A Fist Within Four Walls: Episode 3 – 5 “Number means Strength.”

I love this drama.

I LOVE THIS DRAMA! Need I repeat myself? First drama this year to make me squee and scream and kick by the end of each episode. Episode 3-5 must be watched in rapid succession of each other. It covers the whole arc of the first rebellion. I pretty much love everything about A Fist Within Four Walls. There are big, grand moments, but they never forget about the small character moments that poke your heart and make you bleed – for all the good reasons.

Do give the first 5 episodes a try. ❤__❤ I’m still not sure what I want to do with Fist. I want to recap it but there’s no time~ It’s ending in one week and I’m only at Ep. 5. Lol. Watching it slow to extend my enjoyment. Do! Not! Spoil!

A Fist Within Four Walls (城寨英雄‬) Episode 3 Summary:

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Plot-wise, we learn that Underground Thai Boxer, Shing Fu is estranged from his mother, Boh Fung, because he works for Casino Boss Man Cheung, protecting him during the day and fighting underground for him at night. His mother can’t bear the guilt of the lives he must have taken to earn money. She declares her ultimatum when he comes by bearing gift for her birthday, “You’re not my son as long as you work for the triads.” Just as stubborn as she is, he replies, “You may not consider me your son, but you’ll always be my Ma.” Aw.

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As for Kuen, he finally has an answer for his long-lost sister’s whereabouts. A fellow water-delivery friend recognizes her name and points him to a temple, where her name, Chiu Ha, was etched on a memorial tablet. He has a moment of grief and apologizes for failing her and breaking their promise to wait at the cannon. He asks a workman for more information and the man tells him about a young gentleman coming by from time to time to offer her joss sticks. The said gentleman is Ying Fung and he asks Kuen’s relations to the deceased. Kuen almost lets it slip he’s her older brother, but switches mid-sentence, admitting he’s her brother’s friend. He offers the brother’s bracers as proof.

Ying Fung explains how everyone and even their kids mistreated Chiu Ha for being a criminal’s daughter, leaving her no choice but to live in the mountains. However, a big fire broke out and continued for three days. When Ying Fung searched through the destruction, he found only her shoe and proceeded to set up a memorial tablet for her.

 photo Fist03 5.jpg

Kuen wonders why he would do that for an enemy’s daughter, and Ying Fung answers logically that adults business has nothing to do with their children. “Like me, they are just as innocent.” Thumbs up man! When asked where her older brother is, Kuen lies that he, along, with the sister, are now at the same place.

Seeing how he’s not a cold-hearted person after all, Kuen wonders why he didn’t interfere to stop the bullying, and Ying Fung says the Fellow Association (three big gangs are under) is powerful in this city. “If I fight them off today, they’ll only come back with more people to create an even bigger disaster.”

He finishes with, “There are no more heroes in the City.”

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After burying his sister’s embroidered shoe and his bracers, Kuen prepares to leave Kowloon walled City, except he learns from Tiu Lan and Tak Liu that Yam Yam’s father has sold her to the nasty lecher, Ha Moon. Tiu Lan even gave up her hard-earned money to pay the ransom money and yet Tak Liu returns empty-handed. Frantic to save the first person who was nice to him in the city, Ah Kuen runs around the city at night, asking for Ha Moon’s lair. But everywhere he turns, people turn a blind eye.

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Ah Kuen runs into Yam Yam’s father at the casino and kindly tells him his daughter has been taken, and he gets a chilling reply that the man sold his daughter willingly. “Everybody does that in the city! She’s been a jinx to me since she was born. Look, I win money as soon I sold her!” He gets punched in the guts by Kuen. You should’ve killed the piece of the trash on the spot, Kuen! I can’t look at that nasty man.

 photo Fist03 18.jpg

On his path to search for Ha Moon’s den, Kuen is stopped by Boh Fung. She punches him several times to prove her point, “You can’t even beat me. You’ll only get killed.” Aw! We have a hero already! Since time is a luxury they don’t have, she will only teach him one move – the elbow attack. However, if he runs into Chun Mei, the expert on 72 grappling moves, the only thing he can do is run. And run fast. The elbow pronounced in Thai means to kill, it’s a move relying on speed and strength and could be used against kung fu experts, with the element of surprise.

Proven to be a natural born Kung Fu learner, Kuen demonstrates the move once and cracks down one side of a brick wall with ease. Boh Fung drops her jaws. Lol. Then Tiu Lan, Tak Liu, and his wife Lau Tai crash the kung fu party, scoffing at the announcement that Boh Fung knows Kung fu. Tak Liu: “You know Muay Thai? Then why don’t you rescue Yam-yam?” Boh Fung lifts up her eyes proudly. “You don’t have to be a film star just because you’re pretty.” Heh. So sassy.

