Discussion Post: Chat with Me; Q and A

Hey guys!

This is Amy! I’m new here, and I look forward to working with you all! Please take care of me~

This is just a post for you to get to know us and us to get to know you! Comment questions and or comments that have been floating in your mind. Also, now would be a good time to get to know each other 🙂 I believe that all of you out there are worth getting to know — Shoutout to Kappy for making my dreams possible ^-^

My bio in case you have not seen it yet:

Hi guys! It’s Drama_addict28 aka Amy! I am very excited to join the team and enjoy working with you all. Feel free to make comments about anything you would like to see on the site in the future, I will try me best to contribute! Email me if you have questions!

I am your average asian fangirl, who watches dramas of all kind. Also for all you kpoppers out there = meeee. I love listening to music, and sharing my thoughts on things I love. Peace out!

Possible questions could be about my life personal or social, you could also just ask about things that you are curious about. Kappy and Lily are participating too, so ask away. (Kap: Members, feel free to jump in!)

*Important* I love spreading my love for dramas, and so if you have any recaps on dramas, and or reviews, or anything you would like to see on this site, also feel free to comment below, and I will make sure to make it a thing (^.^) Do not hesitate to ask, I will not hurt you. 😉

– Amy

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    Hi Amy! Welcome to AVV 😀 Glad to see another contributor. Are you going to be recapping anything soon?

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      Yesss I would love to~ *Looks at Kappy* I’m still waiting for my first assignment 🙂 Overall it’s just great to be part of the team ^-^

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          Well I am watching Our Gab Soon, it’s a korean drama. Pretty long, but interesting. I also finished watching Just One Smile Is Very Alluring for like the 800th time. I love that show, Yang Yang is like my future husband lol. That’s about it for now! Oh and the Korean Version of Scarlet Heart, I loved it, but the ending had me wrecked…

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          Ahh, I checked out 5 min of Our Gab Soon for Kim So Eun, but can’t commit to long dramas XD Yang Yang is so pretty but I couldn’t get into the gaming parts. K-Scarlet Heart was amaazing (with many flaws). I loved that korean history worked with the adaptation. And Kang Ha Neul <3

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    Hello Amy.

    So you are an “average asian fangirl, who watches dramas of all kind”? That means you’re awesome.

    Please be friends with me! I need more cool dramas fans. 😀

    I’m just a lonely Asian drama fanboy in the corner, no one understand my love for Wuxia. Kidding! Kappy is my dear friend. Or so I think. lol Nice to meet you Amy, thanks for joining the team, I look forward to your post.

    Also, I just wanna thank the team here at AVV for posting so much great work. I’ve discovered a lot of nice dramas coming here. Just One Smile Is Very Alluring for example is a wonderful drama. Love it.

    My question to you Amy, if I may, what is your favorite drama? And what drama are you looking forward to?

    Kappy and Lily may answer as well. I want to get to know everyone more.

    Also it’s nice to know you’re a fan of kpop as well Amy. Do you have a recent favorite group? Mine is BLACKPINK. I just kinda became their fan literally two days ago. Playing with Fire and Stay is cool.

    Also, what is everyone favorite Wuxia series? If any.

    Thank you for reading my post/questions. Apologize if the post is long.

    Keep it awesome AVV team! Love you all!

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      If you agree that I am awesome, that means your awesome too 🙂

      Of course were going to be friends ^.^ Who wouldn’t want too? I am so excited to be joining the AVV Family :p
      I believe that we will be good friends~

      I love wuxia too!! As mentioned below, my favorite has to be The Demi-Gods and the Semi-Devils, although I am watching the Deer in the Cauldron right now 🙂

      My favorite drama: Just One Smile is Very Alluring!! Without a doubt, I loved it till the end, and you can say I am now addicted. The characters were so lovable, and surprisingly, I actually enjoyed the drama more than the movie unlike other people. Drama i’m looking forward to: probably one to satisfy me >.< Trying to look for dramas that are like Just One Smile is Very Alluring is hard. I always accept suggestions, so let me know if you have any recommendations.

      My favorite kpop group is BTS. I adore them, so you should check them out 🙂
      Blackpink is awesome too! I really like boombayah~ What other groups do you listen to? Any song recommendations?

      I enjoy the questions you guys ask, so feel free to ask more! I love you all too!

