Drama-Binging: What Are You Watching? (1)

Here it is! A feature that many of you have brought up to me since last year. Sorry that I kept delaying it. A drama discussion post for your raving and ranting needs, supported by our mascot, Riku! Don’t know how often I should make this post, since this type of post is effective when you guys interact and voice your opinion, positive or negative, about what you’re watching!

Music is the way to capture my attention and I decided to link to the songs of the dramas being released so far in January!

=======> ♦ Xu Lu and Wilber Pan‘s Be With You Opening themesong by Liu Xi Jun.

=======> ♦ The Lonely Shining Goblin. Ah, I’m only watching for Lee Dong Wook and Yoo Inna’s angsty love story, to be honest. Such a heartache for them both in both lifetimes!

=======> ♦ Chen Xiang singing the ending themesong to Magic Star.

=======> ♦ Niu Jun Feng sings opening themesong for Master Devil Do Not Kiss Me.

=======> ♦ Lead Actress Xing Fei sings a song for Master Devil Do Not Kiss Me. Her voice is so soft.

=======> ♦ Having been benched for a while, Chen Xiao’s Love & Life & Lie has a few songs in its OST. Are you watching? Dog-blood type? Lol. The songs are so slow….not very memorable.

=======> ♦ A new song is released for Legend of the Condor Heroes 2017. By Well Lee.

=======> ♦ Dilraba Dilmurat sings a song for her drama, Pretty Li Hui Zhen.

=======> ♦ Gina Jin plays dirty in The Legend of Ace. LOL.

=======> ♦ Anyone still following General and I? Or its direct competition in Li Xiao Lu’s Guardian of Beauty? GOB started out low in the ratings battle and eventually overtook the game on 1/6 with its highest rating on 1/18 at 1.55, but GAI was higher at 1.571. Taking turn to lead. Lol. No matter what, Beauty is a modern drama with little promotion and less budget compared to General. War Beauty has a disadvantage of airing on two different stations and stands at 0.7ish at both and comes in fourth. The Last Visa comes third in most days at around 0.8ish but climbed to second on 1/19, breaking at 1.012.

On the other hand, Pretty Li Hui Zhen broke 1.0 on 1/15 with 1.002 and continues to rise despite being aired in a midnight slot (after 10pm), its highest on 1/19 at 1.352.

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    pretty li hui zhen is pretty good! you need to get over the first 2 episodes where they made li hui zhen quite ditzy with the silly interview thing and it will get better. dilreba is adorable but its very hard to stomach peter’s lackluster acting. he is so stiff both in acting and in his real-life personality. needs a lot of work, better yet should take some acting classes.

    i also do no sense chemistry between gong yoo and the leading lady….. he seems like her uncle most of the time….

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    List of what I am watching atm: China: I am a Singer Season 5, Chinese Dating, General & I, Legend of Condor Heroes 2017, Pretty Li Hui Zhen (in fast forward mode). Korea: Legend of the Blue Sea (last episode next week), Goblin (just completed), Return of the Superman, Mr. House Husband. Japan: Omukae desu. Slowly catching up with Korean and Japanese dramas from 2016 onwards. 🙂

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    They finally revealed Silence Wang’s song for The Legend of Condor Heroes 2017. 🙂

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    Just finish watching Kdrama Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim, it was the highest SBS drama of 2016. They named it the best medical themed drama in kdramaland and I AGREE!

    They focus on the daily life and struggles of normal people in Korea and sensitive topics like MERS, Rape and politics within the higher position in medical industry. Less focus on the romantic side but still over all , its great! I highly recommend it.

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      Agreed. It’s the best medical drama I have seen so far and I love every episodes of it. Master Kim’s morals are the best. Love the OTP. Wish there will be a season 2.

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    ROFL. Riku can’t believe she’s a mascot. She was wondering if it was too early to ask for treats in return. She likes peanut butter and cheese…together or separate is okay with her. LOL.

    I am super curious about Guardian of Beauty. I wasn’t able to find any videos on it quite yet. However, I may have to check out Pretty Li Hui Zhen. Are you watching any of those, kappy?