After all the grumbling and age jokes, the three lend a hand to help Kuen practice his new move, with Boh Fung encouraging the use of dirty tricks as much as possible. XD

 photo Fist03 22.jpg

Next morning, before they execute their rescue mission, we see Lau Tai solemnly telling her husband to run if anything goes wrong. Everyone looks at them and Tiu Lan sneers, “He’s only turning off the main switch power.” Heh. He argues that it’s just as dangerous and every cowers at the mission ahead and starts piling Kuen’s bowl with more food since he’s the main character today. Trying to lighten the grim atmosphere, Kuen jokes that they just don’t want him to die on an empty stomach, but when he looks at Tak Liu, the man is drenched in tears. LOL!

 photo Fist03 28.jpg

OMG. This is so cute. A bunch of chickens sitting around having dinner, before they are delivered to the slaughterhouse. Adorably perplexed, Kuen asks Tiu Lan, “Are you crying for me too?” Everyone sputters at the crying part and blames Boh Fung for overdoing the spiciness today with her noodles. 😀 Then it’s Ah Kuen who is quiet and crying, leaving the rest to cheer him up too. Aww. You guys.

 photo Fist03 39.jpg

The good thing is Nasty Ha Moon has locked Yam Yam up in a cage, meaning nothing has happened yet to the poor girl. He hovers over her cage and says that he has arranged everything already, even the auspicious hour for their wedding night. Ugh. Gross human being!

Time to carry out the plan. Tak Liu cuts off the main power line during one of the brothel’s shows and Kuen sneaks up to the second floor, knocking out two guards, and smiling to himself that the elbow move worked flawlessly. Two steps in, he finds Tiu Lan right behind him, wearing a mask no less. She’s here to get back the ransom money. Lol. Girl can’t separate from her money.

 photo Fist03 43.jpg photo Fist03 45.jpg

They open room after room, and the last room doesn’t need any help opening because Chun Mei kicks down the door with a force so strong it sends Kuen sliding back several yards. Oh Krap. He wonders who woke him up from his nap and smiles devilishly at the pair of intruders.

 photo Fist03 48.jpg

Ah Kuen steps forward and demands Yam Yam’s return. Nope. Can’t happen and so they fight, with Chun Mei being the superior fighter. He throws, twists, and kicks Kuen around like a rag doll. He’s about to rip Kuen’s shoulder blades apart when Shing Fu arrives to deliver Man Cheung’s present – mess up Chun Mei’s plan? He screams, “This is how you deliver a proper Elbow!” His strength sends Chun Mei gliding back several feet. OH YEA BABY!!! My hero!

 photo Fist03 51.jpg

With Shing Fu sparring with Chun Mei, Tiu Lan and Kuen are free to save Yam Yam from the nasty grip of Ha Moon. Tiu Lan takes Yam Yam outside while Kuen is caught in a headlock with the nasty wrestler. He remembers the tips Boh Fung taught and fiercely attacks his knee joint until he gives out with a scream. Someone cuts the line again and the darkness helps our heroes disappear from the fights safely.


Unfortunately, the Chun’s brothers have their men watch all the brothel exits. Tiu Lan, Yam Yam, and Kuen have no choice but ask for help from the one person who doesn’t want to get involved – our dentist Ying Fung.

 photo Fist03 53.jpg photo Fist03 54.jpg

The Gang leaders have an emergency meeting in which Man Cheung calls for a one-month truce between them so that they are united against the outsiders who came for the rescue. “Let it be a warning to the people. Those who oppose us will have no peace.” Noooo! Ya’ll can’t work together yet! My people are just beginning to work as one!

 photo Fist03 55.jpg

Nasty Ha Moon carries out the search party for Yam Yam and Ah Kuen that night. They force their way into the dental office and Siu Chi, our kind-hearted boy who was beaten senseless and now considered mentally impaired, stands protectively over a cabinet. OMG. Please don’t hurt him!! Ha Moon licks his mouth excitedly at the easy reveal. He pushes Siu Chi aside and finds the cabinet empty. But he’s sharper than we give him credits for and drags the whole cabinet down. The good news is our wanted man and woman are not behind the cabinet (whew), but the bad news is the discovery of their family’s Baji plaque, now deemed as an illegal possession by the gang. Uncle and Ying Fung stand rigid in place.

A Fist Within Four Walls (城寨英雄‬) Episode 4 RECAP:

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Determined to cause as much damage as possible, nasty Ha Moon tells Ying Fung to crack the plaque with his own hands. Oh gosh. Gritting his teeth and balling his fist to rein in his anger, Ying Fung does as he’s told, with bloodshot eyes and lips-quavering from the helplessness of it all. I love this symbolic scene. The old has to go before the new rises. The object is dead, but the people are living. It’s only a matter of time before a new plaque is installed! Heads up young one!

