Princess Wei Young Episode 4 Recap

Schemes abound! How will Wei Yang defend herself? Tuo Ba Jun aka the Noodle Man is purdy sweet at the end. LOL.

Credits to dear Shifu again for the aesthetically pleasing screencaps 😛

Episode 4 Recap:

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The flute sound turns out to be coming from a guy. Mannn I thought it was a girl. Lol. He turns and tells Wei Yang she’s not supposed to be here or touch his bird (the plump feather ball in the corner if you guys didn’t notice). She’s like, “Hmph I’ll do whatever you don’t want me to do.” She’s pulled back when she wants to touch the bird though. He happens to hold her hand. Awww. She looks at him and smiles. It looks like someone’s embarrassed…. When she steps forward he backs away. He tells her to go awayyy. She concedes, pretty pissed off.

She goes into her rooms and asks Bai Zhi who the one who owns the bird is. She says it is Li Min De, the second master of the Li Family. He was adopted by 3rd concubine, Zhou Xue Mei (if you remember the concubine dressed in blue and a little introverted…that was her). Wei Yang must take revenge on this guy who called her a ‘bird thief’. She asks Bai Zhi to find her a slingshot.

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Taking the slingshot, she makes her way back to Min De’s courtyard, fuming. Li Min Feng happens to be there too so she hides. The unhappy Min De says that he has to go give his daily greetings to his mother. Min Feng says something like “Good men in this world would be laughed at if they were around their mother all day. Nan An Prince aka Tuo Ba Yu has already invited me to be one of his staff. If I put in a word for you, you can be promoted too.” Min De is like ‘Hmph, there’s no bribing me.’ Min Feng says, “All right then. I’ve often heard that Second Master is very prideful and now I’ve seen it myself. It’s too bad that you’re only an adopted son and this pride will only be seen as misplaced by outsiders.” Min De walks away rolling his eyes.

Min Feng: “HOLD IT! I haven’t finished what I want to say. Do you still put your big brother in your eyes?”

Min De: Pushes Min Feng because cummon we all know actions speak louder than words.

Min Feng: Bumps into another servant. When he sees her, *SLAP* goes the hand.

 photo Wei4 5.jpg

Min De: (mad) “What right do you have to slap the servant. Obviously you bumped into her.”

Min Feng: “I’ll do whatever I feel like doing. Her status is below mine so I don’t care. You’re defending her like this…could it be that she’s your lover? You guys are both wild and unmannered. A match from heaven.

Min De: “What nonsense!” Pulls Min Feng by the scruff of his neck.

Min Feng: “Do you know what you’re doing?”

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Min De is about to hit Min Feng when Wei Yang steps in. She helps the servant up and walks over to Min De and says, “Do you know that the people you are belittling do so much for you? They sew your clothes, etc.” Min De smiles.

Min Feng: “You’re just a feet washer.” About to hit her when Min De steps in.

Min Feng: So furious you can literally see two steam funnels coming out of his ears. He says, “Just wait for what’s coming to y’all.” Then he stalks away huffishly.

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Wei Yang and Min De have a talk. Min De says that if he fought with Min Feng, his mother would be worried for him. Wei Yang asks him if he is often bullied. He says, “Yes, they often-.” Min De immediately snaps out of it and says, “Mind your own business.” Wei Yang starts teasing him again because he’s going rogue. Lol. His face goes red everytime she touches him for some reason…it’s not as if she’s touching him inappropriately anywhere. Lols. Min De is so cute <3 Wei Yang chases him around and calls him Second Brother. He can’t stand it 😛

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Now, Wei Yang is massaging her grandmother who is complaining about what the weather does to her joints. Suddenly her grandmother asks her why her massaging is so good. Wei Yang thinks back to back when she was Xin’er. She used to massage her real grandmother. Aww. She snaps back to reality and says she was just thinking of her mom. Her grandmother says “What a filial child. I’ve already sent doctors to go see her so she will be all right.” Wei Yang asks her grandmother if she can see her mother but… her grandmother doesn’t exactly agree and stops Wei Yang from going with an excuse.

Later, Hua Mei, the servant Chi Yun Rou bestowed to Wei Yang (and the one that led Wei Yang to her rooms) tells Wei Yang that her grandmother was lying. Actually, Wei Yang’s mother is just being enclosed in Nanyuan because Da Furen found fault with her. That’s why Li Xiao Ran (Wei Yang’s dad) won’t allow anyone to go see her. Hua Mei manages to convince Wei Yang to go check on her mother in the dark of night when no one will know. *conspiracy alert*

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Meanwhile, Chi Yun Rou says, “The fish has been hooked in.” Chang Le: “Aren’t you valuing her too much by making up such elab schemes?” Chi Yun Rou says something like, “We need to take care of her cleanly as she is now a part of the Li Family.”

