Cdrama: The Princess Wei Young Episodes

The royal robe is on. Men, step aside or be stepped on!

English Title: Princess Wei Young
Chinese Title: 锦绣未央
Cast: Tang Yan, Luo Jin, Vanness Wu, Mao Xiao Tong
# of Episodes: 54
Airing Days: TBA
Broadcasting Station: Dragon TV, Beijing TV
Synopsis: Our heroine was born as the kind-hearted Princess Xin Er of Northern Wei Dynasty but after her kingdom falls, she wanders around and is rescued by Li Wei Yang, an abandoned daughter of a respected tutor. However, Wei Yang dies protecting Xin Er, and the latter assumes Wei Yang’s identity to reside in her home, where she is disliked and shunned, and her journey of more suffering begins. But being trampled on boosts her fighting spirit more than ever and she rises to become a very powerful and cunning woman. Playing Wei Yang’s sisters are Mao Xiao Tong and Hsin Ai Lee. [Credit: Kap]

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Kap: Are you ready to see Tang Yan climb to the top of the food chain? Or are you done with these promises? Lol (Spoken like a true scorned woman right here.)

Opening themesong: “A Moment of Romance” by A-Lin. [Download] Love it! Love it!

Ending Themesong: “Gifted” by Tang Yan and Luo Jin.  Really like Mr. Jin’s voice here.

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  1. 122 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Princess Wei Young Episodes


    But but, I’m controlling myself to NOT watch it until the drama is half way through! I hate waiting. This is torture since Luo Jin and Tang Yan are my favorite OTP of all time omgggg.

    I never read the novel and I believe the drama digress fro the novel so many book fans doesn’t like it zz. The production looks legit awesome though. Those costumes omg.

    Now, the wait ….

    • 122 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Princess Wei Young Episodes

      Omg another Luo Jin and Tang Yan shipper! I thought I’d never come across a fellow shipper here.

      • 122 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Princess Wei Young Episodes


        Okay exaggerating but since they did Luan Shi Jia Ren I’ve been shipping them two. And then when I heard that they might be really dating this time ….. *________*

        • 122 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Princess Wei Young Episodes

          Omg yes I also read somewhere on the internet that they are dating. I can feel the electrifying chemistry ….they look so in love

        • 122 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Princess Wei Young Episodes

          I started shipping them during Agent X since I didn’t watch Luan Shi Jia Ren. THEY WERE SO CUTE IN THE BTS. Then I started LSJR but it was too sad for me, so I stopped. Instead I went to look for more of their BTS stuff instead haha.

          Wouldn’t be surprised if they were dating all this time. They’ve never really confirmed anything, though there are lots of fake articles out there. If they aren’t dating, they must really like each other since this is their 4th drama together. *___*

        • 122 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Princess Wei Young Episodes

          @serene, only rumors! they are not dating. lols

        • 122 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Princess Wei Young Episodes

          They are really dating guys, even when you search TIFFANY TANG on google its written that her partner is LUO JIN!

  2. 122 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Princess Wei Young Episodes

    Waiting for my stream to load. Excited!

    This is Luo Jin and Tang Yan’s second duet. So nice to see them again. ?

  3. 122 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Princess Wei Young Episodes

    Having just finished Ice Fantasy and Zhu Xian I’m searching for my next drama to watch. Is this worth it? I usually only watch the top anticipated dramas as you can see by (ice fantasy and Zhu xian), I usually stay away from smaller dramas. Is this a hugely hyped drama too? I did hear about it being anticipated last year. I know Tang Yan and Lou Jin are back together, I like this pairing in Diamond Lover (another top drama lol).

  4. 122 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Princess Wei Young Episodes

    Luo Jin’s voice is sooooooooo awesome. Is he a professional singer ?
    This is the first drama I watched him in ?

  5. 122 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Princess Wei Young Episodes

    I don’t know why I’m sooooo looking forward to this after the trailers, despite the super typical and usual identity swap theme, and also not a fan of any of the actors/actresses, maybe the acting looks pretty good.

  6. 122 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Princess Wei Young Episodes

    Tang Yan is a decent actress. She doesn’t capture me onscreen though.

  7. 122 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Princess Wei Young Episodes

    Finally my anticipated drama of the year is airing. This is Tang Yang and Luo Jin we are talking about. Tang Yang roles have been so similar from her recent dramas. This is gonna be the badass character unlike what she has done before. I am so excited to start watching but better to wait a few more weeks to sit down and watch it at once. A-Lin opening song is my favorite, such a beautiful song. Having a good OST is important to dramas so I am just hopeful the storyline, editing and directing will deliver. Let’s wait and see If this drama generates a lot of buzz and popularity in china like Hua Qian Gu.

  8. 122 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Princess Wei Young Episodes

    I’m a novel fan (it was SO LONG, but SO GOOD), and was pretty upset when I found out that they completely scrapped the plot. Entirely. I was pretty confused at first because Tuoba Jun isn’t in the book, and Tuoba Yu’s role sounds more like Tuoba Zhen in the book (a little). (Sorry, that probably made sense to nobody but me). Why did they spend so much money to buy the rights when the only thing they keep are the names?? The original was so intricately plotted, and I’m going to miss how evil she is and how crafty and invincible she is (she’s sort of a like a female Mei Chang Su in the book). She feels more Mary-Sue, and not as cool-headed and smart from the trailers, but I’ll take what I can get.

    But nevertheless, I’m really enjoying this. Luo Jin is amazing in period, and Tang Yan is always better dubbed (this time by my favorite dubber!) so I’m a happy camper. And the costumes and cinematography and really pretty, and the pace feels really nice so far. And the music <3! No disappointments so far!

    And a part of me is glad that they're redoing the story. I wasn't a fan of the coupling/romance line in the original (and confession, I was so heartbroken with some of the romance lines, and wasn't crazy about who she ended up with), so I'm glad the drama is going in a different direction.

    I think I need to save a few episodes so I can binge 🙂

    • 122 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Princess Wei Young Episodes

      Same I was completely bewildered reading the plot and had to check several times wondering if they were indeed talking about the same book because the heroine description sound so different… I was looking forward to seeing the manipulative and smart heroine come to life, now I have guess and wait and see if that comes true or not…

    • 122 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Princess Wei Young Episodes

      Hmmm… from what you guys describe, I might wait until the episodes where she turns “evil” and manipulative. Are you sure they take away this part?

