The Mystic Nine ends with a quiet bang and a searing kiss

Time to say good bye to a train without plot (no wonder why there was no living person riding it!! LOL, sorry, I’m snarky) but a fascinating background. Sigh. So much potential, Show!

The Mystic Nine Episode 48 FINALE Summary:

Xin Yue’s cousin comes by with good intention to tell Er Ye to live a happier life because he’s spending most of his days around coffins. He says she’s thinking too much, he’s merely preparing a coffin for himself. Right, that’s way better! Lol. It’s purposely constructed to be higher than Ya Tou’s so that she could lay her head on his shoulders when they reunite in Hell. BAH. How about we just bury you with your wife in the same coffin? Save space and land for other people?

 photo Mys48 1.jpg

Mr. Qiu and his man visit the Halloween tree and the former starts digging for a medallion. He finds a golden piece of map. The narrator then tells us that Mr. Qiu disappears from that moment on, removing him effortlessly out of our meandering plot. What was his purpose again?

 photo Mys48 2.jpg

Anyway, the narrator continues to tell us that war is imminent with the Japanese troops focusing their army to attack Changsha. We see Fuo Ye holding Xin Yue’s hand as they walk to the living room to bid goodbye. Xin Yue puts his giant coat over him and hurries him along, reminding him not to let everyone wait.

 photo Mys48 4.jpg

He stares deep and hard and long into her tiny face and tells her that after his meeting with Er Ye, he will immediately go to the bases and prepare for battle.

 photo Mys48 5.jpg

Fuo Ye keeps moving his eyes down to her juicy lips. Lol.

 photo Mys48 14.jpg

Putting up a brave face, she nods meekly and says she’s already sent the soldiers there. He disagrees, the journey to Bei Ping is dangerous, she needs some of his soldiers to protect her there. Xin Yue purses her lips a bit before noting about his safety. “I have already sent them back…But you…the battle field is dangerous…having a few more men is never a bad thing.”

 photo Mys48 6.jpg

 photo Mys48 13.jpg

He gives in because being stubborn is her specialty (and also being awesome. ;D). Fuo Ye, “After the war, I will personally come get you.” She smiles up at him, waiting for that day to come. Me and you and many others, Xin Yue!

 photo Mys48 17.jpg

They smile at each other and he tells her to sent him a telegraph once she reaches Bei Ping safely.

 photo Mys48 19.jpg

 photo Mys48 20.jpg

He then turns to their trusted servant, Xiao Kui and says, “When I’m not around, take good care of your madam.” Those caring words burn a hold in our sassy Xin Yue and her head hangs low…She bites down on her lips to prevent them from falling to no use.

 photo Mys48 23.jpg

 photo Mys48 24.jpg

 photo Mys48 25.jpg

 photo Mys48 27.jpg

When Fuo Ye turns back to his pretty wife, her glistening eyes stare up at him and the faucet breaks, letting two streams of tears down her cheeks. He reaches up to wipe them away and she grabs a hold of his gloved hand and lets out a tiny yelps of pain. Awww, my precious. Li Ying is very good in this scene, her smooth transition from subdued quietness to small cries of pain is beautifully acted.

 photo Mys48 28.jpg

 photo Mys48 31.jpg

 photo Mys48 34.jpg

 photo Mys48 36.jpg

Fuo Ye plasters on a disgruntled smile for her sake and she also does the same.

 photo Mys48 41.jpg

 photo Mys48 42.jpg

But this won’t do. So he pulls her in for a searing kiss, viewers and all eyes be melting at their intense smooching. AHHHH. This might tide me over until the next time they collaborate…. I think. Unless another actor top ChanYing chemistry.

 photo Mys48 43.jpg

 photo Mys48 44.jpg

 photo Mys48 45.jpg

 photo Mys48 46.jpg

 photo Mys48 47.jpg

 photo Mys48 48.jpg

 photo Mys48 50.jpg

He ends the hot kiss with a gentle one on her forehead and walks right up to the door, sloooooowly putting on his hat and standing at the entrance for a good pregnant pause before stepping out.

 photo Mys48 51.jpg

 photo Mys48 52.jpg

 photo Mys48 54.jpg

Xiao Kui asks if they are really not going back to Bei Ping (WHAT??), Xin Yue with her fingers still lingering on her lips, says that she won’t leave. If he wins, she wants to be here to congratulate him, but if he loses, it’s meaningless for her to return to Bei Ping.

