Harper’s Bazaar China Charity Night 2016

The annual charity event hosted by Bazaar China is back! I both love and dislike these events. Lol. I don’t know how many pictures I scrolled through in the last three hours to compile the pictures! In general, the men look pretty good this batch but the ladies have quite a few misses in the fashion department.

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Let’s start off with Zhao Li Ying cause you know I love seeing her at these social events because she rarely goes to them. I like the dress (though it is boring), love the sparkly heels, but neck and above is our girl’s downfall. Who split her hair straight in the middle and attached those huge, matronly earrings? From far away, I thought she had on another set of ears. Her stylist has been on point this past year so I’m left disappointed here. Sigh.

 photo Baza-65.jpg

 photo Baza-66.jpg

 photo Baza-69.jpg

Lol. They have to ask her to pose like Bi Yao. XD

 photo Baza-67.jpg

Love Yang Mi‘s messy hair bun, not so much the dress.

 photo Baza-61.jpg

 photo Baza-62.jpg

 photo Baza-63.jpg

Tina Tang goes bold with a pop in red! YAY!

 photo Baza-60.jpg

 photo Baza-59.jpg

Liu Shi Shi is my favorite of the night. Classy and feminine. The pearl-lined collar is beautiful. Although it is a fuss to everyone who stands near her. Lol. Sandra is seen holding and maneuvering her tail. heh.

 photo Baza-58.jpg

 photo Baza-56.jpg

 photo Baza-57.jpg

Another head-scratching summer piece. Victoria Song usually dresses very well. I think it’s the pattern that’s throwing me off.

 photo Baza-54.jpg

 photo Baza-55.jpg

Make-up is perfect.

 photo Baza-53.jpg

Huang Xiao Ming and Angelababy. Nice pattern and pops in her long gown. Hair is always perfection.

 photo Baza 52.jpg

 photo Baza-50.jpg

 photo Baza-51.jpg

Crystal Liu Yi Fei is very playful today, blowing kisses and looking high in spirits.

 photo Baza-49.jpg

 photo Baza-47.jpg

 photo Baza-48.jpg

Wang Li Kun in a sleek pant suit.

 photo Baza-68.jpg

 photo Baza-44.jpg

Bai Bai He flows through the crowd in a light, silky gown. Great choice!

 photo Baza-40.jpg

 photo Baza-41.jpg

Ni Ni puts on her pokerface for the camera.

 photo Baza-39.jpg

Get lost in her eyes…. @_@

 photo Baza-38.jpg

Liu Tao goes for the edgy feel once again.

 photo Baza-36.jpg

 photo Baza-35.jpg

Li Bing Bing glows with mature vibes.

 photo Baza-33.jpg

 photo Baza-34.jpg

Another case of too young to be dressed like this! It’s actually cute in the second photo…. Ah, Sandra Ma.

 photo Baza-32.jpg

 photo Baza-31.jpg

Lin Chi Ling is alluring and available. *wink wink to a certain F4 member*

 photo Baza-29.jpg

 photo Baza-30.jpg

Jolin Tsai with too much neck burden. Lol.

 photo Baza-28.jpg

Tong Li Ya keeps up with her body after having a baby! Doesn’t look it.

 photo Baza-27.jpg

 photo Baza-26.jpg

Look at Lay being a gentleman and offering her a hand. Aww. Brownie points to Er Ye!

 photo Baza-25.jpg

Ruby Lin with her husband…. Wallace Huo.

 photo Baza-42.jpg

Every inch of her is glowing!

 photo Baza-43.jpg

 photo Baza-46.jpg

No worries, Wallace is not losing out. His head is shining too! hehe.

 photo Baza-45.jpg

Tong Da Wei and his wife, Guan Yue.

 photo Baza-22.jpg

Hubby Deng Chao and wifey Sun Li.

 photo Baza-23.jpg

Another couple – Wong Cho Lam and Leanne Li.

 photo Baza-16.jpg

Nick Wang Kai. I love that he’s wearing maroon!

 photo Baza-21.jpg

 photo Baza-17.jpg

Kris Wu looking bored and sometimes miserable. Lol.

 photo Baza-15.jpg

Li Yi Feng has on a nice piece.

