Princess Wei Young: Episodes 5 – 7 Summaries

Please welcome… maknae!! She’s here to help me out with recapping this intensely long drama!! Together we can dominate the world finish Princess Wei Young (hopefully). She’ll be joining me for future episodes (maybe). Shoutout to Kappy for everything you do and all your help!! We appreciate you so much, it is indescribable<3

Episode 5 Recap:

 photo Wei05-11.jpg

Tuo Ba Jun comes across Wei Yang, cupping her mouth so she can’t scream. He adjusts the tree branch on top of them so that they won’t be detected and the assassins leave as quickly as they come. Wei Yang collapses in Tuo Ba Jun’s arms.

He brings her to a doctor who says that she’s been poisoned. The only way to get rid of it is through an excruciatingly painful acupuncture treatment. The doctor is unsure if she can handle it but she manages to wake and say “yup”. Tuo Ba Jun nods his consent.

Meanwhile, Min De is on his way to become a ninja about to uncover the secrets of the astrologist! He will do whatever he can for Wei Yang. Aww.

 photo Wei05-18.jpg

Wei Yang is about to have her third needle poked into her head. She squeezes Tuo Ba Jun’s hand hard when it goes in, and the doctor says she is his first patient to withstand the pain and not scream during treatment. She faints/falls asleep. Tuo Ba Jun tries to make her let go, but he can’t so he eventually ends up (going through an arduous process) having to sleep next to her (in an extremely awkward position).

 photo Wei05-23.jpg photo Wei05-27.jpg

When Wei Yang wakes, she finds a pervert by her bed and kicks him out. We go through the whole “I saved you” thing again, and she gets up to kowtow. Tuo Ba Jun stops her and instead, gets out his zither and starts playing it for her. He cares for her throughout her sickness and she is truly touched.

 photo Wei05-70.jpg

One day, Wei Yang walks to the zither and sits in front of it, pantomiming Tuo Ba Jun. She doesn’t notice Tuo Ba Jun come in, and stands up awkwardly when he makes his presence known. He sits her back down and teaches her how to play the song he has been playing for her the past few days, his hands over her hands, as he bends over her.

Later when she gets better, Tuo Ba Jun brings her to a field of flowers. Wei Yang’s pure innocence brings a smile to his lips.

 photo Wei05-78.jpg photo Wei05-81.jpg

Min De on the other hand, has gotten in trouble. He managed to follow the astrologist to his hidden room where he heard a lady pleading that she be sent home again, but two guards suddenly came after him. He manages to escape with his servant but is caught in the conflict, when arrows suddenly come out, shooting all the guards surrounding them. It is seen later, when two men in dark robes speak, that they are sent to protect Min De. When he gets home and starts talking to his mother about the incident, Min Feng comes in unexpectedly and provokes Min De, making Min De so mad that he’s like “So what if I did do it?” Min De would add some whipping to that, but his mom says “Nope.” So he goes with the flow. Min De is brought before Li Xiao Ran who demands answers. Min De’s mother puts all the blame on her for being the one who made Min De go to the astrologist’s house. It’s a big drama, all in all. Min De begs that Wei Yang be brought back to the household and is met with Chi Yun Rou’s smirk. Something must have happened to her!

 photo Wei05-129.jpg photo Wei05-126.jpg

Chang Le and Chi Yun Rou talk about the astrologist and how lucky it was that they killed Wei Yang before this matter got out of hand. Chang Le speculates on whether the astrologist was right about anything he was saying about Wei Yang. She worries that he won’t be able to keep his mouth shut. (The part when he was meeting up with Chi Yun Rou..he was speaking the truth, but when he said Wei Yang needed to be kicked out or have 50 lashes, that was forced by Chi Yun Rou) Chi Yun Rou says she’ll take care of it aka kill him before he can talk. Well that’s a nice image.

As Chi Yun Rou and Min Feng walk back to their rooms, Min Feng tells his mother that he is ready to eliminate Min De for causing them so much trouble especially with the astrologist. His mother tells him to not be impulsive and to heed the waters.

On the other hand, Min De walks into his courtyard, suspecting that something is up, especially since Da Furen didn’t really try to stop them from going to find Wei Yang.

Tuo Ba Jun sneaks into Wei Yang’s room while she is asleep and puts a scroll next to her. He murmurs that he is sorry for being forced to leave her but he is sure they will meet again.

When the master servant duo get outside, Tuo Ba Jun tells his servant to find a lady to take care of Wei Yang. His servant also presents him with a dagger that has an emblem on it from one of the assassins. Tuo Ba Jun looks at it and his face darkens.

 photo Wei05-153.jpg

Later, a servant girl goes into Wei Yang’s room. She accidentally tips the scroll into her pail of water and secrets it into her sleeve. Wei Yang wakes up, not knowing that the scroll was ever there and asks where the man who took care of her went. The servant lies. Almost disbelievingly, Wei Yang walks over to the table, grabs Tuo Ba Jun’s fan and looks at the picture of bamboo on it. She goes to field of flowers and wonders if they will meet again.

 photo Wei05-141.jpg photo Wei05-152.jpg

On the other hand, Tuo Ba Yu goes to meet up with his (blood related?) brother, Tuo Ba Han and shows him a scroll that shows evidence that his soldiers have been harassing the civilians, whatnot. Tuo Ba Yu was able to stop this letter from reaching the emperor but he’s afraid he won’t be able to stop the next letter. Tuo Ba Han is about to go crazy since he doesn’t want the Emperor to know, because if he doesn’t allow the soldiers to do what they want, they will abandon him. Tuo Ba Yu advises him and they scheme. In the end, Tuo Ba Yu makes his brother come to the conclusion that Tuo Ba Jun and his mother are plotting against him.