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        So you’re a Wuxia fan as well. That’s awesome. We’ll be great friends for sure! I’m all about Wuxia. (hence the name) And Demi-Gods and the Semi-Devils is awesome! Regarding your favorite drama, yes I can see it’s gonna be hard finding another drama as angst-free as Alluring Smile. The drama is just pure fun and easy going.

        If I find something similar, I’ll let you know.

        As for Kpop, yes BTS is cool! I have a lot of group that I like through the years. As far as song recommendations, there’s probably too much to list. As you know, there’s just so many groups out there. lol

        But thank you for answering my question. See you around! 🙂

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          Yes, just by these two comments you’ve made, I can already tell that I can relate to you a lot!!!! I will ask Kappy to add you to our forum~ Also please recommend some good wuxia dramas to watch 🙂
          We will definitely see each other around more! Adios Friend ^-^

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    Ello Amy!! It’ll be great having you!! I’m more of an wuxia/ancient drama Chinese drama watcher (and a once in a while modern watcher) but I do like to tune into drama recaps that are especially about dramas I would usually never watch :3

    The main reason why I fall hard for ancient dramas is because (1) Amaazing kungfu that leaves me nosebleeding, (2) I’m playing the no cliche card, (3) The costumes and the set, (4) Long hair looks good on guys (ok most guys. Lol.) and (5) Hu Ge. #5 might seem out of place…but long story short if it wasn’t for Hu Ge’s ancient/xianxia/wuxia dramas I wouldn’t have gotten hooked on C-Dramas in the first place. So I do have a soft spot for ancient dramas bcos of him.

    I love adaptations (mostly modern nowadays) when they’re still in their filming stages, releasing trailers, and such, but…when they actually come out that’s when their true colors show!! Of course, there’s always the factor of…school getting in the way of my drama watching which is why I tend to only watch the first few episodes of something passionately and then binge (aka “skip” through the next episodes with my lucky tool… the forward arrow). It’s way too easy to binge so I must control myself… control the force!!! >_< Lol.

    Btw what celebs are you falling hard for right now? My baes tend to change every few days…because I am easily brainwashed influenced by the loads of hotness/vocals/EVERYTHING that come at me from all directions. The culprits are…YouTube (when I listen to music) and…A Virtual Voyage 😛

    And btw recapping is suuper hard work fun! You’ll love it!

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      Thank you! I look forward to being apart of the AVV Family! I have to say my favorite celebrity has to be Yang Yang right now, like I fell so hard for him in Just One Smile is Very Alluring. But then again, it changes so often, everyone in the industry is so hot right now!

      I like wuxia dramas too! My favorite is probably The Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils. It was so good and Wallace Chung was so cool >.< I like Hu Ge too! He has done some really good dramas, and I look forward to his future works . . .

      Sometimes I feel like I spend way to much watching dramas and what-not, but in the end, it's totally worth it~
      I really enjoy watching modern dramas these days though, probably because they are so relatable ^-^ Like Just One Smile Is Very Alluring (Sorry, in case you can't tell, I'm extremely addicted) I love that show and the characters are so lovable.

      Nice to meet you, I hope we can talk/converse more in the future 🙂

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        OMG I so wanted to start on Just One Smile is Very Alluring but school took over and plus some more dramas were coming out. I managed to watch the movie though!! It was soo good and the (imaginary) ship is soo real, plus Angelababy does a great job portraying Wei Wei and Boran is soo good as Xiao Nai. I watched the first few episodes of the drama so do give me credit there! Lol. Anyways…the only drama I am prepping myself for now is Princess Weiyoung. I am preparing myself mentally with cultivation techniques for all those court scenes. Lol. That is the one thing I cannot stand in an ancient drama!! It is also the one thing I can never understand so I make up (educated) stuff. Jk 😛

        I’ve never watched The Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils actually. I should!! I am so a Wallace Chung fan. I’ve only watched the major classics like LOCH (with Hu Ge and Ariel Lin), ROCH (Michelle Chen and Chen Xiao) and Border Town Prodigal (Zhu Yi Long, Viann Zhang). I think there might be more…but can’t think of any right now.