 photo Baza-14.jpg

Johnny Huang Jing Yu looking tired. Is he shooting too many photoshoots or what?!

 photo Baza-13.jpg

Darren Wang and his smirk.

 photo Baza-12.jpg

Cheney Chen. Not liking the pattern on his suit but he is chatty with Li Ying!

 photo Baza-11.jpg

With Er Ye…

 photo Baza-19.jpg

What’s so funny??

 photo Baza-18.jpg

Also offering his hand. Lay is much more personal though. hee!

 photo Baza-20.jpg

Ryan Zheng Kai. A smile makes a tux 10x more appealing!

 photo Baza-10.jpg

Huang Yi with striking eyebrows!

 photo Baza-9.jpg

Ethan Ruan showing us his sexy gaze. 😉

 photo Baza-6.jpg

 photo Baza-7.jpg

Jerry Li, Michael Chen.

 photo Baza-8.jpg

Korn Kong Chui Nan and Jacky Heung.

 photo Baza-4.jpg

TFBoys also performs.

 photo Baza-3.jpg

Lay looking downright handsome and adorable. Well put-together.

 photo Baza-24.jpg

Group Selfie.

 photo Baza-2.jpg

 photo Baza-1.jpg

At GQ Men of the Year 2016 the night before. Hu Ge.

 photo Baza-73.jpg

So cute with his glasses! Godfrey Gao!

 photo Baza-71.jpg

Boran Jing. Might be too much red…

 photo Baza-72.jpg

Our Sha Jie Jie aka Ma Ke looks very handsome. 😀

 photo Baza-70.jpg

Best Dressed for the Ladies: Liu Shi Shi, Bai Bai He, Leanni Li, Lin Chi Ling
Best Dressed for the Men: Lay, Ethan Ruan, Jerry Li

Your favorites?

Zombie Kap goes to sleep ~~~

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  1. 36 thoughts on “Harper’s Bazaar China Charity Night 2016

    For the girls, my favs are Liu Shishi and Tong Liya. For the guys, Ryan Zheng’s tuxedo is really nice and I like Johnny Huang hair. Also, even though I hate the patterns on his tux, Wang Kai looks real good in it. Probably just the aura though. I love Li Yifeng’s suit too, but I think it’s a little oversized for him?

  2. 36 thoughts on “Harper’s Bazaar China Charity Night 2016

    Hands down liu shi shi! Everything was perfect from head to toe. Did you notice that bai bai he and liu shi shi’shi top piece are almost exact? I think it’s from the same designer. Luckily, they chose different outfits instead of the same one.

    • 36 thoughts on “Harper’s Bazaar China Charity Night 2016

      The reporter teases why she’s always so beautiful? And she’s embarrassed and says she’s getting old. Lol. Lady knows how to dress!

      Yep! I noticed the neck design too and was worried. My friend in the Fashion Industry in NY told me that whenever they sponsor a dress, they would record and make sure the actresses don’t wear it on the same day to the same event. Not sure if this was true everywhere, though.

      • 36 thoughts on “Harper’s Bazaar China Charity Night 2016

        True. Lady does know how to dress. I always love or like all her pieces whenever she attends these kinds of events.

        Wow. Interesting. I guess it doesn’t happen elsewhere though because sometimes and I mean rarely we see two actresses with the same dress.

  3. 36 thoughts on “Harper’s Bazaar China Charity Night 2016

    My favorite is also ShiShi, but I actually really like Zhao Liying’s dress and get up. The earrings could have been different but they didn’t bother me. I thought she looked very princess like, the dress color was the only downfall to me. I think a pale color would have looked better.
    Now my least favorite is probably Angelababy’s dress. I just can’t with that pattern and everything just looks ugly. She is too pretty to be wearing that. Overall everyone was kind of safe there wasn’t any wild but interesting dress. It was either pretty and safe or wild and ugly for me.

    Also Cheney Chen was the one that pulled Lay back and told him to help that actress walk down the stairs. I saw a fancam. I was impressed by Cheney Chen, he was a full gentleman to ZLY.
    But the best part of the night for me was this backstage hug from Wallace Huo and ZLY: http://ww1.sinaimg.cn/mw690/005Ak5kUgw1f7ntkqj9e3j30qo1bedon.jpg
    I am glad to see they are friends. ^^

    • 36 thoughts on “Harper’s Bazaar China Charity Night 2016

      i wanna see the fancam! lols.

      wallace and li ying are close, or else those rumors wouldnt float around for so long about them dating. im surprised nothng on li yi feng and their drama is currently airing!!