Meanwhile, Tuo Ba Jun hurries back to his mother’s side. He finds that she is not sick at all like she said in her letter. Turns out, her mother faked it to make him come back otherwise who knows how long he would be gone.

 photo Wei05-159.jpg photo Wei05-160.jpg

Bai Zhi confronts Zi Yan about Wei Yang’s disappearance. The ‘mama’ (old servant) that has been by Wei Yang’s side takes the servant who pushed Wei Yang down the mountain away. Bai Zhi accuses Zi Yan of letting Wei Yang leave without any resistance. All of a sudden, Wei Yang steps through the doorway and says, “I’m here y’all.” Bai Zhi immediately goes to her side while Zi Yan lingers a while because she’s the traitor. Wei Yang doesn’t blame her and says that there was no way she could have kept the ‘mama’s at bay. You wish.

They get into a carriage and go to the Li Mansion.

Episode 6 Recap:

 photo Wei06-5.jpg photo Wei06-8.jpg

When Wei Yang steps down from the carriage, Chun Ming smirks at her, thinking that she should be poisoned by now. Instead, Wei Yang makes a dramatic appearance in the hall where she greets her grandmother and forces Chi Yun Rou to apologize to her formally. Later, Chun Ming wonders if Wei Yang is being impersonated after Chi Yun Rou rages at her for allowing Wei Yang to stay alive.

Wei Yang makes another trip to the hall later to properly thank her grandmother who is so touched that she allows Wei Yang to go see her mother. She goes to see her mother and it turns out that she has been worried sick about her. Wei Yang smiles and they hug and kiss. She’s prepared some food for her mother who is very touched.

 photo Wei06-20.jpg

Outside, she meets Li Min De and thanks him for helping her uncover the conspiracy. He gets all embarrassed and cute when Wei Yang tries to get touchy touchy with him. Later, Min De’s servant remarks that Wei Yang is really different to Min De. Min De is like “Hogwash.” His servant says, “You can resist everyone who tries to touch you but you can’t resist 2nd Miss.” Min De hmphs and remarks that Wei Yang’s days will get uglier ever since her dramatic entrance back into the Manor.

 photo Wei06-32.jpg photo Wei06-37.jpg

Later, she makes a trip to Chang Ru and Chang Xi’s rooms, hoping to find Chang Ru and provide her condolences for Chang Xi. Chang Xi’s mother suspects her of a ploy and Chang Xi openly curses her. Lady Wen (2nd concubine) aka Chang Xi and Chang Ru’s mother says that she really has to give all the credit to Da Furen who provided her with some medicine to treat Chang Xi’s wound. Wei Yang sees it and smashes it saying, “Believe me, I have never felt any ill intentions towards Chang Xi. Trust in me just this once and stop giving Chang Xi this ointment. The more you give to her, the less her wound will get better. The same poison was given to me.” Lady Wen realizes something and Wei Yang walks out.

Her servants ask her why Da Furen would do something like that to Chang Xi. Wei Yang says that it is because she wants to create a rift between her and Lady Wen. While going out, she runs into Chang Ru who says that she’s been waiting for her. Wei Yang is happy to see someone who has been so kind to her. Chang Ru’s servant leaks that Chang Ru was worried sick about her and even went to go plead Da Furen for Wei Yang’s return, and was thus punished. Wei Yang is touched and says she’ll remember this in her heart. Chun Ming comes suddenly to call Wei Yang away by order of Da Furen. She says that none of Wei Yang’s servants are allowed to come in with her.

 photo Wei06-40.jpg

Wei Yang sits at a table with Chi Yun Rou and Chang Le who question her about the village life. Wei Yang doesn’t let anything leak and turns the question on Chang Le, asking her why she is so interested in village life. Chang Le sneers and says she only asked a question. Wei Yang then goes out from Chi Yun Rou’s command. Before leaving, her eyes catch site of the jade that was stolen from her but she forces herself to continue walking. After she leaves, Chun Ming says that Wei Yang is so careful to cover everything up. She won’t say anything that will reveal herself. Chi Yun Rou says that her investigation of Wei Yang is still incomplete but she feels there are definitely some loopholes in the situation.

The scene switches to Tuo Ba Jun who walks into a hall, bowing to his ancestral shrine. He remembers the moment his father told him that power was what would get him everything in this world as a child, and apologizes to his father for not following in his footsteps as power only killed his father.

Tuo Ba Jun’s mother, the Crown Princess walks into her rooms, happy that Tuo Ba Jun has finally returned. Her servant reminds her of the terrible plots that may ensue because of the fight for the position of the Crown Prince. The Crown Princess says that naturally they must find a suitable match for Tuo Ba Jun who will help him bear all of his burdens. *dun dun dun dun*

 photo Wei06-47.jpg photo Wei06-48.jpg

Tuo Ba Jun waits in a forest for Wei Yang who is supposed to come. It seems this was on the scroll that was stolen by the servant. While outside, he hears a flute tune and listens to it. This flute tune is coming from Min De. Wei Yang meets up with him and snatches the flute away playfully only to find that the flute was given to him by his real father. It is a flute made out of high quality jade so Wei Yang speculates his status must be extraordinary. Min De lets her borrow the flute and she plays a tune. Back outside the Li Mansion, Tuo Ba Jun hears her tune and stays there, listening to it. However, it begins to rain so he leaves reluctantly.

