China Golden Eagle TV Awards 2016

The star power this year seems less than previous years. That just means this small group of attendees get more attention on them. Not bad. Not bad at all. ;]

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Pictures Galore:

Zhao Li Ying. I think she looks pretty today but the middle split isn’t my favorite. I know, I’m picky! XD

She won the Audience Favorite Actress award along with Tong Li Ya.

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Wang Lei with two beauties – Tong Li Ya and his wife Annabel Lee Xiao Meng (right). He won the Audience Favorite Actor with Hu Ge.

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Love this shade of blue on Tong Li Ya!

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Hu Ge and Liu Tao. I love her first dress. It’s black but under the lights below, it looks like a deep blue. Perfect.

 photo Eagle-16.jpg

They won the Most Popular Actor awards. So Hu Ge has two.

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You looking for me?

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Ming Dao walked out with model Xi Meng Yao. She’s so tall and she’s in flats!

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With Actress Qin Lan.

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Ariel Lin walked out with Qin Lan.

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Reuniting with her costar babo Guo Jing. heheh.

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Ma Su in a sleek white dress. Sexy.

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Leo Wu Lei becomes Angie Chiu‘s arm candy. He’s grown so much. BAHHH.

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Yang Yang opens the awards night with Tang Yan on his arms. Sorry Xiao Nai, Tang Yan has a glow to her tonight and my eyes keep swaying to that bright spot. She’s beautiful.

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They always sit together. XD

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The veterans. Starting with Cheng Pei Pei.

 photo Eagle-44.jpg

Zheng Xiao Long. Best Director for The Legend of Mi Yue and Red Sorghum.

 photo Eagle-47.jpg

Li Xue Jian. Best Performing Arts for Young Marshal and Hey Daddy. I don’t know what this award means. Lol.

 photo Eagle-46.jpg

Wen Hao Jie. Best Screenplay Award for Ordinary World.

 photo Eagle-45.jpg

Ending the post with the future generation drama kids! Liu Hao Ran, Leo Wu Lei, and Oho Ou Hao (what’s he wearing?!) But these three cuties announced Li Ying’s award. So adorable counting to three to say her name. =D

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The winners!

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Videos Galore:

Li Ying’s birthday celebration. Aww. The whole audience sang. I would be mortified since I’m not the spotlight type. Lol. They gave her a mountain of buns. XD

Li Ying Accepting her Award.

Professor He teasing Hu Ge and Li Ying. Basically, Hu Ge has become the nation’s Groomsman. Lol. Every time his friends get married, the whole nation rushes out to comfort the poor bachelor. However, He Jiong notices that whoever works with Hu Ge has the best of luck when it comes to work, love, and marriage and hence he’s very happy to see Zhao Li Ying sitting next to Hu Ge today. LOL. He’s always looking out for her. hahhaa. But Hu Ge raises his hand to clarify that since Li Ying is here today for Hua Qian Gu, Wallace Huo should be in this seat instead. Since he couldn’t make it, he’s taking up the chair for him.

Hu Ge presenting the awards with old friend Ariel Lin. So adorable!

Hu Ge accepting his awards.

Professor He wants a morning call message saved in Yang Yang’s voice. Yang Yang is totally made of cheese!! Lol. His message!! “Hi, bao bei (treasure!) Wake Up! Hurry Wake Up! Love You, Love You Lot. *kisses*”

Liu Tao performing with Hua Chen Yu.

Performances from Previous Nights of the Festival.

Zhang Ruo Yun. “The Longest Path.” Also from Wu Xin’s OST.

Wei Da Xun. “My Everything.”

Zhang Han and pretty girls? I don’t recognize them. Lol. “I Miss You.”

Zhang Tian Ai and Shen Meng Chen. “Pineapple?” Anyone wants to tell what is going on? XD

Our stiff Jing Yu aka actor Cheng Yi from The Legend of Chusen has descended the mountains to Hunan stage. How dare he! I’m gonna tell his Shifu. LOL.

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  1. 56 thoughts on “China Golden Eagle TV Awards 2016

    Thanks for another compilation!! I always appreciate it! Neat and organized. 🙂

    Don’t like the poofy back on Li Ying. Wish the dress color is a tad darker or brighter.

    Liu Tao’s first dress is perfect!! She looks way younger in it.

    Tong Li Ya always gives the impress that she’s humble and sweet. ^^

    Tang Yan’s real voice is super sweet. OMO.

