Princess Wei Young Episode 3 Recap

Everyone make way! Wei Yang is in the house folks, and she’s going to pave a way for herself in this household where two-facing is prominent. No one’s going to step on her, no sir-ee!

As always, muchas gracias to dear Shifu for the great screencaps~~

Episode 3 Recap:

 photo Wei3 1.jpg

Wei Yang makes her way into her new rooms as she follows Chi Yun Rou’s servant. The servant says that she will bring whatever she needs. Wei Yang’s two servants fangirl over how big the house is, but when they see their master getting down to business, they follow her.

Meanwhile, 2nd concubine talks to 3rd concubine on how there will be a new show to watch now that Wei Yang, the girl with no etiquette is in the house. 3rd concubine doesn’t say anything so 2nd concubine walks away huffily.

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Chang Ru and Chang Xi return together. Chang Ru begins on some embroidery while Chang Xi talks about how great Chang Le is, with so many extravagant things and snacks. Chang Ru asks her why she demeaned Wei Yang so much. Chang Xi says it was to make her happy. When she makes Chang Le happy, Chang Le gives her more snacks. When she gets more snacks she is happy. A never ending equation maker. Lol.

Chang Ru says, “I have no idea what things you’ll say to Chang Le when I’m not around to make her happy.”

Chang Xi says: “Even if I did say anything, it’s all the truth right?”

Chang Ru: “We’re blood related sisters. Is it funny to demean our mother in front of someone else?” Chang Xi rolls her eyes. You can’t appreciate snacks like a true connoisseur 😛

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The scene changes to Wei Yang. She asks the servant Chi Yun Rou gave her, Hua Mei, why she didn’t see Li Ming Feng yesterday. Hua Mei says that he was cleaning up a situation in which Hexi King suddenly betrayed the emperor. Wei Yang gets mad!! Obviously.

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Now it’s time for some etiquette lessons! Da Furen’s servant, Chun Ming, (exactly the one who slapped Wei Yang’s servant yesterday) is ready to teach Wei Yang some tea lessons. Her smugness and arrogance is really annoying. She makes Wei Yang spill the hot tea and decides that it’s time to start from the very basics… bowing lessons.

 photo Wei3 10.jpg

While Wei Yang is learning how to bow, Da Furen’s servant takes out a whip and starts using it, since Wei Yang isn’t trying that hard to learn much of anything. Serves her right when Wei Yang catches the whip and starts whipping her with it. The servant reports the matter to Da Furen and even Li Xiao Ran (Wei Yang’s father) is called over.

When Li Xiao Ran comes, Chi Yun Rou immediately goes into pity mode, and tells them how much she tried to teach Wei Yang but Wei Yang wasn’t appreciative, plus she hit Chun Ming. Wei Yang rebuts with, “Chun Ming, didn’t you say you were representing my ‘mother’ in teaching me etiquette?”

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Chun Ming tries to ignore the question but Wei Yang forces her to acknowledge it. Next, Wei Yang says, “If you were teaching me etiquette in place of my mother, why were you so forceful? Every time I did something wrong you hit me, but I come from the country, so learning etiquette from scratch is challenging.” Then she shows off her red marks from Chun Ming’s beatings. Da Furen argues that this is to teach her better, but according to Wei Yang, these beatings are pretty fierce. Wei Yang says that she taught Chun Ming a lesson because she was not representing Da Furen very well. She smiles sweetly. Chi Yun Rou realizes that she’s been beaten and orders Chun Ming to apologize to Wei Yang. Lols.

Later in her room, Wei Yang tells her servants that she has to teach everyone a lesson otherwise they’ll be stepping all over her. Bai Zhi tells her that Grandmother’s 60th birthday is coming soon. She should find a good present to send to her since Granny has been the one who loved her the most the whole time she came to the Mansion. Wei Yang asks, “Will my brother, Li Min Feng be there?” They say yes. Planning your revenge now, aren’t we?

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Meanwhile, Li Min Feng (Nan Fu Long) is currying favor with Tuo Ba Yu aka Nan An Wang. Min Feng is really falling too easily into Tuo Ba Yu’s bribes…

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Now it’s time for the birthday feast. Chang Ru, Chang Xi, and Chang Le all bow before Granny. Then they reveal their presents. Chang Ru reveals her present, a Bai Xiu Tu. (This is an embroidered piece where you embroider 100 different ways to write the word 寿 which means long life). Granny loves Chang Ru’s present. Chang Ru says she took three months to make it.