Turns out, an injured Kuen and Yam Yam are hidden in the attic at Boh Fung’s convenience store. YAY! Safest place!

 photo Fist04 7.jpg

Ying Fung dresses Kuen’s injuries and tells the gang this is as much as he can do for them. He doesn’t want to know their plans because he doesn’t want to oppose the Fellow Association. Once he leaves, Tak Liu reveals his plan to get Kuen and Yam Yam out of the city. Since 90% of the sticky rice pudding sold in Hong Kong comes from Kowloon City, the Fellow Association gains a hefty income from selling them. Their regular deliveries provide a way out of the city by placing Yam Yam and Kuen into one of the delivery carts.

 photo Fist04 8.jpg

Tiu Lan gets working to bribe one of the delivery man but is stopped by their boss. Boss Yeung (Jimmy Au) tells her he’s a businessman who calculates the risks and benefits of each transaction. He can sense from her urgency that what she needs transported is rather important and risky. Moreover, he has many mouths to feed and protect. He rejects offering her service, hinting his knowledge about her situation. Ah, smart man.

 photo Fist04 12.jpg

Yam Yam’s spineless father has the heart of wicked snake. He notices the coming and going of people from Boh Fung’s store and guesses that she must be hiding his daughter. He tattle-tells to Ha Moon (omgosh!!) and brings him to the store to cause more havoc. Good thing Boh Fung isn’t easily intimidated. She beats up every lackey he sends into her store. Fed up with his lackey’s inept skills, Ha Moon fights her himself and he picks her up without breaking a sweat. He tosses her outside the store and she falls right in the arms of her beloved son, looking horrified and embarrassed. Hehe. Well, now you pissed off the Underground fighter! FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! Okay, I feel twelve but we are defending the weak here, okay people?

He glares and screams for Ha Moon to get lost and Ha Moon walks up to him, towering over the small fighter. “You publicly offend the Association?!! We agreed this will be a warning to others! Are you working against your boss, Or Man Cheung?”

 photo Fist04 17.jpg

And Shing Fu says the hottest line ever, through gritted teeth: “In my mother’s presence, my only status is that of a son.” ❤❤❤❤

SWOOONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN. Never thought I would find a declaration of being a son this hot. X)

They fight and each takes turn head-locking the other. Boh Fung bangs her hammer and allows the search to take place. However, she has a condition. If they don’t find the girl and the man, Ha Moon has to leave a hand behind, as well as pay the damages he caused to her store.

 photo Fist04 21.jpg photo Fist04 18.jpg

And the search commences with me holding my breath like I’m the wanted people looking down at the fight below. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! They discover the compartment in the ceiling but no one is in it. Can I breathe yet? AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!

Now it’s time for the deserved compensation. I’m looking forward to see him lose a hand. But Ha Moon is a sneaky, sly bastard. He pulls Yam Yam’s dad forward, grabs his hand, and repeatedly smashes it with a hammer. “I promised you a hand but I didn’t say my hand.”

Everyone watches in horror.

 photo Fist04 25.jpg photo Fist04 24.jpg

Once they leave, Shing Fu closes up his mom’s store and fly-kicks the ceiling, revealing two pale faces of Yam Yam and Ah Kuen. He levels a mirthless look at them. “Don’t give my mom any more trouble. Next time, you answer to me.” Aww, don’t drive them away! Be a hero, Shing Fu!

 photo Fist04 27.jpg photo Fist04 26.jpg

Exasperated that his search renders no fruitful results, Ha Moon goes for the scare tactic. He locks Yam Yam’s father in the same cage and displays him in public. He gives everyone three days to hand over his bride and the man. If they don’t, he will kill everyone in Kowloon Walled City. He warns them that leaving the city is not an option and hopes they seek him out soon with good news.

The smart ones know it’s a fluke but the fear it settles in people is enough to drive a wedge among the weak.

 photo Fist04 29.jpg

Ying Fung returns to his chamber and finds Siu Chi sitting over the bed suspiciously. This habit needs to stop, Siu Chi! Ying Fung flings the bed spread over and discovers Yam Yam and a feverish Kuen under his bed. The person who delivers them there is none other than Tiu Lan and she’s hiding in the closet. Thanks Siu Chi for the tip. Lol. Siu Chi chants, “The comics says the strong exists to protect the weak.” Awww. You’re hurting my heart!

 photo Fist04 35.jpg photo Fist04 32.jpg

Uncle walks in and asks to talk. LOL. Comical scene ahead. Standing before his closet awkwardly with a shirt in hand, Ying Fung says he was just gonna …change. Uncle: “What? Are you embarrassed to change in front of me?” Of course not… Cue taking off his shirt and baring his well-defined muscles. HOHOHOHO. Our dentist keeps his body really well. Tiu Lan enjoys the view for a bit before he tosses a shirt over her head and closes the closet. HAHAHHA. Too FUNNY. I’m sorry but I didn’t hear a word Uncle was saying, but I’m sure it’s unimportant when the abs beckon my attention. X)