Er Ye, Ba Ye, Jiu Ye, and Madam Huo are busy playing… mahjong? Ba Ye, of course, laments about his lack of luck today. When he asks to change seat, no one replies. He runs up to Fuo Ye like a puppy to complain about the other three bullying him, not leaving him with any traveling expenses at all. So they are gathered here to tell Fuo Ye their plans of escaping Changsha for the time being. Are you kidding me here?! You guys are the Mighty Mystic Nine! Not the Mighty Mystic flight!!

 photo Mys48 55.jpg

As for Fuo Ye, it’s his duty to protect this land and kindly reminds them that he still has a wife – Yin Xin Xue. Jiu Ye understands and promises to relay the words to the underlings of the Mystic Nine: they won’t ever cause trouble to Xin Yue Hotel. Not like you guys could anyway, that girl is filthy rich!

 photo Mys48 56.jpg

Time to leave! But no, Fuo Ye asks for a private moment to brood on the streets of Changsha. Because beside not having that much of a story, the story is really about how handsome and dashing William looks in uniform. =D Aww, he recalls meeting each of the nine family.

 photo Mys48 57.jpg

 photo Mys48 58.jpg

 photo Mys48 59.jpg

 photo Mys48 60.jpg

 photo Mys48 61.jpg

 photo Mys48 62.jpg

Squishy cheeky smile. XD

 photo Mys48 63.jpg

 photo Mys48 64.jpg

 photo Mys48 65.jpg

War closes in and Japanese bomb planes attack relentlessly overhead. Deaths, destruction, and chaos descend near their station and Fuo Ye rushes back in the frightened mob to help a fallen woman, putting him in direct path of a falling bomb. Fortunately, he has Fu Guan watching his back! Please don’t die Fu Guan!!

 photo Mys48 66.jpg

 photo Mys48 67.jpg

 photo Mys48 68.jpg

 photo Mys48 69.jpg

Oh crap, the Japanese troops have finally entered the entrance to Changsha! Fuo Ye takes a risk to detonate their shooting tanks and I finally get my series-long question answered. What does it take to ruin Fuo Ye’s perfect hair? A bomb!

 photo Mys48 70.jpg

The force knocks him over from behind but blood trickles down his forehead instead. HAHAH. Because blood in the back of the head doesn’t look as impressive! Get it together girls!

He stands up like the Terminator. *notes: no blood in one frame*

 photo Mys48 71.jpg

 photo Mys48 72.jpg

His men gather around him, momentarily relieved, only to hear footsteps of even MORE enemies crashing through the fort. Fuo Ye takes a knife (really? a knife?!! against shooting guns?) and jumps up on their mini barrier to make his grand speech.

 photo Mys48 74.jpg

 photo Mys48 75.jpg

“Changsha is our home. The people are our families. People can die but a home cannot be destroyed. I, Zhang Qi Shan, is not Superman (you get my drift), but I only know, today, the enemies are before us. They take our land and kill our people. You and I, it’s our duty as soldiers to defend this land. It cannot be destroyed!” They chant that last line over and over. He hopes that their kids will remember the Autumn of 1939 when they offer them joss sticks in the future. “That you guys follow Zhang Qi San into battle and fight until your last drop of blood to protect this home. Chinese people will not fall!”

 photo Mys48 76.jpg

He screams KILL and they march forward, only to be surprised by puppies? dogs? Golden Retrievers? Wait, did I get transfer to puppyland? Why are we throwing these furry cute animals into battle? *cries*

 photo Mys48 79.jpg

AHA! It’s the reunion of The Mystic Nine leaders! OMG! I’m so glad you guys came. The title of the drama is named after you guys for a reason! YAY! Even Madam Huo takes a sword and stabs the enemies like a badass (IN HER HEELS, YA’LL). Someone give her (and Fuo Ye) a more useful weapon. Lol.