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    As of now, am watching Legend of Condor Heroes 2017, Pretty Li Hui Zhen, that reality show with Teacher He Huang Lei and Henry Lau living on a farm or something, season 2 of Crime Scene (aka the celeb criminal reality show), Happy Camp as always…and that’s basically it…

    (despite the many shows out now, I’m actually kind of bored: finished skimming thru Dagger Li – YR was awesome but otherwise meh, rewatching Sound of Desert, rewatching Mischievous Princess (the old one with Alec and Jang Nara), and yeah…, dropped Magic Star cuz really…it was getting to the point of no positives left to watch for, dropped General and I again long ago…I no longer really recognize any part of the novel plot in that drama, and basically….not much going on)

    BUT just started and absolutely LOVING One-punch Man (aka Wanpanman)…SO good. I don’t even know why, it’s just so addicting and hilarious. Doesn’t take itself too seriously. Anyone into animations, that’s the one to go to…esp since Qin’s Moon updates like one ep a week and its plot is really starting to go all over the place.
    (Also started Sherlock and that’s fantastic too)

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      oh yeah, and watching Candle in Tomb, but that’s ending tomorrow so…yeah.

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        Recommend Mob Psych 100 :3
        Same author of wanpanman (I love this name more aha) and it’s a bit weird at first (different story and whatnot), but I enjoyed its weirdness 😀
        Mischievous Princess was my addiction lol. Supported Jang Nara in her endeavors after that… Korean or Chinese dramas but I would drop some of them midway lol.

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          Lol yes. Will try out Mob Psych (can’t wait for wanpanman season 2! 😀 )

          Yeah, Mischievous Princess NEVER gets old. Man, Jang Nara was ADORABLE and the whole show was so funny and entertaining!

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          i second the recommendation for mob psycho 100 too.. love the manga.. the drawing may take some time to get used to but the humor is gold.. XDDDD

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    Awww Riku is so adorbs <3
    That gif of Gina Jin…always wonder why some characters don't fling dirt or spit at their kidnappers xD

    Korean shows:
    Finished Goblin. So much stuff to talk about but overall decent show and probably the better one of the scriptwriter's works.
    Father I'll Take Care of You: Haven't finish but it's a weekend drama where I excel at pressing the fast forward button. I just need my fluffy moments lol.
    Picking up Saimdang, I miss the lead actress.

    Chinese shows:
    I should lay off Pretty Li Hui Zhen. Seeing Dilraba everywhere LOL. Going at a steady pace since I am not fond of the storyline (even in Korean version). Felt the Chinese one executed some parts better but are not great on other parts (Peter is stiff as always 😛 ).
    Legend of Condor Heroes 2017… Waiting for it t finish airing and subbing (not in English lol)… I need my mom to jump on board for this 😀
    Candle in Tomb… need to continue this one but I have so much stuff to do 😛

    Anime (because why not? 😀 ) :
    Ajin – weird aesthetic… it's okay, but I don't feel much excitement for it.
    K project- watching for aesthetic reason… I fast forward a lot lol. There's a second season.. probably delaying this lol.
    Gintama – my favorite anime.

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      The last anime I watched was Rakasha Street and Akatsuki no Yona. LOL. Sorry, I like my guilty pleasures in harem stories from time to time.

      Yes, you’re seeing Dilraba everywhere! LOL.

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        Lol I got 2 off my friends onto Rakshasa Street. No matter the language barrier the awesome bromance wins every time. Although we all agree that it could do without the girl…although they prob want her to set up for future seasons (if there are any).

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    Currently watching General & I but since they slowed it to 1 episode a day I started watching My Sunshine…bad mistake! I ended up watching all 32 episodes in 3 days…while watching The Legend in the Blue sea & The Goblin.

    Now considering if I should start wallace’s other dramas or Joe chen’s tomb rider or her show with Wang kai…

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    Currently watching Candle in the Tomb, Hunan’s Detective variety Season 2 and Happy Camp!
    There is not much dramas that interests me… in a stagnant period again sigh!
    I stopped watching animes almost a year ago because even though they are good, they somehow just don’t interest me! In need of a good anime fix!!!