      • 36 thoughts on “Harper’s Bazaar China Charity Night 2016

        I only have five minutes left before my long day at work! No time to upload anything! Hope someone shares before I get home!

        I have seen pics of Li Ying with Tina Tang (Ling Er from Chusen) and her and Yi Feng passing each other back stage and locking eyes. She was sitting with Cheney and TFBoys, if I remember correctly from last night 500+ pictures.

      • 36 thoughts on “Harper’s Bazaar China Charity Night 2016

        I always thought Wallace and ZLY were a bit awkward with each other, so assumed it was a publicity thing. However, seeing them being friendly without any cameras makes me feel like they are actually friends.
        Here is the fancam of Cheney Chen telling Lay to help ^^
        And here is another one of ZLY helping an actress walk up and down the stairs. I found it funny ZLY is the one helping with so many guys around. Also Cheney Chen is the only one helping ZLY around, he was very attentive. Between these two fancams he really looks like a gentleman.
        Blue Team table pic http://ww4.sinaimg.cn/mw690/0068m0qxjw1f7orwee39vj30m80etn8o.jpg
        ZLY and TangXinYi <333: http://ww4.sinaimg.cn/mw690/63112839jw1f7ogsdij77j21f01w0hdt.jpg

        • 36 thoughts on “Harper’s Bazaar China Charity Night 2016

          Cool! Thanks @Maoh 🙂 Cheney Chen looks like a cool dude and Lay is such a kid. 🙂

        • 36 thoughts on “Harper’s Bazaar China Charity Night 2016

          Thanks for the clips Maoh! Save my zombified butt from work! *hugs*

          It’s so cute to see Li Ying and Huang Yi holding on to each other. They both starred in different versions of Huan Zhu Ge Ge. Awww.

          Cheney Chen is top for brownie points!!! Funny how Lay is making headlines when Cheney Chen pointed it out… Oh life.

        • 36 thoughts on “Harper’s Bazaar China Charity Night 2016

          @Kappy: np, happy to share (>^_^)>
          so that was Huang Yi and yes it was cute how they kept helping each other

          Cheney Chen is such a gentleman from these videos. I was super impressed. This is another cute video, ZLY asks him to move over so they can talk. http://weibo.com/p/23044491724525dd421dd356cacb416094c7c5

        • 36 thoughts on “Harper’s Bazaar China Charity Night 2016

          Li Ying seems to enjoy herself last night. She’s usually so lonely at these events.

          Chatting away with Jackson Yi. So Cute.

    • 36 thoughts on “Harper’s Bazaar China Charity Night 2016

      Yeah – good to see that they are platonic friends despite all the rumors. Undaunted !! And I also liked ZLY’s look 🙂 my personal fav would be Tong Li Ya though. Agree with Zheng Kai and smile and tux ! Wang Kai – smile!!

  4. 36 thoughts on “Harper’s Bazaar China Charity Night 2016

    Well this will be a long comment 😀 So many beautiful people.
    Agree with female/male best dressed lists.
    ZLY: I kinda wish she put her hair up for this one. I like the pattern of her dress.
    YM: Not those parrots please, lol. I think maybe a different one like peach blossoms that’s not shiny. Kill two birds with one stone by promoting her 3L3W drama and being lovely. ?
    Totally love LSS’s dress and BBH’s. I like LSS’s dress a little bit more.
    Victoria: I think it’s better off having those pants be a long skirt that flows down like Sandra’s skirt. Also a bit more space between the skirt and her bows.
    Angela: There are better dresses for her to wear.
    Ni Ni: she’s so pretty. Yes to her eyes *_*
    Sandra: I want more textured and frilly top to go with that skirt.
    Lin Chi Ling: Ahem coughjerrycough Ahem
    Jolin: I can’t tell where her earrings end lol. Blend in with the neck part.
    Tong Li Ya: So gorgeous. Seems like that dress is hard to walk around with? Er Ye is such a gentleman ~ Cheney as well.
    Ruby: That glow <3

    I cracked up at that caption for Wallace, aha. That jawline, that forehead, lol. Must be breezy on the head that he wears a beanie(?) in the picture that maoh links to.