In the morning, Tan Xiang, Chang Le’s servant tells her that Tuo Ba Jun is back in town. Chang Le is so happy that she almost cuts herself. (Pulease doo) Tan Xiang says that Chang Le has been invited to a feast (partayyyy).

Later, Chun Ming tells Chi Yun Rou that the Crown Princess didn’t only invite Chang Le to the feast, she also invited Chang Ru and Wei Yang. Chi Yun Rou is furious but Chun Ming tells her that Chang Le will overshadow everyone no matter what.

 photo Wei06-53.jpg

Tuo Ba Yu appears and his servant informs him that the Crown Princess has set her eyes on Chang Le because with her, comes General Ling/Chi Yun’s backing, the backing of the Chi Yun family and the backing of the Li Family. This girl’s got a lot of cards in her favor. Tuo Ba Yu’s servant asks Tuo Ba Yu if he wants to take part in stealing Chang Le away and he hmphs, beginning to scheme.

 photo Wei06-56.jpg

Now that Chang Ru has an opportunity to enter the palace, she’s choosing her clothes for the event. Chang Ru asks her servant to go get the blue gown, when Chang Xi bumbles in (yes, bumbles). She appraises each item and tells Chang Ru that Chang Le will always overshadow her. Chang Ru’s servant says that they’re supposed to be sisters, not enemies, but Chang Ru hushes her. It is indeed true that Chang Le will forever overshadow her as long as she exists.

 photo Wei06-60.jpg

Wei Yang’s mom is helping Wei Yang prepare for the event. She stabs a bunch of hair pins into Wei Yang’s hair making her look like a porcupine. Then she says, “This seems like…too much, maybe?” In the end, she decides on one hairpin that she received from Li Xiao Ran.

When Wei Yang goes out, she runs into Chang Le who belittles her and trips her. Luckily, Min De is to the rescue. They battle with words and in the end, Chang Le leaves after Min De says, “If Gao Yang Prince (Tuo Ba Jun) knew your wicked deeds how would he treat you?”

 photo Wei06-81.jpg photo Wei06-79.jpg

Wei Yang asks him who Gao Yang Prince is as she does not know Gao Yang Prince is Tuo Ba Jun. Min De says he is the prince who is projected to be the next Crown Prince. He’s also handsome. Wei Yang asks who could be more handsome than Min De and begins to get touchy with Min De again. Lol.

Later Wei Yang speculates that Da Furen and Chang Le suspect her, but she hasn’t let anything slip. She decides to get back her jade pendant because it was the thing her grandmother gave to her. Later, her servants come in and Bai Zhi screams when she sees a cockroach. Zi Yan (is the calm one for once) and stomps on it, saying that all girls are afraid of cockroaches. This gives Wei Yang a plan.

 photo Wei06-88_1.jpg

She dresses up in servant’s garb and makes her way to Chang Le’s bathing place. She slips the cockroaches in and they stream in. Later, Chang Le screams and calls for people to come help her. Wei Yang goes into Chang Le’s rooms as well and carefully switches out the jade pendant for another one. The jade pendant happens to be on top of Chang Le’s clothes, and Wei Yang is just about to succeed with her plan when Chang Le calls for her clothes. *Bee bo bee bo* (That’s my alarm sound)

Episode 7 Recap:

 photo Wei07-1.jpg

When Wei Yang gets Chang Le’s clothes she lowers her head. Chang Le tells her to lift her head but she screams “Cockroaches!” and manages to get out of that sticky situation. She escapes immediately.

 photo Wei07-6.jpg

Remember the good general from episode 1 who wrote down the bad deeds of General Ling/ General Chi Yun? Someone finds his letter, but an assassin steals it (is it just me or was he the leader of the Sun Moon Sect in Swordsman 2013) Anyways, he escapes, which makes General Ling (his real name being Chi Yun Nan) mad. He orders that the city gates be closed off and sends his men on his trail.

Later, Zi Yan walks around and orders two maids to get to cleaning up. When she walks away, she hears the two maids talking about how unfavored she is and how much more Bai Zhi is loved. She stalks back to the two maids and orders them to start working!

It’s time for the palace banquet in honor of Tuo Ba Jun now. As they make their way into the palace, Wei Yang sits with Chang Ru, Chang Le sits with Chi Yun Rou and Min De walks outside. As the carriage approaches, Wei Yang stiffens because she’s about to go into her enemy’s fortress.

 photo Wei07-47.jpg photo Wei07-50.jpg

Later, we see Princess Ba Di, Tuo Ba Jun’s aunt (YES, AUNT), doing the splits. When she hears that her rumored suitor, by the surname of Liu is about to come into the palace she immediately decides to step up her game and begin her onslaught! Poor Min De! As he walks around aimlessly, he complains about Wei Yang. Just then, Princess Ba Di sees him. Disguised as a eunuch, all she knows is that Liu was wearing a blue robe, so she assumes Min De=Suitor Liu. She “accidentally” spills the Princess’s foot wash water on him and also “accidentally” puts female clothes on the table for him later when he’s changing. Min De uncovers the ploy and immediately begins to force Princess Ba Di to surrender and she finally does. When he takes off his clothes in front of them, they scream and run out. He’s like “What the heck?” Later, she sees him again as he chooses his bow. She’s disguised as someone else now and she walks up to him huffily since he doesn’t acknowledge her presence. When he sees her he gets huffy too and asks her what she’s going to do now. He doesn’t know she’s the princess, a girl no less, and she decides to continue her act.