Here have some more of his nice body.

 photo Fist04 40.jpg

You’re welcome! =D

 photo Fist04 42.jpg

That night, Tiu Lan creeps to the building where Ying Fung is currently practicing. He’s upset with her petty trick in using Siu Chi and makes it a point to raise a fist in her face. He tells her he doesn’t want to get his family involved because the Fellow Association shows no mercy to people like them. She hangs her head for a second before spurring him to fight for them. With him on their side, they could break out of the city. He believes it’s no use to play hero for one moment of glory. Tiu Lan: “It’s better than doing nothing!” She criticizes him for acting like a coward. “You’re worst than Siu Chi!”

She instantly feels bad the moment the words came out, but he doesn’t argue. It was his fault for playing hero and getting Siu Chi beaten up in his stead. From that day onward, he would rather play a coward. She understands where he comes from and asks for just one night.

“What happens after that?”

 photo Fist04 46.jpg photo Fist04 44.jpg

Tiu Lan has a plan. It’s the same plan Tak Liu told us earlier. heh. Without Boss Yeung’s agreement, they have constructed the same delivery cart as his store and will use it to deliver Yam Yam and Kuen. Ying Fung worries about the other people and Tiu Lan gets in his face, “If killing us could save the other people, would you kill us right now?” She doesn’t care about the future, it’s the present that matters the most. Ying Fung remains quiet.

Morning. Yam Yam overhears the uncles talking about her dad being kept in a cage and she hurriedly runs to save him. THIS GIRL. OMG. I’m gonna hurt her! She’s ruining everyone’s plan! Leave the piece of trash to die! He sold you! Multiple times! Man, sometimes, I don’t understand the logic of these characters. Yes, he is your dad but there comes a point when he crosses over the line and becomes TRASH. That ship sailed.

 photo Fist04 47.jpg

When Yam Yam does find her dad injured and dehydrated, she bites her fingers and sticks it into his mouth, feeding him her own blood. EWWWWWWWWWWWWWW.



This crazy girl, now you have grossed me out! I need a shower.

She starts banging on the lock with a rock, and continuing the process until she bleeds. Ha Moon’s lackeys arrive and chuckle at the big fish they reeled in for their boss, taunting her to move the cage. Despite her scrawny self, she does move the cage inch by inch. One man hovers over her and someone smacks his back. Lordy! It’s Siu Chi to the rescue? No! No! Not you. If he gets hurt, I won’t forgive you!

 photo Fist04 55.jpg

They beat him up to a pulp, bloodied face and all. My tears. My tears. And yet, he keeps chanting the line from the comics, “The strong exists to protect the weak! I won’t let you hurt Yam Yam!” Someone, save this poor boy for me! I’ll give up a finger!

 photo Fist04 51.jpg photo Fist04 52.jpg

On the other hand, feverish Ah Kuen can’t sit still. He targets Ha Moon with some dirty tricks, first with an overhead of blocks to knock out his lackeys, then he rips his shirt to reveal his pretty, well-toned body. Another shirtless man? Wait, that’s not the point, ladies. He’s soaked himself with oil! Preventing the nasty wrestler from putting a vice grip on him. YES. YES. I love me some dirty tricks!!


 photo Fist04 60.jpg

Back to Siu Chi still getting beat up, while a helpless Yam Yam cries for them to stop hitting him. It’s your fault! With his head pushed to the ground, Siu Chi mutters, “Baji Fist will never accept defeat!” He lifts up his head like a crazed person and when the man almost delivers the death blow, Ying Fung jumps in to elbow the bad guy. Heavens! What took you so long?!!!

 photo Fist04 62.jpg

He proceeds to beat up all men that come their way, shooting an order to Siu Chi: “Protect Yam Yam.” Kay, that was hot. EEEEEE!!

 photo Fist04 63.jpg

On the other side of town, Ah Kuen handles himself pretty well against Ha Moon until Man Cheung’s daughter, Audrey, walks by and is taken as hostage! YOU DIRTY FROG! With a pretty shield in his arms, Ha Moon takes the advantage back to him. Argg. I don’t like it when dirty people play dirty. Like, how dirty could you get?

 photo Fist04 65.jpg photo Fist04 66.jpg

Alas, Ah Kuen frees her but then gets stomped real hard in the face and passes out, so does she. Nasty Ha Moon approaches the pretty girl and rips her front open. Holy Hell. And this is how Shing Fu finds them. He shouts out scumbag and delivers the death blow, killing Ha Moon on the spot. He carries Audrey away, tossing an intense glare at the unconscious Kuen. What? You’re leaving him there?! NOOOOOOOO.

