First trailer for Wallace Chung’s The Road to Bid Farewell

The Road to Bid Farewell is filled with Flowers (一路繁花相送) is adapted from the novel of the same name written by Qing Shan Luo Ta, starring Wallace Chung, Maggie Jiang, Aaron Yan, Li Sheng, and Christopher Lee. I know the storyline is typical with youthful love that extends and lingers, reuniting the love birds ten years later, but I’m kinda speechless staring at the stills released so far. The bright colors and the oh-so-pretty cast members with respectable hair and nice clothes.

It’s sooooooooooo pretty… *_____* I could imagine all the click-and-save motion.

Compiled Stills:

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Wallace Chung.

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Maggie Jiang. She is literally glowing in every picture.

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OTP. Looking wicked cute together. =D

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Ya’ll are not playing that game right? The game where you never turn the corner despite running five miles to chase after him/her and stopping at the last critical second? Lol.

 photo Flow 59.jpg

PEACE! Hehehe So cute!

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Aaron Yan. You look so handsome, lad! Major second lead syndrome. Looks like they are changing his character. Love at first sight with the female lead and support her all the way. She’s his first love. Oh Puppy.

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Li Sheng looking flawless as well! GAH. SO MUCH PRETTY! She plays Maggie’s sister, a fashion designer.

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Li Hao Xuan.

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Wang He Run and Wang Jian Jun.

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Christopher Lee rocking life!

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Christina Mo Yun Wen and Xia Ming Hao.

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 photo Flow 34.jpg

Posters. I like the posters, effort in making it different!

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First Trailer:

  • A little bit about the novel that I scraped out (A lot is changed in the drama.): From words of mouth, the story isn’t anything different from your usual meet as teenagers, separated, and then reunited as adults. She’s a young, talented graphic designer, but grew up without the warmth and love from a mother (plenty from the dad and sister, though), but it’s our hero who fills in those missing holes in her heart. At age 15, she stole his first kiss. At age 17, she told him she does not want to be anyone’s responsibility. At age 25, she tells him he doesn’t have the right to stubbornly remain as an uninvited guest in her life. We then learn that our hero left to study abroad when he was 17. Feeling hurt and betrayed, she shrinks back and moves forward in life without him; refusing to wait, refusing to compromise. Though it kills her inside, she ends up ripping the piece of paper containing his US address. 7 years later, the sensitive and stubborn girl of the past has transformed into a cold woman who doesn’t trust or believe in love. She lives a carefree life and likes to travel, wearing a mask of indifference to deal with people. What happened during those 7 years? It’s the hero’s mission to find out.
  • The drama is making it 10 years! Aaron Yan’s love is one-sided so prepare your heart well. Maggie’s a dance teacher in the drama.
  • The trailer opens with Wallace yelling at someone in the phone for lying about Xin Chen (Maggie Jiang)’s whereabouts. Then we hear Christopher Lee’s voice (he’s playing her uncle who is really her father!) reprimanding Wallace for re-entering into his niece’s life. Then Maggie’s voice is heard, saying that he uses such a method to lure me out, “It’s not only an offense to me but also an insult to his professional career as well! I will not dance for anyone, especially not him!”
  • Wallace plays a director in the drama and it looks like he’s shooting a film about them. While she doesn’t want to remember the past, he does.
  • Aaron Yan appears then and confronts Wallace about never forgetting the moment where she is hit by a…car!? “What she retains now is only hatred for you.”
  • Wallace hugs Maggie, “I return to tell you… the reason why I left for the states 10 years ago.” Of course, we don’t get to hear it. Lol.
  • Then Christina Mo, our second female lead, says, “The reason he’s hesitating is because of you. So I beg you to leave him. Not because I want him all to myself, but for you to let him live.”
  • Lol @ Aaron, “I don’t want to solve problems with you, I only want to fight!” For love. Hah.

Directed by Liu Miao Miao and written by Tang Yao and Jin Guo Dong, The Road to Bid Farewell is filled with Flowers has 50 episodes.

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  1. 14 thoughts on “First trailer for Wallace Chung’s The Road to Bid Farewell

    Wow Walllace Chung still rocking it. His vibe and styling feels similar to his doctor role in the movie Fall in love. Im such a fan of him and his acting. The female lead is so pretty too, The poster is visually very artistic. But the background of the novel- not really liking it. lol il still check out since its WC in a modern setting.

    • 14 thoughts on “First trailer for Wallace Chung’s The Road to Bid Farewell

      He looks really good! Everyone is. Might be the drama I need to kick me back into WallaceC-loving mode. 😀

  2. 14 thoughts on “First trailer for Wallace Chung’s The Road to Bid Farewell

    Is it bad that I laughed when Wallace chuck his crutch out into the ocean? ?

    • 14 thoughts on “First trailer for Wallace Chung’s The Road to Bid Farewell

      Nope, I laughed too! I was like, you heartless person! They helped you so much!! Lol.

  3. 14 thoughts on “First trailer for Wallace Chung’s The Road to Bid Farewell

    I think Wallace just nails every character I have seen him play….and makes you laugh or cry with him. Can’t wait to catch his next few dramas. He looks great, as always.

    • 14 thoughts on “First trailer for Wallace Chung’s The Road to Bid Farewell

      It’s the opposite for me. Lol. I liked Wallace but for a period, he was everywhere, so my fondness decreased. XD

      I’m waiting to love him again. =P

  4. 14 thoughts on “First trailer for Wallace Chung’s The Road to Bid Farewell

    “Respectable hair” I see what you did there 😀

    Looks like something to watch out for, if only because it’s Wallace and Aaron! I’m so used to dubbing that when I heard Wallace’s Cantonese-accented Mandarin it felt a little jarring. I hear the Taiwanese accent too, from Aaron obviously but also from the second lead girl?

    • 14 thoughts on “First trailer for Wallace Chung’s The Road to Bid Farewell


      Lol. I’m so used to these accents that they don’t stir me anymore. Christina was born and raised in US then moved to Taiwan and became a model, acted in a few Taiwanese series. Love Around with George Hu. ^_^

  5. 14 thoughts on “First trailer for Wallace Chung’s The Road to Bid Farewell

    huaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…… calm down Yui calm down! haha,,, i cant control my feeling now.

    Both are my fave. ones of my fave men actually (and of course, i have a lot :P).

    Please inform if they already get the airing time.

    omo…. i just cant wait for this drama. but i’ll keep my expectation as lower as possible (i do try tho), bcuz high expectation always turns into a ‘meh’. 😀

    Thank you for the beautiful video and pics 😀

    • 14 thoughts on “First trailer for Wallace Chung’s The Road to Bid Farewell

      Oh you can’t Yui! Even I am excited and I know you’re a bigger fan! Lol.

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