      • 122 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Princess Wei Young Episodes

        No, the revenge plan is still there. But she’s definitely softer and more vulnerable/obvious at times in the drama. In the book, she pretty much always has things under control, and is pretty cold/distant to all the people around her. She’s not inherently good-hearted. But in the drama, she’s pretty friendly with her maids, sacrificing herself so that they could escape (she would never have done that in the book), and overall she just feels a lot weaker as a character right now, whereas in the book, she was pretty much unbeatable. I guess this is more “inspired by” 锦绣未央, not a straight adaptation. Still fun though, and kind of addicting.

        I know they had to have her take the girl’s identity in place of traveling back to her girlhood in the novel, and it kind of works. The set-up is pretty much done by the end of episode 2 though, I think you could start with 3 and it goes straight into the action.

        Also, Li Chang Le is supposed to be goddess-like beautiful, but she just creeps me out here. The actress who plays her was in 班淑传奇, but I can’t recognize her at all.

        • 122 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Princess Wei Young Episodes

          Are Tuo Ba Zhen and Tuo Ba Jun 2 different person?

          I was pretty relieved to hear it coz I read the novel spoiler what happen to Tuo Ba Zhen in the ending (it kinda scared me lol).

          I hope there will be a happy ending for Wei Young and Tuo Ba Jun (from the preview we could see they have a son together, but hope they are both alive in the end) fingers crossed.

        • 122 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Princess Wei Young Episodes

          I thought I was the only one. They make chang le looks so bad. Maybe it’s her makeup.

  9. 122 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Princess Wei Young Episodes

    Haha, Serene, they’re completely different. Basically, all of the male characters have been completely changed in the drama, so you can basically forget about the novel guys because they don’t exist in drama-verse. They also changed who she ends up with (which makes me really happy).

    I actually think Tuoba Zhen (novel)’s personality resembles Tuoba Yu (Vanness’s character) in the drama. But they’re completely different, from back story to love interests. I almost feel like it’s a fanfiction alterna-verse.

    The novel is pretty scary. Keeps you on the edge of your seat.

    Eyeshadow doesn’t bode well for a happy ending (I’m having Zhen Huan and Mi Yue flashbacks) but, fingers crossed!

    • 122 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Princess Wei Young Episodes

      Yup, I read the novel few years ago, its so good that I would go back to some chapters and re-read it. It is always on top of my list of recommendation XD

      Btw, anyone knows where to get the uncut version?

      I found a link which talks about it but I can’t seem to find it

      • 122 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Princess Wei Young Episodes

        kappy always upload the uncut version. if it’s not here yet, it’s not available in good quality for her to do it yet. 🙂

        • 122 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Princess Wei Young Episodes

          Thanks for the info frea! 😀

    • 122 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Princess Wei Young Episodes

      Thanks for sharing atsu-chan! XD

      ikr….. I just enjoy how wei yang can always turn the situation around (even though it is really quite unrealistic that she wont 99% of the time (except for the one time she lost badly :P)

  10. 122 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Princess Wei Young Episodes

    Btw the actor who play Li Min De is super super young to my surprise..
    Very Hard to portray in the novel Wei Yang ends up with him (I read from google)..but He is a cute character 😉

    • 122 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Princess Wei Young Episodes

      Hah, Jaw drop! I thought he was only like a cute little bro. or something, he is definitely way too young looking. They should just a sibling/friend relationship.

      • 122 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Princess Wei Young Episodes

        Hahaha, SPOILER: in the book he was the little brother turned hot young thing that won her over in the end. I thought she was going to end up with the other prince (Tuoba Yu in the novel, no relation to drama character), but NO! There’s this huge plot twist and she goes over to another kingdom and flips that monarchy on its head too, which was fun but…

        I bet the screenwriter was reading the book and got halfway through and was like, uh-uh, imma create my own version, and TADA, the drama was born.

        • 122 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Princess Wei Young Episodes

          OH! Ho ho ho, holy cow. that is funny and interesting! Thanks for the book spoiler!

  11. 122 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Princess Wei Young Episodes

    I came here to mention that I love Tuoba Jun and his right hand man. They are too funny.

    Wei Yang is OK for now. She’s still not as scheming as she was in the book but I expected it since they had to eliminate the time travel element. We’ll see how she’ll change later on.

    • 122 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Princess Wei Young Episodes

      So she was originally a time traveler!
      I know time travel is a same old idea, but I have never seen a smart girl time traveler before, so I wouldn’t mind if it’s going to be somebody smart for the first time. So far I only find Louis Koo’s step into the past a smart character and know how to use modern ideas, but he’s a guy. The ladies have always been so weak, and they don’t know how to cook things from modern times like ice cream and hamburgers??? And the modern ladies should be so much more fashionable and better at make up. Even Wallace Huo’s silly pirate character was smart enough to make a modern swing to impress people.

      • 122 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Princess Wei Young Episodes

        She’s not a time traveler in the way you’re thinking about it.

        SPOILER: She lives her “first life” as Tuo Ba Jun’s wife, who kills her in the Cold Palace. Tuo Ba Jun marries Chang Le in her first life and forsakes her. She is reborn after her death into her 12 year old self and vows to take revenge on everyone who caused her ruin in her first life. The time travel element polaris is probably referring to is where she goes back in time into her 12 year old self.

        • 122 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Princess Wei Young Episodes

          @tranzgeek Thanks for the enlightment

          Btw I remember Atsu Chan mentioned that Tuo Ba Zhen is different from Tuo Ba Jun. (Tuo Ba Jun is a newly created character for the drama).

          Tuo Ba Zhen is a very ruthless person and in the novel he is so cruel to Wei Yang (SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER* even to the point of amputating her leg or something)

          so I am happy to see Tuo Ba Jun is avery kind and playful character. (he acts very funny too whenever his sidekick teased him)

        • 122 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Princess Wei Young Episodes

          Haha I know a lot about the book even if I didn’t read it. I’m pretty sure Tuo Ba Zhen doesn’t just amputate her legs.