    Deng Chao looks a bit serious there. He and Su Li looked okay.

    Darren Wang and Wang Kai should be outfit buddies 😀

    Hu Ge is handsome in all his black suits ^.^
    I wish they have a close-up of Godfrey.

    Boran can go stand with Johnny. Bring Darren and Nick too 😛 The Four Reds.

    Everyone else looks alright.

    • 36 thoughts on “Harper’s Bazaar China Charity Night 2016

      This is Li Ying’s original dress design. What a nightmare!! LOL.

      If she came with this one, I would not even bother posting her pictures!! XD

      Don’t know what is holding up Jerry! Hurry Man!

  5. 36 thoughts on “Harper’s Bazaar China Charity Night 2016

    I think ZLY looked the best, love the details of her dress. I use to have a hand made blanket that looked similar that I really loved that was stolen from me during college so I might be bias….the earings got to go though.

    For the guys…Ma Ke looks the most clean cut to me. I LOVE clean cut guys.

    Let me join you in the winking to certain F4 member.

    • 36 thoughts on “Harper’s Bazaar China Charity Night 2016

      I think her dress would be nice at a small gathering instead of a big event where cameras can’t capture the intricate details.

      Ma Ke does look really good at GQ!

      *winking madly*

  6. 36 thoughts on “Harper’s Bazaar China Charity Night 2016

    Tong Li Ya looks amazinh post baby, love the slickness of the dress and its color. Liu Shi Shi looks amazing, top to toe.

    Li yings dress has nice details only up close. On red carpet events, it pales and looks boring. In the group pictures, she looks like a kid with that hair and getup. Those earrings make everything looks old fashioned and not the good kind.

    Youre right, smiling is the way to go!! Why do they look miserable doing charity???! Especially Kris With his ripped jeans and grumpy face in most pictures I saw on weibo.

    • 36 thoughts on “Harper’s Bazaar China Charity Night 2016

      In the group pic, I have to squint real hard to see our small-framed lito girl. Lol.

  7. 36 thoughts on “Harper’s Bazaar China Charity Night 2016

    Does anyone have more fancams of zhao li ying/lay/darren wang/yi feng?

  8. 36 thoughts on “Harper’s Bazaar China Charity Night 2016

    You show too little of Kris Wu in these posts… he’s easily one of the best looking men in C-ent (and entertainment in general).




    An hour or so prior to the Bazaar event, he went to a Huawei event (he’s the endorser) where they announced the progress of the charity he started to help build basketball courts in impoverished areas. So no, he’s not miserable doing charity. Aside from his own charity, he also donated more than 500k yuan to different charity funds.

    He also went to the GQ party where he of course won an award. He wore a nice Burberry suit and $60,000 worth of Bvlgari jewelry.



    And then went to the airport to leave for Beijing:





    He went back to Shanghai right after the Bazaar Charity event (he wasn’t able to finish the party, he left ater performing) for the Tencent All Star game. He’s such a blessing to the eyes. Hopefully he’ll accept a drama role so I can see his face for 40 episodes.

    • 36 thoughts on “Harper’s Bazaar China Charity Night 2016

      I usually only post one picture for the men since guys tend to have very limited things they can wear. One Shot kind-of-deal.

      If they smile and look great, I would post more.

  9. 36 thoughts on “Harper’s Bazaar China Charity Night 2016

    Ruby Lin looks amazing!! I agreed! Every inch is glowing. LOL! Wallace’s head shining. hahahha

    I actually love what Li Yi Feng is wearing. It’s not formal like a tux and not casual like jeans. Very casual and hip for a charity event.

    Liu Shi Shi again hands down perfection! I wish the shade was brighter. 😀

    Wang Kai, lah, smile for me!

    The stuff on Liu Tai’s dress makes me think of her real ribs….

    Thanks for the compilation K!

  10. 36 thoughts on “Harper’s Bazaar China Charity Night 2016

    LSS is more and more beautiful each time I see her. Her dress here is my favorite. ?