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    I watched “The People v.s. OJ Simpson: American Crime Story” last week lol. I’m at episode 3 with “The Night of”.

    I don’t know… I just needed a break from Asian dramas. I dropped Legend of Blue Sea after episode 7, watched the pilot episode of Goblin weeks ago and never continued following. I don’t know what it is, it’s not like it’s bad.. I use to watch and follow so many K-dramas back in the days. I just tend to drop Korean dramas halfway since two years ago. Once I miss one episode or two, I’m just too lazy to catch up and I don’t have the urge to marathon, so I just drop it as a result. I find K-dramas much harder to binge-watch than C-dramas. Probably because the pace is slower (two episode a week format) compared to C-dramas (daily episodes format). I’m going to give Defendant with Ji Sung a try though.

    As for C-dramas. Not watching anything at the moment. Tried watching Life & Love & Lies because I like Zhou Dong-yu, but damn.. What a disastrous drama, so dropped that as well. Also watched four episodes of Pretty Li Hui-zhen. It’s OK.. Nothing spectacular.. Dropped.

    The only shows I’m still catching up with are variety shows. I follow Singer 2017, the show with He Jiong and Huang Lei (cute show, but unfortunately a total rip-off and plagiarization of Three Meals a Day sigh….), You BB You Up (Qipa Dahui), Who is the Murderer aka Crime Scene 2 (did they just change the name in order to avoid having to buy copyrights like they did with I am a Singer/Singer 2017??), Jin Xing Show.. That’s pretty much it I think.

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      Where did you watch Jin Xing Show? The official channel made everything private on youtube…..

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        Hi Peach,

        I use to watch it on China Dragon TV’s official channel too but too bad they stopped uploading it since the beginning of the year.

        You can watch Jin Xing Show on Asian Pop-pilation’s Youtube channel or just download Youku’s APP on your tablet or phone (which is what I do) – HD quality, quick uploads and no lagging!

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        Hi Peach,

        I use to watch it on China Dragon TV’s official channel too but unfortunately they stopped uploading it since the beginning of this year sigh.

        Anyway, you can watch Jin Xing Show on Asian Pop-pilation’s Youtube channel or just download Youku’s APP on your tablet or phone (which is what I do) – HD quality, quick uploads and no lagging!

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      Same here, Legend of the Blue Sea didn’t stick with me either, though Lee Min Ho’s comical explosions are funny to scroll through on tumblrs. Hehe.

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    A big Thank you to all of you for sharing what you’re watching. I watched:

    1. Pretty Li Hui Zhen: Some episodes are ok. Formulaic story. Acting ok. Typical product of Yang Mi’s studio. I have this show on the background while I work on some serious non-TV stuff.
    2. General and I : a disappointment. Not impressed with acting, including Sun Yizhou’s. Appreciate AB’s effort in hiring an acting coach. Great costumes. Some nice CGI scenery. Scene continuity isn’t great. Episode 3 still has leftover wires in final shots. AB’s sewing pouch was blue when she first pulled it out. By the next shot, they have switched to a pink pouch instead. I’m assuming they cast AB bc she has a huge fan base and can help boost ratings. This drama still needs work. They may have released it prematurely. AB may not be the best choice for a first-rate strategist. WC’s dubber’s accent stands out among the rest of the cast. Not horrible. But doesn’t blend. Sometimes they use really huge electric fans on AB’s long wig that it looks like comical scenes from Go Princess Go. Distracting and yet funny.

    3. Love & 2 more L’s. Acting is ok, but terrible plots with some really horrible human characters that should not be on TV anymore. (Same old tropes since the Qiong Yao era.) Zhou Dongyu’s adopted mother, her biological parents’ pseudo-adopted daughter. The plot is about as annoying as Joe Chen’s “Stay with Me”. Generous use of immature or pathetically evil characters.

    4. Dropped Dagger Li after sampling 2 minute parts of a handful of episodes. Hawick Lau, Kenny Kwan, … idk which year I can watch KK.
    I’m planning to check out Memory Lost 2 & 3. Will finish watching Disguiser and other older dramas. Will check out Candle in the T. Finished Rhaksasa Street. It was ok. The plot is weak. contrived at times, especially at problem-solving. Female lead character is annoying. But not all bad.