We are back with Ying Fung and he barrels through the bad guys one after another. He continues his Baji pose and repeats the mantra: “The strong exists to protect the weak.” Siu Chi can’t contain his mirth at the return of his real hero. It’s so touching, that he realizes that.

 photo Fist04 77.jpg

Ying Fung sees Tiu Lan arriving and smiles at her. “I can’t let Siu Chi outshine me.” hee!!

SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! With his dorky glasses and suspenders. I die.

A Fist Within Four Walls (城寨英雄‬) Episode 5 RECAP:

 photo Fist05 1.jpg

With Nasty Ha Moon’s death confirmed by the piercing screams of his brother, Chun Mei, our gang hurries to ship Yam Yam and her dad outside of the city through the homemade pudding cart. Man, I do not like the idea of leaving Yam Yam in the care of her crippled dad. Bad idea!! Maybe I’m just an unforgiving type of person. Lol. Despite her harsh words, Tiu Lan loves and cares deeply for her girls, especially Yam Yam, and she encourages her disciple to forget the past and work hard in the future. “Don’t give up on learning how to read and write.” Aw. My tears.

 photo Fist05 3.jpg photo Fist05 4.jpg

Part of the heroic gang now, Ying Fung volunteers to drive the cart past inspection site. An intense moment arrives in the form of Rice Pudding Boss Yeung. He whispers in the lackey’s ear and he points his gun at Ying Fung, telling him to hurry up since he’s the additional cart this month. Oh my… And Yay! Boss Yeung stepped up!

 photo Fist05 6.jpg

Tiu Lan comes by his pastry shop to thank him in person and places money on the table, but he rejects her monetary compensation, promising not to tell a soul about their unplanned transaction. In a somber tone, he clarifies his interference today was to help his own skin, he couldn’t afford to have his brand name dragged down. Moreover, thirty eight people work under him. “You don’t just owe me, you owe them as well.” She bows in apology and understanding and he tells her to be careful in the future, luck won’t be on your side forever.

She refuses to take the money back and instead grabs a bowl of pudding in exchange. She takes a bite. “So good and rich…in human kindness.” Startled, Boss Yeung lifts his eyes to hers, the unfamiliar word and feeling of being appreciated wash over him. Gimme a second to wipe my eyes.

 photo Fist05 8.jpg photo Fist05 7.jpg

Back to the real trouble at hand because everyone seems to forget that Ah Kuen was unconscious near Ha Moon’s body. He’s tied down and starved next to the decaying corpse, while Chun Mei takes his brother’s measurements for his wedding gown in hell, rejoicing in the fact that his wedding will still happen. Opium Kam and Man Cheung eye Chun Mei with newfound creepiness running down their spine.

Bloodied face, Ah Kuen gives Shing Fu a knowing look and we see in flashback that he saw the deathblow conveyed by Shing Fu. He doesn’t say a word to anyone, quietly taking the blame.

 photo Fist05 9.jpg

Audrey, Man Cheung’s daughter, has a new interest in mind. She asks her father to find the mysterious muscle guy who saved her from the lecher (Ha Moon) and send him some rewards for saving his awesome daughter. “Only then is my true worth recognized.” Lol.

 photo Fist05 10.jpg

Invitation to Ha Moon’s Ghost Wedding rolls out to the people involved and Ying Fung faces pressure and guilt from his family for putting them at risks. He asks for time to figure out a solution, and sits outside to brood. Rubbing the bridge of his nose to soothe away his troubles, he’s greeted with a bottle of orange soda when he opens his eyes. Tiu Lan offers him soda because she’s been told (by him) that it’s soothing. Not in the mood for sweet drinks, Tiu Lan takes back the drink and downs it herself, but she drinks too fast and spews the content all over him, adding a burp at the end.

 photo Fist05 13.jpg

Cut to her massaging Ying Fung’s head at her salon. HA. You clever girl. He’s on to her tactic too and calls her out for it. She’s like whatever, just enjoy the service! They are so cute. His soaped-up spiky hair kills me!! When she goes over to get water, a light bulb goes off in Ying Fung’s head. Idea? What is it?!

 photo Fist05 21.jpg

Our underground fighter, Shing Fu, practices in his own gym with a punching bag (shirtless, yunno, because it’s sweaty! All the boys are taking turn to flash their abs. XD) His mother, Boh Fung, drops by for the first time to interrogate him about the murder of Ha Moon. He can fool everyone but she knows he’s the only one capable of killing him. He says so what and she observes regretfully that an innocent man will be his fall guy again. It’s true she can’t stop him from going bad, but she wishes he would stand tall for his own doings. Shing Fu believes the winner decides who’s right and who’s wrong and doesn’t see why he’s wrong. He has no time for the weak, leaving Mom speechless and she exits with tears brimming in her eyes. Sigh.