  11. 36 thoughts on “Harper’s Bazaar China Charity Night 2016

    I’m in the minority, but my favorite dress is Angelababy’s! I agree that LSS’s dress is very pretty, but I also love the pop of colors on Angelababy’s :). I also LOVE Ruby’s dress, it looks elegant and very comfy at the same time. Of course her glow & gorgeous husband are her best accessories of the night :). My other favorite is Nini’s — her ice blue gown and the emerald drop earrings perfectly complement each other!

    As for the guys, Hu Ge wins it hands down. The tailored fit, appropriate length of pants, and his upright posture and confidence – whew! Lay comes close, looks casual but elegant nonetheless.

    • 36 thoughts on “Harper’s Bazaar China Charity Night 2016

      Nini’s eye make-up matches really well with her concept. So pretty.

      • 36 thoughts on “Harper’s Bazaar China Charity Night 2016

        Agree Kap, Ni Ni’s eye make up is perfection!

        One more thing, Sandra Ma’s dress is meh, but then I saw her shoes… and they are quite interesting! With butterflies and stuff. I wish she’d worn something shorter so she could show them off.

        • 36 thoughts on “Harper’s Bazaar China Charity Night 2016

          Lol. I had to go back and look at her heels, very sparkly and pretty design. The ladies have great shoes last night, ones that we can see.

    • 36 thoughts on “Harper’s Bazaar China Charity Night 2016

      I agree. I think Angelababy had the best dress and Ruby looked like a queen.
      Bai Baihe, Tong Liya, and Liu Yifei looked great too.

      Hu Ge is looking FINE in his tailored suit! It’s so elegant and dapper 🙂
      I don’t get the crazy designs of the guys’ suits LOL.

      Li Yifeng looks like a quail egg in his suit hahahaha (I guess he pulls it off but he DOES look like a quail egg!)

      • 36 thoughts on “Harper’s Bazaar China Charity Night 2016

        You’re not the only one Shimo!! hahah.

        BTW, the ladies were looking for you in the cbox. ;D

        • 36 thoughts on “Harper’s Bazaar China Charity Night 2016

          HAHAHAHAHAHAHA OMG *right-click save* THIS PICTURE IS AWESOME!!! 🙂

          Aww I didn’t know u girls were looking for me … I have very long consecutive classes this semester so I haven’t been able to follow dramas and drama news as much as I like… *sigh* So what did I miss?

  12. 36 thoughts on “Harper’s Bazaar China Charity Night 2016

    ok, time to rejoin the world of the living and start posting again. 🙂 Hi, everybody! And also thanks Zombie Kap for all these pictures! <3
    Best dressed: 1.Lin ChiLing, 2.Tong Liya, 3.Liu Shishi.
    Random comments:
    ZLY: Cute but she is too thin and too tinny for such dress. Dresses with so much length and full skirts do not suit short people. They get lost in all the layers of fabric. I think the skirt should have been a bit shorter in order to not shrink her even more in full body shots. In the picture with the model you can see that it is the same dress but because the model is both taller and bigger than LY the bottom half does not look so heavy. Otherwise – ok.
    Yang Mi: Too much dress and too much black. I think the dress would look better in a lighter color.
    Victoria: A big fat "NO". A shape like that needs something in the top part of her body (big b**bs, lots of hair) to balance the huge bottom half (plus the wide horizontal stripes are not helping…)As it is on the picture, the ensemble is not flattering at all.
    Jolin Tsai: That is a very interesting look. I'm not sure what to think about it. Upper half is like Tina Turner from Thunderdome but without the shoulder pads (which I think is cool) and the bottom part is like …. eer, I don't not what to say about it honestly… :/
    As for the guys, meeehhh, nothing worth writing about.

    • 36 thoughts on “Harper’s Bazaar China Charity Night 2016

      Great observation on the size, Nell. One has to remember these are worn on models first! I really need a designer who specializes in dresses and gowns for petite woman… like myself. XD

      Welcome back to the living world, Nell!

  13. 36 thoughts on “Harper’s Bazaar China Charity Night 2016

    Let me just say l HATE Victoria’s dress! You’re right, she usually well dress, but what…..??? l’ll just look at her face. And she’s gotten skinnier! Too busy l guess.

    Liying’s dress is pretty, but yeah the hair should’ve been better. l like LSS, BBH and Ni Ni’s dresses. For the guys, not interested. LOL

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