 photo Mys48 77.jpg

YES, Jiu Ye!

 photo Mys48 78.jpg

I’m feeling the camaraderie so hard here! WEEE. A little late but gotta eat it up. The chicken of the group aka Ba Ye runs up to Fuo Ye, “We are all brothers of The Mystic Nine, how could we let you die in battle alone?” Aww. He’s smart, he has a hand gun. hehe. And I think Er Ye has something sharp attached to his arm. Is that Wolverine claws?

 photo Mys48 81.jpg

 photo Mys48 84.jpg

 photo Mys48 86.jpg

Overall, The Mystic Nine has a lot of flair, style, and pretty, but lacks in the most important area to stimulate the brains – writing. Episodes could have been shorter, plodding time spent in tombs could be better use in dealing with real people. Barely any character developments. Villains are non-threatening, stakes aren’t emotional stirring, leaving us with very little to fangirl. But we always find that little happiness week after week to help us along. 🙂

First time, I did a same-day recap! Woohoo!

Rating Overall:
– Story: ✪✪
– Chemistry: ✪✪✪✪✪
– Acting: ✪✪✪✪
– Directing: ✪✪✪✪
– Entertainment Value: ✪✪✪✪½

Use this star symbol ✪✪✪✪✪. Half a star = ½

  1. 34 thoughts on “The Mystic Nine ends with a quiet bang and a searing kiss

    I actually really liked the drama. I think the problem was in the editing room. They cut too many parts important to the plot while giving us unnecessary screen time for the bad guys. Even if the plot wasnt that cohesive at times, it had an addicting factor that kept me coming for more. I actually liked when they were in the tomb. What I didn’t like was all the focus the bad guys got for a few episodes. It was unnecessary and it didn’t move the plot along.

    For me the best part of the drama was the chemistry between the leads. It is hard not to love XY and FY. I am putting them down as one of my favorite OTPs of all time. As for character development, I think FY had some character development. He is really different after meeting XY and his mannerisms change around her. The bad guys were really uninteresting and I didn’t care at all about them. I wish we had seen more of the other gates.

    I agree that ZLY did a great job on that scene. That one and the proposal scene were amazing. I could really feel her emotions and connect with her character. I also have to compliment WC on this role. After LofZ, I didn’t have much hope for his acting but this role was written for him. He should keep taking roles similar to FY. I don’t think anyone would complain.

    Now they need to collaborate on a modern drama and they should win best couple at iQIYI awards.

    • 34 thoughts on “The Mystic Nine ends with a quiet bang and a searing kiss

      I think Fuo Ye and basically everyone in the story is pretty static. Delevelopment has to be consistent across the board to be considered development. Fuo Ye is a guy who knows when to relax and when to be serious. With Xin Yue, hes more reacting and adapting to her attitude because he couldnt do anything else. Lol.

    • 34 thoughts on “The Mystic Nine ends with a quiet bang and a searing kiss

      I don’t even want to call them bad guys when they were pretty non-threatening and one-dimensional. Lol. Me too, the focus should’ve been the brotherhood scenes among the The Mystic Nine before the weak villains.

      It would be nice to see them in a modern series but I love Li Ying in ancient series… a lot… 🙁 hehe.

  2. 34 thoughts on “The Mystic Nine ends with a quiet bang and a searing kiss

    Yeh…another drama where nothing is worth watching…beside ZLY lol, hopefully she don’t get blasted cause it’s not like she directed all those dramas. After so many collaborations, I bet ZLY and WC will not let down any shippers, very likely feeling they’ll end up like Ruby and Wallace who eventually came together at the very end but just not now. Lets wait to see how long it takes to prove this wishful thinking wrong heh-heh.

    • 34 thoughts on “The Mystic Nine ends with a quiet bang and a searing kiss

      I watched this drama entirely for ZLY.