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      The draw points for Rhaksasa Street is the brothers’ bond and the jamming music. I was so hopeful in the beginning of our female lead, but at last, she’s whiny and typical. Sigh. Hopefully, the drama version is better since I like Tang Bao!

      Lol. I have a soft spot for Kenny since he was one of my original high-school crushes. Eye-candy. =P

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        I like Tang Bao a lot too. She’s best in that school drama movie with Dong Zi Jian.

        The most I watched KK was in the Charlene Choi Nicholas Tse CCTV drama from years ago. Never finished it. I now try to avoid watching KK before I feel tempted to go crushing the trash cans in my high school. haha. Don’t worry. I have never gone back to visit my high school. No cans have been damaged. As far as men’s looks, I am more drawn to Peng Guan Ying from Lan Ling Wang Fei, Joe Cheng, Elvis Han, Nic T etc.

        The overall quality of Cdrama has increased some. The worst parts aren’t as bad as the old ones. A good number of good actors. Some improvement in CGI etc. too. It’s just that they really like to stick to money making formulas as much as possible. You see overuse of the same tired plots, idol actors, etc.

        I hope 2017 will have some surprisingly good cdramas.

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          Kenny was my pretty boy stage. LOL. I like all the men you listed except for Joe Cheng. He doesn’t have the looks I drool over. hehe. Really like Peng Guan Ying as of late, especially in a tux! *heart eyes*

          They need to hire better writers! Everything is pretty but the storyline is degrading into no-longer-makes-sense-but-must-drag-out-for-money. T__T

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          Joe Cheng’s acting was sometimes not as great as Elvis Han and the others’. I didn’t finish JC’s beef noodle soup shop drama with Li Yi Feng, or his mainland drama with Xu Lu and Zhang Hanyu. The scripts for those 2 weren’t good either. I haven’t watched Peng GY much. Hope he will be good in Tribes & Empire later.

          I hope Tang’s Glory will have a reasonable plot. The emperor(s) in this drama may still be way too lovey-dovey. Hawick Lau’s Qing Emperor had so much time to deal with all aspects of maid Zheng Shuang’s maid-life duties. It made you wonder when the Emperor did any work.

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          Yes! Reasonable plot is all I ask for. Drama emperors’ only job is to watch while second female leads make mess for female leads. Lol. At least Shu Chang will play good sisters with Jing Tian and she has a separate love live. PHEW!

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          That’s hilarious yet true Kappy! Emperors’ job description.

          The thing is that c-ent people focus more on doing what they think the younger audience wants to see. When some kdramas showed how life and the whole world are all centered around 1 Mary Sue and her dozen admirers, boatloads of money ensued. Now a lot of companies and writers focus on varying the Mary Sue plot (originally known as the F4 plot) in 3 places and make $$$ quickly. Put out another pretty series quickly. Few have his/her own drama plots to tell anymore. Leaving only Shanying and a few loners out there still making non-Mary Sue dramas. It’d be scary if the good writers are also all busy working on Mary Sue projects. Even if they were good writers, it wouldn’t help matters much.

          It’s a life lesson for us too. Sometimes we have to have the guts and confidence to develop and do what we do best, instead of trying to be another Mary Sue or Gary Stu. Have our own identities, talents, and characters. When millions of people all try to be the same Mary Sue, a lot of people are going to end up being 2nd rate Mary Sue’s or worse.

          There’s too strong a focus on looks, having to be a beautiful, tiny, fair-skinned fairy in that part of the world. Imagine if all the world’ women are all Barbie dolls and nothing else.

