Princess Wei Young Episode 1 Recap

Finally it’s out and what a fast paced episode! Thanking our screenshot guru, Shifu Kappy for all the wonderful screenshots! 😛

The story begins with the harsh winter. Many monks kneel outside wait for Xin’er’s birth outside.

 photo Wei1 01.jpg photo Wei1 2.jpg

Anyways, the baby is born and the weather instantly changes to sunlight. Xin’er’s father and her grandmother rush out of the other side of the palace to take a look at the baby. Awwww so cute. So much baby fat!! Xin’er’s father is taken away by the general and despite his reluctance…he is forced to leave. His mother and his daughter stay in the palace as “hostages”.

 photo Wei1 4.jpg photo Wei1 3.jpg

In a flash of an eye, Xin’er (Tiffany Tang Yan) has grown to be a fully fledged teenager now. She naughtily goes out of the palace through a random hole in the fence. Ok what is wrong with her hair?! Her bodyguard’s hair is like a mini replica of Vanness’s hair and she struggles getting through the hole. Xin’er teases her, shaming her bodyguard with, “You have such a high level of kungfu, but you can’t get through a measly hole?” Lol.

They walk on the street, Xin’er’s bodyguard switching her form of address to “Gongzi” (Nobleman/master) after accidentally calling her Princess. In case you were unaware, they are now disguised as ugly guys. Anyways, her bodyguard notes the increased amount of soldiers patrolling the streets. Xin’er doesn’t think much of it and just says they are soldiers sent to protect her Imperial Father. *so innocent*

 photo Wei1 6.jpg

They talk for a little more, and we switch scenes to Li Chang Le (Hsin Ai Lee) and her mother, Chi Yun Rou (Lily Tian). They talk over some tea. Her mother says, “The person who owns the world is the emperor but the people who fight for the world are the generals. All the people know the world belongs to the emperor but no one knows that the world also belongs to the general.” Then she asks, “Chang Le, if you were a general, would you guard Liang Zhou or dominate Liang Zhou.”

Chang Le is confused and she says, “I don’t understand what’s the difference.”

Her mother says, “If you guard Liang Zhou, your heart must abide the law and you must not be distracted. Every move you make will have the emperor’s supervision. But if you can dominate Liang Zhou, then you will possess all the wealth hidden in Liang Zhou and all of the Chi Yun family’s wealth.”

 photo Wei1 7.jpg

She responds with a suspiciously innocent look: “Hidden wealth? Are you referring to…?”

Her mother says, “Your older cousin, Chi Yun Nan found iron ore on the guarding site in Northern Liang. With this iron ore, the Chi Yun generals can own the world and more is just around the corner.” Oooh the possibilities.

Chang Le: “Speaking of, of course Chang Le is willing to be control Liang Zhou to raise the prestige of the Li Family.”

 photo Wei1 9.jpg

Her mom bashes tells her: “You are a girl so don’t think about these things. Not to mention your dignified big brother.”

Chang Le: “It’s only that Northern Liang Zhou is paid very close attention by the Northerners, Southern Liang Zhou is supervised by the prefects. How will cousin control Liang Zhou?”

Her mom: “Hexi King (Wei Yang’s dad) got the emperor’s grace and he will soon return to Liang Zhou for his mother’s birthday. If Hexi King takes advantage of this opportunity to commit sins and contact old ministers compared to your brother who is very capable, according to the emperor’s temper, he will obviously give your cousin the power to guard Liang Zhou.”

 photo Wei1 8.jpg

Brutal murder! Why would he leave the dagger in the body first of all? Oh no!

Back to boring Chang Le. “But how will we make the emperor believe that Hexi King and the old ministers have a relationship with each other?”

“That will depend on how your brother carries out his orders.” Chang Le is thrown off again. Mom: “Eight words. In order to create something out of nothing, you must deceive the world and cross the seas.”

Finally we see Xin’er again. She walks into the exact same lantern store where the murder took place and says, “Boss, are the lanterns that I ordered ready?” She walks out and says, “Hey be careful. Don’t break them. These are important to me.”