        I love Yang Yang too but I already went through my obsession phase of him a long time ago so now I’m more of a Luo Jin person (Like I said, preparing for Princess Weiyoung ALL THE WAYYY. Lol. I just watched snippets of his Happy Camps to really get into the zone ya know? He’s an amazing actor!!)

        Hope to talk to you further too!!!!!!!! (+Infinite exclamation points)

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          Btw have you watched any nationalist/republic dramas worth recommending to a noob? I’m considering The Disguiser but I’m afraid my brain will explode from all the plots!!

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          Omg then have you watch Sound of the Desert!!! It has Hu Ge, Cecilia Liu, and Eddie Peng.. It was sooooo good.
          Also, the otp for the drama version is soo good. They seem like a match made in heaven. Lol, I have yet to get out of the Yang Yang phase…. so dreamy >.< Too be honest his killer lines make him a even better Xiao Nai then Boran… just my opinion though.

          No, I don't know any good nationalist/republic dramas to recommend, let me know if you find any good ones.

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    Yo unni!!! Ayeeeeee!!~~ Nicely written for a first, huh? I’ll look forward to your other pieces!!

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    I have watched Sound of the Desert!! Tbh I’ve probably watched all of Hu Ge’s ancient dramas (besides the XuanYuan sword series) I soo loved that drama too.

    Yup the OTP for the drama is definitely worth dreaming about. I tend to get reaaaaly distracted so that’s why I shift focus so often. I remember being stuck on Yang^2 for a totallly long time though. The drama is probably better than the movie but I have no time!!! Sometimes I really want to freeze time…if you find a time freezer please lemme know 😛

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      Haha, of course!
      Sound of the desert was good~
      The OTP is life . . . I need a time freezer too, so many dramas I want to watch, yet no time to watch any :p

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    Hello Amy! Welcome to AVV team! Can’t wait to read any posts you will make 😀
    Well in terms of my interest, I usually watch Cdramas or Kdramas (and following along with the news about the entertainment industry and read recaps even on dramas I don’t watch lol)
    I also venture to mangas and anime (but im taking a semi-hiatus with them lol)
    For dramas I watch many of them ranging from wuxia, fantasy, ancient, and others. But I think I enjoy detective or crime dramas the most xD Currently watching When a Snail Falls in Love (it’s okay and the drawings are so cute <3 and the music is great too :D)
    What are your favorite dramas or other interests? Particularly any older dramas that you would say it's "old but gold" or a "classic" for you? For me it's Journey to the West (I like the tvb ones) and Three Kingdoms 😀 But I can go farther back xD I'm such a sucker for older ones even with all the bad cgi xD
    Also I kind of understand the love for kpop lol I know relatives and friends that enjoy listening to BTS, Monsta X, Got7, BLACKPINK,etc. as of now.
    I've used to listen to kpop, but more so on the older songs and groups like Big Bang 😛

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      Big Bang is cool 🙂 Kpop is pretty good, you should give the new groups a listen, some are pretty talented, although I do understand, the originals are well “the originals”.

      Well the original ver (oldest ver) of The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber is pretty good. Definitely recommend, the plot and characters are worth it ^-^
      Also again as mentioned to other people, The Demi-gods and Semi-devils is a good one too. Sound of the desert is somewhat new, but a good watch. Some parts are a drag, but overall, I would give it a good rating.
      Some good detective dramas are: City Hunter (Korean, sort of detective), Girl Who Sees Smells (Korean, this one is good!!)

      Are there any dramas that you would recommend? Let me know, and I would love to take a look.

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    oh! new blood! welcome welcome!! a very grand entrance!! hahah.

    looking forward to your recaps! its hard work. i know it too. XD

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    @Amy, I’m serious! I don’t assign work! I’m very laid-back and recapping a drama you don’t like will mess up your functions! XD

    Favorite Wuxia is hard to answer. I’ve watched so many throughout the years. The old TVB ones are good! *digs in brain*

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      Alright then, thanks Kappy 🙂
      Is there any recommendations on what I should write next? I’m really open ^_^

      AVV Family, I love you all <3

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        Hi Amy!! Can you do Recaps for Memory Lost?? It hasnt been licensed yet and I don’t understand Mandarin. T_ T

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          Sure ^_^ Like a recap for one episode at a time or the whole drama review? Let me know, and I will work on it 🙂

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          Amy, I wont ask for too much. Lol. You can do recaps for the first few episodes so that I know the background and stuff. Since I didn’t read the novel. Only 12 episodes are released so far.