 photo Wei07-54.jpg

Meanwhile, Chang Le has been invited by the Crown Princess to sing a song. Chang Ru humiliates herself by standing up too, but Wei Yang comforts her. When she goes up to the Crown Princess to show her the jade Min Feng got from the fallen princess, the Crown Princess remarks on the nonexistent “cross” that is supposed to be behind the jade, as she heard from her mother that the princess was so mischievous when she was young that she made a mark there. Everyone comments on the fakeness and Wei Yang laughs. The Crown Princess gives Chang Le a box and she accepts.

Wei Yang walks around later, looking for Min De, but instead runs into Tuo Ba Yu. Chang Le and Chang Ru happen to come across him also, walking from the opposite direction, and Chang Ru hopes fervently for his eyes on her. Instead he invites Chang Le to go see flowers with him. (Waay to pursue a girl)

 photo Wei07-66.jpg photo Wei07-67.jpg

Tuo Ba Jun begins to play on his zither. For some reason everyone can hear it no matter where they are and Chang Le immediately tells Tuo Ba Yu that she has got some matters to do. Wei Yang also hears the zither and follows it. She sees Tuo Ba Jun and he holds her hand, telling her that he can finally see her again. From behind her, Chang Ru bows to “Gao Yang Prince” and Wei Yang realizes this is her enemy. She lets go and for the rest of the evening, she tries to stay away from him which is a little hard. Chang Le and Tuo Ba Yu also appear. Later, Princess Bai Di comes along and tells Tuo Ba Jun that she’s the eighth prince ready to congratulate him.

 photo Wei07-80.jpg

At the archery competition later, both Tuo Ba Han (Tuo Ba Yu’s brother and Tuo Ba Jun’s uncle) and Tuo Ba Jun compete. Tuo Ba Jun has far better archery skills than Tuo Ba Han. Suddenly, an arrow shoots towards Wei Yang. Min De immediately shoots an arrow to counteract it.

-Tranzgeek’s interlude: Sorry for the misconception but I think Tuo Ba Han is brothers with Tuo Ba Yu which makes Tuo Ba Yu the uncle of Tuo Ba Jun. I should have realized that eons ago but I was going off of other things…actually…-

Min De is bestowed a position by Tuo Ba Han which he accepts grudgingly. Princess Ba Di realizes she’s made a mistake but is, of course, unwilling to say anything, and thus she says that they might as well play a new game since this one is too dangerous.

 photo Wei07-93.jpg

The new game is tying two people’s hands together and throwing an arrow into the bucket. Wei Yang can’t stand it and goes off, saying that she’s uncomfortable. Tuo Ba Jun runs after her. Chang Le is jealous. Tuo Ba Jun doesn’t know what’s wrong with Wei Yang so he lets her go reluctantly.

Chang Le finds Tuo Ba Jun later and asks him how he knows Wei Yang. She notes the difference in how he addresses her and he says it’s because they’ve grown up now. Tuo Ba Jun offhandedly remarks about Chang Le’s zither skills and she’s so happy he remembers. T_T

 photo Wei07-100.jpg

Later, the Princess Ba Di gets mad at Min De because he doesn’t care about the consequences that may follow from hurting her, back when she was a eunuch. She tries to wrestle him but she can’t because their hands are tied together and Min De somehow ends up on top of her, unable to break free of his bindings. In her room, Princess Ba Di remarks that they’ve go the wrong person but it was fun trolling him while it lasted. Her servant worries about the consequences, but the princess doesn’t care.

Chang Le and Tuo Ba Yu have a very awkward scene together later where they try to talk but it’s mainly Chang Le complimenting him.

 photo Wei07-101.jpg

Wei Yang thinks about her family’s demise later in her rooms and decides that she cannot love him. Her servants come in and Zi Yan says that Wei Yang should get closer to him, marry him, and then they won’t be bullied anymore. Wei Yang is in a bad mood and Bai Zhi tells Zi Yan they should go out.

Later, Bai Zhi chastises Zi Yan for saying the wrong things. Zi Yan gets majorly offended and stomps off, saying that she is definitely loyal to Wei Yang and that she could sacrifice her life if needed.

Meanwhile, Tuo Ba Jun is majorly distracted, falling in love with Wei Yang despite the odds.

 photo Wei07-102.jpg

In her rooms at the end of the day, Chi Yun Rou mentions that the jade pendant could be fake which means that the princess is still alive. She says that the Crown Princess would definitely not be wrong with her intuition.

 photo Wei07-103.jpg

Min De stomps back into his rooms, complaining about his position. His mom is proud of him. Wei Yang pops in too and Min De’s mom thanks her. She notes Wei Yang’s paleness and asks about it. Wei Yang says she didn’t sleep well last night. Then Min De rants about how bad the position of guard is. Just when spring was about to begin he was called off to one of the dullest positions on earth. Aww cute <3


Tranzgeek’s Thoughts:

Min De is as cute as ever! I totally ship him and the Princess Ba Di. It’s too bad Wei Yang is taking a step back just when her relationship was about to be consolidated. Anyways, Zi Yan’s betrayal is looming overhead.

