the sea fairy) and wait for her……..

        • 28 thoughts on “The Legend of Chusen Season 2 Finale Spoilers and Summary

          But bi yao never woke up in the book and gui li eventually loved xue qi and married xue qi. Lol. They have to respect that much. He cant be hung up on one person for so long, it will be boring.

          He wont forget her definitely since she sacrificed her life, she will be in his heart, but he needs to move on. Lol.

          Gui li/xiao fan has 3 stages of love with three different women.

        • 28 thoughts on “The Legend of Chusen Season 2 Finale Spoilers and Summary

          @CremeLady agree, tbh I was kinda frustrated GL couldn’t move on. Lol. Life will go on. Three different women, you mean his senior sister too?

    • 28 thoughts on “The Legend of Chusen Season 2 Finale Spoilers and Summary

      Honestly, I read the book so I know how Xue Qi feels. Kind of sad to see my character being sidelined so I’m not touching this drama ever again. I would say the remake left me so dumbfounded than “general and I” did because they were milking zhao li ying’s bi yao so much when honestly bi yao was my least favorite character.

  8. 28 thoughts on “The Legend of Chusen Season 2 Finale Spoilers and Summary

    I took my precious time from studying for my CPA exam for this flippin series…I think I can almost that it was wasted because of SUCH a ridic character closure (bc there was none).

    • 28 thoughts on “The Legend of Chusen Season 2 Finale Spoilers and Summary

      Of all the songs, they chose this lovely one! GAHHHHHHHHH!

  9. 28 thoughts on “The Legend of Chusen Season 2 Finale Spoilers and Summary

    Seharusnya bi yao membuka matanya..happy ending bersama xiao fan..akhir cerita dari the legend of chusen 2 kurang memuaskan dan membuat saya sedih.ceritanya memberi kesan menggantung,tidak selesai.semoga dibuat yg ke3 dengan akhir cerita yang happy ending.

  10. 28 thoughts on “The Legend of Chusen Season 2 Finale Spoilers and Summary

    What a disappointed ending. I really hate the cliffhanger end. There should be season 3 to kill that damn sect leader n destroy the zhu xian sword. I also hope bi yao wake up on season 3 and live happily ever after with Gui Li. Seriously after all that happened with the 2 of them, they deserved to be unite together and have a happy ending unlike the story line in the novel. If really they make season 3 hopefully with the original cast.

  11. 28 thoughts on “The Legend of Chusen Season 2 Finale Spoilers and Summary

    Does anyone know what song played when he was holding her hand at the ending? I lived it but don’t know the title

  12. 28 thoughts on “The Legend of Chusen Season 2 Finale Spoilers and Summary

    Is there a season 3 ?
    Its Have a Same Cast ?
    And When it will Aired ?
    Can You Tell Me ?

  13. 28 thoughts on “The Legend of Chusen Season 2 Finale Spoilers and Summary

    I really want season 3 and i wish that guilli and biao should have happy ending……its my wish from bottom of my heart. …..plz make sure same cast and give a happy ending ….loved the drama and also the casts. …..

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