          SPOILER SPOILER In her first life, Wei Yang helps Tuo Ba Zhen ascend the throne but Tuo Ba Zhen turns his back on her after he gets the throne and marries Chang Le. Then Wei Yang is locked in the Cold Palace and is killed on his orders. She is given poisoned wine.

          I’m also happy to see Tuo Ba Jun so kind and so happy. All of his scenes so far really have made me fangirl! The badass kungfu plus the personality! ^_^ Lol. If you have any other questions about the book I’m 99% positive I’ll be able to answer!

        • 122 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Princess Wei Young Episodes

          Thanks @tranzgeek.
          Sighhh Tuo Ba Zhen sounds like a psychopath..thank God they eliminate him from the drama.

          Same here I am also very fond of Tuo Ba Jun ^^ he is Wei Yang’s lifesaver and he is in love with her

          It will break my heart to see him get married to Chang Le 🙁 ;( (a forced marriage it looks like)

          Oh and also ur recap really light my day ♡♡♡ i love them so so much. Thanks a bunch ! 🙂 😉

        • 122 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Princess Wei Young Episodes

          Ikr! Wei yang managed to take brutal revenge on him in her next life though ? so it was all good.
          To me Tuo Ba Jun and Chang Le’s marriage looked like a political/manipulation move but it also seems forced since his mom likes Chang Le and whatnot. I love the main ship now too! Plus Tuo Ba Jun and Wei Yangs interactions thusfar have been really cute and sweet.

          I’m so glad you like my recaps! The recaps for Wei young are about to get a whole lot more special! You’ll see… (not to be ominous or anything) Lol.

        • 122 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Princess Wei Young Episodes

          Woww. Sounds great @tranzgeek
          I am sooooo looking forward to the next episodes recap ! ?

          Tuo Ba Jun keeps saving her in the drama (wayyyyyy too many times).. what a heroic character.

          One scene from the trailer that made my heart pounding is one upcoming scene that Tuo Ba Jun save Wei Yang when she is about to fall from a cliff (and lots of “ninjas” want to murder them) !@#~~##@ omgggg ..
          Why Tuo Ba Jun keeps saving her life.. she will owe him too much. Lol lol..

  12. 122 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Princess Wei Young Episodes

    @tranzgeek: I think Tuoba Zhen either broke both of her legs or amputated them at the beginning of the novel before he killed her.

    I think Tuoba Yu (drama) is personality-wise inspired by Tuoba Zhen, while Tuoba Jun (drama) is inspired personality-wise by Tuoba Yu. Okay this is super confusing but honestly irrelevant because the story is completely different. Just inspired by the novel. She gets pushed down a lot in the drama and needs lots of saving while in the novel, she’s the one who does the pushing down.

    @Serene: They’re all psycopaths in the novel. Literally everyone. The novel’s a bit more like the female version of Langya Bang except gorier. The drama’s more like a court romance (like Zhao Liying’s Legend of Lu Zhen). Both are good, just in different ways.

  13. 122 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Princess Wei Young Episodes

    @Serene: Oh, also, although they are all psycopaths in the novel, Li Wei Yang is the scariest. In the novel [SPOILER]: the stuff she does to torture people who cross her is definitely considered cruel and abnormal torture. She dunks a guy who killed her friend in honey and has him eaten alive by ants. The last time she confronts Tuoba Zhen, I think she blinds him in one eye, stabs him, and breaks his legs (among other things, I can’t remember now), but doesn’t kill him and instead keeps him alive in a little room looking out onto the palace so he can see it every day and have to deal with how he lost the throne he lusted after every single day.

    So yeah, not a Mary-Sue for sure.

    The impersonation subplot is also in the novel too, just played out a lot more smartly. There are too many plot holes in the drama version.

    • 122 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Princess Wei Young Episodes

      Really… ! The novel is soo scary . The killing method are so sadistic lol.. (not for a faint hearted person like me)..
      U can finish the novel..thumbs up to you ^^ ^^
      Thanks for the explanations from the novel..

      In the novel did wei yang’s maid also betray her? ( and side with Li Min feng)..
      how come she is so pitiful in the drama , always get betrayed so many times 🙁 but Tuo Ba Jun always comes to her rescue (he is her guardian angel)

      • 122 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Princess Wei Young Episodes

        @Serene: Yup, she did, but SPOILER: Li Wei Yang got to her first before she could actually do any harm, and flipped Li Min Feng’s plan on its head. I think she hung Zi Yan (the maid) and used her to freak out Li Min Feng (who was a much more useless character in the novel, a sort of good for nothing playboy)

        • 122 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Princess Wei Young Episodes

          Thanks @atsu-chan
          It is so different from the drama.
          In the drama Wei Yang forgives the maid and wants her to give birth to the child safely .

  14. 122 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Princess Wei Young Episodes

    Thanks again for all those book spoilers and clarifications. I watched up to ep.11 and it’s getting so so so much better now! It’s such a torture to wait now (sad face!), darn it, should’ve waited until they upload the whole thing. I can’t focus on other things anymore.
    Geez, that mean sister, even if she’s not playing a mean part, her eyes are just scary! People like me would just say she did surgery without a doubt, to get it to look that scary like it’s going to pop out when she’s doing nothing and not even stretching them.

  15. 122 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Princess Wei Young Episodes

    I have also watched ep 11..and super agree – Should have waited until it is over and binge watch them all.
    the wait is torturing 🙁
    also, watching Wei Yang soooo icy cold to Tuo Ba Jun and he misunderstands her (as in episode 11) and he is sort of determined to stop chasing her / be friends with her..
    it is really really really frustrating.
    When can the misunderstanding be cleared up 🙁

    Here is the newly released short trailer by Croton ..
    in the preview above there is a big big spoiler :
    OMG OMG Wei Yang stabbed Tuo Ba Jun’s mother …WHATT….@_@ (I originally thought it was Li Chang Le’s mom that she stabbed , but no..)
    How can Tuo Ba Jun be able to forgive her. ? Wei Yang really turned super super evil..(stabbing the mom of the person that he loves..just unbelievable)

    • 122 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Princess Wei Young Episodes

      Ooh…I can’t waiting to see that soon, agree he won’t be able to forgive her, although the mother was so mean and stupid and unreasonable earlier. Since she’s so determine to revenge at anytime the chance was given, I really like that she is at least not being too wishy washy or going back and forth about him. It’s like she’s determine to stay away, and she is seriously really staying away for real, not even letting hands touch and also avoid meeting him face to face.
      I like those parts when she was wearing the beautiful white dress and just keep talking like a boss, she never give him a glance at all and was only so so so serious and keep focusing on big issues. Way to go girl, but also sad they can’t be together.