Also, I would just like you guys to take a step back and see how bad the casting (in terms of age is). So just consider this my much needed rant for today. The emperor is supposed to be Tuo Ba Jun’s grandfather… Ba Di has to be at least 10 years older than Min De or something since she’s Min De’s aunt…unless her parents were still having babies about 10 years after her other siblings are born…but then think about Tuo Ba Yu’s age. He’s supposed to be older than Tuo Ba Jun too but he soo looks the same age as Tuo Ba Jun. The emperor has soo many people vying for the Crown Princess position, and even his grandsons are in on it as well as his sons. It’s like a battle over the generations!! My brain is pulp now so I’ll leave it there for now.

Btw here’s a poll for future drama recaps. The question: Do you guys want detailed recaps that are posted one by one like the previous episodes or summaries like this post?

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    I’m wondering, what kind of exercises are included in our Aunt’s regime that could possibly cause her foot water to stink so badly? A cause of concern from a fellow viewer. Lol.

    But anyway, Princess An Le Ba Di, played by actress Yukee Chen Yu Qi, is the first recruited talent for Tang Yan’s studio. Tang Yan said Yu Qi reminded her of younger self during their first meeting in Chinese Ody 3.

    Min De is so cute. His smile disappeared so fast so Wei Young wouldn’t notice his happiness at seeing her.

    When Luo Jin smiles, I kinda swoon…. ๐Ÿ˜€

    Thanks for the summaries, ladies of AVV pirate ship!

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      I hope you see more of Luo Jin’s smiles, Kap! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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      Lol I thought the foot water was uncolored pee at first. Turns away from the computer screen and tells myself: *think good thoughts, think good thoughts*. Lol. It legit seemed like pee too since foot water would definitely not be…that stinky.

      All the good guys are all special in their own way! :3

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      Princess An Le have not appeared yet! From the description given on baidu, she is supposed to be Tuoba Jun’s sister.
      The one Chen Yuqi is playing is Tuoba Di!

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        All the exclamations scared me! Lol. The corrections have been made. Thanks!

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        Tuo ba Di is Tuo Ba Jun’s ep 24 she called emperor daddy .. and TBJ called her aunt. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    Thanks for the recaps! I really love watching the scenes between TBJ and WY here since it’s not heartbreaking yet.

    As for the ages of the characters, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Emperor fathered the princess after the older children were grown up. He probably married very young so her older siblings would have been in their teens to early twenties already by the time she came along. I think it’s quite common in Chinese royal families where there were lots of children. (Think Emperor Kangxi. His youngest could have been his oldest son’s child.) My family isn’t royalty but this happened twice in mine where there was a huge gap between siblings, resulting in a niece calling someone who’s around her age “aunt”. Lol.

    I think you meant Princess An Le is TBJ’s aunt? You had her as Min De’s aunt in your thoughts. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I do agree on Tuoba Yu looking around TBJ’s age. They should have just made them brothers instead.

    More recaps please! ๐Ÿ™‚

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      Lol @chasingpolaris I got so confused with the family tree that I inadvertently changed my line of thinking. Whoops. What you’re saying makes a ton of sense though. It makes me feel better to know that An Le is not way older than Min De like I previously thought! Won’t be heading off that ship anytime soon.

      TBJ and WY are pretty cute together <3 I'm shipping everyone with their respective counterparts pretty hard in this drama!

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    @Amy (Maknae) @Tranzgeek
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    Thanks for the Baidu Baike reference that you mentioned the other day, there are now up to episode 31 published in there.
    So many interesting things are about to happen (a lot of the romance scenes we see in the trailer will happen!) love Tuo Ba Jun so much…my idol ๐Ÿ˜€

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    Li Min De is very cute, not too young or old, just like a teenager (I think he is a teenager), so the princess is just a right fit for him because she is very tiny, young, and cute as well. Tang Yan is definitely too old looking for him, however he is soooo darn cute when he was jealous of her!

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      Exactly.. ^^ he is so cutee when jealous. Aw… . I think actor who plays Li Min De is around 17-18 years old.? I am not sure too..but he looks Sooo young.. but he looks way too young for WY.. (greater than 5 years gap ) hahaa..

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    @yoyo_oy The spoilers are already out until episode 31 .. woweeeee… are u ready to fangirl over wy and tuo ba jun blooming romance .. yeay !

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      Haha! Totally shipping them!
      Even though WY seems to be unreasonably weak, I am sure she was flying to get that lantern in part 1, does she not know how to protect herself or fly away when there are dangers? Good thing with TBJ and Li Min De so cute and nice, whatever happens, no way anything is going to fail.

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    Congrats to Meimei and Maknae on your first team up. You girls did awesome! ๐Ÿ˜€

    Though I haven’t gotten this far, (spoiler I fear not) I’m here to support you both!

    These are wonderful recaps. Whether ‘Detailed Recaps’ or ‘Batch Summaries’ both of your writings are deep and descriptive. Compared to mine. You all leave me in the dust.

    Now I will have to catch up and see what this lady smelly foot water is.