Agh what a devious smile on the person impersonating the workers.

 photo Wei1 10.jpg

Oh no! A lantern has caught fire. It leaves the cart and many other follow. Xin’er goes crazy and starts chasing them. She knows martial arts and keeps her eye on the lantern no matter what else might be in her way.

She manages to catch two lanterns but the third one is still out of reach. Anyone notice our mysterious man there?

 photo Wei1 11.jpg

Xin’er keeps bouncing on the trampoline tarp to catch her lantern. Eventually she falls through, but the man boosts her up with his arm while eating noodles. High kungfu indeed. When she comes down a third time, the man has finished eating and he jumps up to catch her and the missing lantern, taking her down to the ground in a fantastic OTP moment. Lol. Xin’er’s face: You pervert!

 photo Wei1 13.jpg

The moment they hit the ground she elbows him in the chest and he’s all like ‘I helped you.’ but she’s like ‘You’re such a pervert without manners.’ He guesses she’s a girl but…she doesn’t let that idea come to light. Their bodyguards get into a fight and eventually the man leaves with a Hmph. I like the sass. Lol.

 photo Wei1 15.jpg

Xin’er and her bodyguard leaves in a ‘manly swagger’. Lol. The lantern carts follow behind them.

 photo Wei1 16.jpg

Switching gears, we see a troop of soldiers. Their general comes in very ominously. It turns out he’s General Ling. He takes out his sword and says something like “Northern Liang has committed many crimes. We will not leave any of them alive.”

His soldiers follow suit with “Kill, kill.”

We see another older general leading a procession to the palace. He says, “Hexi King, we’ve arrived.”

 photo Wei1 17.jpg

Hexi King gets off, rather cautiously. The general, with surname Li, accuses him of taking Northern Liang, but he says that he did it for the good of the citizens. He goes in, a little angry.

When he sees his mother, he bows and says something like “This unfilial son bows to his mother.”

 photo Wei1 19.jpg

Then Xin’er comes onto the scene and she’s so happy. She leaps into his embrace (a dramatic overstatement) and says she misses him tons. He reciprocates. Her granny butts in with, “I didn’t think that we would reunite. Even if I die, I will be happy.”

It’s nighttime and Hexi King is at the front of the room with everyone else below him. He drinks to General Li and the drums get louder and louder. Outside, General Ling has already taken action upon the defenseless palace where Xin’er and her granny live.

 photo Wei1 20.jpg

Aww what a sweet moment. Xin’er brings granny around to watch the lanterns as a surprise. What a peaceful moment that gives me goosebumps cause…evil is all around you guys.

Hexi King hears it and decides that he wants to go take a look too. T_T General Li with the devious smile says, “That was exactly what I was thinking.” The other general follows.

 photo Wei1 21.jpg

It turns out the powder is some poison that releases gas once it is burnt. General Li says, “You dare betray me!” Hexi King is like…”Umm pls don’t accuse people of doing what they didn’t do. This happened too suddenly.”

The soldiers come out of the haystacks and immediately go after the King. They want their Liang Zhou back. The killing spree begins. It is utter chaos. The utter confrontation between Hexi King and General Li ends quickly with Hexi King being taken away.

All the previously ‘happy’ lanterns are now crushed into pancakes. Xin’er is concerned for her granny and calls for her bodyguard to get the heck outta there. The bodyguard comes with terrible news. The general has killed his way in. Xin’er is all like “NOO my dad.” She runs away despite the bodyguard and the bodyguard’s dad trying to take them to safety.

 photo Wei1 25.jpg photo Wei1 24.jpg

Meanwhile, Hexi King is paraded into the throne room. Xin’er and her granny come just in time to see Hexi King forced to kneel. Then he is killed by General Ling. Xin’er and her granny are mortified. He tells them to “Leave” in his dying hours.