      I have no interest in the plot, exploring tombs is boring to me lol.

      I’m more into Fantasy, I’m loving Bi Yao! Even if the OTP in that is not strong, I just love stories with good writing. With legit plots.

      I’m glad William did this drama to showcase his acting skills, lol Legend of Zu was such a fail, glad he redeemed himself with Li Ying here.

    • 34 thoughts on “The Mystic Nine ends with a quiet bang and a searing kiss

      HAHA. You know, Li Ying strikes me as a go-get-it girl. She’s pretty proactive instead of the quietly waiting type. The kind I like!

      So if love comes her way, she will strike when the iron is hot. *wink wink

  3. 34 thoughts on “The Mystic Nine ends with a quiet bang and a searing kiss

    Horrible plot. FY and XY’s chemistry was the only saving grace.

    Yes. I’m down for another TingYing collaboration. Hopefully a romantic one.

    • 34 thoughts on “The Mystic Nine ends with a quiet bang and a searing kiss

      Yes, I want it to be angst-free! They have a lifetime of angst in Zu already.

      But then I also want her to have explosive chemistry with more actors. keke. X)

    • 34 thoughts on “The Mystic Nine ends with a quiet bang and a searing kiss

      same, I want them to do a romcom. Something light, funny, and sweet without angst

  4. 34 thoughts on “The Mystic Nine ends with a quiet bang and a searing kiss

    Your comment about Er Ye made me laugh. Can’t blame you for being snarky, he deserves it. I haven’t followed this drama closely, but he’s still at square one where I left him.

    I still feel sad every time I think about how this drama went so wrong. So much potential, and they wasted it. The only saving grace is William and Li Ying’s chemistry, and the bromance. How are the ratings and reviews? I’m curious about what the Chinese viewers think about this show.

    • 34 thoughts on “The Mystic Nine ends with a quiet bang and a searing kiss

      Lol. I haven’t been following netizens reactions but after every episode, fans would just find their little ray of lights (aka Xin Yue X Fuo Ye screencaps) on Weibo. I think most like the characters more than the story itself. So. Much. Wasted. Potentials.

      Ratings-wise, it’s steady, nothing explosive like the likes of Hua Qian Gu. Episodes 9-14 ratings were higher than usual. LOL. For obvious reasons.

      • 34 thoughts on “The Mystic Nine ends with a quiet bang and a searing kiss

        I think it ended at around 18 billion views for online viewing – pretty good I think but nowhere near JoF.
        Not sure how O2O fared in comparison because I didn’t watch that.

        Actually, I thought the concept of Ya Tou being a hallucination of EY was pretty cool – he missed her so much that he imagined a whole life with her (although the scenes kept repeating in different variations) with a different ending i.e. Growing old and dying together.

        I guess different stokes for different folks @ Polaris? I tried the Lost Tomb and couldn’t get past the first episode…… 🙂

        • 34 thoughts on “The Mystic Nine ends with a quiet bang and a searing kiss

          love o2o in 15 days (30 episodes) got 10 billion online views. when we compared to how many more episodes mystic nine has and how long it has been airing, love020 will surpass it if given the same amount of time.

          as for ya tou – there’s just so much one could stomach before his scenes with her became draggy and repetitive and added nothing to the plot (main issue). moreover, it didn’t show or really change er ye at all. no character development. in the end, he’s just a guy who loves his wife….loves his wife….loves his wife. which is sweet and all…but it’s like i get it!! but please, we have more important characters who are living that needs to be shown and developed instead of circling around the same story over and over…

          i couldn’t get past the lost tomb OR mystic nine. LOL. i only speed-skim for OTP scenes and sometimes bromance only. i guess these shows are not for me… but the people i like. sigh!

  5. 34 thoughts on “The Mystic Nine ends with a quiet bang and a searing kiss

    I laughed at your comment about 二爷!!! I was so tired of him going on and on about YaTou throughout the drama. I haven’t read the 老九门番外 so I don’t know what 二爷 is actually like, but the 二爷 in this drama really disappointed me. He isn’t as strong as I thought he would be, on the contrary, he seems rather weak among the Nine Gates. Maybe it was how the scriptwriter wrote him out to be or maybe it was YiXing’s lack of acting experience to fully release the charm of the character. All in all the aura is just missing.