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      Hi Kap,
      When you mentioned favourite wuxia series, my mind immediately thought of the 1991 Zu Mountain Saga starring Ekin Chen and Nadia Chan Song Ling. I’m not sure if it’s the drama that I liked or the memory attached to watching the drama. It’s a beautiful tragic love story between the Blood Demon (Ekin Chen) and a disciple of E Mei (Nadia Chan). I remember watching it immediately after we had moved home with boxes around us. In those days, we rent the video tapes and watched as the episodes get released every week. Ah! the good ol’ days! *sigh*

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        I think it’s the nostalgic feeling. Ekin was a very gentle Blood Demon!! Loved him before and after. =D

        Waiting for VHS tapes was the best!

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    Hi Amy! Yay, another Yang Yang fan! Welcome and looking forward to reading your posts!

    I don’t think there have been that many great Wuxia dramas lately. The only one I can think of is Border Town Prodigal which had very exciting fighting scenes but the romance in it was a hot mess. If there’s a new wuxia series with a good balance of wuxia and romance, let me know! Hehe.

    In general I really like Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber and Smiling Proud Wanderer. They both feature kickass female leads and I’m all for that in wuxia!

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      Yes! Yang Yang is awesome ^-^
      Thank you~ I look forward to showing you what I’ve got 🙂

      Sound of the Desert isn’t new, but it has a pretty good balance of wuxia and romance, also The Magic Blade (Wallace Chung) ver. (Also isn’t very new) but also very good!

      Let me know if you find any good wuxia series too 😛

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        I started Sound of the Desert when it first came out but couldn’t get into it. I think I was too attached to the book, even though I thought Eddie was the perfect choice. May pick it up again someday.

        I just remembered one that I also started but dropped. (It’s a pattern lol) It’s the one with Ruby Lin and Chilam. Did you watch it? Hawick and Yang Rong are in the remake for it.

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          No I have not watched it, is it good? Do you know what it is called? I never read the book for Sound of the Desert, so the drama was very appealing to me lol

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      Thank you! ^-^ Feel free to ask questions you’ve been wanting to know 🙂 AVV Family members all are participating :p

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      HIiiii Nell123 🙂
      Your welcome to ask questions ^-^ All AVV Family members are participating in this Q and A :p

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        ok, then I have two questions aimed at anyone willing to answer:
        1. Who is your favorite cdrama character?
        2. Who is your favorite kdrama character?

        My answers:
        1. Chen Qiao En’s Dongfang Bubai from Swordsman (2013) and may be Xiaolongnu from any of the adaptations.
        2. Jung Yoo Mi’s Han Eun Soo from Que Sera, Sera (2007)

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          Ooh nice question 🙂
          My favorite cdrama character is Xiao Nai (Yang Yang) from Just One Smile is Very Alluring >.< He is life .>

          Do you have any shows you would recommend for me to watch? Or any recaps your interested/looking for?

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          The only drama I’m looking forward to currently is Princess Weiyoung. I would be happy if i get recaps of it and if other users here like it. I miss discussing plot and characters with the other voyagers. 🙂 ( no matter how horrible HQG turned to be, its discussion threads were legendary, I miss the 50 + posts after the recaps )

          As for recommendations, I don’t know. I don’t feel confident recommending cdramas. I haven’t seen that many. But, I know kdramas better. I started watching those in 2006,2007-ish ?! Depending on what you look for in a drama, may be I can recommend something …
          btw, right now I’m watching K2.

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          Glad to find someone else who’s as pumped for Princess Weiyoung as I am!! I’m planning on recapping it and it’s coming out this Friday! #hype!!!!

          My favorite character…too hard!!! I swear this question is rigged!! I’ll try..I’ll try. My fave modern C-drama character is probably Zhang Bin Bin as Qiao Ran from Back in Time: Long Time No See or Wang Kai as Ji Bai in WASFIL.
          My fave ancient character…*thinks hard* *gives up after thinking for eternity* Lol. Anything with Hu Ge is worth it though, and I really loved Fei Liu and Jing Wang from Nirvana in Fire.

