Proud of Love: Episode 3 Recap

The first two episodes are just a crappy beginning, but afterwards it really does improve! I really did watch until episode 10! >_< lol Thus, I have made the decision to rush the drama recap out to prove it! I could tell that many were vomiting blood previously. (Well I was too lol) This next episode will focus on their first day of gender switching, with many hilarious moments and our first insight into our OTP!

Episode 3 Recap:

Shen Xi is the one who wakes up first (in He Zhi Zhou’s body). She looks around and sees guys around her… a little confused.

 photo 1.jpg photo 2.jpg

Her head hurts a lot, and the moment she wakes up, both Brawny and Monkey are up and to the call! Notice how Brawny is carrying out his fetish even when he’s sleeping. I really have a problem with that guy… 😛

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When they rush over, however, they hear Shen Xi call for “Tang Tang” which is particularly weird especially since she is currently in He Zhi Zhou’s body. The body of a cold, arrogant guy…. In the end though, Monkey and Brawny both surmise that this must be just a “nickname” just like how Brawny likes to be called “Bao Bao” aka Treasure/Baby (i guess). Thus, Brawny calls Shen Xi “Zhou Zhou”, and she is really really really confused! Ahh Tong Meng Shi is beginning to show all his cute faces ^_^

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When Lin Yu Tang finally comes, Shen Xi calls him, “Tang Tang!”. Lin Yu Tang looks a little weirded out…and passes by Shen Xi’s hospital cubicle…to go to the neighboring bed.

 photo 7.jpg

When Shen Xi realizes this, she immediately pulls the curtain separating the two rooms aside…only to find that she is looking back at herself. Meanwhile, He Zhi Zhou thinks, ‘Am I looking into a mirror? That isn’t logical though… It almost seems like…’

 photo 8.jpg

When the two finally realize, Shen Xi shooting a glance over at He Zhi Zhou, lamenting over her now flat chest, and He Zhi Zhou looking down at her long hair…

 photo 9.jpg photo 10.jpg

Immediately, He Zhi Zhou grabs the un-moving Shen Xi, and pulls her out of the hospital room.

 photo 11.jpg

Outside, they talk about their gender switching, Shen Xi still mad over her chest lol. She becomes too depressed and resorts to hitting her head on the tree nearby.

 photo 12.jpg photo 13.jpg

He Zhi Zhou immediately grabs Shen Xi’s head and says “You know you’ve got a brain of 150 IQ right? Use it!”

 photo 14.jpg

Shen Xi can’t handle the situation and crouches down, lamenting about everything she’s lost. He Zhi Zhou just looks down at Shen Xi coldly.

 photo 15.jpg

When He Zhi Zhou turns to leave saying that he’s going off to the girl’s dormitory, Shen Xi immediately grabs her, saying something akin to “lewd jerk!” and ends up grabbing his jacket. He Zhi Zhou is just pissed off and can’t deal with this right now, and he makes a lewd gesture with his “chest”, resulting in Lin Yu Tang “luckily” coming along to save her. When Lin Yu Tang asks him if he can escort him back to the girl’s dormitory, He Zhi Zhou says, “I have my own two feet. Please don’t follow me.” Lol Lin Yu Tang’s expression when he realizes Shen Xi no longer “wants him” is upsetting.

 photo 16.jpg photo 17.jpg

When Shen Xi realizes that she’s about to go into the boy’s dormitory she smiles. Finally she can be with her idol, Lin Yu Tang!

 photo 18.jpg

The moment Shen Xi steps into the guy’s dormitory, her eyes locks on Lin Yu Tang’s bed. She immediately finds her next target and…

 photo 19.jpg

…goes up on Lin Yu Tang’s bed, rolling around, really enjoying it. She says, “Tang Tang’s bed is soo comfortable!” Finally finding what her male idol’s bed is like! lol OMG everyone is freaked out at He Zhi Zhou’s strange behavior. When Shen Xi realizes that they’re all staring at her, she immediately presses her head down and says “Right…it’s time to rest.”