 photo Fist05 22.jpg

Holy hell. She goes straight to the tiger’s den to save Ah Kuen! She disarms the lackeys swiftly and screams at Chun Mei when she bursts through the door with: “I hate sissy guys like you! I’ve always wanted to beat you up!” LOL. Mom, it’s a stupid plan but I luff you!

 photo Fist05 26.jpg photo Fist05 27.jpg

She handles herself well but he’s more skilled and nimble, and watching worriedly from the sideline, Ah Kuen begins to muster his strength to break out of the rope. He does and joins Boh Fung. In his haste to save her from further injuries, he performs a Baji move and pushes Chun Mei with a force to his ribs, sending him flying back to the wall, spewing up blood real quick. They run and split up to get help.

 photo Fist05 29.jpg

Ying Fung formulates a plan with his fellow uncles and clan brothers. We don’t hear the details because Ah Kuen bursts through the door and calls for help. Elsewhere, Boh Fung is cornered by Chun Mei and his men. KRAPPPPPP!! She runs inside an abandoned warehouse and traps herself in there, giving Chun Mei the idea to burn her alive. Shing Fu sees the commotion and interrupts the scene. An evil glint shines in Chun Mei’s eyes. “Not a moment too soon. Here, help me avenge for my brothers. Ha Moon’s killer is in there.”

But to Shing Fu, he thinks it’s Ah Kuen! OMG! OMGOMGOMGOGMG!! Chun Mei wants him to burn his own mother alive without knowing. Good thing Shing Fu refuses to do his bidding, and Chun Mei says it’s okay, he can enjoy the show instead, and tosses the torch into the building. NOOOOOO!!

 photo Fist05 31.jpg

Shing Fu watches the torch make it way to building, recalling his mother’s words about living life fair and square, and sprints ahead to stop the torch. YAY!! Character development at the right moment! He thinks he’s saving Ah Kuen which is what makes this scene so lovely because inadvertently, he’s saving himself and his mother’s belief in his humanity.

Upsets that his evil plan has gone awry, Chun Mei asks if he’s sticking his finger in other’s business.

Shing Fu: “No, I’m the key player. I killed your brother.”

YESH! YESH! YESH! This show, you complete me. Secrets come spilling out left and right.

 photo Fist05 33.jpg

Mom listens from the inside and you can see the pride swell in her heart to her eyes. Aww.

 photo Fist05 36.jpg

Seething at the truth, Chun Mei orders to burn both mom and son, and that alarms Shing Fu. He kicks down all the wooden planks to save his mama! Mind you, he’s multi-tasking here with Chun Mei and his iron nails keeping him busy every other second. Mom walks out and poses next to her darling son like a boss. LOL.

 photo Fist05 38.jpg

The fight is interrupted because the brothel house where Ha Moon’s corpse lies in his eternal slumber caught on fire. They need Chun Mei back to take charge. He points a finger at Shing Fu and Boh Fung, swearing to take them down, and hurries away. Shing Fu piggybacks his mother home and she protests when he’s not taking her to help out Ah Kuen. He spells out his priority: “Nothing is more important than treating your wounds.” Boh Fung slaps his shoulder and he smiles, glad to be back in mother’s good graces. So cute.

So what’s the main plan? Getting water to douse the fire of course! But a lackey reports trouble at the main standpipe – their men are not returning with water. Why, oh why?

 photo Fist05 39.jpg photo Fist05 40.jpg

Cut to Ah Kuen, Ying Fung, and their whole Baji gang fighting in the rain, guarding the said pipeline. SO DAMN SATISFYING! HO YAY! They strike a Baji pose upon seeing Chun Mei and his men, and Ah Kuen shouts, “Bring it on!” Chun Mei glares at the scene before him and orders his remaining minions to get to the water source but they stand…and actually hesitate, afraid of being one of the beaten up victims lying around. HA.

 photo Fist05 46.jpg photo Fist05 48.jpg

Still, he tries to charge forward himself but Tiu Lan appears then with an umbrella and she cutely places it over herself and Ying Fung. Lol. She calculates the remaining time Chun Mei has left before his brother’s corpse gets cremated in the fire. Not long, not long, she sighs. She gives him two options: 1) A premature cremation or 2) An agreement to let all this go.

 photo Fist05 54.jpg

When he sees his people – Man Cheung and Opium Kam flanking on the enemy’s side, he smiles creepily, thinking that they are there to assist him. Tiu Lan doesn’t give a damn. If she’s going down today, she’s taking his brother’s body with her. Chun Mei turns to his comrades and gets rejected by them on the spot, both citing that his brother caused the trouble and they don’t want to get involved. Tiu Lan bellows, “Hurry up! Can you smell your brother’s bottom burning?” Lol.

Not much of a choice left, Chun Mei declares, “Our feud ends here.” LIES YOU TELL.