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    I’m currently watching the following:

    Korean dramas:
    Gentlemen of Wolgyesu Tailor Shop — weekend drama
    Father, I’ll Take Care of You — weekend drama
    Love is Drop by Drop — daily drama
    Still Loving You — daily drama
    I’m Sorry Kang Nam Goo — daily drama
    Person Who Gives Happiness — daily drama (I’m about to drop this as the drama just frustrates me to no end)
    Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim — Just finished it this past weekend
    Goblin — Just started episode 1

    Chinese dramas:
    General and I
    Pretty Li Hua Zhen
    Legend of the Condor Heroes 2017
    The Legend of Chusen

    Thailand dramas (Just started watching them as all have already aired or are older dramas):
    Dao Kieng Duen
    Roy Fun Tawan Duerd (became a big fan of Nadech & Yaya)
    Sood Sanae Ha (became a big fan of Ken & Ann as well)
    365 Wun Haeng Rak
    Suparburoot Juthathep (currently on the 1st story Khun Chai Taratorn in this series)

    There doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day to watch them it seems. I am behind on all shows (I also watch Korean variety shows as well).

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      OMGosh, this massive list. Where did you get your clones, LML?!!

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    Watching/skimming through Love & Life & Lie. I love Zhou Dongyu in this but the plot is a disaster. Reminds me of The Interpreter where the supporting characters are annoying af. The OTP is adorable enough to keep me watching.

    Started Kimura Takuya’s A Life while I was in Japan recently and I’m intrigued. Plus it’s a reunion between him and Takeuchi Yuko so that’s one highlight for me.

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    This is my first time posting on here.

    Just finished watching:
    Goblin – I liked the story line and the characters but I was kind of disappointed in the ending but other than that I liked it.
    Memory Lost 1, 2,& 3 – It was okay; was skimming through most of it because I just wanted to see the two main leads. I am happy that Yang Rong is finally getting main roles.
    When a Snail Falls in Love – Loved Wang Zi Wen and Wang Kai in there. I love how she can be sassy and fierce in Ode to Joy and then completing change into the character of Xu Xu.

    Currently watching (TV Shows/dramas):
    Happy Camp – Always watching on Saturdays
    Return of Superman – Always watching on Sundays
    We Got Married Season 4 – I began to watch again during the fall since the couples were cute.
    V-Focus (Taiwanese) – It’s okay so far. I’m more interested in the second leads rather the the two main leads. The story line overall is not so much for me but the second leads are cute and I like there story line and their character development so I am just watching for them. However, it is very long; it’s currently on its 64th episode and it’s still going. I was skipping through episodes to get through the drama.
    Till I Met You (Philippines) – Love James and Nadine in OTWOL and love the fact that they are together in real life. I am just watching for the two of them.

    I tried to watch some of the new dramas that came out this year and in December, but the story lines just didn’t hit me. I tried to watch Dagger Li but that didn’t work out so I just went ahead and watched the last episode – it was quite disappointing. I wanted to watch Life & Love & Lies when the first teaser came out because it was showing cute scenes of Chen Xiao and Zhou Dong Yu and I liked them in Palace and then I saw the long trailer and already figured out the story line, so I gave up on that. There was too many characters and there was so much going on that my head hurt trying to get through the trailer.

    I might go and try Magic Star because I like Wu Lei and Chen Xiang but then I am afraid the ending will not be good like Legend of Ancient Swords (can’t believe I wasted my time watching that drama). Maybe I will go watch the ending first when it is done airing and then start from the beginning. I also tried to watch Princess of Lan Ling but that drama destroyed me. I loved King of Lan Ling and I really like Andy Chen Yi but after watching a few episodes of Princess of Lan Ling, I gave up and waited for the last episode. The ending was a major disappointment and I am still wondering why the directors, producers, writers, and all those people decided on making this. I was hoping to see Andy Chen Yi’s acting develop along with the character of Zhang Han Yun but that was a major disappointment as well and OMG I hated the other lead’s character. He was pretty annoying in King of Lan Ling but in this one, he is so stuck up and irritating and I just wanted to go into my laptop screen and punch him in the face in those first few episodes. But thank goodness I gave up after a few eps, if not, I would have wasted a lot of time just like I did with Sparrow and Legend of the Ancient Sword.

    I am not watching a lot of kdramas right now because the story lines are not for me or the actors/actresses’ acting is not for me. I have a whole list of Thai Lakorns that I want to watch but none of them are subbed so I can’t watch any of that. The same with Jdramas, the story lines are just not for me and when I do like them, it’s not subbed so I give up from there since I don’t understand Japanese.