      • 122 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Princess Wei Young Episodes

        I know.. she has strong determination to stay away from him.. not even a hand touch…much to my annoyance 🙁 🙁 sigh..

        But @yoyo
        in the preview for episode 12 from Dragon Tv .
        Duo Ba Jun held Chang Le’s hand, and played the musical instrument with Chang Le , Wei Yang looked at them sadly and walked away.
        Guess what .. Tuo Ba Jun stopped playing and chased afer Wei Yang.
        It made me wondering why…. lol

        • 122 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Princess Wei Young Episodes

          Yeah, I bet he was just testing Wei Young to see if she’ll be jealous, he doesn’t like the evil sister for sure after knowing all the embarrassing stuff she did. I actually kind of wished Wei Young was stronger on that part and laugh, smile, or just do some very funny irky faces at them being together, and see if he have reactions at how his plan failed. Come on, he’s not with somebody better than Wei Yang but just her…
          But then if Wei Yang ignores the whole thing more then that will separate them apart even further…I’m very not romantic with those two harharhar.
          But seems like they ended up married in the trailer anyway, I wonder if he ever has anything under his sleeves about her killing his mother? Maybe he never believed it was her? Or he was just very sweet and forgiving?

        • 122 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Princess Wei Young Episodes

          Yeah I also saw the wedding seems like they become emperor and empress ..
          Maybe u’re right.. he never believed it was her. Could it be related to the scene Wei Yang told him in the prison (before she is sentenced to death).. that he needs to believe in her (this person) ‘ no need evidence and no need witness – just believe this person’
          Due to his deep deep love for Wei Yang he believes in her.
          He is such a romantic person ♡ ♡♡♡ ♡

          By the way did you also see the snippet of Tuo Ba Jun and Li Chang Le kissing…? Oh myyy.. what thee.. hope it was just a dream ^^ ^^ ^^

    • 122 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Princess Wei Young Episodes

      Hi guys, first time replying on this site just been a silent lurker all this time. My thoughts on the trailer scene where Wei Yang stabs Tuo Ba Jun’s mother is that it might not have actually been Wei Yang but the face impersonating woman who had her face do the stabbing.

      • 122 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Princess Wei Young Episodes

        Oh wow. Didnt think of that..thanks for the input
        That is an excellent point ^^ .. So that’s the reason Wei Yang told Tuo Ba Jun in the prison that he needs to trust her.
        But it looks like he ends up trusting her and forgiving her.. (which made a bit relieved)

  16. 122 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Princess Wei Young Episodes

    Haha, yeah I did, unforgivable!!! Even if there is a reason, no forgiveness haha.

  17. 122 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Princess Wei Young Episodes

    Really? Oh no! I don’t have access to 14-15 yet. She ended in 13 with an innocent smile confidently as if there is nothing wrong with her.

    • 122 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Princess Wei Young Episodes

      another fake Wei yang appeared , they claimed tang Yan’s Wei Yang is a fake. and that other Wei Yang no 3 looks like a deadringer of the real Wei Yang.
      it is so confusing. How are they going to solve it?
      the torturing wait..nooo

  18. 122 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Princess Wei Young Episodes

    @yoyo_oy: I don’t either! I saw the previews on QQ and headdesked.

  19. 122 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Princess Wei Young Episodes

    I read the spoilers up until ep 18 on Baidu. I hope it doesn’t drag is all I can say.

    • 122 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Princess Wei Young Episodes

      @chasingpolaris oh no..
      can you please spoil us here? I am pretty bad at reading chinese characters 🙁 🙁
      Is the scene where Wei Yang was chased by a large number of ninjas , nearly fell from the cliff, and Tuo Ba Jun came to her rescue will happen?
      I hope the scene will happen soon, it is like the coolest scene

        • 122 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Princess Wei Young Episodes

          I have a very strong feeling that right after that eescue scene, it could be the start of their relationship. His love confession etc..
          So I am majorly looking forward to the scene. Lol (but I could be wrong) ^^

        • 122 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Princess Wei Young Episodes


          So I read this on the Baidu Baike page. Just the messenger so don’t shoot if it’s not completely accurate. ^^

          The next few episodes as you know will focus on Wei Yang’s identity and how Da Fu Ren is looking to prove that Wei Yang is fake. They actually dug up the grave of the real Wei Yang to prove this. But our Wei Yang is smart enough to have figured it out so she had Jun Tao switch the bodies before the dig. In the end, Wei Yang’s father finds out that Da Fu Ren set up a trap and strips her duties in the household. Chang Ru’s mother ends up taking those duties/responsibilities.

          Wei Yang reveals to Qi Yi Niang (birth mother) that the real Wei Yang is already dead. Qi Yi Niang decides to take her as her daughter.

          There’s also some scenes between Ming De and the princess.

          After that there’s Da Fu Ren again trying to seek revenge on Wei Yang by pretending to be severely ill. And then she manages to convince her husband to bring in a shaman to get of evil spirits. Guess what they find in Wei Yang’s room? A voodoo doll with Da Fu Ren’s birth date and time. Apparently the person put the voodoo doll in a bag that originally had Tuoba Jun’s fan. So of course all hell breaks loose and Li Changle humiliates Wei Yang by accusing her of having a man back in the countryside the fan belongs to a man.

          Li Changle intentionally drops the fan in front of Tuoba Jun and says that the fan belongs to the man that Wei Yang has in the countryside. Lol. Of course Tuoba Jun is very happy to see that Wei Yang kept HIS fan and has been treasuring it all along hehe.