While I’m happy for our heroes, I also have to point out how naive they are! Making a deal with the devil himself? He’s sly and you guys have practically shown all your hands and faces! He plays in the dark, my people. Ai Ya. But, let’s retrace because this small victory means only the beginning of a struggle to gain back what they lost.

 photo Fist05 72.jpg

With their first rebellion a success, Siu Chi runs around the neighborhood basking in people’s grateful words and free food. However, Ying Fung’s uncle calls them out on their stupidity. Are they gonna spend the rest of their lives guarding the standpipe? Ying Fung says he’s not alone anymore and number means strength. It’s a start to remove the indifference everyone’s been displaying all these years. Uncle hears the words and I believe he’s touched, but alas, he’s a man with many burdens and walks away from the prideful faces of his family. You suck! Lol.

Shing Fu spends the day fixing his mother’s ceiling because he was the one to damage it earlier. hee! Mom asks him again to quit working for the triads. He turns mom down again because he doesn’t want to become a kitten in this place. When Ah Kuen shows up with some pudding as a gift, Shing Fu looks annoyed. “Your protege is here. I’m leaving.” Ha. Jealous, are we?

 photo Fist05 80.jpg

Ah Kuen chases after him and Shing Fu warns him to stop playing hero with such poor martial arts. “Don’t drag my mother down with you.” Ah Kuen thinks that he should stay near her if he cares, but Shing Fu turns his back, explaining that Kowloon Walled City has its own rules. Not melting his beliefs into the molds set up by others, Ah Kuen challenges that thinking, it’s up to a person whether to follow or break those rules. And you never know until you try.

Despite his brusque nature, Ah Kuen can tell Shing Fu is a good man, or else he wouldn’t save the girl from Ha Moon. Eyes widened, Shing Fu now knows that Ah Kuen knew it was him who killed Ha Moon. “Why didn’t you tell?”

 photo Fist05 82.jpg

Ah Kuen: “Because I would have taken that scumbag out myself.”

Breaking into a huge doofus smile, Shing Fu asks based on what skills, and Ah Kuen says hold up, “Just because I can’t fight you today, doesn’t mean I still can’t fight you tomorrow!”

“We’ll see.”

 photo Fist05 83.jpg

Poor Ah Kuen, he roams around the city, hoping to relieve the guys of their guarding duty of the standpipe, but is told it’s dangerous in the city and that he should leave. When he comes by Tiu Lan’s hair salon, she repeats the same sentiment, urging him to get going already. She gives him his bag and pushes him out the door. The poor puppy wants a home! Why are ya like this?!!

 photo Fist05 91.jpg

It’s a big fat prank! Everyone joins him just outside the gates, calling him a naive fool for falling for their bad acting. HAHAHA. He gets choked up when he sees the roster paper and his name is written on it for duty. Tiu Lan officially welcomes him to Kowloon Walled City.

— END —

Kap: So many great moments! I loved these episodes. There’s something so moving about seeing a group of oppressed people working together. The same group who was known for protecting the city that had given up when their hero died 15 years ago. They live quietly and obediently under their oppressors. With no hope, no salvation, no motivation. Then Ah Kuen, an outsider, arrived and appropriately played the part of a stimulant. I loved the idea of not having one hero to save the day. Everyone played a part in saving Yam Yam and Ah Kuen, and a little piece of kindness and courage that were buried deep in their heart. Fear of losing their loved ones kept them down, but it is also fear of losing them that drives them forward. Great parallels.

Acting-Wise: Everyone is holding their own, though I have to say Benjamin Yuen and Moon Lau are the weaker spots. Benjamin is lucky because his character is written to be likable from head to toe – the whole sexy, nerdy librarian look. If I were to pick another actor – someone with the similar build and height (and abs) but stronger acting, it would be Him Law, who also shared some sweet chemistry with Nancy in Triumph In The Skies 2. Moon Lau is not so lucky since her character is the typical spoiled, rich girl. She doesn’t have many scenes for me to fully judge her yet but the cute faces/pouting get a bit much sometimes. The best part of her scenes is the physical comedy with her and her tiny dad. She could pick dad up and throw him out with ease. XD

Carlo Ng deserves a mention because he’s super as the feminine fighter Chun Mei with red lips and white eyebrows. All the supporting characters have their own moments in the light. Love it.

For a shallow reason, let’s vote between the three guys!

Best Body: Benjamin Yuen.

Best Skills: Philip Ng.

Best Display of Athleticism: Ruco Chan.

 photo Fist05 71.jpg

  1. 19 thoughts on “A Fist Within Four Walls: Episode 3 – 5 “Number means Strength.”