    Hopefully I’ll start watching more Cdramas and Taiwanese dramas that are airing this year so I can improve on my Chinese and hopefully, the story lines are catching and are for me.

    Sorry for the long rant people, I just wanted to get this out there since everyone around me only watches Kdramas and not any Cdramas.

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      Some people might like Magic Star, but personally I wouldn’t recommend. I too love Chen Xiang and Wu Lei, but tbh this drama doesn’t really show their skills cuz really…this show doesn’t really need any acting skills. The plot is rambling and all over the place, the characters 2D and used to only facilitate moving the show forward (can’t say moving the plot forward…cuz the plot…is barely there really), feels like a typical RPG-style adaptation (not from an RPG I think, but the style is similar to that)…not great directing, mediocre effects. It can be addicting if you want something mindless but it lacks the simple but present substance that the Chinese Paladin series at least had.

      I love Wu Lei, I really do, but this really isn’t the show he should be doing for his first lead one. Maybe this is just me, but yeah. Tbh I didn’t have high expectations, so I don’t hate it, but it’s definitely very mediocre and forgettable, even with my low expectations. I think I liked it for all of a few episodes. And that’s only cuz I also kind of like Zhang Yu Xi. (I find the other girl really annoying, just my opinion.)

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        Correction, CP1 and CP3. The recent Chinese Paladin 5 was…not my thing. Can’t say I hated it cuz I didn’t watch enough to form a real opinion, but the bits I saw…were also mediocre bordering on just plain disappointing.

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    my lakorn watchers! are you ready for yaya and mark in Kluen Cheevit??? it came out today!! im still waiting for subs but finally a lakorn in my life again!! weeeee

    not watching any chinese dramas since some needs subtitles and i can’t watch. lol. then again the storyline is dogblood anyway. hhahha

    finishes weight-lifting fairy. such a sweet youth romance. highly recommended for the fluff and secondhand embarrassment!

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    Not so much watching but playing in the background paying scant or occasional attention.

    Just finished Legend of Flying Daggers and Beauty’s Private Kitchen this way. Very glad that I didn’t actually spending much time on both. Predictably circuitous with infuriating female characters.

    Currently backgrounding Legend of Chusen II and web drama 西涯侠. Legend of Chusen II moves a little faster than part 1 but still meanders too much. I was under the impression that Gui Li should be much darker but his transformation was only superficial. 西涯侠 is a mix of some hilarious nonsense and total nonsense. My first impression about the male cast was: “Not a looker in the bunch!”

    For my own edification, so I have to pay some attention when I’m not dozing off. An older cdrama about the Art of War and 36 Stratagems. And animated series Romance of the Three Kingdoms, because I just couldn’t bring myself to try the loooong drama versions.

    Actually am watching a few animated series. Don’t know their English names though.

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      For animations, have you been watching Qin’s Moon (秦时明月)? I love it (at least pre-season 5…I’m still watching season 5 cuz I think it’s decent and I like it, but generally the plot becomes a little too big and spread too thin over too many subplots, just cuz it’s inevitable the way the story builds up, but can get a little too…eh). Also watching the Japanese one ( 😀 lol I’ve mentioned it so many times, sorry I just love it) Wanpanman (or the simpler One-punch Man). Can’t even explain why it’s so good but it’s so good. Addicting, hilarious, doesn’t take itself too seriously.

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        Not watching animated Qin’s Moon (秦时明月). Couldn’t stand the drama version and didn’t like any of the characters.

        • 57 thoughts on “Drama-Binging: What Are You Watching? (1)

          Yeah, I definitely have to say please don’t judge Qin’s Moon based on the live-action version…it’s really disappointing and not really anything like it. At the same time, I get that maybe u just don’t like the premise of it. Oh well.

