Princess Wei Young Episode 2 Recap

The fast pacing never stops! XD

Credits to Shifu for the wonderful screencaps!

Episode 2 Recap:

The episode begins with Chi Yun Rou’s servant delivering Chi Yun Rou a message from a messenger pigeon. The slip only says: “The Northern Liang King has been eliminated.” She smiles and burns the message. She says, “Our outside affairs have already been taken care of. Now it is time to organize the household matters.”

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Meanwhile, Li Wei Yang (Li Yi Xiao) sees Xin’er lying on the ground, half dead. She cautiously approaches, looking around for any other people. She crouches and says, “Hello?” Putting her finger in front of Xin’er’s nose to see if she is still alive, she finds that Xin’er is also a maiden with a bitter life. She takes Xin’er back to her cottage.

Xin’er wakes up while Wei Yang is making medicine. She rasps, “Watuhh.” This can be roughly translated to “water”. Slowly getting up, she observes her surroundings with a weak spirit. She asks, “Where am I?”

Wei Yang says, “This is where I live.”

Xin’er: “I haven’t caught the name of my savior yet.”

Wei Yang: “Don’t call me your savior. My name is Li Wei Yang. What about you?”

 photo Wei2 3.jpg

Xin’er: “I’m Xin’er.”

Wei Yang proceeds to ask about why she was alone, passed out on the path. She asks where her family is and where she lives. “Your family members must be very worried about you.”

Xin’er’s eyes flicker with pain as she turns away and says, “I no longer have a home anymore.”

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Abruptly, a woman walks in. Wei Yang jumps to her feet with her head down. The woman says, “Wei Yang, I told you to draw water and sweep the yard. Are you slacking off?” She proceeds to ask for money from Wei Yang for “taking the rascal in”. Wei Yang takes out a pendant that belonged to her mother. The woman forces her to take out more money, but she doesn’t have anything else. Since the woman believes that she is lying, she begins to hit her. Xin’er immediately spills some beans onto the floor to make the woman fall. She helps Wei Yang bear the brunt of the attack and the woman leaves saying, “I will starve you guys to death!”

Wei Yang says, “Thanks!” Xin’er responds in turn. Later, they eat breakfast. Wei Yang hid a bun away in the morning. They eat it together. Aww the fuzziness of making new friends!

Xin’er asks why Wei Yang is so good to her. Wei Yang responds with, “It’s because you are a lonely person just like me.” Xin’er says she’s been left alone with no one, but Wei Yang is different.

 photo Wei2 6.jpg

It turns out Wei Yang comes from the noble family of the Li family (anyone remember General Li from the last recap). Her father is Li Xiao Ran, the esteemed noble and head of the family. Her mother is a maid who washes feet. She says that her father couldn’t keep her around when confronted with his high status. Plus, she was born in the month of February. The 1st wife of the family, Chi Yun Rou asked a Physiognomist to come and it turned out Wei Yang was fated to be the nemesis of the family. It was in this way that she was kicked out of the household. She said that she had already grown so, but she had never seen her mother before. Her greatest wish is to see her mother again.

Xin’er doesn’t want to hide the truth from Wei Yang anymore and tells her of her identity. End scene.

 photo Wei2 7.jpg

Next, Chi Yun Rou talks to her daughter, Li Chang Le about the peony. She says she prefers the tree peony over any other flower. Chang Le knows that it is because the peony is elegant and the king of all the flowers. Her mother says that she hopes Chang Le will be able to become like the peony. Chang Le says, “Don’t worry. My status is high. I will not let you down.”

Chang Le follows with, “Granny’s birthday is near. I heard that she already sent people to take the feet washing girl back home. But mother, she is the nemesis of our house. How can we allow her to enter our family just like that?”

Chi Yun Rou: “Since she is the nemesis, of course I will not allow her to wreck havoc in our house.” Chang Le smiles.

 photo Wei2 8.jpg

Wei Yang is on the path. She walks past a man who looks at her evilly (How do you not notice that type of stare?!). He says he is here to take Wei yang back home to the Li Family. She is happy, but when he slashes at her, she realizes this is a ploy. She escapes frantically, shouting, Help.