    The saving grace for this drama, for me, would be 启月夫妇, 八爷 and 副官. The chemistry among these characters was awesome! What kept me watching on throughout the drama was FoYe and XinYue, they are just too cute! I need more of their scenes sobs!

    The editor was so bad at editing the scenes gosh. They cut off parts important to the drama and left so many useless scenes in… The side characters just have too much screentime, I skipped all their parts…

    • 34 thoughts on “The Mystic Nine ends with a quiet bang and a searing kiss

      I think they overdid Ya Tou’s ghost scenes. It would’ve been more poignant to let her character live a little longer (creating connections & building friendships) than have her come back in dreams/hallucinations again and again because now that she’s dead, she’s pretty irrelevant to the plot and therefore excessive screen time = limited other characters’ screen time. A bad move in a drama with a crawling plot as it is.

      I have never seen a ghost with so many scenes and she even got to age as a ghost too! LOL.

  6. 34 thoughts on “The Mystic Nine ends with a quiet bang and a searing kiss

    I think I’ll just watch a Liying x William cut. Seems like nothing else here is worth watching?

    • 34 thoughts on “The Mystic Nine ends with a quiet bang and a searing kiss

      I think it depends as to whether you enjoy adventure / tomb raiding stories. If you don’t then yes, just a FY/XY cut 🙂 I personally found it a pretty fun watch except for really bad editing in the last 2 episodes (I like this genre though )

      • 34 thoughts on “The Mystic Nine ends with a quiet bang and a searing kiss

        Adventure / tomb raiding stories are great! I sat through The Lost Tomb just fine, but Mystic Nine couldn’t pull me in at all. And I’m probably in the minority when it comes to FoYe being cool in his uniform–he’s definitely good-looking in it but I got sick of all the scenes where he’s showing off and the themesong starts playing. Lol.

        In any case, I’ll just watch the FY/XY cut. Not really interested in the rest of the characters either.

        • 34 thoughts on “The Mystic Nine ends with a quiet bang and a searing kiss

          Same thoughts, LOL. When Fouye is all suave and that damn theme song plays, I’m like *roll eyes* all right, all right, I get it. The first few times were pretty cool, but after 20 episodes? Next please!

  7. 34 thoughts on “The Mystic Nine ends with a quiet bang and a searing kiss

    Thats it for white mans story??? Disappeared off the screen?? I swear the writers have no guts to kill anyone hence the non threatening storyline throughout the whole course. 48 episodes is a long commitment. I want my hours back!!

    Despite william anf li ying having great chemistry, I feel like their story was minimized so much that I didnt see the courtship from Fuo Ye side. So their story is not as satisfying as I had hoped because a huge chunk is missing. ?

    The tomb scenes are useless because they didnt solve anything and were merely discovering.

    Er Ye was also quite boring too. Sigh. Ya Tou should have lived longer.

    • 34 thoughts on “The Mystic Nine ends with a quiet bang and a searing kiss

      That was exactly how I felt too!!! The love Fo Ye has for XinYue felt sudden to me! Like when did he even really fall in love with XinYue??? But anything with William and ZLY is love! Their on screen couple chemistry is over the top!!!

      • 34 thoughts on “The Mystic Nine ends with a quiet bang and a searing kiss

        GAH. It kills me inside to admit that part, but yes, that courtship chunk was missing. If not for the strong chemistry, they wouldn’t be able to pull it off.

    • 34 thoughts on “The Mystic Nine ends with a quiet bang and a searing kiss

      The white man couldn’t be dead,coz he’s still appears later in the lost tomb (mystic nine grandchildren/ Wu Xie) I really wonder when will Xiao Ge/ Zhang Kylin appears?from the recaps until eps 41,he hasn’t showed up. It would be interesting to see his interaction with the other mystic nine members

      • 34 thoughts on “The Mystic Nine ends with a quiet bang and a searing kiss

        Xiaoge was never intended for the drama, but it would be cool to see a Xiaoge before Wuxie’s time.