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    Hii, everybody and Riku! :)))
    My drama life is in transition right now. Still nursing the disappointment from the G&I and hoping 3l3w will be better. I am watching Wuxin while waiting (I know, i know, I’m late …) and trying to watch Decoded (yeah, late on that one too). Candle in the Tomb is on hold currently because Wuxin fulfills my supernatural needs better 😉 .Still can’t warm up to Sebrina’s character even though I like everyone else’s, which is weird because I know her Yue Qi Luo is a well liked villain. So, yeah, in a nutshell – waiting for 3l3w.

    On the kdrama front: Also not good. tried watching Goblin – not particularly interested. To me, Gong yoo is someone who is effective only with the right co-star. The lovely goblin bride is not that kind of actress. it doesn’t help that the concept of this pairing is kind of uncomfortable, at least to me. Sorry. the king and the queen – all sorts of yes. 🙂 I like their substory better. The Blue Sea drama – also nope. I don’t like JJH, LMH is ok sometimes, this is not one of those times. 🙂 The story itself wasn’t interesting enough to compensate the lukewarm feelings towards the leads. The last kdrama I finished was K2 but that was because I was interested in the political subplot and wanted to see how that one ends. Te romantic subplot in K2 was, unfortunately, badly written and badly acted. I am waiting for the Defender.
    It’s been ages since I’ve watched jdramas and , generally, I dont watch variety shows unless someone I like promotes drama or a movie on them, so i can’t comment about those.

  18. 57 thoughts on “Drama-Binging: What Are You Watching? (1)

    Just finished Perfect Wedding. Loved Yang Zi character here, wow she can act. Brash, loud, strong, and a bit crazy. Good chemistry with Qiao Zhenyu, fun story, it’s hilarious how they try to get a “divorce” and get “pregnant” in their fake marriage/relationship.

    Also finished My Sunshine, didn’t like the flashback style, theres too many of them. Plot felt slow and thin but a memorable happy ending, and the theme song carry the whole show for me. But the dubbing for Wallace felt emotionless and detached, so it kinda affect the on screen chemistry.

    Then theres Diamond Lover, the original episodes. It was okay, although lots of fast forwarding but kinda addicting, Rain was meh, but Tang Yan + Luo Jin = chemistry.

    Try to watch Flying Daggers, but dropped it in the middle and skipped to the last episode.

    Weightlifting Fairy, it was quite a good slice of life drama. If only i’m about 10 years younger, this could be a memorable one. Alas i’m older, and story about youth and dreams didn’t really affect me much any longer.

    Another Oh Hae Young, didn’t like Eric’s character for most of the early to the middle of the series, but then he got better on the latter part. Seo Hyun Jin is good, really good. The chemistry and the kisses are hawwwttt. The story and character for the family and friends are also good. The song by Roy Kim is a favorite.

    Nigeru Wa Haji Da Ga Yaku Ni Tatsu. Love everything about it, nuff said.

    There’s not much to watch right now, just started Condor Heroes, it’s quite good, at least i like it a lot more than the 2008’s version. Rewatching Dream’s Link, ‘sigh’ time sure flies fast. And maybe gonna start watch Guardian of Beauty.

    • 57 thoughts on “Drama-Binging: What Are You Watching? (1)

      Nigeru wa Haji Da Ga Yaku ni Tatsu was one of the best J-romcoms I’ve watched in a loooong time. I wish there were more scenes between Yuri and Kazami though!

      • 57 thoughts on “Drama-Binging: What Are You Watching? (1)

        Wow, good words for Nigeru. Will add to my watchlist. The other Jdramas I want to watch this season is Quartet (from writer Sakamoto Yuji) and Super Salaryman Saenai-shi, because it looks funny. =D

        • 57 thoughts on “Drama-Binging: What Are You Watching? (1)

          I watched both while in Japan. Super Salaryman is hilarious. I’ve always loved Superman type stories so this fits the bill.

          Quartet has a fantastic cast. I will wait for the whole drama to finish airing first.

  19. 57 thoughts on “Drama-Binging: What Are You Watching? (1)

    Kap… I can’t believe Chen Xiao signed up for something such as Love & Life & Lie. And to think we waited two years for this. Meh…………

    Whatever cliche you can think of in a overdramatic drama, Love & Life & Lie has it.

    So i took a break and went to watch anime instead.