Xin’er comes up, and says, “Time to eat, Wei Yang.” She notices the empty basket on the ground and hears cries for help. She immediately finds her way to Wei Yang and kills the assassin just like that.

While they are coming back. Wei Yang tells her where her family is from. Just like that, all of Xin’er’s trust is broken since these are the people who killed her parents and her family.

 photo Wei2 9.jpg

Wei Yang responds with, “They are also my enemies.”

While they are talking, they totally don’t realize that there’s a sword coming towards them. Wei Yang blocks it for Xin’er. Xin’er immediately pounces on the assassin and kills him with a stake on the ground. Wei Yang is still dying though. Before she dies she says, “You must live well.” Painful moments guys. She makes a grave for Wei Yang and stands before it.

Afterwards, Xin’er sees a procession coming down the path from behind a tree. She realizes that Wei Yang’s grandma is really going to come to get Wei Yang. Recalling all of her past experiences when everyone died for her, she decides to keep living on for Wei Yang.

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Meanwhile, Wei Yang’s grandma has come to the cottage where she lives. The madam in charge (the one whipping everyone’s butts last time) is freaking out because Wei Yang isn’t at home. Xin’er comes back into the cottage through the window and tells madam that Wei Yang died because people killed her. She decides that she will go in Wei Yang’s stead. The madam agrees because she has no other choice. Xin’er makes a dramatic entrance, greets the servants and says, “I am Li Wei Yang.”

 photo Wei2 12.jpg

Back at the Li household, Chi Yun Rou is consulting a diviner/cosmotologist and he says that Li Wei Yang and Li Chang Le’s life lines will no longer intersect. This may mean doom for Chang Le. Chi Yun Rou is like Of course! She will have no more opportunities to cause harm to Chang Le. You’re overthinking it.

Suddenly her servant bursts in and says, “Madam, Lao Furen (Wei Yang’s granny who wanted to pick up Wei Yang) has already picked up Wei Yang.”

Chi Yun Rou narrows her eyes and says, “I missed the opportunity. In this most critical moment, I will never allow this feet washing girl to take away Chang Le’s position.”

 photo Wei2 13.jpg

Meanwhile, Xin’er goes up to a hotel. She and her maids decide to rest here for the night. Tuo Ba Jun comes up after she goes into the hotel and his servant says, “I’ve arranged a room for you. It’s this way.” They head in the opposite direction (but it’s still very nearby).

Sitting in her room, Xin’er looks at a pendant in her room. She remembers what happened when she told the madam she could go in the real Wei Yang’s place. She asked for the pendant that the real Wei Yang gave to her and the madam reluctantly consented after realizing that her life was also in Xin’er’s hands.

She snaps out of it when two servants come into the room. One is named Bai Zhi and one is named Zi Yan. They tell her that there are still two days until they can get to the Li Manor. Xin’er thinks of her revenge and the irony of living in the Li Household, the people who killed her parents.

 photo Wei2 17.jpg photo Wei2 16.jpg

Oooh assassins. Spraying the doors with oil, locking the doors, ANDD lighting it on fire? That’s too overboard guys!

Back at Chi Yun Rou’s place, a servant reports to her that everything has been taken care of, the fire has been started. The servant is only worried that this matter will get bigger than it has to (aka kill more people than just one).

Chi Yun Rou doesn’t care. She scoffs it off. As long as the nemesis is taken care of she’ll do anytthingggg.

 photo Wei2 18.jpg

The fire starts and Zi Yan goes into panic mode when the doors don’t open like they’re supposed to. Bai Zhi gets stuck under a wooden plank, and Xin’er helps her out. When they are escaping, a fiery plank falls and separates the servants and Xin’er. Xin’er tells them to go on without her. Stuck in the fire all by herself, she tries to break down the walls by throwing stuff at it. The servants manage to escape by jumping off the balcony after finding a way through.