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Then, Chi Yun Rou hints Chang Le and says, “Chang Le, don’t you also have a present for your grandmother?” Chang Le nods and steps forward to be in the spotlight. She reveals a super big Bai Xiu Tu that is embroidered with a special golden thread that costs a lot. This totally roasts Chang Ru and she stands at the side awkwardly. Chang Ru’s mother tries to save face and says, “Gifts don’t always depend on the value. They also depend on the heart of the giver.” Chang Le says, “Of course. I’ve spent an year making this present. I went around to 100 old people, asked them to copy down the word 寿 and then copied each and every one.” Well then…

Chang Xi says, “Wow big sister. You are really someone very talented!” Her mom pulls her back. Ughh can we get rid of Chang Xi?

Chang Ru and Chang Xi’s mother goes up to Chang Le, about to say something, but Chang Ru stops her and forces her back to her seat. Chang Ru’s mother says, “Ugh the hate! She (Chang Le) has probably never lifted a finger in her life. You toiled away for three full months and yet she brought this to shame us.”

 photo Wei3 25.jpg photo Wei3 27.jpg

Just then, Chang Xi says, “Hey, where’s 2nd sister (Wei Yang)?” Da Furen orders Chun Ming to go find her when they suddenly hear drumming outside the door. Two lions make their way down the path. Chang Xi and Chang Ru watch quite happily but Chang Le and Chi Yun Rou are unhappy at being ousted. Just then, Tuo Ba Yu makes and appearance with Li Min Feng. The moment they come over, Wei Yang, who is inside one of the lion heads turns their way and makes sure to mark her enemy. She imagines herself killing him, the person who killed her grandmother, but it’s all a dream. *Sigh*. The moment Chang Ru sees Tuo Ba Yu, she fangirls heavily, inside.

Wei Yang makes her way back to the performance and stands on the top of the structure, letting out scrolls of longevity and harmony from the lion’s mouth. Chang Le and her mother roll their eyes. Tuo Ba Yu claps his hands, causing Li Min Feng to clap along with him over-enthusiastically. Lol. What an eager puppy.

 photo Wei3 30.jpg photo Wei3 29.jpg

Chang Le signals to her maid, Tan Xiang and she takes off her bracelet, ripping it into beads, putting the beads onto the floor so the lions will trick. Wei Yang…trips, but dunna worry, Tuo Ba Yu catches her. The whole family bows to Tuo Ba Yu when they see him. Wei Yang apologizes for not prepping the dance well enough, but her grandmother says it was amaazing *cue angel trumpeting* Of course, Chang Le and Chi Yun Rou are rolling their eyes and Chang Ru is still fangirling inside. (I can hear your fangirling y’know!! You might as well just put it out there!) Li Min Feng comes from behind Wei Yang and tells grandmother that Nan An Wang came today because he had an Imperial Decree.

So now, Tuo Ba Yu is reading the imperial decree in front of the whole Li Family. Li Min Feng and General Chi Yun (aka General Ling) have successfully driven out the betrayers and have now received all of Hexi King’s riches as a reward. Wei Yang’s face is daaark.

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Tuo Ba Yu ends with something like, “General Chi Yun made the Hexi King’s palace into his own palace. Plus, your Li Min Feng got a special position in the emperor’s heart. It turns out the Li Family is so honorable.” Wei Yang stems with anger and hatred!

 photo Wei3 37.jpg
 photo Wei3 34.jpg photo Wei3 35.jpg

They take out a pendant, the one that General Li aka Li Min Feng managed to make General Chi Yun look for, and Wei Yang cannot take her eyes off of it. Her grandmother gave it to her for her birthday, but now it is in the hands of her enemies. Chang Ru and her mother conspire and talk about the ‘legendary’ pendant and how it is now in Chang Le’s hands. Chang Le happily turns to Tuo Ba Yu and says thanks to his majesty. When Chi Yun Rou is helping Chang Le wear it, Wei Yang can’t help herself but reach out to grab the pendant, almost sobbing, but only one tear escapes. Chang Le pushes her away and Wei Yang is forced to help her enemy hang it on her ‘belt’. Without further ado, Da Furen sends her away from the room.

Chang Ru keeps looking at Tuo Ba Yu, remembering when they were little. Tuo Ba Yu dropped a pendant and she picked it up for him. He patted her head and said, “Don’t cry anymore. Be nice.”

Chang Ru and Chang Le earlier talked about Wei Yang’s self incriminating acts. They ran into Tuo Ba Yu who has the exact same pendant on his hip. At this, she smiles, as if only Tuo Ba Yu exists in her vision.

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Tuo Ba Yu walks into his rooms with his servant. His servant asks him if he really plans to use Li Min Feng, a man who doesn’t hesitate to flaunt the Crown Princes position in front of them. Tuo Ba Yu reveals that he has his eye on Li Xiao Ran since a lot of people have their eyes on the Crown Prince position, fighting amongst themselves. He wants to make use of this to manipulate others while also using his own strength to find his power. His servant asks who he thinks his greatest threat is.