    Yang Yang’s tux is boring. Lol. He could use tips of Leo and Liu Hao Ran! They know how to dress! HAHA. But he’s number 1 Mr. Cheese. HAHA

    LOL@ Jing Yu!! How’s he doing? I haven’t gotten back to Chusen since ep..22?

    • 56 thoughts on “China Golden Eagle TV Awards 2016

      You’re doing better than me. I still haven’t gone back with Chusen. Was surprised to see him performing! Lol.

    • 56 thoughts on “China Golden Eagle TV Awards 2016

      She’s filming furiously for Rush to the Dead Summer. A lot of actors didn’t attend the awards this year. The Festival the previous days were more exciting.

      • 56 thoughts on “China Golden Eagle TV Awards 2016

        I am looking forward to watching this drama. Thanks Kappy for reminder. Zheng Shuang is not a great actress but she is enduring and popular in China, I wonder if she will win the Golden Eagle award in coming years?

        • 56 thoughts on “China Golden Eagle TV Awards 2016

          I think she will. She’s still rather young with many years ahead. Tang Yan is considered a little late in being crowned too.

  2. 56 thoughts on “China Golden Eagle TV Awards 2016

    Liu Hao Ran… that coat. Let me take it off for you LOL. With that coat he looks like Sherlock Holmes.
    Awww Zhao Liying is cute like always. Hu Ge is such a gentleman. I would like some of Hu Ge’s luck to rub off of me too ?
    Would love those two in a period drama.

    • 56 thoughts on “China Golden Eagle TV Awards 2016

      He only wore it for that segment. Hao Ran is very dashing in his chosen floral inside shirt. ;D

      Me too! Rub me too!!! LOL!

  3. 56 thoughts on “China Golden Eagle TV Awards 2016

    I just can’t help but to amaze at 何老师 everytime he host a show! His opening introduction had me smiling the whole time, loved the way he introduced every guests! The forever 18 Ariel Lin, so pretty! And the way he teases Hu Ge and I really loved the way he said it, how Hu Ge brings luck to those he work with~
    I love ZLY’s dress so much! The colour is really really pretty and fairylike! She’s so thin nowadays… take care of yourself little bunny!

    YangYang looks amazing and handsome as always but Wu Lei stole the show for me! This adorable kid looks so damn handsome and attractive in that nice black suit gosh!!! Makes me wanna squish his cheeks and hug him so badly! And he is only 17!!! Im so glad I get to see him on my computer screen for the many years to come!

    • 56 thoughts on “China Golden Eagle TV Awards 2016

      Agreed! I love when he hosts because it feels like he truly takes notice and cares about them like a big brother. Them participating Happy Camp also helps. He’s the one who has seen them grown from newbies to big stars throughout the years too. 🙂

      • 56 thoughts on “China Golden Eagle TV Awards 2016

        Me too me too. I love his brotherhood with Jackson Wang (got7). They just too cuteeeeee. I love He Jiong – Jackson brotherhood lol

  4. 56 thoughts on “China Golden Eagle TV Awards 2016

    Zhang Han does look different!! And the girls are really pretty, wink wink!

    Hu Ge is handsome and Zhao Liying is pretty, but it seems like they are not too good of a match when standing together, just my taste. I think a few years ago when ZLY was still a bit new and looking very similar to Yang Mi, there seems to be complaints when she was crowned? Kind of feel like she should have been crowned this year instead, and Tang Yan should’ve been crowned during her year. Remember liking her in CP3 a lot that year.

    Although a bit disappointed this year, I admit wanting to see Tong Liya (and everybody else) crowned, haha but I know she haven’t been in that many shows. Don’t know if that’s what the award is for? ZLY and Tang Yan are very hard working, and I know everyone is also hard working too. Since it’s so fun to see such big events like this, I don’t care who won although I’ve been anticipating it so much, all the meaning to it is really just the fun and entertainment!

    • 56 thoughts on “China Golden Eagle TV Awards 2016

      You forgot Yang Mi too! I feel bad cause some fans have been waiting for her to win but she still hasn’t. The thing is this crowning thing takes place every two years so not a lot of artists can hold on to their power for that long.