 photo 20.jpg

The moment He Zhi Zhou goes into the girl’s dormitory, he is greeted with an icy Xia Wei Ye who says, “It’s good that you didn’t die.” Following the direction of Dou Dou’s hand, he goes to claim his bed, only to find that all of the other girls are totally against it and point her the other way. He Zhi Zhou asks Dou Dou why she pointed that way, and she says, “I was only making a pose!” Utterly cute

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Shen Xi calls He Zhi Zhou awkwardly…to ask how to pee. She can’t find a way to direct the flow of the pee so it goes into the toilet…. Well He Zhi Zhou can’t be bothered with such “trivial matters”. He callously gives Shen Xi 30 seconds to explain the reason of her call, and immediately hangs up after the call ends.

 photo 23.jpg photo 24.jpg

Shen Xi CANNOT. Just. Believe. That. He Zhi Zhou has hung up! Peeing is a very important human process to her, but she just can’t find how to point the “****” in the right direction so that she won’t pee outside the toilet. As you see down below… that’s what she’s dealing with.

 photo 25.jpg

Well..her inner spirit can only face it the best she can. In her thoughts, she does several virtual simulations…with a cucumber…to find how she can control it. She thinks of tying it up in string and…a few other ways…but she is very hesitant to touch it or even look at it! In the end, she decides to use the toilet behind her…that is actually not supposed to be used by male students….After she gets out, she feels so relieved, it’s funny to see her contrast between her previously nervous self and her current placid self. Peeing can really do wonders 😛

 photo 26.jpg

The next day, Shen Xi meets He Zhi Zhou at the library. When asked what he’s doing at the library instead of taking “his” dance classes, he says that he is researching the way to get his body back. When criticized about his sense of fashion he says this shirt was the only “wearable thing” in Shen Xi’s wardrobe as everything else reveals the shoulders and the back. Lol that must be hard for a guy. Shen Xi continues to nag He Zhi Zhou about the condition of her skin! Ahhh, it’s so poofy and a little dark now! That’s when she brings out some face masks that she usually uses to keep her skin nice and smooth.

 photo 27.jpg photo 28.jpg

Right when Shen Xi is poking He Zhi Zhou’s face to show He Zhi Zhou how much it’s declined, He Zhi Zhou grabs Shen Xi’s finger aggressively and fiercely, causing Shen Xi to stand up from the pain. She’s about to continue on about the pain, but the people at the other tables just trying to study quietly (keyword: quietly), make her swallow her anger. Now it’s He Zhi Zhou’s turn to critique Shen Xi’s style. Shen Xi says, “EVERYTHING in your wardrobe is black, white or grey. I need some color and variety okay?!” He Zhi Zhou probably slaps his forehead internally as he looks at Shen Xi, who will be throwing away his pristine image away, the next few days/weeks… 😛

 photo 28.5.jpg

Remembering her bathroom incident yesterday, Shen Xi asks HZZ if he went to the bathroom yesterday. He says “Of course, or else what would I do?” Indignantly, Shen Xi is about to stand up, when He Zhi Zhou flicks the sign on the table around at her. ‘Keep Quiet’ Thus, Shen Xi swallows her anger yet again and questions He Zhi Zhou…one more time.

 photo 29.jpg

The next question she asks is, “Did you wipe it (there)?” He Zhi Zhou says, “Of course, or else what would I do?”

 photo 30.jpg

Shen Xi stands up for real (again) and the people around her look at her, really annoyed. Embarrassed, Shen Xi drifts out of sight, keeping her hand over her mouth. Shen Xi meekly sits down again and quenches her anger…lol

 photo 32.jpg photo 33.jpg

Shen Xi then brings He Zhi Zhou to some random stairs later, and tells him that there is only one thing left to do! He Zhi Zhou keeps looking bored…until….