    So glad you are recapping this ! Finally a TVB show I can follow ! A Ruco Chan fan and finally he is getting to play a fairly straightforward character (instead of his usual shades of grey) so hopefully will catapult him to TVB tai kor fame. Benjamin Yuen is not a great actor but somehow I always find him like able and yes, a guy in suspenders and glasses who can throw a mean punch is always attractive 🙂

    • 19 thoughts on “A Fist Within Four Walls: Episode 3 – 5 “Number means Strength.”

      Hahaha! Yes! A straightforward character with no shades, and a very nice and passionate guy! XD

      Yes, I’m weak too with his suspenders and glasses and nice hair!! Ben is lucky!

      • 19 thoughts on “A Fist Within Four Walls: Episode 3 – 5 “Number means Strength.”

        Did you feel like clapping with their small victory guarding the water pipe? I did! Kinda like Glee S1 🙂

      • 19 thoughts on “A Fist Within Four Walls: Episode 3 – 5 “Number means Strength.”

        Clapping? Oh…Lizzie… I did more than that! =D

        It was satisfying to the soul. I was secretly hoping that Ha Moon’s bum bum got burnt to dust. Lol.

        • 19 thoughts on “A Fist Within Four Walls: Episode 3 – 5 “Number means Strength.”

          yeah – I really hope there is a happy ending for everyone. Won’t spoil it for you (up to ep 18 now) but love love all the female characters in this drama. Love a good underdog story that is all heart and no schmaltz

        • 19 thoughts on “A Fist Within Four Walls: Episode 3 – 5 “Number means Strength.”

          I’m scared of the ending. Line Walker started killing off people about now 2 years ago too! *hides under cover*

  2. 19 thoughts on “A Fist Within Four Walls: Episode 3 – 5 “Number means Strength.”

    This is like one of the best TVB drama in recent years! I was bored one day and decided to check this out and totally no regrets! Fast paced and very memorable characters. And oh my it is my first time watching Ruco act and he is really handsome. 😛

    • 19 thoughts on “A Fist Within Four Walls: Episode 3 – 5 “Number means Strength.”

      First time?! *gasps* At least you picked one of the most blood-pumping shows of the year, Yoke! GREAT CHOICE!!

  3. 19 thoughts on “A Fist Within Four Walls: Episode 3 – 5 “Number means Strength.”

    Thanks for the recaps! YES very good series I am on ep 14 now, Oh man Grace Wong is pretty sexy and good in here!! I don’t think Ben is doing that bad, his acting suits this role! I read lots of complaint on Phillip NG’s acting, really I don’t think hes doing that bad of a job. Audrey is sort of more likable now, but still can’t stand the way she tries to act all cute lol and the crying oh lord!!

    • 19 thoughts on “A Fist Within Four Walls: Episode 3 – 5 “Number means Strength.”

      Lol. Ben is really lucky to have the role of Ying Fung! Hes goals~!

  4. 19 thoughts on “A Fist Within Four Walls: Episode 3 – 5 “Number means Strength.”

    lol. i gave in and watched it!!! very, very exciting! reminds me of line walker for sure since its from the same producer!!

    reading the recaps makes me crack up all over again. it’s clear you love the series because of your display of emotional outbursts here and there. LOL.

    i can’t wait for the romance to start!!

    • 19 thoughts on “A Fist Within Four Walls: Episode 3 – 5 “Number means Strength.”

      Yes, he has a knack for creating hit dramas! Love his female lead characters. 😀

      Me too! Surprised of the little romance!

  5. 19 thoughts on “A Fist Within Four Walls: Episode 3 – 5 “Number means Strength.”

    Best TVB drama this year. Good balance of action, romance, and plot.

    I want to spoil but I’m a decent human being. XD Hurry and watch K!

    • 19 thoughts on “A Fist Within Four Walls: Episode 3 – 5 “Number means Strength.”

      Good!! I want to but no time and very little time right now. =/

      • 19 thoughts on “A Fist Within Four Walls: Episode 3 – 5 “Number means Strength.”

        Up to ep22 – don’t wanna spoil so I will just say that TVB better give my girl Ka Man a happy ending … Ahh feels

        • 19 thoughts on “A Fist Within Four Walls: Episode 3 – 5 “Number means Strength.”

          Thanks Lizzie! Appreciate you holding your feels in!! *hugs*

  6. 19 thoughts on “A Fist Within Four Walls: Episode 3 – 5 “Number means Strength.”

    Episode 24!!! Aaah… So many award deserving portrayals. TVB better get it right this time!

    • 19 thoughts on “A Fist Within Four Walls: Episode 3 – 5 “Number means Strength.”

      I think I will open up a discussion post for the Ending, Lizzie. So you can release your feelings. Lol. =D

      • 19 thoughts on “A Fist Within Four Walls: Episode 3 – 5 “Number means Strength.”

        Aww thanks 🙂 but it’s okay, we are in his together!! Been such a long time that I cared to comment about a TVB show!

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