    Gege thank you for your great work. Take care! ๐Ÿ™‚

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      Thank you Gege for being so supportive! This drama is good! I can’t wait for you to watch it so that we can all talk about it~ Your new to this and so am I, we both have plenty of room for improvements. I look forward to some of your works in the future.
      <3 Maknae

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    Finished Ep. 22 today and looking forward to the next episodes. This is the only historical drama that I am following closely at the moment. It is better than Princess of LanLing, which is a bit of a disappointment with its long-winded but simple storyline. My finger’s on the fast forward button for the Princess of LanLing but for Princess Wei Young, I am watching every single second of it! Fingers crossed it continues to be as addictive!

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      Princess LanLing wasn’t too bad but I’m not willing to watch it without subtitles like with Weiyoung, because although there are many more cute scenes here and there, it’s true that it’s very long-winded with many unnecessary parts.
      I find myself not fast forwarding Weiyoung as much to my surprise as well, is it because of the waiting? This waiting is so killing, I’m not going to put myself into this same situation again.

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    I actually expected more from WY’s character and after watching till ep 22 and reading the spoilers up till ep 31, I am even more convinced that she’s a MarySue character… She is witty but she is always the one being framed and caught in the scheme first, and I think I have seen her being injured, lying on the bed and drinking medicine like 5 times in just the first 10 eps, and it’s even more noticeable since I binge watched the drama. And after reading the spoilers, I can’t believe she just lost that impt evidence which would help her with her revenge just like that, and I cant blif she planned to blatantly bring it up to the Emperor like that…
    And TBJ is also another MarySue character, all I see is him circling around WY, thinking about romance all the time. It’s so unbelievable that he will be the emperor in the future… I can’t believe that he would win the fight for that seat over TBY. I hope LuoJin chooses a better character next time, his TBJ reminds me of YiMing in Diamond Lovers.

    The main highlight for me in the drama is TBY and ChangRu. TBY shines among those MarySues. I like the way they showed his ambition and his capability.
    Also, Mao XiaoTong, her acting is top notch in the drama, her smile in one of the episodes when her scheme suceeded, thumbs up!!! Im actually more convinced that ChangRu is the actual WY, the actual wolf in a rabbit’s covering. She is currently giving off the feeling of the final boss!

    It’s because the drama is adapted from the novel and the many stills of her being the dominant woman so I really expected WY to step all over her enemies and be the sly one, but there are just too many romance and MarySue moments that it just covers up that few times when she was successful in her scheming. For me, the romance parts are too much and WY is spending too much time thinking about her relationship with TBJ than getting revenge!
    I hope things would really change up from ep 32 onwards since the drama is more than halfway through till its end, WY pull up your pants and step all over your enemies!!! I want to see the ZiXuan in Chinese Paladin 3!

    • 41 thoughts on “Princess Wei Young: Episodes 5 – 7 Summaries

      Maybe I’m biased for TBJ, although he hangs around WY a lot it’s not exactly 100% of the time but spend time in politics a little bit, and helping others too.

      I’m totally waiting to see Vanness Wu like seriously, up to ep 24 now and he is also doing nothing but visiting the Li’s daughters (is there really no other daughters out there for all these princes?). He gets very little scenes, and was only talking to his servant guy in cool poses like holding swords and arrows, but no action yet though. He would always bump into the cute stalker Changru everytime he goes visit the Li.

      It’s interesting that no matter how you look at Changru her face is very sweet regardless of whatever she has under her sleeves. Different from Chang le, she is pretty but after her annoying character is shown then she looks ugly. I feel bad that there is totally no room of improvement for the actress playing Chang Le to grow, her character shows no transitions and development but insanely stupid from beginning to end, her only purpose of existing is to create problems and make the drama longer. I’m probably more eager to see her suffer and die quickly than waiting to see WY act stronger. Because she is the MAIN thing causing problems everywhere now. The story plot is most of the downfall, instead of seeing how smart Vanness can plot on how to become king, we only get to see the stupidest plotter, Chang Le, and we love seeing when she failed her tasks.

      Either way, being Mary Sue or being too scheming will result in criticisms, most of the time it is safer to go with Mary Sue…. considering how sweet TBJ is, if WY is scheming, she should seduce our nice TBJ or one of the stupid prince to gain power. A low profile xiao jie can’t really do anything. Also, it’s not like she’s with someone (WY’s father) that will protect her, she needs to be under a powerful person that’s protective, or steal the power from a stupid person who doesn’t know how to hold it. Staying with the Li only allow her to be bullied and entangled in stupid problems unrelated to her goal, she does nothing about revenge but just keep it in mind… day I will go do it but there is no plan how to do it at all. But being that heartless will break our TBJ heart then we’ll hate her too.

      • 41 thoughts on “Princess Wei Young: Episodes 5 – 7 Summaries

        Yeah agree about the plot! The scriptwriters actually have quite a few characters that they could make use of to make the drama more interesting! They have so much material to expand on but they choose the easiest way out…

        Yeah TBY has been visiting the girls too much rofl! What I like about him is how the scriptwriter built his image to be ambitious and capable right from the start, and thus when you compare it with the image of TBJ, the difference is apparent. I think maybe because Nirvana in Fire has spoilt me, I want more actions from the boys and for them, as princes, to really act as one and not just thinking about romance! But well, JinXiuWeiYang is a different kind of genre so I am kinda nitpicking here, but I want more elaborate schemes and for WY to triumph and rule like a female emperor kekeke!