Afterwards, General Li asks his younger cousin why he didn’t kill Xin’er when he saw them too. He says he doesn’t kill girls. General Li says that he heard that there is a special jade on her body passed down from her mother. He believes that no one except Chang Le can match this jade. His cousin is all like, “There’s nothing, I, Chi Yun Nan cannot get.” Then he passes down the order to kill everyone in the Imperial Family T_T

Ohhh the other general invited to the meeting between Hexi King and General Li is here! He cringes and turns to leave. Well now you know how devious people can be don’t you?

 photo Wei1 27.jpg photo Wei1 28.jpg

Meanwhile, Xin’er and her granny are escaping when her granny says, “You must go on without me. I will slow you guys. No matter what you must continue to live on as the last bloodline of the Imperial family.” Of course, we can all imagine Xin’er’s reaction but she is forced to leave by the bodyguards.

The moment Xin’er leaves, her granny immediately wipes off her tears and gets ready to confront the generals. The general asks for the Princess and granny refuses to tell anyone of her whereabouts. Noice. He kills her immediately.

Xin’er watches by the side…When granny dies, they start to move. Eek. Too late I’m afraid.

 photo Wei1 31.jpg

Arrows whizz from behind them. They’re caught at a deadlock when Xin’er’s bodyguard decides to impersonate the Princess. She takes Xin’er’s cloak and her pendant. She says, “Princess, I hope you will live well from now on.” Agh sacrifices!

The hate is real.

Meanwhile, the bodyguards are fighting for their lives. *Tears* In just seconds, both are overcome by the huge number of people coming to kill them. The general leaps down from his perch and comes to get the legendary jade himself, killing Xin’er’s bodyguard mercilessly.

On the other hand, Xin’er escapes by herself and rolls down a hill while she’s at it.

 photo Wei1 32.jpg

Yayyy the person who saw everything earlier is writing a letter to the king about what happened! What a good person. He manages to hide it in a jug before General Ling can come. When General Ling comes, he is brutally killed. Evil!!

 photo Wei1 34.jpg photo Wei1 33.jpg

We switch scenes to a city gate where Tuo Ba Yu (Vanness Wu) is at his perch, watching the citizens ask for entry. They are all Liang citizens, but the gate is closed so they can’t get in. The man from the noodle shop comes over and his bodyguard informs him that Chi Yun Nan General ordered that no one be allowed entry. He turns out to be Tuo Ba Jun (Luo Jin) and he says, “It will forever be the citizens who are caught between conflicts and are hurt the most.” He sees Tuo Ba Yu grabbing a plaque and holding it out to command the soldiers to kill the civilians. Tuo Ba Jun immediately speaks up. “Imperial brother, can you stand to kill all these innocent people?”

Tuo Ba Yu is like, “How do you know there are no Northerner spies within them? I am willing to kill all of them than leave one guilty standing. I have the order plaque. Who dares go against me?”

 photo Wei1 37.jpg

Tuo Ba Jun’s persuasions go to no avail, and his face is full of anger. Without further ado, he grabs his arrows, and shoots Tuo Ba Yu. Tuo Ba Yu lets go of the plaque and Tuo Ba Jun goes up to catch it. His martial arts are so powerful!!! When he comes down, he holds the plaque and says, “I have the plaque. Obey me. Open the city walls!”

Tuo Ba Yu is like, “Are you really going to against me?”

Tuo Ba Jun: “Sorry, but I have no other choice. You can punish me later.”

Tuo Ba Yu and his lackey realize that the situation is getting a little out of hand and the hate is so real!


Tranzgeek’s Thoughts:

Well the episode is purdy good, very fast paced. Death sets up Xin’er for her eventual revenge. Hopefully, Tiffany’s character will change to be more complex after this. ^_^ Hate sets up our drama for more to come!

Signing off to recap Episode 2 now!

  1. 33 thoughts on “Princess Wei Young Episode 1 Recap

    OMG noodle man is goong to be my favourite character, because coolness points and food! (And he’s prob gonna be a main with Xin’er, heh heh). I wonder when the hidden letter will be found?? Maybe I’ll watch this one!

    • 33 thoughts on “Princess Wei Young Episode 1 Recap

      Lol @mochi. Noodle man? Anyways, I like him too. You should totally watch Princess Weiyoung. It’s pretty good so far!!

  2. 33 thoughts on “Princess Wei Young Episode 1 Recap

    I need to borrow a pair of scissors to snipe off Luo Jin’s not-earrings-not-sideburns jewelry dangling around his ears. Lol.