Tuo Ba Yu thinks it’s Dong Ping Wang since he has went on many campaigns and gained the support of the people. As for Tuo Ba Jun, they can’t demean him either since he loves the emperor and his country a lot. As for what Tuo Ba Jun did last time at the city walls, Tuo Ba Yu says that it made the people love him more and the emperor liked it too. They must go against this move.

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Meanwhile, Wei Yang still looks ghastly. Her servants offer to find her a doctor but she refuses. Just then, Chang Ru comes to the door. They sit at the table and Chang Ru inquires about her complexion. Wei Yang says she’s okay. Chang Ru then gives her a pendant that she made herself. She says that she has finally found someone she can confide in. Wei Yang is a little confused as to why she couldn’t find anyone previously and she says not everyone is suitable as a confidant. Chang Ru says after Wei Yang gets accustomed to living at the Mansion, she will understand.

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After Chang Ru walks away, she happens to come upon Chang Le. Chang Le smirks and tells her not to plan anything to outshine her in the future. Chang Ru is just hurt and asks her if she knew she was going to embroider a Bai Xiu Tu in the first place. Chang Le says, “So what if I did know? You can’t do anything about it.” She pushes Chang Ru and walks away.

Later, Chang Ru talks to her sister, Chang Xi about whether she told Chang Le about the Bai Xiu Tu. Not many people knew that she was going to embroider a Bai Xiu Tu in the first place. Chang Xi says that it’s not her problem. Chang Ru accuses her of getting closer to Chang Le than she needs to. Chang Xi then accuses Chang Ru of getting closer to Wei Yang. Chang Ru argues that Wei Yang is the only one she has seen who can rebel against Chang Le and win. Chang Xi responds with, “She can’t compete with big sister in any way.”

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Chang Ru says some philosophical words: “Some people are unruly and wild, refusing to yield to anyone. When forced to the brink it is only feared that even the strongest hunter will be bitten. Then there will be a good show to watch.”

Meanwhile, Chang Le and Chi Yun Rou conspire. Wei Yang dared outshine Chang Le at the birthday banquet and try to steal Chang Le’s jade pendant?! Too outrageous! They find that Wei Yang has been going to grandmother’s and Chi Yun Rou recognizes that she is pretty smart to find some status and favor for herself if she can.

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Min Feng comes onto the scene and says that there’s nothing to worry about from a country bumpkin. Chi Yun Rou thinks differently. “She can’t be fake right?” Chang Le asks. Chi Yun Rou talks about how even though she sent her into the countryside to live hard days, she came back as if she had not lifted a finger. Min Feng says that they haven’t seen her for so many years so they are unsure of whether she is the true Wei Yang or not. In any case, Chi Yun Rou says she will investigate clearly. Btw Chi Yun Rou says that the Crown Princess is coming to light some fragrance and do some temply stuff. She asks Chang Le if she knows what to do. Chang Le nods. (Nods are the worst omens in this drama)

 photo Wei3 56.jpg

The Crown Princess walks down the stairs, her attendant praising her for being so caring to come so far to this temple. The Crown Princess says that she must pray for Tuo Ba Jun’s well being and that he will come back early. They “just happen” to come upon Chang Le on the stairs. She is stopped by the soldiers, but the Crown Princess recognizes her and tells her attendant to call her up. Chang Le inquires after Tuo Ba Jun’s whereabouts (indirectly) and she talks about how much she misses her childhood friend. The Crown Princess sighs about how long Tuo Ba Jun has been gone. Chang Le gives her an idea to get Tuo Ba Jun back asap. The Crown Princess says it is indeed a good idea and remarks on how much Chang Le really misses Tuo Ba Jun.

Next, we go back to Wei Yang who confronts Bai Zhi who asked around to find who was the nobleman who saved her. Bai Zhi comes back empty handed. Wei Yang goes through some bittersweet memories about how he saved her in her weakest and most rejected moment. Ahh she has fallen in love.

 photo Wei3 59.jpg

But before she can get too into it, she cuts herself off and goes to walk around. Bai Zhi is left wondering what the heck happened. Wei Yang walks around and thinks about her unfiliality, how she is living for Wei Yang, how she can’t be thinking about romance, etc. She reassures herself by thinking that she only feels grateful to him for saving to him. (I’m not a doctor but that’s definitely a symptom of someone who’s in love)

A flute melody drifts over from the side and the episode ends.


Tranzgeek’s Thoughts:

The battle between the siblings begins for real now! Despite Chang Ru’s great philosophical thoughts and the fact that she may/may not betray Wei Yang in the future (from the trailer), she seems kinda likeable so far. It’s too early for a favorite character now but what is clear, is that I hate everyone except for Wei Yang. Lol. Don’t we all?

