Cdramas to start filming in Winter 2016 Batch 3

Included in this batch is Lay‘s Operation Love, Yan Kuan‘s Love and Passion, Wang Mei Ren‘s SCI, Wu Chun‘s Martial Universe, Ying Er’s Legend of the Ancient Sword 2, Raymond Lam‘s Rule The World, and Jiang Jin Fu‘s Lightning.

=======> ♦ Zhang Yi Xing aka Lay and Chen Dou Ling in Chinese remake of Japanese drama Operation Love (求婚大作战), which starred Tomohisa Yamashita. Filming began on 11/04/16. Interesting. Recall that the story requires our male lead to travel back in time multiple times to change the outcome of his miserable/regretful future with the woman he loves. There was a Korean remake with Yoo Seung Ho in 2012.

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=======> ♦ Qin Lan, Yan Kuan, and Lawrence Wong attended the booting ceremony for Huang Xiao Ming‘s remake of TVB’s Love and Passion (万水千山总是情) on 11/11/16. I wrote a post about this earlier this year [here]. All the teasing of young starlets came out to be a huge fluke. Lol.

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=======> ♦ Webdrama SCI Mysterious Cases Journal (SCI谜案集) written by Er Ya began filming on 11/12/16 The description makes this a potentially very funny drama. Fanfiction of the boys from Justice Bao series. BUT Fans are upset when the male lead (Bai Yu Tang) is now played by a female actress, ruining their fantasy. It stars Wang Mei Ren (The Mystic Nine), Kido Gao Han Yu, and Ji Xian Bing.

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=======> ♦ And as I already wrote about it: Yang Yang‘s drama, Martial Universe (武动乾坤), held booting ceremony on November 14th. Some more pics of Wu Chun. When reporters finally interviewed Gina about her weibo post and asked if she regretted posting it, she happily said, no, being able to release made her more comfortable. “Fortunately, I don’t feel too sorry [about losing the role], a better chance awaits me in the future.”

Gotta give props to the girl for maintaining a sassy attitude all the way till the end. Sometimes, artists would chicken out and apologize but I’m kinda proud of her for holding her stance through it all. While I did hope it was less fiery to avoid unnecessary war between the two actresses. Anyway, that’s all.

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=======> ♦ On the same day, Legend of the Ancient Sword 2 (古剑奇谭2) also began filming with Ying Er and Fu Xin Bo. Ken Chang is also there but let me just say how smitten Xin Bo looks whenever he’s around Ying Er. Lol. Aarif Rahman is also part of the list.

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=======> ♦ Raymond Lam as Qing Emperor, Hong Tai Ji, with Tina Tang in Rule The World (独步天下). Filming began on 11/15/16. Other cast members include Zhang Rui and Qu Chu Xiao. More posters are released too!

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=======> ♦ After wrapping up Royal Highness, Jiang Jin Fu returns to modern dramaland with Lightning (进击吧闪电), with the premise about fencing. Oh! Interesting! Taiwanese actor George Hu and actress Chen Ya An round out the main love triangle. Filming began on 11/16/16.

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  1. 10 thoughts on “Cdramas to start filming in Winter 2016 Batch 3

    Operation Love remake?! Awesome! I’m ready for that. Love the Yamashita version. Hopefully this one will be just as good. If not better. I like the cast already. Bring it! 😀

    • 10 thoughts on “Cdramas to start filming in Winter 2016 Batch 3

      Me worried but will have a clean mindset for this version. Lol.

  2. 10 thoughts on “Cdramas to start filming in Winter 2016 Batch 3

    Love Jiang Jinfu! The more I see of him, the more I love him. He’s one of the few that I REALLY like out of drama/movies too. Like the on-screen persona he has. Seems really genuine and adorable and sweet. Excited for his fencing drama, since I’m also a fan of fencing and sports dramas in general.
    Curious about Gu Jian Qi Tan, but not super excited. I quite like Fu Xin Bo, but honestly I’m not that into Ying Er. I haven’t watched enough of her productions to dislike her as an actress, but I also don’t really like..sort of like, meh first impression vibe. We’ll see.

    • 10 thoughts on “Cdramas to start filming in Winter 2016 Batch 3

      I’m falling in love with his fashion lately too. So smexy unlike other pretty boys. (I do like pretty boys keke.)

      I’m also neutral with Ying Er. Hasn’t had a hit role yet but she’s getting a lot of leading roles lately so hopefully, one will stick out.

  3. 10 thoughts on “Cdramas to start filming in Winter 2016 Batch 3

    KEEEEENNNN!!!!! *hysterical*

    Although I don’t care much about the Ancient Sword franchise…. I did check a few episodes, and Ken looks great with white hair. Now, when will the Three Lives Three Worlds come out?

    • 10 thoughts on “Cdramas to start filming in Winter 2016 Batch 3

      If there’s no changes, January 19th!

      My Master Post list for 2017 dramas will come out on 1/1/2017. Lol.

  4. 10 thoughts on “Cdramas to start filming in Winter 2016 Batch 3

    I can’t help but stare at everyone’s eyebrows ~ Comparing and all 😛
    George’s bangs make it looks like he has a monobrow xD -hides in the corner-

  5. 10 thoughts on “Cdramas to start filming in Winter 2016 Batch 3

    Awww Tina looks so cute in that outfit. I’m very excited for her and can’t wait to see her in Qing costume! On the other hand, looks like we’re missing her sister Xiaozhuang aka Bumubutai. Hmmm maybe we’ll hear about her at a later date.

    I scrolled too quickly and thought I saw Yuan Hong instead of Jiang Jinfu lol.

    • 10 thoughts on “Cdramas to start filming in Winter 2016 Batch 3

      She does, that hat is too cute! The boys can’t match up to her that day. hehe.

  6. 10 thoughts on “Cdramas to start filming in Winter 2016 Batch 3

    Oh.. it’s Lay :/

    Legend of the Ancient Sword 2 huh. I know it’s completely different from its ancestor, is there a summary to the plot already or they will follow the game’s second part?

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