    • 33 thoughts on “Princess Wei Young Episode 1 Recap

      Lol those are pretty distracting for me too! Every time I see him I just keep looking at his extra fluff 😛

  3. 33 thoughts on “Princess Wei Young Episode 1 Recap

    Stunning horriblenes of the hairstyles in this episode. 0_o Holly c**p! I mean, they looked bad in pictures but in motion they look even worse. 🙁 Aaand i thought that Ba Jun’s is bad but it appears that in reality Ba Yu is themore unfortunate one ( Vanness, babe, I love your supreme poutiness but what did you do to piss off your stylist?!!!)
    Also bad: Hsin Ai Lee’s (evil daugther) eye make up. I’ve seen PWY up to ep. 4 and every time this woman appears on screen I keep wondering is this extreme PS or badly glued on fake eyelashes. very distracting.

    Otherwise – AWESOME. Shall be watched. 🙂
    Thanks, tranzgeek! 🙂

    • 33 thoughts on “Princess Wei Young Episode 1 Recap

      You fast watcher! I’m writing up Episode 3 right now. Lol I think Luo Jin’s hairstyle is good thusfar. Don’t really have anything against Vanness’s hairstyle besides the fact that it makes his face seem narrower and yah I have noticed Hsin Ai Lee’s ‘do’ and it seems a little off. I dunno what it is…maybe it’s the lashes. I’m more for the storyline though. ^_^ Lol. They should hire you as the hairstylist next time.

    • 33 thoughts on “Princess Wei Young Episode 1 Recap

      Hahaha I am so amused by Tuoba Jun’s “airpods”. They are very distracting.

      Li Changle’s eyebrows are also distracting.

      • 33 thoughts on “Princess Wei Young Episode 1 Recap

        Lol everything about Li Changle is distracting. Her face looks like a doll or something cause it looks too perfect+minute facial expressions for whatever she’s feeling.

    • 33 thoughts on “Princess Wei Young Episode 1 Recap

      Yeah, bad styling! I especially hate the dressing up as ugly men, they don’t look like men… but ugly women! That’s it! This really spells the very end of Tang Yan trying to wear men clothes in ancient dramas for me, she never gets them right. But I haven’t go see things in action yet, I hope it won’t be too bad…sigh…

  4. 33 thoughts on “Princess Wei Young Episode 1 Recap

    Jie Jie, very nice written! 🙂 I have finished watching episode 4, and I love it so far~ Thanks for alerting me that new episodes came out. What do you mean your writing isn’t good, it’s fabulous. Keep up the good work, I love it! I will look forward to your other pieces ^_^
    <3 Maknae

    • 33 thoughts on “Princess Wei Young Episode 1 Recap

      Lol you speedy bunny! What do you see in my posts that I don’t? I’m still on episode 3…the turtle that goes through each and every detail of every episode. *sighs* Thanks maknae for all your encouragement. Fighting! I’m looking forward to your Memory Lost recaps too! ~~Jie Jie

  5. 33 thoughts on “Princess Wei Young Episode 1 Recap

    Do you know what the monk said to the grandma when Tiffany was born? I can’t understand the old Chinese he used, did he predict a bad omen for Tiffany because the snow stopped when she’s born?

    • 33 thoughts on “Princess Wei Young Episode 1 Recap

      He predicted a bad omen. I think he also said that the terrible three days of unyielding winter meant that something might happen to her identity…
      Btw are you the Tiffy from

      • 33 thoughts on “Princess Wei Young Episode 1 Recap

        Lol thanks for the translation. And no, I just use this name because my name is Tiffany (which is why I like Tiffany Tang haha).

        • 33 thoughts on “Princess Wei Young Episode 1 Recap

          Lol sorry. I just had to put the question out there otherwise I would totally regret not asking 😛 Love the name btw~~

  6. 33 thoughts on “Princess Wei Young Episode 1 Recap

    Thanks for the recap!

    This drama is definitely fast paced and I love it. They get straight to the point without losing details. Hopefully this pace continues throughout the whole series.

    Looking forward to the next recap!

    • 33 thoughts on “Princess Wei Young Episode 1 Recap

      Fast pacing is totally my style too. Add an excellent storyline on top of that and I’m sold!

