Official Trailer for Suddenly Seventeen with Ni Ni, Wallace Huo

Romantic Comedy, Suddenly Seventeen (28岁未成年‬) finally stirs to a wake after being quiet for more than half a year. And everyone (our OTP) comes back no longer single. Lol.

Synopsis I translated 8 months ago: Our couple met for 10 years and has been living together for 5. The heroine (Ni Ni) puts a lot of emphasis on appearance and dreams of a perfect wedding, wedging a distance in her relationship. To prepare for every aspect of the wedding, she enters a phase of premarital crisis. The groom (Wallace Huo), on the other hand, is preoccupied with work and cares nothing about wedding preparations. He gradually sees the wedding as a nuisance and hates the idea terribly. He brings up the one thing no future bride or girlfriend wants to hear – a break up. At the breaking point of feeling hopeless, she eats a magical chocolate, transporting her memory back to her seventeen-year-old self.

Without the worries of adulthood, our heroine is back to her naive, optimistic self and that triggers a surge of interest in her future husband, who she now refers to as “Uncle”. LOL. But it’s not an easy task no more when the heroine’s first love (Darren Wang) comes back into the picture and she was crazy for him once before.


Press Conference held today to remind us of the beautiful quartet!

 photo twenty 23.jpg

 photo twenty 24.jpg

 photo twenty 25.jpg

The ladies.

 photo twenty 30.jpg

Ni Ni always looks so flawless in the simplest thing.

 photo twenty 29.jpg

 photo twenty 19.jpg

Ah, Wallace Huo. 8 months ago, you didn’t have the wedding band! Look! He’s showing it off! XD

 photo twenty 22.jpg

 photo twenty 20.jpg

Ma Su is not losing out on the flawless front either. The highlights look good.

 photo twenty2028.jpg

 photo twenty 26.jpg

 photo twenty 21.jpg

Darren Wang has some funky hairstyles but I like it on him. 😀

 photo twenty 17.jpg

 photo twenty 18.jpg

Stills from the Movie:

 photo twenty 16.jpg

 photo twenty 14.jpg

 photo twenty 12.jpg

 photo twenty 15.jpg

 photo twenty 13.jpg

 photo twenty 31.jpg


Suddenly Seventeen hits theaters on December 2nd.

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  1. 2 thoughts on “Official Trailer for Suddenly Seventeen with Ni Ni, Wallace Huo

    Wear that ring proud wallace!! Lol. He still looks awkward. Never a bad day in ni nis wardrobe. Looks like a funny romcom for ni ni to play.

  2. 2 thoughts on “Official Trailer for Suddenly Seventeen with Ni Ni, Wallace Huo

    Wah, that honeymoon sucked two decades out of Wallace. LOL! Must’ve been some great nights, or that Ruby took away most of Wallace’s youthful essence for her very own rejuvenation. Haha~ Oh, that wedding band is HUGE.

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