        I have lots of dissatisfaction on how the scriptwriter planned the plot and made the characters. But I feel that they did well in the sense that everything make sense. From the start, they laid out the foundations on how WY is a princess well-loved by her family, so I understand why WY is how she is now! I hope though there will be surprises soon, for TBY, Chang Ru and even Chang Le, looking at how she tricked that woman who abused her.

    • 41 thoughts on “Princess Wei Young: Episodes 5 – 7 Summaries

      If the drama is following actual history, TBY succeeded in being the emperor while TBJ married CL. But TBY’s reign lasted for only 1 year. He was ousted by TBJ and court officials loyal to TBJ. After TBY’s death, TBJ married WY who then takes on the surname of her royal family and become Concubine Feng (her real name was Princess Feng Xin’er). Within 1 year of their marriage, TBJ promoted Concubine Feng to the position of empress. However, Concubine Li (Chang Le) gave birth to TBJ’s first son (the crown prince) and since she’s not the empress, according to Northern Wei’s traditions, she must die. This is to ensure the crown prince grows up without the influence of two mothers (the empress is automatically the crown prince’s official mother, regardless of who gives birth to the crown prince). So, TBJ gave CL poison wine and ordered her to commit suicide. CL committed suicide and the crown prince grew up under Empress Feng (aka Empress Wenming)’s care. TBJ died early and Empress Feng became the regent on behalf of the young crown prince. In fact, Empress Feng became regent to the crown prince and the crown prince’s son (her adopted grandson). She lived in the era of 3 emperors and outlived 2 of them. She died during the reign of her adoptive grandson whom was close to her. She was so missed by her adoptive grandson that he mourned for 3 years after her death – a practice that was unusual and showed just how filial he was to her. The crown prince (Change Le’s son) whom she cared for had a love-hate relationship with her, considering he’s CL’s son and a descendant of the two families Empress Feng executed in order to consolidate power to the crown. On top of that, the crown prince ordered the execution of Empress Feng’s lover; which caused an irreparable split between adoptive mother and son. After that, the crown prince gave up his throne to his son and became the first retired emperor. Unlike him, his son (Empress Feng’s adoptive grandson) shared a good partnership and regency with Empress Feng. That is how history recorded the story of Empress Feng aka Empress Wenming. She was known in history as a wise and understanding empress, but she can be firm when required, as evident in how she executed all of the officials who stood in the way of her rule as regent. What she really did was consolidate power to the crown so that by the time of her adoptive grandson’s rule, the emperor no longer require to bow to the pressure of any powerful noble families. She paved the way to a smoother reign by subsequent emperors. So, in a way, she left behind a positive legacy.

      • 41 thoughts on “Princess Wei Young: Episodes 5 – 7 Summaries

        Nooooo please drama do not follow actual history LOL
        I seriously dont want TBJ to have a son with Chang Le..she is such an evil person- the way she treated WY is driving me so mad… ]
        Hopefully in the drama TBJ and CL have no son..they should only get married for political purpose but they are not too close or anything. (I know they kissed but that is not forgivable (already), what if they have a son..WOw TBJ WY shippers like me will give up watching lol)

        same here I actually love TBJ pining for WY and at the same time still does his job as a prince helping here and there. Luo Jin’s smile is so awesome..:) especially when he is up close with WY

        • 41 thoughts on “Princess Wei Young: Episodes 5 – 7 Summaries

          YIKES, but TBJ did married Chang Le in the drama. I hope that the kissing scene is a chang le dream like you said earlier. Hopefully Luo Jin did not lie about not hurting WY…although she is mean to him sometimes. I like him so far in ep 24, so thoughtful and use an arrow to help chang le stand up instead of touching her hand. XD

          Thank you so much for the history! I think I read it somewhere before but didn’t remember all those names, only realized now that WY is empress feng.

        • 41 thoughts on “Princess Wei Young: Episodes 5 – 7 Summaries


          I think TBJ and CL will have a son together. That’s going to be so hard to watch but I will just wait until TBJ and WY finally get together. Even if the ending is going to be tragic, at least we know he only loves WY. I’m OK with that. And what with the horrible custom of killing the crown prince’s mother, CL will fade out of the picture whether by death or some other way.

          I’m not gonna lie, if I were CL and knew about this horrible custom, I would have bowed my way out of there ASAP. Like, OK, I love TBJ but what’s the point if I’m going to have his child and leave them both while I die? Isn’t her whole purpose in life is to be with TBJ???

        • 41 thoughts on “Princess Wei Young: Episodes 5 – 7 Summaries

          Hopefully, that little kid who walks with WY at the ending is not Chang Le’s son.

    • 41 thoughts on “Princess Wei Young: Episodes 5 – 7 Summaries

      Actually I like it like this better (how WY is atm in the drama) even though I do really want to see her being more like Chang Ru, evil. I heard that WY is more offensive in the book, but she’s more on the defensive side in the drama. Either way, it still shows that she’s not a naive and stupid lead heroine. I think I understand why the writer chose to put WY on the defensive side instead of the offensive side (being evil, schemes, etc.) because it’s safer to sell in the market plus either way, it still shows that she’s strong and on top of the game. Also, it shows that she’s not completely in the dark path where revenge takes over her, she still has a heart, and on her right conscience.

