L♥ve Bug Report: Sun Yi and Dong Zi Jian are dating!

All these youngins falling in love and revealing it, unlike the olden days of entertainment. Keke.

Unlike Sun Yi who made a splash in dramaland with Fifteen Years of Migratory Birds, Dong Zi Jian is a film star, he’s been in many different movies, including At Cafe 6, De Lan, and The Ark of Mr. Chow, producing and starring in Young Love Lost. He was nominated for New Best Actor at several big awards such as Taiwan Golden Horse Film Award and Cannes Film Festival in 2015. His mother is also one of the first artist manager/agent in Mainland China. Quite prolific, this kid. Definitely two rising stars and one young power couple to watch out for. The two 1993-ers were caught on the plane prior to revealing their relationship on weibo this morning. Lol.

Their chosen picture. Dong Zi Jian: “What to do, I’m stuck!” Sun Yi: “That is your luck!” Hehe.

Congratulations kids! =D

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  1. 2 thoughts on “L♥ve Bug Report: Sun Yi and Dong Zi Jian are dating!

    lol! all the people shipping deng lun with sun yi! but he’s dating gina anyway…

    didn’t know this kid has such a background for being so young!


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