          When Tuoba Jun brings the imperial doctor to the Li household to care for Da Fu Ren, Qi Yi Niang comes out and begs Tuoba Jun to save Wei Yang. They found her hanging herself. Da Fu Ren said that Wei Yang wouldn’t reveal the fan’s owner so she is hanging herself out of shame. Of course our Tuoba Jun reveals to all that he is the owner.

          Then there’s Tuoba Jun’s mom finding out who her son is really in love and decides to stop them.

        • 122 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Princess Wei Young Episodes

          Thanks @chasingpolaris.
          Reading the spoilers I am so excited.. many thanks 🙂
          Tuo Ba Jun realized that his love is not one sided.. yeay isnt that exciting. We could see some progress in their romance. *happy*

          But feel sad for Wei Yang’s mom ..poor lady.

  20. 122 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Princess Wei Young Episodes

    By the way this sounds like a dumb question but I couldnt recall when Duo Ba jun gave his fan to Wei yang. . (My memory loss lol lol) in which ep did it happen .. Can anyone help here 🙂 😉 thanks.

    • 122 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Princess Wei Young Episodes

      He left it behind at the inn where they staying at. This was before she went to the Li household.

      • 122 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Princess Wei Young Episodes

        *before she went back to the Li household. It’s when he stayed with her the whole time she was ill. Then he left in a hurry, leaving the fan behind.

        • 122 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Princess Wei Young Episodes

          Thanks for the explanation.. 🙂

          By the way.. i also went to check summary on Baidu Baike and used google translate but couldnt understand much lol lol. Did Chang Ruo start to turn evil in ep 18?(just guessing).. That is way too fast if so.

        • 122 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Princess Wei Young Episodes

          I think Chang Ru has always had this mean streak in her but she hides it very well. She’s been dropping hints though, especially when she was talking to Tuoba Yu about that flower that ends up killing the tree. She was really talking about herself. ^_~

  21. 122 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Princess Wei Young Episodes

    It is only ep 18 and it has been shown that 3 evil people try to frame Wei Yang (the evil mom, Chang Le and chang Ruo) lol. what a scary show.

    I saw some video on Youtube that Tuo Ba Jun confessed his love to Wei Yang and said “I like you. I have wanted to say this word for a long time”.
    guess what she replied “but I do not like you..not a tiny bit” . (Whattttttt..)
    Tuo Ba Jun looks shocked.

    Are they going to drag this.. how annoying. (Sad face)

  22. 122 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Princess Wei Young Episodes

    I really like this drama; before I knew it, I watched the 6 episodes that were already out on Dramafever xD

    although i have a quick question: there is a song i really liked in episode 7, where Chang Le is playing the zither and singing, and I would really like to know the song title and artist?? It was so pretty to listen to! I think it was around the 13 minute mark of the whole episode??

  23. 122 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Princess Wei Young Episodes

    – Story:✪✪✪✪ Up to ep. 16 – quite nice. Actually, I wish we could breack the boring cycle of “evil mama does stuff to make WY look bad=> Wy in trouble in front of dad and grandma=> Wy gets out of it somehow”
    – Chemistry:✪✪✪✪✪TBJ+WY= LOOOVE :))) so cute. + the main pentagon look good together. How much more than that do we need?
    – Acting: ✪✪✪1/2Evil mama is my favourite. She is good. Supporting cast in general is ok.
    – Directing:✪✪✪. Nothing spectacular.
    – Entertainment Value:✪✪✪✪✪

    • 122 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Princess Wei Young Episodes

      HA! That’s how I feel too! The story is not the very best but it’s entertaining and the chemistry is cute especially with Tuo Ba Jun’s special smile.
      This is not the type of drama that I like at first glance through pictures, trailers, and a few episodes. But after a longer while then the characters grew on me and I started to like everything later. I wish they stop all the blaming Wei Yang parts too, sometimes she could have just been smarter and make her enemies vanish quicker but seems like they want to drag instead.

      • 122 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Princess Wei Young Episodes

        My unhappiness with the story is 1.) becasue WY’s story is getting repetitive and 2.) we have many side characters which right now just exist to parade on screeen so we don’t forget they are there and will be important some time in the future (or not – hiii, evil bro).
        Like, WY’s is supposed to become this super important person that will shake and shape the history and politics of several kingdoms. Some of the main figures in these plot lines are already familiar to us. Why don’t we know more about them? What is their situation, who likes whom, how/why did they become friends/enemies, how do they relate to Wy and her family? We get only the basic ideas about thesethings. So far TBJ only exists to pine after WY, TBY only stalks TBJ and eavesdrops on his conversations with pretty ladies, CR stalks TBJ and so on. Give these people something interesting to do, plz! At some point secondary plotlines will become main plots becasue WY herself will move to different places with different people. Her evil stepmom will not live forever (hope so) but we certainly do not need TBJ’s mom to become Evil Mama #2 and get into the same cycle – Evil Mama plots=> WY in trouble with an authority figure=> Wy thinks of some clever spin and gets out of it. . Where’s the fun in that?
        All that above was to say I want better writing plz! 🙂

        • 122 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Princess Wei Young Episodes

          @nell123 I agree with you! If you like the premise, go and read the book because it’s so much better written!

          What I have a problem with so far is that the characters are so obvious. If the characters are evil (Like Mom and Chang Le) they are OBVIOUSLY EVIL complete with the eyeliner and fake lashes and psycho eyes. Even when Wei Yang plots something, her plot is extremely rushed, simple, and ultimately dumbed down.

          What was great in the book is that all of the side characters really gelled together to form this really intricate web of relationships and connections. And, just saying, the guys do so much more in the book than pine and save her life (actually, she saves their skin most of the time).

          Which brings me to my second point: Wei Yang keeps needing people (I’m looking at you, Tuoba Jun) to save her, what is up with that? She’s a big girl and she’s supposed to be smart. The damsel in distress thing is starting to get overused.