  7. 33 thoughts on “Princess Wei Young Episode 1 Recap

    Thanks for the recap! This show completely slipped my radar but the stills looks very pretty indeed, despite having grievances about their hair (seriously… who styled their hair and thought it deserve to adorn those pretty faces?). I’m not too sure about investing my time in this show just yet, since the first episode is basically filler for me. Can’t wait for our Princess Wei Young to turn to the dark side but until then, I’ll keep an eye out for your recaps.

    • 33 thoughts on “Princess Wei Young Episode 1 Recap

      How could this show slip your radar?! Lol. I have been waiting for it since last year. The hair does need some improving :3

      The first few episodes are just a bit of background. I think things should be getting more interesting soon 😛 Hope you stick around!

  8. 33 thoughts on “Princess Wei Young Episode 1 Recap

    Where do you guys watch this drama? Is it airing 2 episodes every day? I thought someone said only 1 episode on Saturdays, so how come episode 4 is out?

    • 33 thoughts on “Princess Wei Young Episode 1 Recap

      I watched it on Dragon tv last night here from OZ. Last nite there was only ep 3. So I dont know when is ep 4 aired? On sunday night I checked on Dragon tv schedule there was no princess Wei Young either? (Or maybe something wrong with the timetable ^^)

      • 33 thoughts on “Princess Wei Young Episode 1 Recap

        Episode 4 & 5 are out on Sunday! I’m so happy! =)

        How do you watch the drama on Dragon TV?

        • 33 thoughts on “Princess Wei Young Episode 1 Recap

          I have Chinese Satellite tv that’s why I have access to dragon
          tv :).
          But i also love to catch it on youtube.. we can skip here and there on Youtube. Lol.

          The only benefit of watching on tv is that we can see some preview clips for next episodes.

    • 33 thoughts on “Princess Wei Young Episode 1 Recap

      Hi! I watch it on youtube! Just search the title. last night (it’s sunday morning right now where I live) ep. 3 and 4 were uploaded. 🙂

  9. 33 thoughts on “Princess Wei Young Episode 1 Recap

    Great recap tranzgeek!

    I agree, the episode was pretty fast pace. And I also agree about those hair. But other than that, I like the flow of the story so far. It gets to the point and the editing isn’t choppy. You went into a lot of details here. Thanks, I missed some of the stuff that was going on, but got it clear up thanks to your writing. 🙂

    I’ll probably wait it out til more episode gets release before continuing.

    Who knows, depends on my schedule.

    See you around! 😀

    • 33 thoughts on “Princess Wei Young Episode 1 Recap

      Usually if I wasn’t recapping it I would be skipping over all the details left and right 😛 I’m glad it helped! See you around too Dino Gege.

      • 33 thoughts on “Princess Wei Young Episode 1 Recap

        Wasn’t sure if I could call you Meimei publicly, but since you refer to me, I shall respond. Thanks again Meimei! 😀

        • 33 thoughts on “Princess Wei Young Episode 1 Recap

          Lol Dino Gege you gotta follow your heart!

  10. 33 thoughts on “Princess Wei Young Episode 1 Recap

    Thank you so much for the recap! I was reading it while watching the first episode..
    Haha..I loved the lantern-“trampoline”-scene…
    Ehm..I don´t know if I am a little oversensitive..but-..right after Gnereal Ling puts his gloves on we see his neck: My first thought was..couldn´t he have shaved better…little things like this really put me off..
    But you are right..their “male” hairdoos really are ugly..haha..perhaps this was on purpose..because no female would have worn a hairstyle like this..:-D

    Actors really often play convoluted relationships..the first time I saw the Hexi King..I was wondering and wondering where I had seen this actor before..then I remembered..rofl…he played Tang Yan´s ex husband in “My Sunshine”…from ex to father..haha

    Thank you so much for your wonderful recap. Thanks to you I was able to understand what was going on.

  11. 33 thoughts on “Princess Wei Young Episode 1 Recap

    Thanks for the fast recaps! I’m waiting til more episodes air/the scheming begins before I’ll start watching hehe.

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