          Haven’t watched that many Korean dramas but the most recent starred a veeery cute female lead in Moonlight Drawn by Clouds. Kim Yoo Jung deserves some kudos for her adorable performance plus Park Bo Gum although i do admit jumping onto the dying ship even though it was dying. Ahh but the ending was still gooood.

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          Hmm actually @Aryael has a point going with Hu Ge as Guo Jing. I thought his character was actually a little cute…plus the good looks. Can’t stop myself from getting brainwashed influenced by his good looks and badass martial arts either!!!

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          Yaaaay, another Weiyoung supporter! 🙂 I’ll have someone to talk to in the comments 😀

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    Amy, Thank you very much for joining AVV. I hope you’ll enjoy writing your posts and reading the comments here.

    – Happy birthday to Kappy and Polaris plus family members with November BDs –

    Yang Yang is certainly easy on the eyes. I enjoy watching some of his series too. Love 020 is a nice, light series. Like Tranzgeek, I favor Hu Ge too. Then there is Lu Yi.

    Maybe it possible to do a poll to see common favorite series? Just a thought.

    Wuxia: Plot-wise, I like Jinyong’s ROCH. It has interesting characters like East Heretics, Huang Rong where it’s not so black and white when it comes to good vs evil. A good number of skilled experts. An underdog in Guo Jing to root for. A funny Hong Qi Gong.

    But overall, I’m more interested in seeing well-made series. Not so genre-dependent. I like the Liu Tao-Hu Jun version of Demi Gods Semi Devil. And non-wuxia like Nirvana, 3 kingdoms, etc. If they just do a good job, I usually enjoy watching the final product.

    I dislike formulaic Asian drama that have consistently evil, overbearing uncles, parents, spouse, siblings. Goody 2 shoes Mary Sue who is loved by all rich, intelligent, handsome men. So I am not a big fan of Tong Hua novels where many lead girls are often Mary Sue-esque. I prefer some of the recent Cdrama where they show more working professionals. Like Ding Mo novel, or Chuchu6P medical drama adaptations, etc. I like watching drama where I can learn a thing or 2 from.

    I only saw 2 Kdramas. I liked Jun Ji Hyun’s acting in My love from the planet… despite the weird plot line.

    I’m surprised no one talked about the recent Cdrama “Hello Joanne”. I only watched up to about episode 12. I haven’t had time to finish. Wang Xiao Chen is not my favorite actress, but the series seems ok. Though there are some superfluous elements. I’m also curious about “小åˆĢįĻģ”. I haven’t watched any of it, but it doesn’t look bad.

    Which Cdrama are you most anticipating for? What does everyone want to watch next? I haven’t given this a lot of thought myself.

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      Don’t thank me, thank Kappy for letting me 🙂
      I love reading the comments that you guys post, it puts a smile on my face ^-^ I am really glad that I am apart of the AVV Family. It is a place where I feel like I fit in!

      The poll idea is pretty good, I will discuss this with the members and see if it will work out >.<

      Yesss, Jin-yong's novels/drama adaptions are super good, each one is better than the other! I too dislike the female characters being too goody-two-shoes. It makes the drama too predictable, and the parts become boring.

      Kdramas are super good, but sometimes the plot/ending will make you want to kill yourself, also they often tend to have very sad/tragic endings.

      I do not have a Cdrama I am looking forward to, do you have any to recommend? I really want to watch a angst-free drama lol, but those are rare . . .

      I have not heard of “小åˆĢįĻģ”, I will give a look!

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        I do find it difficult to find angst-free dramas too. I thought for a while… I guess that would be Boss & Me (I found the drama too bland. Especially the female lead character); some old Gu Man adaptations like My Sunshine. So you may get lucky if you look into future Gu Man adaptations. Another thing to try is the high school drama type of story. Like the recent web drama with Liu Hao Ran and Seven Tan. The title was something like “Our Best Time”. Another category to try is comedy. I didn’t watch them, but there were series like “Long Men Express” with Anita Yuen, Guo Jing Fei. Have you seen any of these? Which ones did you like or dislike? Some detective, medical, legal drama have less angst, but there are few drama in these categories.

        Good Wife 101 with Luo Jin, Jiao Jun Yan wasn’t too heavy. Luo Jin’s mother is not too mean. But there was family bickering and some misunderstanding.

        You could also try searching for 喜剧 on tv websites as a starting point.