        • 122 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Princess Wei Young Episodes

          I really agree. They repeatedly tried to frame her or kill her..

          and we will see many many more of those. (The worst one is framing her for killing Tuo Ba Jun’s mom..thanks to Pika for sharing her insight ♡♡♡)

          Plus Tuo Ba Jun will show up and save her in the future..too many times (we are YET to see some of these scenes in the trailer)..

          it is getting annoying at times ;(

          But I cannot wait for Wei Yang transformation from a low class maid to become the Emperor / wife. It will be so amazing

  24. 122 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Princess Wei Young Episodes

    @ atsu-chan: yes, i was thinking about the book. No time at the moment but may be around Xmas vacation.
    @ Serene: about that maid to empress thing..I’ve always wondered, how is WY considered a maid? Her mother was a maid but WY is a 小姐, she has her own attendants and a place in her father’s house. Her father has officially recognised her a his child. She may not be at the same level as Chang Le but she is not a nobody .. :/

    • 122 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Princess Wei Young Episodes

      from one of the trailer – somewhere in the middle of the series – she is downgraded to a maid ..the person in the palace said from today on you must know, you are only a maid ,not a princess and not “big miss” in Li’s household anymore. and she wears the maid clothes.
      I bet that is result of her being framed for murdering Tuo Ba Jun’s mom. 🙁
      so it is so interesting to see how she climbs her way up.

  25. 122 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Princess Wei Young Episodes

    Sounds like the books is very good, I do want to see a strong female character. Reminds me of ZLY upcoming princess agent, it better not fail. This next episode, I was just so hoping that Wei Young will use the witch craft opportunity to expose the evil mama and sister so that they get executed in some ways. All the jealousy girl dramas already reached the satisfaction point, I liked it and got enough of it, so I really think there won’t be any less fun without evil mama and Chang Le. I will not miss them at all but I’ll remember them for sure. It is time for Wei Young to realize they are not her ultimate foes, just tell them I ridicule and ran over y’all many times already and y’all are just not my opponents, so I’ll go beat somebody else that is my level and is powerful, strong, and smart like Zhuge Liang so that it will be so much more fun than this. Nah…JK, not ZGL because she’s not that smart too.

    What I’m most curious about, anybody willing to spoil what happen to TBJ at the end?
    I really like that TBJ is so so so so nice like this, so his character better not overturn suddenly at the end that…Oops sorry I’m actually evil in disguise from beginning to the end… that’ll be sooo messed up. I can sacrifice if the Wei Yang character turn realistically or not realistically evil, but I don’t really want the TBJ character to be hateful though. I got the feeling he seems to have died or something at the end… she was with a kid alone at the end, saying something that can possibly be ambiguous.

    • 122 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Princess Wei Young Episodes

      Yeah it looks like this drama has a rather sad ending.. my guess is Tuo Ba Jun died of illness.
      from the opening / closing credit there is a scene of him lying on the emperor chair (looks like sleeping) and Wei Yang looked at him from behind the wall crying , and a doctor seems to be checking his pulse.

      Wei Yang is alone with the kid and kinda said Tuo Ba Jun , look what she could do for her country etc etc (I am not a good Chinese reader so not understand fully)

      • 122 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Princess Wei Young Episodes

        and also, Tuo Ba Jun in the drama never harm Wei Yang (Thank God for that..::D )
        he is sooo kind…love him so much.

        I saw Tang Yan in a recent press iinterview said except for this person beside me(Luo Jin), all the others try to harm wei Yang.

        • 122 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Princess Wei Young Episodes

          Oh! Yah, way to go. Thanks for that spoiler haha! Cause in the trailer there was a part where she threw away the shells (I think they are shells) and she was mean to him while he was tied like a criminal. I wonder what he did to her to get such treatment. He is very sweet, I would love to see him good all the way through.

        • 122 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Princess Wei Young Episodes

          Yeah , me also jawdrop at the scene where Tuo Ba Jun is arrested and Wei Yang grabbed the shell from his shirt and threw it away , she sort of told him everything that happened between us, consider them to never have happened..
          she wants him to stop loving her. so heartbreaking.
          Also she said to him that the emperor annihilated her kingdom and killed her family, so they can never ever be together.

          He is arrested perhaps because Tuo Ba Yu plotted something to frame him? (after Tuo Ba Yu becomes emperor? I am not sure at all) . very sad to see Tuo Ba Jun in the prison and chained like that 🙁
          he is too good of a character to receive such cruel treatment

        • 122 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Princess Wei Young Episodes

          Disclaimer: I haven’t watched a single episode yet, but i’ve read parts of the baidu baike page.

          SPOILERS: Based on what’s written for Tuoba Jun and WY’s character summaries, the series should have a happy ending. TJ will be the emperor with WY’s help, fulfilling his dream etc. WY will be a virtuous empress to TJ. 最后她放下心中的仇恨,辅助拓跋浚登上帝位,成为一代贤后。 The character summary for Changru says her nice demeanor is “fake”. She true character is somewhat sinister.

          Thanks for your comments. I haven’t gathered enough courage to start watching the series yet. Have mixed feelings from reading your comments. Pluses: Luo Jin, Tang Yan. Minuses: repetitive evil mom/sis backstabbing plots, actor Vanness Wu. I never found Hsin Ai Lee in a good production. I never could watch an episode of Ban Shu legend. How is HAL as an actress? So far the minuses haven’t been outweighed by pluses yet for me. I am super allergic to evil mom/sis plots. Dropped The Interpreters and Imperial Doctress once I got to evil mom part. I’m disappointed evil relative plots are still so overused this year. It has been done for decades. I am looking for something fresher than that. :- )

        • 122 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Princess Wei Young Episodes

          Oops. I meant “Her (Changru’s) true character is somewhat sinister.”

  26. 122 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Princess Wei Young Episodes

    btw this is not related to Wei Yang storyline. but I saw Luo Jin’s birthday is 30 November (OMG IT IS MY birthday too!! I was born on 30 Nov) Just different year of course 🙂 🙂 🙂 WOWW we are twins born in different years !

  27. 122 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Princess Wei Young Episodes

    **** SPOILERS ****

    Episode 17 thoughts:

    Chiyun Rou is lucky she has her family to back her up because her husband could totally “divorce” her for all the things she has done so far. If the Chiyun family falls apart, that’s the end of her and Li Changle for sure. I think

    And seriously, Li Changle claims to love TBJ but hasn’t listened to a single thing he’s said. She’s sinking in denial and will probably be there for a long, long time. That will keep the drama going for sure. Except I’m not sure how long I can stand this girl.

