Dino Lee, Esther Wu hope to steal your heart in Miss In Kiss

As reported earlier this year, Taiwan will remake It Started With A Kiss one more time because you know it’s just so unique (LOL). The remake is called Miss In Kiss (恶作剧之吻) and it features rising stars in Dino Lee and Esther Wu. I recognize our lead actor in various movies and from the promo videos, he appears to be the most expressive of the actors so far. Good or bad, you would have to check in to know!

Short and long trailers and songs are posted after the jump.


Dino Lee, Esther Wu, Xi Wei Lun, Gong Yi Teng. I like our second lead already. He screams PUPPPPPY.

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Teasers & Opening Themesong:

Miss In Kiss premieres on December 8th.

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  1. 10 thoughts on “Dino Lee, Esther Wu hope to steal your heart in Miss In Kiss

    I’m just wondering…does Taiwan not have the budget to produce grand, sweeping dramas such as Storm of Prophecy? Why do they keep revisiting dramas with themes of young love, coming of age, etc? Or does the Taiwanese audience only like to watch these kinds of dramas?

    • 10 thoughts on “Dino Lee, Esther Wu hope to steal your heart in Miss In Kiss

      It’s a mix of budget and cast issues, I think. They really don’t have as much as money to spend as Mainland production companies do and a majority of the older Taiwanese actors have also joined the Mainland to make money. They’re left with the young ones.

      But to be fair, they do have non-idol dramas that seem to get pretty good reviews with Taiwanese audiences. We just don’t hear about them much because a lot of them don’t feature the young idol actors nor do they have appealing story lines that the youth of these days tend to watch.

      • 10 thoughts on “Dino Lee, Esther Wu hope to steal your heart in Miss In Kiss

        Taiwan used to produce some pretty good dramas though. Some really classic ancient/period dramas back in the days were made by Taiwanese production companies (I’ve never watched any of them though; they’re not really my generation). I think it’s mainly a budget issue, and even the lack of big name actors is also a result of funds being tight. The set, the costumes, the actors – these all need money. Their dramas are also not exporting to China nowadays, so they can’t really earn much from broadcast rights. It’s not just a Taiwanese problem though, countries with smaller markets all suffer from the same issue. You only see one big production per year from Japan too (their Taiga dramas).

        However, if the script is good and the actors are actually decent, the drama won’t necessarily flop. Some huge huge huge dramas starred virtually unknown actors (Huan Zhu Ge Ge for instance). However, that being said, they don’t cast “decent” actors. It’s alright if the actors are not great at acting, but some of them have literally no charisma and are super plain-looking (I’ll admit that I’m superficial). Plus, Taiwanese dramas are stagnating with regard to their scripts. Miss in Kiss is a superb example. Why are they still remaking a drama which has a plot thinner than paper?

        • 10 thoughts on “Dino Lee, Esther Wu hope to steal your heart in Miss In Kiss

          i’m probably an outlier but i prefer these simple almost nonsensical dramas and remakes over the overly dramatic serous shows.

        • 10 thoughts on “Dino Lee, Esther Wu hope to steal your heart in Miss In Kiss

          I have watched some of the ancient period dramas from Taiwan. They were good given the lack of both budget and ginormous sets back then. It’s hard for them to go back to these days now that China does this genre so much better.

          It’s so hard to compete against in China in anything these days.

  2. 10 thoughts on “Dino Lee, Esther Wu hope to steal your heart in Miss In Kiss

    Dinoooooo! He’s pretty cute but didn’t leave much an impression on me for Our Times.
    So hopefully, he’s better here as a leading man, but not really feeling the vibe judging on the trailer.

    I used to love the series when I was a teenager and love love love the Ariel & Joe’s version. But as I grew older, I got sick of the story, LOL and the different remakes that kept coming out.
    I don’t think any of them will ever top the feelings or portrayals of Ariel & Joe. If anything, Honoko Miki & Yuki Furukwa comes second.

  3. 10 thoughts on “Dino Lee, Esther Wu hope to steal your heart in Miss In Kiss

    ISWAK was sth special to me but mostly cause of Joe and Ariel, not so much the story. There was a time when i was hook to Taiwanese dramas and follow avidly Rainie Yang’s drama career. But much of my interest has vained with Tawianese dramas and had a very low threshold to he antics and sometime over the top comedy/exageration they usually employ.
    This one looks to be a miss for me solely cause non of the stills hook me. not likely that i will watch.
    My last 3 taiwanese dramas were Murphy’s Law of love, Someone like you and Better Man- the last which i put on hiatus. Refresh man was a casualty- that i dropped midway.
    Im happy to report that i found a strangely satisfying and addictive T drama in V-focus. For one, its not over the top. And very good in terms of character development and progression of their relationship. Just want to spread the good word its a drama worth watching.

    • 10 thoughts on “Dino Lee, Esther Wu hope to steal your heart in Miss In Kiss

      Second time I have seen the recommendation for V-Focus! I couldn’t focus at all during the first 30 minutes of episode 1. Lol. Might have to give it a second chance. XD

      • 10 thoughts on “Dino Lee, Esther Wu hope to steal your heart in Miss In Kiss

        haha i was just commenting this to another netizen here on ur other post.
        copy paste from there..
        …I picked it up out of the blue- ep1 actually wasnt that good but then it keeps improving and i actually like their approach in relationship. Lao Da or Jiang zhi chen’s character is pretty nice cause he’s an enigma of professional, serious in his job, but a tease as well and love to bicker with the female lead, sometimes very direct, quick to apologize if hes wrong and yet secretive. Then the girl isnt just a normal damsel waiting to be rescued, i love her strength, her drive as a journalist, her will to live a fulfilled life despite what happened to her family. The honest conversations they have of feelings and what she expects of in her relationship – very tangent and mature.

        so yes i didnt like episode 1 and towards the middle i didnt care for the filler characters at her workplace but im still invested to want to see the progress between the leads =B just my 2 cents

  4. 10 thoughts on “Dino Lee, Esther Wu hope to steal your heart in Miss In Kiss

    I’ve rewatched the Taiwanese version of ISWAK so many times. One of the main things I loved about the drama was the OST and the chemistry. ArJoe are still one of my favourite onscreen couples and I love how they’ve remained friends after all these years (the Jiang family yearly reunion photos make me feel nostalgic lol).

    Dino was alright in Our Times and I remember Esther Wu from a car commercial a few years back (she’s quite cute haha). I’ll probably check out the new version but don’t think I’ll watch all of it XP

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