  10. 41 thoughts on “Princess Wei Young: Episodes 5 – 7 Summaries

    Oh no! I can’t accept no matter how good the reason is for TBJ to have kid with another, Noooooooo! Unless he was raped? Then kill her right away like how any women would kill a person who humiliate her to that extent. I don’t want it to be just like how Yong Qi in princess pearl III was ruined, this is supposed to be fantasy… although you’re a prince and allow to have many wives. So sad when we have to wake up to reality again, hai!
    It’s going to hurt to watch, knowing that there will be an awaiting bye-bye to the good TBJ in the future, thought it was going to last forever…wipe tears!

    • 41 thoughts on “Princess Wei Young: Episodes 5 – 7 Summaries

      Exactly what I thought . If he really has a child with CL – CL must have drugged him into hallucinating CL is Wy (typical drama plot).. omg.. that is horrible…I will be heartbroken to pieces ..

      I find CL manner way too unacceptable.. why did she have to step on WY (Literally) on her wedding day. Very mean. I cant stand her.

      TBJ needs to reconcile with Wy after he married Chang whatever way (the sooner the better – wishful thinking..)

    • 41 thoughts on “Princess Wei Young: Episodes 5 – 7 Summaries

      By the way what happened with yong qi in princess pearl 3? ( isnt yong qi the 5th prince and little swallow’s husband?)
      I didnt watch it cause they changed the entire casts..

      • 41 thoughts on “Princess Wei Young: Episodes 5 – 7 Summaries

        The 5th prince married another lady bc the empress dowager wanted him to, otherwise she’ll kill his wife’s brother. I was glad they changed the cast because who would be able to watch Alec and Vicki still ending up with a second wife after they’ve been through so much together. He tried his best to ignore the second wife but the dowager was unhappy about that so he end up having a child with her too (he was not drugged), and he abandoned both the child and second wife at the very end. I don’t know how I feel about him after all that.
        I really don’t want TBJ to follow this same path.

        The casts were not as good as the prior ones, but definitely way way much better than new my fair princess 2011. The soundtracks in there is very awesome too, maybe that’s what made me watched all the way through, just to listen to those music.

        • 41 thoughts on “Princess Wei Young: Episodes 5 – 7 Summaries

          Wow. That is so shocking. Many fans must be furious.
          By the way is there any email address that I could contact / email or anything? There is some summaries I want to discuss lol lol lol โ™กโ™กโ™ก

  11. 41 thoughts on “Princess Wei Young: Episodes 5 – 7 Summaries

    Previews of future episodes showed TBJ married CL and there’s a scene (much later episode) where CL cried while drinking a cup of wine (presumably the poison wine Emperor TBJ ordered for her). The custom to kill off the mother of the crown prince (if she’s not the empress) is to prevent the influence of the birth mother on the crown prince. This made sure that the empress has absolute power in managing the royal family affairs. In a way, this custom makes sense coz there were many concubines who were birth mothers of crown princes in Chinese history who were more nuisance than help as they fought for the position of empress or dowager empress. In the case of TBJ & WY, the crown prince will also grow up under better influence than growing up under the influence of his birth mother- namely CL. This custom was again repeated with the crown prince’s concubine who gave birth to his first son (WY’s adopted grandson). His concubine was given the poison wine too coz his legal/official wife (aka the crown princess) was not the concubine. It’s a cruel but necessary custom.

    • 41 thoughts on “Princess Wei Young: Episodes 5 – 7 Summaries

      a friend from neighbour forum managed to watch the leaked 40 mins trailer for princess Wei Young, and she kindly shared her thoughts in the forum ๐Ÿ™‚
      TBJ married CL because Tuo Ba Yu won something that emperor can grant him one wish, he said he will rescue WY from death penalty only if TBJ married CL.
      But – After married CL , TBJ found evidence that pointing to CL plotted the murder of his mother, so he didn’t get too close to CL at all.
      TBJ also reconciled with WY behind CL back, and CL found out ..she was angry. (There is a scene in the trailer TBJ hugged a fainted WY , CL watch with anger )
      the reason TBJ forced CL to drink poison wine in the end is to revenge I presume. ๐Ÿ™‚
      the kid is not TBJ and CL’s son.

      another friend also mentioned CR drugged Tuo Ba Yu and she is pregnant …
      So that could be Chang Ru’s son? (there’s a possibility, if not TBJ and WY son)/.

      • 41 thoughts on “Princess Wei Young: Episodes 5 – 7 Summaries

        Ah! Then the Consort Li that TBJ took in is Li Chang Ru…which makes sense since history recorded that the Consort Li that TBJ took in was formerly a concubine of one of his uncles. Anyho, the ending is TBJ die early and WY is left with a child king whom she groomed and shared ruling with. That is no secret but the addictive parts in all the power struggles and back stabbings that leads to that ending. Hence, the entertainment value.

        • 41 thoughts on “Princess Wei Young: Episodes 5 – 7 Summaries

          Hehe. Yeah..that is possible..

          But from the summary – CR has tried to kill WY on numerous attempts so it is so unfair if she doesnt get punished or anything.. I am hoping she will be forced to drink poison wine in the end after the son is born.. she is equally as evil as CL (or more evil)

  12. 41 thoughts on “Princess Wei Young: Episodes 5 – 7 Summaries

    Also – last week we discussed about why TBJ in prison and Wy broke his heart.
    Spoilers below ~~~~~ (thanks to Lavonia from neighbour forum)
    TBY killed emperor and he became emperor. He caught TBJ ..
    Wy broke up with TBJ to save him.
    TBJ became insane(pretended and he got released .
    On the wedding day of WY and TBY , TBJ showed up and killed TBY.

What do you think?