        I’m a soft-spoken, mild-tempered person. So it always amazes me there are often many argumentative or explosive characters and “conversations” in modern Cdrama. It’s hard for me to relate to them.

        Some producers relish in drama tragedies, or delve into Asian miserablism. It’s a kind of pandering. I don’t that aspect of entertainment. Try to outdo previous film’s tragedies. Create an even bigger tragedy for their next project. ;-P

        • 58 thoughts on “Discussion Post: Chat with Me; Q and A

          Thanks for the recommendations, I will definitely check them out. I am looking forward to future Gu Man adaptions. I love comedies, they always make me laugh~

          If you have any questions to ask AVV Family, feel free to comment! Also, you are welcome to suggest anything you would like to see on future posts and or things to change about the website ^_^

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      Thanks Anon! Getting older is a lot of….fun… Lol!

      We have Cdramas Awards at the end of the year. It’s a pretty massive list considering how many dramas aired in one year. Common Favorite Series – last year The Disguiser and Nirvana won most of the polls. XD

      Dramas I’m waiting for:

      – Tribes and Empire (!!)
      – Princess Agents (!!)
      – Legend of Condor Heroes 2016
      – Siege in Fog
      – Surgeons
      – Lost Love In Time (BBJX’s sister, Lol.)
      – Liang Sheng (b/c its Ma Tian Yu.)
      – Bistro Fou restaurant
      – Pretty Li Hui Zhen

      I’m sure there are more dramas since I write about so many. XD

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        Thank you, Kappy and Amy! You are both so generous and gracious.

        @Amy, I didn’t realize at first you are still so very young, bc you write so well, and are sooo polite and sweet too. I glanced at my earlier posts and saw my typos etc.
        I haven’t read any of her works, but I think Mo Bao Fei Bao also wrote some light novels. If some of her novels get adapted into dramas, you may enjoy watching those too. Taiwanese drama Marry Me or Not with Roy Qiu, Alice Ke isn’t too heavy. Not a perfect series, but ok for a light diversion. While I like Alice Ke as an actress, I’m not fond of her acting in that series. But she has loads of fans. My fav Tw series is Ariel Lin’s In Time with You.

        I look forward to Tribes and Empire too. That’s probably my most anticipated drama. The trailer for … Holy Guizi with Qi Wei, Zu Feng doesn’t look bad to me. Similarly with Advisor’s Alliance … (Sima Yi) with Liu Tao. idk how good these dramas or Princess Agents will actually be. I’m just hoping they will be good. The first 3 seem to have intense plots though.

        With Siege in Fog, if not for Elvis Han and Sun Yi, I’d never consider watching any of it. That kind of love… It could send all the wrong message to all the wrong people. Only men who look like Elvis should even consider pulling off that sort of stunt. :- D I like Wuxin 1 a lot, but afraid Wuxin2 will not be good. And unlike Kappy, I don’t worship “Lord Gu” Ian even half as much….. Looking at Kappy apologetically.

        I like Ma Tian Yu quite a bit too, but except for “Yi Zhi Mei” with Wallace H, it’s hard to find him in a great series.

        Nirvana is very good, but doesn’t one need a longer list of dramas to fill up a year’s time?

        I need to learn from Kappy and write down a list of dramas I want to look into. I can’t remember any contemporary Cdrama to check out.

        @Kappy. Being older is usually associated with having greater financial security, and greater wisdom..

        Just remember to enjoy current moments. Live a life of minimal regrets. :- )

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          I am indeed the youngest. What gave it away? lol ^_^

          I really enjoy reading your comments! It’s totally okay to make typos, those happen to me all the time.

          I will definitely check out Marry Me or Not, sounds interesting. In Time With You was great, I loved that show. Ariel Lin was so pretty. I also enjoyed the korean remake of it, also really good 🙂

          I’m really looking forward to Princess Weiyoung, and I am currently watching Memory Lost. It’s been pretty good so far~

          I need to learn from Kappy, and write down a list of dramas too, lol

          Nice to hear back from you~

        • 58 thoughts on “Discussion Post: Chat with Me; Q and A

          Hi Amy, I didn’t re-read your posts today, but previously you mentioned you were x years old when you did y, and it had been z years since y. I have run into people who deliberately asked this combination of questions, trying to fish for people’s ages. So you have to be careful with that. Not every person we run into is trustworthy. I had my share of headaches with that sort of thing. When you don’t have an evil-line of thinking yourself and have no plan to take advantage of others, it can be hard to remember to protect yourself.