    WY broke TBJ’s heart by grabbing the fan from him and throwing it onto the street. OUCH. T__T I thought she’d leave after that, but seeing her run after it brought some hope. Need more OTP moments! All the moments we’ve had so far are TBJ saving her and her rejecting him. T__T

    Episode 18 thoughts:

    Loved the scene where WY tricked Changxi into retrieving her hairpin. She’s the most annoying character in the series so far for me. Even the tomboy princess is not this annoying…yet.

    The emperor seems pretty open-minded about his grandson’s life choices and even encouraging. Thank you, Grandpa Emperor, because now we get to see more of TBJ chasing after WY. That wall of hers has to come down someday!

    A jealous Minde is so funny to watch. Still a little boy who hasn’t grown up yet.

    And yasssss we finally get to see more of Changru’s mean streak. I stand by what I said about her before. She’s definitely had it inside of her all along and she’s just using everyone else to get to Tuoba Yu and finally be seen. Don’t be fooled by that innocent sweet face!

  28. 122 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Princess Wei Young Episodes

    I was little disappointed though with how Wei Yang characters is done. Yup she’s a lot soften here than in the book. Which make me miss all those intelligent, manipulative, cunning and vicious moments of her in the book. Those are what make fall for her in the first place. Well considering the time period that she live in, being a soft persimmon definitely won’t help her revenge.

  29. 122 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Princess Wei Young Episodes

    I hope WY won’t be fooled by Changru, at least even she was fooled she can counterattack it

  30. 122 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Princess Wei Young Episodes


    It’s probably just me but I always think how cute it is when TBJ looks at WY adoringly. Like in ep 31 where the generals are praising her and he looks at her like “yup, my girl”. XD He’s so proud of her.

    (On a related side note: Luo Jin and Tang Yan are soooooo cuteeeeeeeee in the behind the scenes.)

    I’m so glad that there isn’t a lot of Li Chang Le in ep 30 and ep 31. Unfortunately she’s going to come back and continue to wreak havoc on our OTP. And ugh TBJ’s mother is so annoying. She’s amazing naive for someone who’s been in the palace for decades and should have seen through LCL’s schemes already.

    • 122 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Princess Wei Young Episodes

      Yeah. I am fangirling over all TBj and WY romantic and touching..i love them..
      Tang yan and Luo Jin are a couple who are soooo in love. It is so obvious ! ♡ thats so nice.
      TBj mom will realise Cl is evil in ep 32 / 33. And finally accept Wy ..
      But she will be killed in ep 34. So unfortunate ;(

      • 122 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Princess Wei Young Episodes

        I have a busy week so haven’t been able to catch up on latest episodes. 🙁 What’s going on now?

        • 122 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Princess Wei Young Episodes

          the impersonator lady murdered TBJ mom and Wy is thrown to prison. TBJ is not willing to believe her.
          WY escaped from prison to meet Emperor, to tell him the proof that she is not in Crown Princess’ home when ithappened, also her identity as Northern Liang Princess is revealed to emperor.

          Jun Tao went to murder Chi Yunnan and they both fell into the river(presumably dead) , so Emperor sent order to behead WY in 3 days time.
          WY carved TBJ’s name on the table , said she is gonna die soon but he didnt believe her, and cried (so heartwrenching),
          TBJ watching it secretly but he walked away.
          ep 34 and 35 are so sad

    • 122 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Princess Wei Young Episodes

      hi chasingpolaris..

      more spoilers please…i don’t mind with all the spoilers… coz we seen the raw episode already only that we doesn’t know what they’re talking….so spoilers gonna be fine with me and will watch it again with full sub when the subbers team is done with the sub.

      thank you… 🙂

      • 122 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Princess Wei Young Episodes

        Hi there! 🙂 I haven’t caught up with latest episodes so no new spoilers from me but I’m sure fellow watchers will be here!

  31. 122 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Princess Wei Young Episodes

    Episode 36-37 Preview.

    That is one hell of a slap. My poor little evil pixie. Lol.

    @ Polaris, YES TO ALL HIS LOOKS AT HER!!! *____* I foresee banners already.

  32. 122 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Princess Wei Young Episodes

    ep 35 had me cried a bucket 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 sooooo sad
    I feel CR deserves the slap by tby..she is sooooooo evil lol

    massive massive massive spoilers to big fans who find the wait veryyy agonizing :
    the first 37 mins has many snippets and spoilers for whats gonna happen until the very later eps

    credit to Laviona from neighbour forum.. millions of thanks 🙂 Hurry and watch before they got deleted (just in case):) 🙂 🙂

  33. 122 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Princess Wei Young Episodes

    Eps 35-38 TB Jun and WY will drift further. I’m guessing this plot twist will continue for at least until ep 40.

    Ep36-37: TBJ wants to save WY and begs TB Yu to save WY from execution over the murder of TBJ’s mom. TB Yu requires TBJ to marry Chang Le and TBJ is not allowed to tell WY that TBJ is forced to marry CL. By the end of Ep 37, Chang Le is officially married to TBJ. While WY is now a palace slave.

    Based on opening credit where TBJ looks to be in prisoner’s clothes, I suspect TBJ will later end up in prison later. That’s the trouble with a 50+ episode series. This will be a lot of trials and tribulations. sigh…

    I prefer Luo Jin to TY though I like this OTP. They have good chemistry together. LJ is usually very easy to root for whenever he does heroic roles. And fun to watch when he’s playful. There was speculation that TY and LJ may be officially married, or at least engaged. Not sure how reliable the rumor is. They were rumored to be dating again since a couple of years ago when they worked on Diamond L together. TY and LJ had previously denied dating rumors.

    Finale-related spoilers****: Someone commented on uTube that TB Jun will be poisoned to death by Chang Le. Maybe after TBJ becomes the emperor. Wouldn’t this be quite a bummer? Who wants CL to be a 3rd wheel for so many episodes? Luo Jin has a lot of roles with tragic ending, esp in period drama. 🙁

    • 122 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Princess Wei Young Episodes

      NOOOOOO. Someone gotta snap Chang Le before the finale. I cannot see her for that long. Lol.

      The saddest wedding this year…. Luo Jin is so good in this scene.