      But of course, I don’t really mind these awards much, I’m only here because the pretty is here! Is all. =)

  5. 56 thoughts on “China Golden Eagle TV Awards 2016

    EEEP Hu Ge’s segment of the awards made me cry – esp that bit with the granny. Wu Lei is starting to look like Hu Ge’s mini me! All the ladies look so lovely <3

    • 56 thoughts on “China Golden Eagle TV Awards 2016

      ?______? What did I just spend 4 minutes watching? I keep repeating ….. to dissect the meaning of this clip?!

  6. 56 thoughts on “China Golden Eagle TV Awards 2016

    Tang Yan is super gorgeous at this event. My best look of the night. She a miss and hit, but I approve this look.

    Ming Dao is also super handsome at the event as well. He need to do more interesting drama!

    • 56 thoughts on “China Golden Eagle TV Awards 2016

      Tang Yan is definitely my best look of the night too, hence she got the cover image! There’s just this glow to her whole being!

      Ditto about Ming Dao!!

  7. 56 thoughts on “China Golden Eagle TV Awards 2016

    Yang Yang is really hot, no denying that. Tang Yan is probably the luckiest girl that night (she got THE AWARD and she’s sitting next to the two hottest young stars in China). Anyway, are any of you guys watching Dr. Qin Medical Examiner (starrying Zhang Ruo Yun)? The show is so gruesome but also so damn good. I also get why it’s a web drama because they didn’t bother to “censor” the corpses properly. It’s not perfect though, not even close really. It’s not as smart as it thinks it is, and the coroners participate in the investigation way too much (he is the main character after all). But I think it’s well executed, with a right balance of drama and comedy. It’s kind of losing steam at the moment (ep6) but still a pretty good watch. Not the sort of soapy and cheesy romance dramas they are churning out right now 😉

    • 56 thoughts on “China Golden Eagle TV Awards 2016

      Meeeeeee! *raises hand

      That’s what I thought too: these forensic doctors are pulling triple duty as both profiler and detectives. But aside from that, it’s quite a decent show with the standard case-of-the-day format. All the medical jargon flies over my head but it gets resolved so quickly that there’s very little mystery. I’m mostly watching for the relationship dynamics, because I think the trio are really cute together. I love how Da Bao and the detective make fun of Qin Ming, especially when they call him vain for constantly being in suits, hee.

    • 56 thoughts on “China Golden Eagle TV Awards 2016

      I’m saving episode 6 for as long as I can since this drama is only airs every Thursday and I don’t want to run out of episodes to watch. It’s not gruesome enough for me but the cast is enough to keep me watching.

      The trio worked with their real life counterparts to get their characters as realistic as possible. Now I’m wondering if the real life Qin Ming is funny as they make him out to be in the drama, lol.

    • 56 thoughts on “China Golden Eagle TV Awards 2016

      Haven’t gotten a chance to watch but seems like you guys really like it!

  8. 56 thoughts on “China Golden Eagle TV Awards 2016

    Congrats to all the winner!! Congrats to Hu Ge and Liu tao for most popular artist!! <3 Love these two forever!!

  9. 56 thoughts on “China Golden Eagle TV Awards 2016

    WAIT…Is Leo Wu the boy who acted as Hu Ge’s bodyguard in Nirvana???? He’s grown SO MUCH. :O

    Yang Yang’s facial features and bone structure are so exquisite. *swoons*

    • 56 thoughts on “China Golden Eagle TV Awards 2016

      Yes! He’s been stalking Hu Ge everywhere! Beginning to look like a mini-me for real. Lol.

  10. 56 thoughts on “China Golden Eagle TV Awards 2016

    Thanks for this! Love the Hu Ge segment – awoke all my lovely NiF memories 🙂 ZLY looks sweet in her dress and I think she needs to do a drama with Hu Ge too!

    BTW, does anybody know the mandarin title of the song that Wei Da Xun sang? Can’t find it in Spotify !!

    • 56 thoughts on “China Golden Eagle TV Awards 2016

      I think that song won’t be available yet. Looks like the themesong for his modern drama. Love Through a Millennium 2. [Previous Post] =D

      • 56 thoughts on “China Golden Eagle TV Awards 2016

        Thanks Kappy! Will look out for it. Also looking for that theme song from Wuxin on Spotify and its not there 🙁

        BTW, which drama won the best drama award?

        Watching the full broadcast and so happy Wang Lei won too!! He was so overwhelmed in his acceptance speech 🙂

        • 56 thoughts on “China Golden Eagle TV Awards 2016

          11 “Excellent/Outstanding” dramas, most of them not mainstream or are republican dramas. Only ones I recognize are Taekwondo Girl, Ordinary World (Wang Lei here), All Quiet in Peking, Legend of Mi Yue, and Hey Old Man.