          It’s nice that we have some favorites in common. That’s always an extra bonus. I often find Tw acting and directing can be hard to take. Like the older guy character, who was Ji Cun Xi. Ethan Ruan / Juan’s assistant in Fated to Love You. But Ariel is very good with dramatic and comedic roles. She looks very cartoonishly funny without appearing over-the-top.

          Very much look forward to your upcoming posts!

  11. 58 thoughts on “Discussion Post: Chat with Me; Q and A

    Welcome to AVV Amy!

    What’s your favourite drama, and when did you start watching dramas? Also, what type of music do you listen to?
    Some advice for you: only do what you want to do! Dramas quickly become tiresome if you feel forced to recap/review/etc them and so forth~

    That being said, I look forward to your future work 🙂

    • 58 thoughts on “Discussion Post: Chat with Me; Q and A

      Thank you Jeff, I’m proud to be apart of this awesome family 🙂

      As mentioned to everyone, my favorite drama is Just One Smile is Very Alluring lol, I am extremely addicted!!
      I started watching dramas in the year 2010, when I was 8. Wuxia was what I started watching, but I soon progressed into modern dramas, and dramas from different countries ^-^

      I like listening to kpop! I really like the newer groups, but I also listen to Rain, Big Bang, and Jay Park 😛

      Thanks for the advice, I believe it will come in handy for me in the future! It was very nice getting to know you!!!

  12. 58 thoughts on “Discussion Post: Chat with Me; Q and A

    As usual, I’m one of the last of the gang to welcome you here! *beat back muscle* *argh! back pain!* Strained my back muscle from gardening two days ago. Now, I have medical patches on my back and I smell like the Chinese herbal shop! *wince*

    Would love to read your re-caps and about your personal life. Me? Let’s just say I’m older than the average member here and usually one of the slowest to reply…..BUT I’m always reading updates here. Typing is a chore for me. To type this message, I am taking longer than your usual Internet user. But I also tend to reply in length. Sorry for being long-winded!

    My favourite CDrama character:- Guo Jing in Legend of Condor Heroes 2008 (acted by Hu Ge)
    My favourite KDrama character:- Lee Dae Gil in Chuno (acted by Jang Hyuk)

    You guessed it, I’m into wuxia and historical type dramas; though recently I have been marathon-ing Mystery, Investigative dramas. It’s just a phase. Just six months ago, I suddenly wanted to watch Horror Asian dramas/movies and pretty much watched whatever’s on offer – including the classic The Ring. Now, it’s investigative stuffs. By the time I’d seen enough corpses and murder scenes, I’ll probably get bored and move on to another genre. However, wuxia and historical always remain my constant genre. 🙂

    I look forward to reading your re-caps. Don’t get too stressed, ya! Here, have a cookie! —- *passes Amy a choc chip cookie*

    • 58 thoughts on “Discussion Post: Chat with Me; Q and A

      Hope your back gets better ^_^

      I’m beginning to learn about writing recaps, so look forward to one coming soon! Once in the AVV Family, always in the AVV Family, welcome! I type slow too, so don’t worry, your not alone. I’m the AVV Family maknae, in case you haven’t figured it out 🙂 Posts that are long, are good, I love reading the comments! Your just a silent bystander . . .

      I love wuxia and historical dramas too! If you like Hu Ge, you should check out Nirvana in Fire, he was really good! Also LOCH was good too, the fighting graphics were amazing >.<

      I love horror, and The Ring is a classic! I watched it so many times . . .

      Thanks for the cookie! I look forward to getting to know you more 🙂 😛

  13. 58 thoughts on “Discussion Post: Chat with Me; Q and A

    Welcome Amy,

    Look forward to reading your first piece. Most of us at avirtualvoyage.net are a good community. I am sure you will feel welcomed and supported.
    Have fun writing!!

    • 58 thoughts on “Discussion Post: Chat with Me; Q and A

      Thank you~
      Everyone here is really nice ^_^
      My first piece is currently in construction 🙂 Should be out soon, I think >.<

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