Tuo Ba Jun comes out of his rooms and when he finds that someone is still up there, he makes a move to go up immediately despite his servant’s protests. His servant is so mad. Hmph just trying to minimize all the OTP moments I see.

Tuo Ba Jun sees Xin’er and saves her. They look at each other for a second, but eventually he comes to his senses and brings her out, shielding her against the fire and bringing her out. When she’s brought out she looks at him and is like, “It’s you.”

Tuo Ba Jun: “You recognize me?”

Xin’er: “Umm it must be the wrong person.” Rather awkwardly. Lol.

Her servants crowd around her. When she turns around to thank her savior, he’s gone.

 photo Wei2 19.jpg

Back to Chi Yun Rou, she gets so mad when she finds someone has destroyed her plan. Her servant doesn’t know who messed around either. Another servant comes in to report that Wei Yang has arrived in the city and needs a carriage to carry her to the Li Manor. Chi Yun Rou begins to plot Wei Yang’s death.

Switching gears to Xin’er, all of a sudden the two servants in front of her bow to her. They are grateful to her for saving their lives and decide that they will have unwavering loyalty towards her from now on. Xin’er responds with, “We have gone through life and death together. From now on we will all be good sisters.” Then the servants begin to speculate on what could have happened for the fire to have begun. They find it was a plot!

Xin’er knows it was Chi Yun Rou who done it but she doesn’t say anything to the servants.

 photo Wei2 20.jpg

Just then, the carriage comes up and they get in. When they get to the Li Manor, Chi Yun Rou’s servant smugly says that they must enter through the side door. When one of Xin’er’s servants protests, she is slapped. Xin’er slaps the one who slapped her servant back. She says, “Is this how Da Furen (the 1st wife of the Manor aka Chi Yun Rou) teaches her servants?” After some humiliation she says, “Who cares if we enter through the side door? I just want to go in with dignity.” When she enters the Manor, Chi Yun Rou’s servant says, “We’ll just see how Da Furen deals with you.”

 photo Wei2 21.jpg photo Wei2 22.jpg

Meanwhile, Li Chang Le is drawing. Li Chang Ru (Rachel Mao) is nearby reading. Li Chang Xi (the fourth mistress/daughter of the Li Household) is just eating. When Li Chang Le finishes, Li Chang Xi and Li Chang Ru compliment her heavily on how well she does and how beautiful she is. Li Chang Le says, “You two know how to make me happy.” She wonders what Li Wei Yang is like. Li Chang Ru says that Wei Yang will be going to bow to her grandmother and her mother. They will know what person she is like in a moment.

 photo Wei2 24.jpg photo Wei2 23.jpg

Going back to Xin’er, she is caught in a difficult situation as she does not know how to greet her elders in the Liang customs. Thus, she bows to her grandmother first and kowtows three times, so hard that you can hear it, then speaking of how her grandmother has a special place in her heart. She may be mocked by the two concubines at the side, but she brushes it off. Her grandmother says, “It’s been hard on you having such a hard life when you were little.” When her grandmother compliments her, the concubines immediately follow suit. Afterwards, her grandmother introduces the concubines to her. The one in green is the 2nd concubine. The one in blue is the 3rd concubine.

Xin’er mistakes Chi Yun Rou as her mother, as the concubines refer to her as her mother. Realizing she made a mistake, Xin’er asks why she was not able to see her mother. Her grandmother brushes it off and says there is still a lot of time for her to see her mother.

Xin’er is sent out of the room with one of Chi Yun Rou’s servants who is told to “keep an eye on her” so that she can live in “comfort”.

 photo Wei2 26.jpg

As this is going on, Chang Le receives news from her personal maid, Tan Xiang, that Chang Ru might just outshine her in the birthday banquet as to what gifts she sent. Chang Le conspires with her maid and says, “You know what to now right?” Her servant nods.

Her third sister and fourth sister come in, unannounced. Li Chang Xi is still mocking Wei Yang for having such terrible etiquette. Chang Le rebukes her, and defends Wei Yang. Chang Ru says, “You don’t even know Wei Yang. How can you defend her?”