I like Tiffany in the drama and she’s doing a great job thusfar. Hopefully Wei Yang can make more friends while she’s at it. It feels like all her friends will be taken away in the end… except for Luo Jin. Hmm time will tell.

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    Thanks for the speedy recaps! I think I’ll read your recaps and only watch the parts that look interesting 😀

    • 10 thoughts on “Princess Wei Young Episode 3 Recap

      Lol no problem! That’s probably a good idea to just watch the interesting parts although I would argue it’s all been pretty interesting so far 😛 This drama is so fast paced…so my style~~

  2. 10 thoughts on “Princess Wei Young Episode 3 Recap

    Sharing on Facebook!! You’ve worked hard this weekend!! (hugs)

    • 10 thoughts on “Princess Wei Young Episode 3 Recap

      Aww thanks Lil! I’m glad you enjoyed my recaps! :3 I’ll be going back to work with writing up recaps next weekend! I’m proud of my progress this weekend especially writing up four drama recaps 😛 See you around!

  3. 10 thoughts on “Princess Wei Young Episode 3 Recap

    Go Jie Jie, you’ve done well. *Virtual Hug*
    Take some cookies too ^_^ *Hands Jie Jie a chocolate cookie*

    I am really sad that they didn’t air episode 6 too, but that’s life I guess.

    I really like the plot and characters so far, and Tiffany Tang is sooo pretty 🙂

    Lol, I’m really intrigued as to why Tuo Ba Jun is noodle man, but it’s cool.

    Also Chang Le’s eyelashes are soo annoying, it’s like the stylist is purposely doing this.

    Good Job! Work Hard! Fighting!
    <3 Maknae

    • 10 thoughts on “Princess Wei Young Episode 3 Recap

      You can blame mochi for coining the word noodle man. Lol. I advise you ask him about it 😛

  4. 10 thoughts on “Princess Wei Young Episode 3 Recap

    Li Chang Ru (Mao Xiao Tong) is going to break my heart later on…I just know it!

  5. 10 thoughts on “Princess Wei Young Episode 3 Recap

    I’m going to sound like a big boss of a director! I do like the pace of this drama as well, but Tang Yan’s hair is so unfortunate in here, I wanna cry so bad because all other ladies are styled pretty but her…? She doesn’t even look like a maid, she just looks like a modern one! She’s so odd and that ruined everything! I mind the modernness a lot, plain is awesome but modern is a no-no. Unless she’s a time-traveler in disguise…I’ll consider that. I just saw Tang Yan in Chinese Odyssey 3, I flipped over and never knew she could’ve looked 10x’s better without bangs or hair splits. That explains her success in Chinese paladin 3. But I don’t understand everything yet, so are they supposed to be in a palace? If it is, the palace aura is totally missing everywhere!!! It’s not the extravagances…but there seems to be no more strict rules anywhere so I’m assuming it’s not a palace then.

    The trailer when she was downgraded to a maid, I have a great feeling that there will be no overly dramatic hate tensions like past dramas. I hope they slow down a little bit now too. Because all the jealousies of the ladies plotting against each other will seem to be played out a bit weak. So far I’m very curious to see what happen next and next and next, but I’m not feeling all those tensions enough, not as much as I wanted to. That’s why so far there is no favorite scene or memorable scene yet. Usually this means I don’t re-watch the drama after one time.

    The prince also fell in love with her a bit too fast, it felt just like the flash of a dream that went by so quick. I thought those falling in love scenes wouldn’t appear until the middle, LOL, but he fell instantly for her…more like, for her beauty instead of getting to know her well.
    SO much ranting but surprisingly, best drama for me this year, and most expecting to see because I’m not crazy about xianxia and this is the only non-xianxia! I think they are very careful and tried to tone down the quality a bit dull, but I really think this is the type of drama that can go a bit brighter with no problem.

    I just want to see Tang Yan gets as evil as she can with a very good and very valid reason.

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      Many many thanks for the recap @transgeek. I could understand half of the episode but thanks for your recap it explained a lot of things.

      I am the opposite regarding the speedy pace of the love story. I actually love it when Duo Ba Jun already fell in love in her in episode 5..
      Lol . Unlike typical C drama when the leads usually fall in love with one another from ep 10 onwards (I am kinda impatient audience)..

      But yeah I also saw the trailer where she became the maid. I feel sad for her.. (that would be very depressing episodes )..

    • 10 thoughts on “Princess Wei Young Episode 3 Recap

      Why would you suppose it is love? You could just as easily call it attraction, which grew with each encounter they had, every moment they spent with each other. It could eventually turn into love.

      I find the hairdo odd too, though she’s pretty as a doll.

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