  8. 34 thoughts on “The Mystic Nine ends with a quiet bang and a searing kiss

    I haven’t touched this drama since Weiwei and Chusen came out, sorry for skimming through your recap, Kap. Didn’t want to be entirely spoiled yet 😀

    Tbh, other than amplifying William’s charms, this drama is basically meh. I was pretty excited the first few episodes but right where I stopped at Ep 20+, the part where they came out of the tomb, discovering and explaining nothing, I was angry as a Daomu novel fan, lol.

    Looks like it’s right to place my time on Weiwei instead.

    *Goes to a corner and grieve about Daomu adaptations never living up to its novel*

    • 34 thoughts on “The Mystic Nine ends with a quiet bang and a searing kiss

      Lol. So honest, Tusu. It’s ok to be angry. You’re not alone!

      I think dramas and movies about digging tombs in Cdramaland haven’t lived up to expectations yet.

  9. 34 thoughts on “The Mystic Nine ends with a quiet bang and a searing kiss

    I am sad this drama ended, no more Fo Ye and Xin Yue. There was too many pointless scenes in this drama, could have cut out all the useless scenes for the bad guys and given us more OTP. Still can’t believe I actually bought a year of IQiyi subscription for this.

    • 34 thoughts on “The Mystic Nine ends with a quiet bang and a searing kiss

      Will definitely miss their sweet chemistry. I can’t believe you bought the subscription either!! OMGosh! So dedicated! At least now, you can access some of the webdramas from them. =D

  10. 34 thoughts on “The Mystic Nine ends with a quiet bang and a searing kiss

    l’m watching it just for ZLY~ Nothing else. But that Fu Guan and Chen Pi are so hot~~~ Fu Guan and Shen Jia Yan (Lu Zhen) are like my type, the ones who protect with their lives! Liying is seriously always done great job with her characters! The train wreck and zero emotion in Zu has been redeemed with awesome chemistry from William. You should’ve done that before, William!

    Yeah l need another collab from Liying and William, a more romantic. Doesn’t matter if it’s wuxia or modern. Just like she did with Zhang Han, their chemistry is always great and cute.

  11. 34 thoughts on “The Mystic Nine ends with a quiet bang and a searing kiss

    My conclusion for this drama



    * For those still watching , better stop it , look for others like 麻雀 , much much better than this one .

  12. 34 thoughts on “The Mystic Nine ends with a quiet bang and a searing kiss

    There is a 三叔cut version for this, which includes some other scenes. Not sure if it can redeem the show storywise…

  13. 34 thoughts on “The Mystic Nine ends with a quiet bang and a searing kiss

    I have seen episodes of the Nanpeisanshu cut and it does redeem parts of the TV series eg Ep 34 shows How Foye woke up from his comatose state by putting back the cut scenes. There are also less villain scenes – which makes it less boring.

    • 34 thoughts on “The Mystic Nine ends with a quiet bang and a searing kiss

      Cool! @angelun may I ask where did you watch this version ?

  14. 34 thoughts on “The Mystic Nine ends with a quiet bang and a searing kiss

    I loved the Fo Ye/Yin couple, but the Er Ye/Ya couple was boring. My most favorite character was Lt Zhang, with his impressive skills and strength. He and Ba Ye were the best bromance couple. Were the other five Gates on vacation during 80% of the drama? I was irritated with the villains, 99% of the time.

    I realize that this drama is the story of grave diggers/tomb raiders/cave adventurers, but there was a glut of numbing tomb filler, which could signify that the shooting script was thin. The editor applied the chop/slice/dice/mix/jumble techniques, when putting the episodes together. The few deleted scenes that I saw, should have remained intact, because they added more value than the replacement scenes. The sinister forces within the tombs/caves/mines, besides the killer hair, remained out of sight, so we are left guessing what Fo Ye and Er Ye suppressed from the outside world.

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