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Switching gears, we see Chun Ming feed Wei Yang’s mom a drink that makes her vomit blood. Wei Yang comes just in time and they have a tearful reunion. Later, Chi Yun Rou and Li Xiao Ran come to confront Wei Yang and her mother. Her mother has collapsed after vomiting blood. Even though Chun Ming fed Wei Yang’s mom a drink that made her collapse, they have no proof, so when Wei Yang accuses Da Furen of acting against her, her father orders that she be put under house arrest for wrongly accusing her elders. He also orders that the medicine be tested for poison, and it is not poisoned. Just in time, Wei Yang’s mom wakes up and says it was her own fault for choking on the medicine when she drank it causing her to become dizzy. She manages to stop the plot by saying that Wei Yang was wrongfully accused. After MUCH thought, Li Xiao Ran accepts this explanation and says that this matter will end here.

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Suddenly another servant barges in and says that something is wrong. The water has changed color and something has died in it. Another servant says that the bird under Min De’s care has suddenly become sick. That’s when Li Chang Xi steps up to accuse Wei Yang of being the nemesis and thus causing the whole mess. Min De asks for time to resolve the situation and investigate why the bird got sick suddenly. In Wei Yang’s defense, she says that she didn’t do these things and that this was an orchestrated plot.

Tranzgeek- Okay can I just say that in the book, Wei Yang was so pro when handling this situation but now she’s been reduced to practically nothing. Anywayss, moving on

All of a sudden Li Chang Xi is pulled into the water. Everyone is confused. Da Furen keeps reminding Li Xiao Ran about the divinators/astrologists/cosmotologists that came previously to tell them of this nemesis. Da Furen KEEPS pushing for a final verdict.

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Meanwhile, Wei Yang and her servants are pushed into a room. Just like last time, it’s Zi Yan who starts panicking. Wei Yang comforts them, knowing that it is probably all a plot. Wei Yang says that she will take the blame for everything if it turns out badly. She wonders if they are really being mean to Wei Yang because she was born in the ill fated month of February.

On the other end, Chang Le and Chi Yun Rou rejoice over their victory. Chang Le: “Even though I didn’t think it was worth it to waste mother’s efforts scheming for Wei Yang, I do have to say it was a very great scheme indeed. Especially the last part when Chang Xi was pulled into the water.” Chi Yun Rou says that she thought Chang Le planned that part. Both of them are confused on what actually happened and the coincidental time at which it occurred. Chun Ming says that maybe Chang Xi slipped of her own accord. They leave it at that.

Chang Ru goes to visit Wei Yang and slips her some food. She leaves quickly, afraid that others will find out. Wei Yang happily splits the food between the three of them when the doors suddenly open. Chun Ming smirks at Wei Yang and the scene ends.

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Wei Yang is tied to a whipping post, the astrologist standing next to her. The astrologist says that everything has occurred because of the nemesis and that she must either leave the Mansion or be inflicted 50 lashes that are coated with dog blood. Yuck. Li Xiao Ran immediately calls for the prepping to get rid of the nemesis aura. Min De tries to plead for Wei Yang but to no avail. Thus, the punishment begins. Chang Le and Chi Yun Rou smirk at each other.

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In the middle of it all, Wei Yang’s mother bursts into the hall and kneels down. She begs for the punishment to stop. Chang Ru and Min De also beg for mercy. Li Xiao Ran doesn’t care. He just keeps whipping at it. Hmph. Wei Yang’s mother is so distraught that she bites the hand of one of her servants who is holding her in place and helps Wei Yang bear the punishment. Ahhh setting up for some nice revenge scenes I can see. It’s good that they’re instilling some hate towards Li Xiao Ran early on so she’ll have a even deeper reason to rip apart the whole household.

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Now her grandmother steps in, sobbing. There are still 31 lashes left. If they don’t finish the lashes the evil aura will remain. Her grandmother asks them to put the evil aura on her because if they keep whipping Wei Yang, she will be dead. Her grandmother keeps asking them to take Wei Yang down but suddenly Li Chang Xi comes in and ruins it. She shows her grandmother her scar and gives her the whole crapload of “OMG I’m crippled for life.” Everyone bows to grandmother to ask her to please allow them to get the whole evil aura out of sight with the astrologist’s method (that apparently works). Her grandmother says that she is willing to give up 10 years of her life in return for Wei Yang’s safety and health.

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Wei Yang is now recuperating in the safety of her rooms. She wakes up and weakly says, “Watuhhhh.” Bai Zhi tells her that her Grandmother is sick and they say it was her fault. Wei Yang is alarmed but Bai Zhi says she’s got it under control.

Meanwhile, Chun Ming tells Da Furen of Wei Yang’s “secretive movements” when Bai Zhi massaged Grandmother so much until Grandmother could sleep. Grandmother called Wei Yang “filial”. Da Furen is like “Outrageous!” (Well if you lifted a finger there’s a 1% chance Grandmother would like you better) She asks Chun Ming if she completed her task. Chun Ming says the medicine she worked with will actually make one’s wounds never close and unable to heal. Then, the pain will keep increasing until the only path left is death.