    • 57 thoughts on “Drama-Binging: What Are You Watching? (1)

      I think this has to do with the fact that the director is a Taiwanese idol drama director. His previous works have always been cliched too.

      Sad to see that this is Zhou Dongyu’s first drama series too.

      • 57 thoughts on “Drama-Binging: What Are You Watching? (1)

        Ugh. The show might have worked back in Meteor Garden era but now it’s an instant turnoff :<

    • 57 thoughts on “Drama-Binging: What Are You Watching? (1)

      hahaha. Chen Xiao isn’t very ambitious when it comes to projects. Let’s just close one eye for this one. XD

  20. 57 thoughts on “Drama-Binging: What Are You Watching? (1)

    I just finished Cdrama love o2o and kdrama weightlifting fairy! Both were very light and easy to watch! Does anyone have any recommendations for any relatively recent and good modern Cdrama/TWdrama/KDrama romance that are also light and easy to watch?

  21. 57 thoughts on “Drama-Binging: What Are You Watching? (1)

    currently only watching Legend of the Condor Heroes, really loving this version.. I’m a huge fan of Jin Yong, especially his Condor Heroes trilogy, so I’m extremely happy that the show is following the book closely so far, even the fight scenes seemed to be specially choreographed. Guo Jing is slight more handsome than how I imagine him to be in the book, but the actor kind of pull off his character quite well. Huang Rong is cute. I don’t enjoy Yang Kang though, he definitely make me hate this character than I ever did reading the book. *rolls eyes*

    finished Goblin, though seriously flawed and overly draggy, there were some parts I think were quite good. At least it touched me, and the actors all gave a good performance. I was thinking it would have been better off as a movie or a book.. haha

  22. 57 thoughts on “Drama-Binging: What Are You Watching? (1)

    Currently watching General and I. They’ve added a lot of things that are not in the book but the major plot points are there. Not sure I like the changes but honestly at this point I am purely watching because of Wallace Chung. I’ve never taken note of him before but man he is good looking and has solid acting to back him up. Since the episodes slowed down I went back and watched My Sunshine (dropped at ep10 when it originally came out) just to see his face. Hopefully the slowing down of episodes airing means they are working overtime for post production editing which was actually horrible and rushed.

    Skimming through Pretty Li Huizhen because Dilireba is cute.

    Waiting for 3L3W. I loved the book and the trailers look pretty. But to be honest want to see the movie version more because YY and LYF.

    Also watching candle in the tomb which just ended. Solid script, great actors and nice camera work. And of course the fun of picking out all the actors that were in Nirvana in Fire.

    Ps. Where is everyone getting their J drams from? I want to watch but don’t know where I can find them. I’m ok with watching without subs too if it makes it easier.

  23. 57 thoughts on “Drama-Binging: What Are You Watching? (1)

    Thankyou kappy for this general post so that we can all write our lil essays.. Or not so little.

    Once upon a time i was juggling 5 to 6 dramas, half of which is C dramas. But aft Snail falls in love and Memory Lost, im on a dry spell. Ive put on hiatus Fox in the screen and V focus. I have plans to watch Pretty Li Hui Zhen but found myself still not starting it.
    I blame it on the other korean shows that got me so in love that my heart can only do 1 at a time.
    I was solely focusing on weightlifting fairy until it ended. I wish more C dramas could be more like it. Theres vy lil cliche scenes but theres alot of heart, on romance and good friendships/family bonds. The romance was refreshing and the two leads were honest a direct. Also theres no beating around the bush or lots of unnecessary fillers. Which is excessively spoiling my drama viewing pleasure in C dramas.
    Aft weightlifting my focus shifted to Goblin and i finished it. While it was slow in some scenes, i actually find in poetic and i love the 2 messages i got from the drama. 1 is humans may seem fragile but our will can change fate. 2 is living and loving each day like its your last.
    Previously i wanted to watch Stay with me and General & I but quite alot of not so positive feedbacks, esp the former so ive stayed away for the time being.

    Lastly to all celebrating Lunar New Year, i bid you a joyous and wondrous and healthy rooster year!

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