53rd Golden Horse Awards

Are you ready to see your favorite stars glitter down the red carpet for the 53rd Golden Horse Film Awards in Taipei on November 26th, 2016? Even if you don’t win an award, a spot in light is always nice exposure. 😀

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Best Actor Award went to Fan Wei for Mr No Problem.

 photo Horse-7.jpg

Double Winners for Best Actress: Sandra Ma and Zhou Dong Yu for Soul Mate. Awww, these two. Now I really need to watch the movie!

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Zhou Dong Yu.

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Sandra looking regal!

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The crew from Soul Mate.

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Fan Bing Bing in running for Best Actress for her role in I Am Not Madame Bovary. Thigh-high split. Dangerous. Lol.

 photo Horse-39.jpg

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Shu Qi looking classic with her red lips.

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My favorite look of the night: Tiffany Hsu. Pure sexiness. Also contended for Best Actress with The Tag-Along.

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 photo Horse-33.jpg

Gwei Lun Mei. Too boxy!

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 photo Horse-31.jpg

Ariel Lin. Looking good! 😀

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 photo Horse-29.jpg

Korean Actor Song Seung Hun. This man is never gonna age!

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 photo Horse-25.jpg

Chang Chen doing magic! Lol. Jk! Just showing 5 and 3.

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 photo Horse-23.jpg

Chia Kai Ko (The Road to Mandalay).

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 photo Horse-22.jpg

Wu Ke Xi in contention for Best Actress with The Road to Mandalay.

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Best Supporting Actor went to Lin Po Hung for At Cafe 6. His smile. Aww!

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 photo Horse-17.jpg

Calvin Chen and Momoco Tao Ching Ying.

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 photo Horse-15.jpg

Rhydian Vaughan, Karena Lam, and Joseph Chang.

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 photo Horse-13.jpg

Richie Ren and his crew from Trivisa and Three.

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 photo Horse-8.jpg

Annie Chen running for Best Newcomer with White Lies, Black Lies.

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 photo Horse-2.jpg

Feng Xiao Gang won Best Director for I Am Not Madame Bovary.

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Family of three: Derek Kwok Cheung Tsang, Bowie Tsang, Eric Tsang. Derek directed Soul Mate and was in the running for Best Director.

 photo Horse-14.jpg

Elaine Jin won Best Supporting Actress for Mad World.

 photo Horse-4.jpg

Angelica Lee and Chen Jian Bin.

 photo Horse-5.jpg

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  1. 11 thoughts on “53rd Golden Horse Awards

    I almost couldn’t believe my eyes: Sandra and Dong Yu winning together!! YAAAAAYYYYYYY!!!! After a few weeks of horrible news (including a former classmate passing away suddenly yesterday morning) and political unrests around the world , finally something that I can be really thrilled.

    Now, on to the dresses… my favorite is Shu Qi: the dress (sexy, revealing but not trashy), the styling (did she cut her hair? Looks fantastic!), and of course her smile (she just seems happy to be there. Or is there a good news that we have yet to hear? *wink*)

    Off to do my happy dance!!

    • 11 thoughts on “53rd Golden Horse Awards

      lol… lenje…. you must have watch live and read the news? the mc hinted her being pregnant but then her manager denied right away. i think its true though and they don’t want to reveal so early… hhehehe

      i like zhou dong yu’s dress but….girl, it shows you have no chest at all…. lol….

      • 11 thoughts on “53rd Golden Horse Awards

        I didn’t, frea! I haven’t checked weibo for the longest time either, so I’ve definitely missed lotsa news and scandals lol.

    • 11 thoughts on “53rd Golden Horse Awards

      Sorry to hear about your former classmate.

      We definitely need more positive news in this world!

  2. 11 thoughts on “53rd Golden Horse Awards

    Just watched the girls’ acceptance speeches and cried. Even Ariel was crying as well as a few folks in the audience.

    Sandra said this is a good closure for their roles and I have to agree. ?

    ZDY was so cute with her bowing and Sandra’s point about how they wouldn’t be here if not for each other. It’s true imo because they brought out the best in each other’s acting.

    All the ladies look pretty good tonight. Nothing too crazy.

    • 11 thoughts on “53rd Golden Horse Awards

      Their acceptance speeches got me teary eyed as well! It was obvious both didn’t expect to win, let alone a joint win. They were so cute on stage, acting like awkward teens :).

      PS. Thanks for the condolences. We couldn’t believe it at first. The doctors in our batch thought he might’ve got stroke. Another reminder for us to take care of our health.

  3. 11 thoughts on “53rd Golden Horse Awards

    Thank you s much for the article and the infos..
    Lol…like before, my taste is quite different from the ladies here…seriously..–Fan Bing Bing looks like she took her bedsheet with her…O_O Wu Ke Xi..I am sorry..haha..but it looks like a cake..it reminds me too much for the pink cake in the game Stardew Valley…

    Sandra Ma´s and Zhou Dong Yu´s dresses were the best in my eyes..sometimes more cloth is better than more skin. What surprised me was their kiss…after all the trouble with the cutting of LGBT dramas this year and the ehm “blacklisting” of certain actors if they should dare to be seen together on shows etc…This may sound weird..but I hope we see more of those kisses..so that the somewhat more conservative people get
    desensitized and open up more.

    • 11 thoughts on “53rd Golden Horse Awards

      Fan Bing Bing’s bedsheets…Wu Ke Xi’s pink cake…haha! I agree.
      Song Seung Heon looks the same as he did when Autumn in My Heart aired. Aging – what’s that?

  4. 11 thoughts on “53rd Golden Horse Awards

    Full clip of the girls winning. I’m so glad that they are so encouraging of each other. Dong Yu was taking care of Sandra walking on stage!

    Song Seung Hun invited to present awards. Lol. Good thing Ariel is there!

    Coco Lee singing some classic songs. 🙂

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