    • 122 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Princess Wei Young Episodes

      Thanks for the spoilers, anon!

      As I had expected, TBJ will be forced to marry CL to save WY. Very clichéd but what can we do.

      ** SPOILERS ** Also read that Bai Zhi will die. I’m gonna cry buckets for sure because she is one of my favorite characters. ** END SPOILERS **

      My fellow LJ and TY shippers can chime in on this but the timeline goes like this for me:

      Luo Jin and Tang Yan have been rumored since their first drama together. I don’t think anything actually happened between them then because she was still with Roy Qiu Ze. She broke up with Roy around Agent X time, and I think that’s when the rumor mill was running the most. So maybe they did date during or after Agent X? I can’t remember when but one of Luo Jin’s buddies said LJ is/was single at some point, so they most likely broke up somewhere between Agent X and Diamond Lovers if they had indeed dated. Of course now there is a chance they’re back together or, like anon said, they’re engaged.

      And if the rumors aren’t true, at least we can say they are very friendly with each other. 😉

      • 122 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Princess Wei Young Episodes

        I just read that today is Luo Jin’s birthday. Nov 30th.

        Yes, according to rumor mills, LJ TY had on-off-on-off-on again relationship. Allegedly, they re-started in 2014. The commenters said LJ+TY real life relationship is even more spectacular than Wei Yang’s. I hope they are kidding. I like celebs to have a happy life. Hope that will help them make great dramas and films. 🙂 Yes. As long as TY+LJ are great friends, that would be very good too.

        I didn’t have the stomach to watch Episodes 35-38 minute-by-minute. I’ll avoid watching for a while until it’s less stomach-churning and binge-watch several eps at once (with FF) later. 😉 Is there a happiness-vs-sadness meter or indicator for this series? Like a stock market index for how sad or happy the latest 2 Weiyang episodes are? 😀

        I do wish the director had done a better job directing Hsin Ai Lee too. Esp if she’ll hang around until the bitter end. I hope the end is not as bitter as it currently sounds. The director wouldn’t mess around with our holiday season, will she?

        I like Bai Zhi a lot too.

        If I recall correctly, TY here is dubbed by the same dubber as Yang Zi’s Lu Xue Qi in Chusen. The 2 characters do sound very alike when they speak in calm voices.

    • 122 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Princess Wei Young Episodes

      !!!! [SPOILERS] !!!!
      TBJ will be thrown into jail after TBJ murders the Emperor and he becomes king. WY requested TBY to have TBJ released and his condition was to have her marry him (TBY). WY then went to the jail to tell TBJ about her impending marriage to TBY (hence the throwing their love stone) and saying how she doesn’t love him. TBJ of course was in total shock and went ‘insane’.

      Seeing TBJ becomes insane TBY has him released. On the day of the wedding between TBY and WY, TBJ appears to stop it (turns out he was acting/faking his insanity) and kills TBY. TBJ then becomes King and WY his queen. But then he dies early cuz of illness and that’s no good ;c but then the fruitful labor of their love produced a son so yay.

      And based on the preview ChangLe will drink poison, suicide after TBJ finds out she was the one who killed his mother.

      • 122 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Princess Wei Young Episodes

        Yeay. Thanks Soo

        let us hope the kid is really WY and TBJ son (not some kind of adopted son lol)

        I want CR to commit suicide after Tby’s death..she is way too evil and ruthless .. ;( after what she did to Bai zhi omg..

        princess WY is ending somewhere around 9 or 10 december i suppose?

      • 122 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Princess Wei Young Episodes

        Reply to Soo on SPOILERS. Thank you, Soo! That’s a less tragic ending and it fits all the starting and ending credit scenes. But still sad. Living as a widow in the palace as a single parent forever more. They could have increased the happy TBJ-WY scenes some. Going through years to get the right guy but then he succumbs to health issues not long after marriage. The son still looks young in the credits.

        Ah. TBY the imperial matchmaker. TBY wants to decide the marriage partner for every prince in the palace? What a strange obsession for a prince.

        @Serene. At 54 episodes, Princess WY should end on Fri Dec 9th.

        With many ladies, except for Chang Ru and the maids. They like putting on very long fake lashes, thick and very black eyeliners, dark-colored makeup for evil female characters. You can tell how evil an aristocratic lady in this drama is by how thick the fake lashes are. With 80% accuracy.

  34. 122 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Princess Wei Young Episodes

    I wanted to report that link for Princess Wei Young’s episode 21 has not completed the upload so there is no link for download 🙁 Thanks!

  35. 122 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Princess Wei Young Episodes

    thanks for sharing.

    Episode 14 seems, the audio & video is out of sync.

    can u plz reupload

  36. 122 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Princess Wei Young Episodes

    I’ve not watched it yet… When does WY start scheming and getting her revenge??? I like all the angst, but I wanna see her start being kickass, too. LOL.

    • 122 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Princess Wei Young Episodes

      imho, if you’re looking for really serious kicka55 material, the drama version is not quite it. Tang Yan is much stronger at being cutesy and sweet. Her explosive side of acting isn’t quite like Sun Li, Ada Choi, Qin Hai Lu, Sheren Teng.

      She doesn’t scheme as much in the drama. Her enemies are much more proactive. The drama Wei Yang seems more reactive. WY has been defending herself against various accusations, but it’s not in a very spectacular manner. Plus Tuoba Jun has saved her time and time again. imo the drama excels at the cutesy scenes between TBJ and WY. Luo Jin is good at being flirty and TY enjoys it. So…

  37. 122 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Princess Wei Young Episodes

    I am a K-drama fanatic and watch C-dramas occasionally but this was fantastic. So addictive. The only problem was that the subs take so long. And for them to admit they were actually dating in real life just as the drama ended……and in such a cute way too. Never watched anything with Luo Jin before this but it would be hard to imagine a more perfect male lead for this drama. Except for Hsin Ai Lee, everyone else did a reasonably good job. Great performances from Mao Xiao Tong and the ninth princess Yukee Chen. Iconic role for Tang Yan. Highly recommend for anyone who likes historical drama and romances.

  38. 122 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Princess Wei Young Episodes

    Just finished this show today, what a great drama love it. Yang Tan was superb, and ever so pretty!

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