          Wang Lei won with Hu Ge for the same awards. Most people forget that! Lol.

        • 56 thoughts on “China Golden Eagle TV Awards 2016

          Thanks! Oh I see – I got confused because they showed 11 shows and there were so many people on stage getting the award and I was wondering which one won! Thanks for clarifying that it’s all 11 🙂

          Yeah!! Wang Lei is a really good actor too but not so internationally known

  11. 56 thoughts on “China Golden Eagle TV Awards 2016

    Hu Ge is such a sweetheart. Whoever gets to marry him in the end is a lucky woman.

    Wu Lei is growing into a fine young man. Can’t wait to see him shoulder the main male lead roles in a few years. Would love to see him paired up with Nana someday.

    Yang Yang and his morning call voice. *__*

    All the ladies look lovely in their dresses. Congrats to those who won awards!

    Did anyone see Tina Tang Yi Xin? Lots of us who are following Zhang Ruoyun on weibo were looking forward to seeing them in the same frame, but no such luck. But at least they attended the same event! Hehe.

    • 56 thoughts on “China Golden Eagle TV Awards 2016

      I saw Tina walking the red carpet for the festival. But can’t seem to find what she did. Maybe she only attended to watch Ruo Yun? Lol.

      • 56 thoughts on “China Golden Eagle TV Awards 2016

        I thought Tina performed in the earlier show where ZRY also performed. She did a song about food, I think…..

        • 56 thoughts on “China Golden Eagle TV Awards 2016

          Thanks! I’ll try to track it down.

  12. 56 thoughts on “China Golden Eagle TV Awards 2016

    Thanks a lot, Kappy!

    I love ZLY’s dress. That said, it seems to me that most of the attending ladies wore similar silhouette (ruffles) and shades (blue and black). My favorite is Liying’s! And yay about the guys — you guessed it Kap — wearing socks.. even Yang Yang!! lol. I love Wu Lei’s tuxedo — it’s interesting, youthful but still classic.

    I love Tong Liya, but I don’t understand why there needed to be two recipients of Audience Favorite, and I saw that Liying received the most votes of them all — is this public votes or industry votes? I read elsewhere about some controversies and I wish to know more about it (if anyone can enlighten me), especially the difference between Most Popular and Audience Favorite. I suppose the Performing Art award is the Grand Prize (IIRC the Korean awards have something like this).

    Thrilled to see Zhang Ruo Yu’s performing Wu Xin’s ending theme! I love, LOVE that song, much more so than the opening score. I’m not too fond of the arrangement, though, I prefer the original one. If I had my way, it would’ve been accompanied by acoustic piano and solo violin.

    • 56 thoughts on “China Golden Eagle TV Awards 2016

      The controversy gave me a headache on weibo. Gonna see if I can get this straight. Lol. The root of the problem is them removing the Best Actor and Best Actress category, lumping and calling it Audience Favorite Actor/Actress instead. But I’m okay with two recipients since Ordinary World was well-received and won best screenplay. Plus, I love all four actors. XD Fans should relax a bit and stop causing fan wars, pointing fingers at people who have no power in the decision-making. I just feel bad for all the participants.

      The Most Popular Award is easier to explain because it’s Hunan Awards (think extra awards from TVB, Lol), not Golden Eagle Awards. Check out the last picture of the group holding their trophies. Golden Eagle Awards = all made of gold. Hu Ge and Liu Tao’s trophies are glass.

      Phew! That’s my understanding from scouring the net.

      • 56 thoughts on “China Golden Eagle TV Awards 2016

        Thanks Kap! Ahhh.. didn’t notice the difference between the trophies.

        I wonder what’s the reason behind removing Best Actor/Actress category — they don’t want to compete with the Flying Apsara? Anyway, it looks like there’s no Best Drama category either as I only saw the list of “Outstanding Dramas”.

  13. 56 thoughts on “China Golden Eagle TV Awards 2016

    So pretty most of them. Love Ariel in her new hair but her dress looks cumblesome.
    I woulf like for future drama pairing
    Hu Ge and Li Ying
    Tang Yan and Yang Yang
    Haha please drama gods.