 photo 34.jpg

Shen Xi actually pulls He Zhi Zhou down the stairs with her as they collapse at the bottom again -__-. What a high IQ you got there bro! He Zhi Zhou is soo mad. In her defense, Shen Xi says, “I saw it in a drama before okay?” (*cough cough again)

 photo 35.jpg

The only way Shen Xi can think of now, is to kiss. Yes…because you are Prince Charming and He Zhi Zhou is the Princess right? Wrong! 😛 It’s very amusing to see Shen Xi attempting to kiss He Zhi Zhou and He Zhi Zhou fighting back with his “weak strength”

 photo 36.jpg photo 37.jpg

He Zhi Zhou leaves, unwilling to waste any more time over these matters. When Shen Xi asks him where he’s going, he says “I’m going to bath!” Shen Xi is petrified and clings to He Zhi Zhou’s leg begging him to not go!! He Zhi Zhou asks why, repeatedly for three times as Shen Xi is too quiet to be heard. In the end Shen Xi ends up yelling, “Because my chest is too small and you’ll utterly hate it!!” Lol Shen Xi asks He Zhi Zhou if he cares that she bathes with no blindfold, and he says “Of course not…because you’ll fall in love with it at first sight.” Shen Xi is utterly wordless/disgusted.

 photo 38.jpg

In the end, they compromise. Shen Xi will wash her body with He Zhi Zhou if He Zhi Zhou wears a blindfold and doesn’t peek.

 photo 39.jpg photo 40.jpg

He Zhi Zhou commands Shen Xi to sing for him during his bath. Shen Xi doesn’t dare refuse because if she does…*blush blush* lol

 photo 41.jpg

Now it’s Shen Xi’s turn to take a bath with the guys. After a few moments of indecisiveness in which she is unsure if she can show off her nakedness to all these guys….she finally steels her resolve and comforts herself by saying that this is actually He Zhi Zhou’s body so it doesn’t matter.

 photo 42.jpg

When she takes of her clothes, she finds the feeling very magical. She realizes that this is what all of the guys have been hiding underneath their loose clothes…fat!! Haha, it’s not much, but she’s very extreme about it 😉

 photo 43.jpg

She can’t help it but feel HZZ’s body because it is soo alluring. In any case, while she’s touching away, another hand joins her…

 photo 44.jpg

AHH! It’s Brawny, the guy who has a fetish for picking people up. Shen Xi is a little alarmed, but she figures that since he’s touching her nipple…

 photo 45.jpg

Brawny looks at her strangely when she does so, but doesn’t protest…ahh just one thing. Why do I feel like Shen Xi thinks that nipple touching is…normal? XD

 photo 46.jpg

When they finally exit the changing room, Shen Xi wraps her towel around her like she would have done…if she was a girl. Haha Shen Xi…very funny…can you take that off now?

Brawny and Monkey both look at her strangely..but oh well, this must be normal for HZZ….. -_-

 photo 47.jpg

When Shen Xi spots a piece of soap on the floor, she bends down to pick it up, only to be stopped by Brawny and Monkey. They pick it up excruciatingly slow, bending down together. Later, when they resurface, they explain, “It’s best to have a buddy watch your back behind you or else…something might happen.” Shen Xi gulps but can’t help but admire the complicated process.

 photo 48.jpg

The arrival of our Tang Tang changes everything…he arrives bathed in such a warm glow….

 photo 49.jpg

…that it sends Shen Xi over the top and nose-bleeding from his hotness. I think we can only imagine what new rumors will be made, judging from Monkey and Brawny’s reactions… Telepathically, they say (with their eyes): “This guy must be…gay?”

 photo 50.jpg


 photo 00.jpg


This episode was great, seeing how they reacted to the gender switch. Shen Xi seems to be having a better time of it all lol

I like Vivian…but I feel like her character is a lot more 2-D so I’m focusing more on Tong Meng Shi in this recap because his faces are just adorbs *fangirls* lol. I mean…He Zhi Zhou is already a very 2-D character so I guess nothing can be done about it. Vivian’s still so cute though <3 Her dark side is showing 😛

I do think that the previous episodes were terrible…thinking about it now though I think I should give the producers a little more credit given their very very low budget. Oh well..

Haha the rumors…what do you think will happen next?

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      Haha I hope Vivian does get some more opportunities in the coming episodes too~ even if it involves being very cold, something very unlike her usual characters.

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