Chang Xi says: “It’s obviously because our big sister is the most kind-hearted person ever.”

 photo Wei2 25.jpg

Chang Le: “In the future we are all sisters. We must help each other from now on.”

Chang Ru agrees.

 photo Wei2 27.jpg

Later, a strange woman peeks out from behind a wooden beam and says, “Wei Yang, you’ve finally returned home.” This turns out to be Wei Yang’s real mom. Suddenly people come from behind her and says, “You have guts. You left Nanyuan (the name of a courtyard) without permission.” Wei Yang’s mom struggles, but she can’t rebel so she goes back reluctantly.

 photo Wei2 28.jpg

On the other hand, Xin’er looks around at her surroundings and thinks, “Wei Yang, I have come back to your home for you.” She also thinks of her revenge and what terrible things will now befall Chi Yun Rou and Li Ming Feng for killing her entire family.


Tranzgeek’s Thoughts:

Another super fast paced episode! Wei Yang is already dead and Xin’er is already at the Li Household?! Agh I hope Xin’er can get revenge on Chi Yun Rou ASAP. I feel like she’s already turning “evil”. Lol. Next episode you’ll see. Punishing her enemies is so gratifying even if it’s only the beginning. The next few episodes are more of a prelude of what is to come…

I felt like her friendship with Wei Yang was… a little short. Is it just me or was the sincerity of Xin’er towards Wei Yang just a tad overdone, since Wei Yang met her in the beginning of the episode and died in like 20 minutes. Oh well.

Does anyone find it ironic that Wei Yang was called Chang Le’s nemesis…but after they kill Wei Yang, Xin’er takes her place and now the Li Household is really in trouble? It’s like inviting the big bad wolf into your den.

Anyways, from here on out, I will be referring to Xin’er as Wei Yang. If the dead Wei Yang comes up, I will refer to her as the real Wei Yang. This is just because now, Xin’er has already completely taken on Li Wei Yang’s identity and in future episodes she will be completely known as Wei Yang by everyone who “knows” her.


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    Thank you tranzgeek! Recaps much appreciated because i don’t know enough chinese to figure out all the details.
    I have a question. Why do evil mama and evil daugthter hate Wei Young so much? As far as I can understand evil mama is the first wife and Li Chang le is the eldest daughter. wei young is a servant’s daughter and lower than them in the food chain. They don’t mind the offsprings of the other concubines. So, why the hostility towards Wei Young?

    • 19 thoughts on “Princess Wei Young Episode 2 Recap

      It’s because Wei Yang is a threat to Li Chang Le’s status as the “best” and the “prettiest”. Sure, Wei Yang doesn’t have a status but that can change if she’s favored by someone in the family. Wei Yang keeps outshining Li Chang Le which they don’t like. Plus, do you remember the part when Chi Yun Rou was talking to the divinator? Wei Yang is born in the month of February (which is an auspicious month), plus she was foretold to be the nemesis to Chang Le which is why Chi Yun Rou and Chang Le hate her so much. Wei Yang is supposed to inhibit Chang Le from her acclaimed future so they had to get rid of her. What they didn’t know was that Xin’er replaced the real Wei Yang and that now their lives will be a ton more devastating.

      • 19 thoughts on “Princess Wei Young Episode 2 Recap

        Oh, ok, thanks! 🙂 I would say that all this is a bit extreme but I am not in their time and place.
        Also, contrary to my expectations, I am so ready to board the main ship <3 . TY and LJ are just too cute together :))))

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          Lol same. I’m so ready for the main ship!!

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          Oh, no.. Am I the only one not on the main ship? I’m cursed with second male lead syndrome for ALL the dramas I watch. So.. XD

        • 19 thoughts on “Princess Wei Young Episode 2 Recap

          Lol you’re probably not the only one @Riley. I just find myself liking Luo Jin better in this drama 😛 Vanness is just a little too callous for me in this drama. He just gives off an air of complete evil. *shiver* Idk I just like the way Tuo Ba Jun saves the day every time in such a badass way!