    • 56 thoughts on “China Golden Eagle TV Awards 2016

      We have been praying! What we need is a time when they are both free! And a good script. XD

      • 56 thoughts on “China Golden Eagle TV Awards 2016

        Yes yes. Gd script is vy important. With Hu Ge and Li Ying’s high level of professionality and both so hardworking and whole hearted in their acting. I cant imagine anything but a masterpiece if the project is right.
        ..continued prayers..

  14. 56 thoughts on “China Golden Eagle TV Awards 2016

    Sorry YY, as handsome as you are, my girl crush Tang Tang is rocking the dress tonight.

    And Wait, I can’t believe YY is still taller than Tang Tang in her heels. Haha, I always think his 180cm height is a hoax 😛

    • 56 thoughts on “China Golden Eagle TV Awards 2016

      Or maybe, do you think it is made with real gold or just gold plated? Hmmmmmmm……

      • 56 thoughts on “China Golden Eagle TV Awards 2016

        oh yes they do. :)))) Like really good. Those two should be in a drama … or two 😉

  15. 56 thoughts on “China Golden Eagle TV Awards 2016

    !!!! Why is Hu Ge always looking so fabulous and amazing! My one and only 男神. I swear, despite me having a LOT of biases and loving a LOT of actors and actresses, Hu Ge will always be and is always my bae. 男神 to the very end!!! The only person I would ever call myself a true fangirl of.

    On that note, LiYing’s awesome as always as well as Wu Lei, Liu Hao Ran, and even YY with his infinite cheese and too-classic-tux. Ariel’s ageless as always and Liu Tao’s gorgeous but really should just stick to the first dress.

  16. 56 thoughts on “China Golden Eagle TV Awards 2016

    OMG that Leo Wu grew up fast…only earlier this year I was watching him as the young Yang Guo and now he looks like could play Yang Guo…He needs to be a drama soon…with at least a 1st supporting actor so I can judge his fine-ness myself.

    Yang Yang…I didn’t get the hype before but he looks really dashing in his suit…but Leo Wu is really distracting.

    I want to cry seeing Hu Ge and Ariel Lin together, and the things he said about her, I was such a shipper back then. There were even rumours of them dating back then and then last year some news broke out and said the really did date and I was half dead inside…to ship and believe it never to happen is better then to ship and know they didn’t work out.

    • 56 thoughts on “China Golden Eagle TV Awards 2016

      Really? Hu Ge and Ariel dated T_T and broke up?? Can’t believe that sweet potato and little fairy broke up, that’s sad.

      I like Leo too, he’s so young though so I can’t imagine him in first supporting acting yet unless the storyline is superb..I hope they just take roles that will match them. They don’t necessarily have to be main characters to become best, sometimes side characters turns out to be the best too.

      • 56 thoughts on “China Golden Eagle TV Awards 2016

        Yep. Miss tang yan broke the news when they guest starred on Happy camp a year or so ago. They wanted scoop of her love life but she busted Hu ge instead. Some fans weren’t happy she told someone’s secret. Lol.

        Agreed with tyn though. I rather not know. They could have been a dream boat. Hu Ge is so unlucky in love.

        • 56 thoughts on “China Golden Eagle TV Awards 2016

          I believe she only said he fell in love with Ariel because the question was “have you ever fell for your co-star”. She didn’t confirm or deny the dating rumors.

      • 56 thoughts on “China Golden Eagle TV Awards 2016

        The fact that Hu Ge often cites what Ariel told him years ago whenever he receives an acting accolade makes me think that he’s always been fond of her — yeah, maybe love her too! Whether it’s one sided or they actually dated at one time, only they and some people know. It’s so sweet, like real life You Qing and Da Ren (lol).

  17. 56 thoughts on “China Golden Eagle TV Awards 2016

    So much feels in Hu Ge and Ariel’s conversation that I finally watched!

    Puts lie detector on. Hu Ge: “You know I played the Disguiser right?”

    Ariel: “But you also played Guo Jing who couldn’t lie very well, right?” Lol.

    Two lines that he always remember from Ariel: 1) Acting is a journey of discovering life 2) and I’m acting with my whole life/being.

    Friendships. *sobs*

    • 56 thoughts on “China Golden Eagle TV Awards 2016

      I just watched last night. Hu ge’s speech was so sincere and thoughtful. Him remembering what ariel said to him so many years ago showed he value her thoughts very much. Ariel was visibly very moved too. I too felt damp in my eyes.
      Both hu ge and joe cheng in my opinion has feelings for Ariel

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