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Wei Yang falls sick with a fever and Bai Zhi goes to Min De to seek help. Chun Ming reports her actions to Da Furen as she is unable to eavesdrop on the conversation. Chang Le: “No matter what she’s thinking she won’t survive. Someone sent news that Wei Yang won’t survive the night.”

Back to Bai Zhi, she tells Min De that her Miss asked if he could investigate the astrologist to find whether he had any relations with Chi Yun Rou. Min De is like, “Ummm.” Bai Zhi immediately kneels and asks him to do whatever he can to help her. Ming De gives in.

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Meanwhile back at Wei Yang, some ladies come, trying to take her body away and throw her down the back of the hill since she’s “dead”. Zi Yan revolts against them and tries to save Wei Yang, but when under face of a threat, she gives in and gives up Wei Yang when Wei Yang is in her weakest moment.

They throw Wei Yang’s body down the hill and she rolls.

 photo Wei4 33.jpg

Tuo Ba Jun comes up a canal, talking to his servant. They joke around and they start arguing about whether Tuo Ba Jun could really leave his servant in the water without caring about him. Tuo Ba Jun suddenly sees assassins in the water’s reflections and starts fighting. There are A LOT of assassins on their trail so eventually, Tuo Ba Jun tells his servant that they have to split up and hide.

Back on the hill, Wei Yang wakes up, and makes her way into a cave that is just big enough for her to squeeze into. She brandishes herself with a stick and “rants” about revenge on Chi Yun Rou.

 photo Wei4 35.jpg

Tuo Ba Jun makes his way to the exact same cave, but enters through a different entrance, and he comes upon Wei Yang. Wei Yang almost screams but he cups her mouth.


Tranzgeek’s Thoughts:

I sure hope Wei Yang is brandishing herself with her schemes by now!! It was a little painful seeing her thrown but at the same time she’s got a ton of people’s support so she’ll be all right (at least for now).

Min Feng is like a bomb that goes off without warning. It almost made me laugh when his temperament changed instantly and he was like “HOLD IT”. Mood swings abound.

Min De is sooo cute. His sweet innocent temperament makes him a very likeable character, especially the way he defends the weak.

“Sweet” OTP moment at the end. Gawd Luo Jing’s “air pods” were very very distracting now that I’m actively paying attention to them.

Hopefully Wei Yang can make a powerful comeback in the next few episodes! I’m just wondering when her character will swing to the evil side by now 😛

  1. 10 thoughts on “Princess Wei Young Episode 4 Recap

    Love the colors on all the robes!

    Funny observation: While Wei Young rolled down the treacherous mountain with NOT a hair out of place, she stood still being whipped with hair flying all over the place. LOL.

    • 10 thoughts on “Princess Wei Young Episode 4 Recap

      LOL Kappy you take note of the strangest things. Now that I watch it again, it is suuper weird. Is Tiffany super protective of her hairdo or what? 😛

      • 10 thoughts on “Princess Wei Young Episode 4 Recap

        OMG I just noticed that now…. Weird. Kappy, you make note of the weirdest things, but they are interesting. Thanks Jie Jie for the review.

  2. 10 thoughts on “Princess Wei Young Episode 4 Recap

    Thanks for the recap, I shouldn’t be reading all the recap until I watch the episodes with eng sub. But I can’t resist the temptation. So far, it’s looking great. Dramafever has subs up to ep 4 currently, can’t wait to start watching next month.

  3. 10 thoughts on “Princess Wei Young Episode 4 Recap

    Hiii everyone!
    I am so behind on this drama 🙁 It flies at lightning speed and can’t keep up. Real life sucks.

    I am happy that even though so much stuff happens we still move at such fast pace. 🙂 A couple of episodes more and the main love pentagon (?) will be set up. Good times :))))

    Also, I think Chang Le’s face is waaaay more distracting than LJ’s earpods. Most of the guys have bad hair (hiii, Vanness) but none of the other girls has such a distracting face.

    P.S. WY and TBJ are sooo cute BUT I also like her moments with TBY. Unfortunately, can’t board a ship that doesn’t exist.

    Thanks, tranzgeek and Kappy !

    • 10 thoughts on “Princess Wei Young Episode 4 Recap

      Lol I agree regarding Li Chang Le – her crazy eyebrows, fake eyelashes, and her glaring eyes scare the heck out of people.. She must have the scariest face in the whole drama , her face is just very annoying.

      Yeay to the love pentagon lol
      i am looking forward to Wei Yang and Tuo Ba Jun together. 🙂 🙂

      Oh and also – Tuo Ba Jun’s airpods only showed up in the first 4 episodes or so. It disappears after ep 5 … at least it’s not as distracting anymore.

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        Regarding the main ship – yeah, they are cute together but i wish there was more viable competition for Wy’s heart. Something to make the process of falling in love for these two not only cute but also interesting.

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    Tranzgeek! I just left you a LONG message on shushengbar!

    Thanks for doing the recaps and creating a discussion space for us fan girls!!!

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      Thanks for the spoilers!! The relationships sound really convoluted though! ? if I have time I might try out the audio book… ?

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