  2. 19 thoughts on “Princess Wei Young Episode 2 Recap

    @tranzgeek Will you be recapping the whole drama? Plus, I need to clarify the airing schedule. Is it 2 episodes every day except for Saturdays when only 1 episode is aired? Thank you so much!

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      It’s too early to know for sure if it is within my capacity to recap the whole drama. Don’t know anything about the airing schedule 😛

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        I have a question. Touba Jun’s father is the Crown Prince. What happened to him that the other Princes (like Tuoba Yu) see Tuoba Jun as a rival?

        • 19 thoughts on “Princess Wei Young Episode 2 Recap

          The Crown Prince has the highest position in the emperor’s heart, but Tuo Ba Yu sees TBJ mainly as a rival because Tuo Ba Jun has the backing of the people. Do you remember when Tuo Ba Jun opened the city gates for the civilians when Tuo Ba Yu was about to kill them? That is a prominent example of Tuo Ba Jun’s concern for the people in disregarding himself.

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          Thank you, @tranzgeek, for answering my questions! It’s so nice to have people to talk with about this drama! I love this drama so much that it’s not funny. X)

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          Lol you’re not the only one! Ask away whenever you don’t understand something! I find myself having to Google Translate some of their expressions to understand exactly what they’re saying XD

          Agh I hate the characters that think they’re being so intellectual when they speak in such an antiquated way!! Do you want people to understand you or not?! Lol.

  3. 19 thoughts on “Princess Wei Young Episode 2 Recap

    Thank you for these lovely recaps so far! I’ve been playing it in the background while I work and I did not realize I was missing some of the details.

    • 19 thoughts on “Princess Wei Young Episode 2 Recap

      Lol no problem! I try to pack as much as I can into all this! I’m so glad it helped fill in some more details for you!

  4. 19 thoughts on “Princess Wei Young Episode 2 Recap

    Frankly, I’m getting fatigue of these 2 OTP. They both left some bitterness for me during “Diamond Lover.” He was written to perfection while she was so annoying. However, I am a fan of them both as individual.

    I really hope this one drama propel LuoJin to a higher status so he can stop being cast under TY. It’s about time this boy shine without her help all the time.

    I won’t be watching this drama (60ep is too much for head), but I’ll be reading your recaps. Even if you can’t recaps all eps, I hope you’ll do quick summaries instead.

    On a second thought, if the big shocker is that TY’s character is as bad ass as the book and she end up just using LuoJin’s character, I would totally marathon this drama because this is something out of the ordinary that I am willing to waste my time on.

    Thanks again for this recaps

    • 19 thoughts on “Princess Wei Young Episode 2 Recap

      Haha I never watched any previous dramas when they were together so I wouldn’t know. Tang Yan isn’t showing her true self yet since the script wrote in more moments for HATEEE lol. Hopefully it’ll get to starting soon.

      Tbh I can’t imagine myself watching all episodes either, but I’ll be sure to try to carry out all these recaps to the end~ Major commitment here! No updates during weekdays because I can only recap on weekends. Thanks for leaving some of your thoughts Lil~~

  5. 19 thoughts on “Princess Wei Young Episode 2 Recap

    Thank you so much for this recap! I have to agree with you…the time with the real Wei Young was too short..I like the fast pace…but really hope that they won´t rush through some things, only to lengthen other plotlines unnecessarily.

  6. 19 thoughts on “Princess Wei Young Episode 2 Recap

    Yes, your sooo good at this! How can you recap dramas at such a fast rate?
    I am still working on episode one of Memory Lost~ >.>

    Everyone is so consistent, like Dino Gege already did his review, and your like zooming through Princess Weiyoung, ahhh I need to work harder.

    Work hard, and don’t give up! FIghting!
    <3 Maknae

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      Lol I spend soooo long just recapping. Just take your time maknae! You still got a long life ahead of you and a ton of time to do it!

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