Happy Camp: Mermaids and Sailors (7/30/16)

This is a great weekend for us Li Ying’s fans. We have her on Happy Camp today (saturday), Chusen premieres tomorrow, and more episodes of The Mystic Nine on Monday and Tuesday. I’m loving this. Haven’t watched this episode yet (one more hour at work!) but the stills look ridiculously entertaining already!

Guests: Zhao Li Ying, William Chan, Wang Zi Wen, Ren Zhong, Jessica Jung.


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Our mermaid Li Ying 😀

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William Chan. You’re such a dork. And handsome. hee!

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Jessica Jung and Wang Zi Wen.

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OMG. Fuo Ye?!! FUO YE????!! What is this madness?!! LOL.

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 photo HC730 9.jpg

Such a variety trooper. This one. I might not make it out alive in this segment. XD

 photo HC730 8.jpg

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  1. 9 thoughts on “Happy Camp: Mermaids and Sailors (7/30/16)

    omg its so awkward for korean actors!! they just smile like a stone until the translator finish translating. so awkward to watch. lols.

    im quickly shipping li ying with william these days!! haha, the cameramen purpose focus on her face or his face when the other is shown onscreen. LOL. the love songs playing when they are in contact crack the hell out of me. lol happy camp is promoting these two so much. hilarious.

    li ying pushed william into the water. haha that girl.

    ren zhong is so handsome with his ponytail. heeee!

    li ying left for the water game? sucks!

  2. 9 thoughts on “Happy Camp: Mermaids and Sailors (7/30/16)

    I didn’t enjoy it as much as I expected. There were cute interactions between ZLY and WC, but I felt like Jessica was also pushed into the mix.

  3. 9 thoughts on “Happy Camp: Mermaids and Sailors (7/30/16)

    Wish there were more ZLY in this episode ..

  4. 9 thoughts on “Happy Camp: Mermaids and Sailors (7/30/16)

    LOLOLOL at William being treated by Liying and Jessica! And how was he supposed to be carried by skinny girls in high heels? :))))

    William and Liying are soo shippable, I gotta tell myself that Liying is supposed to have a boyfriend LOL. (And Jessica looks a little too plastic & plays with her hair a little too often –> see how biased I am? ;-))

    William is quite athletic, I’m impressed! Ren Zhong is adorkable. I liked him with Ruby in We Are in Love last year, though it was obvious Ruby wasn’t attracted to him LOL.

    Thanks for the vid, Kap!

  5. 9 thoughts on “Happy Camp: Mermaids and Sailors (7/30/16)

    damn that cutie-pie William is shippable with every female he’s with xD but then the same goes with ZLY and every guy she’s with xD

    ahh but I do ship the two a lot!! just bcos I love them both and they’ve acted together in so many dramas. Have they done any photoshoots together?

    BTW thanks for the video!! made my day~ wish they had more screen time for ZLY though…

    • 9 thoughts on “Happy Camp: Mermaids and Sailors (7/30/16)

      I agree!! They both look so shippable with any one and every one hahaha.

  6. 9 thoughts on “Happy Camp: Mermaids and Sailors (7/30/16)

    Ok, now that i saw the whole thing, i think Will should fire his stylist. I know he’s hot and his prettiness transcends fashion and style, but please, please someone burn that ugly sweater !!!!!!!! :/

  7. 9 thoughts on “Happy Camp: Mermaids and Sailors (7/30/16)

    What is this third wheel Jessica doing between ZLY and William! Hehe JK but wish it was just ZLY and William as the only couple on this episode. I haven’t watched this but I’m afraid i will be disappointed because weibo comments are all lamenting the fact that Old Nine Gates fell short on promotion compared to WIlliam’s drama? movie? with Jessica.

    ZLY’s hairdo here was beautiful! And did yall catch the behind the scene with Xiao Fang interviewing ZLY? Hahaha she was so cute eating and gushing at William, hehehe.

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