Character Posters for Alan Yu and Zhang Yun Long’s Xuan Yuan Sword: Han Cloud

So many package deals in this upcoming drama adaptation of Chinese game franchise Xuan Yuan Sword. This part is called Xuan-Yuan Sword Legend: The Clouds of Han (轩辕剑之汉之云) featuring rising new faces in Leon Zhang Yun Long, Alan Yu (Go Princess Go), Guan Xiao Tong (Novaland: Castle In The Sky) and Karlina Zhang Jian Ning. Hero Dog Season 2 is doing surprisingly really well in ratings, glad to see Leon leading more projects!


Leon Zhang Yun Long. He and Alan are brothers, separated at birth and raised as fighters/warriors, on opposite side. Leon belongs to the secret group called Flying Feathers, in charge of aiding Zhuge Liang’s quest to expand the Kingdom of Shu.

Wolverine’s claws?

 photo Cloud 33.jpg

Alan Yu Meng Long, younger brother, not-so-nice fighter from Wei. At least his white hair has textures. heh.

 photo Cloud 32.jpg

Our female lead, played by Guan Xiao Tong. Described as naive, straightforward, and sunny. Princess of a tribe.

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Karlina Zhang Jian Ning. One of the female warriors in Flying Feathers. Outfit approved!

 photo Cloud 30.jpg

Ju Jing Yi. She looks so pretty and like Frea said, a fairy indeed. Alan’s childhood sweetheart in the drama. Love her dress!!

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I spat out my drink!! Are you reminded of Sha Jie Jie too? This is Vengo Cao. I didn’t recognize him at first glance. Lol.

 photo Cloud 28.jpg

The veterans!

 photo Cloud 27.jpg

Supporting characters.

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Synopsis of the Game from Wiki: The game is set in the era of the Three Kingdoms, Wei, Shu and Wu and feature famous historic figures. Zhuge Liang, the chancellor of the kingdom of Shu had engaged on multiple northward military expeditions with little success. On Zhuge Liang’s Third Expedition, a secret military group called “Fei Yu” (飛羽), meaning Flying Feather, deriving its name from the two famous generals of Shu kingdom – Zhang Fei and his sworn elder brother Guan Yu), carried out various missions in the war to further the interests of Shu. However, on the Fourth Expedition, thanks to its own group of powerful secret operatives, Wei was able to discover and exploit critical weaknesses of Shu, prompting The Feathers to take action. The game addresses issues of loyalty and duty, as well as the harsh realities of warfare and peace.

The girls are styled beautifully but the boys could use some help. What’s the practicality of claws?!! Two gifs of them filming. Leon is one cheeky boy already.

 photo Cloud 34.gif

Please note the maid’s expression when he plants the kiss. LOL.

 photo Cloud 35.gif

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  1. 4 thoughts on “Character Posters for Alan Yu and Zhang Yun Long’s Xuan Yuan Sword: Han Cloud

    Package deals I spot: guan xiao tong and ju jung yi from castle in the sky and the model boys.

    Vengo looks strange!! I think it’s because hes a manly man, unlike pretty boy Ma Ke

  2. 4 thoughts on “Character Posters for Alan Yu and Zhang Yun Long’s Xuan Yuan Sword: Han Cloud

    Squeel! OMG excited. I said earlier that I rather hated Xuan Yuan Sword Rift in Sky, but this actually looks really good! I’m pretty sure I like ALL the cast and characters. Actors-wise, I prefer Leon over Alan, but honestly Alan’s character looks cooler and sounds more interesting. Not in real life, but in dramas, I like the not-so-nice-guys (not the guys who are jackasses to the girls, but the guys who can be nice, but also have dubious morals and can be more vicious than expected lol.)

    The girls are all so gorgeous! Honestly of the three, Guan Xiao Tong’s totally my bias, which y’all know by now, but Karlina’s character and look is so much more appealing! Can we get a female lead that can’t be described as “naive and sunny”?! Those are like the 2 most common female-lead-adjectives ever! I’m really looking forward to Karlina’s character. Also glad Alan gets his own girl too. With a girl like Ju Jing Yi, he’s not loosing out. Despite the fact that I love GXT and am really glad she landed the lead role (I do like my bias’s to have successful love-lines), but honestly drama wise, I wish we got to see a drama where the guy ends up with the girl who’s always stuck by them (aka Karlina here who’s also in Feather something) instead of falling in love with the random new girl they just met.

    Otherwise tho, super excited! Definitely sad that this isn’t prob coming out till 2017. Another yr of waiting. It’s frustrating that they get you pumped for a drama only to tell you, oh yeah and we’re only promoting and aint releasing till next yr.

  3. 4 thoughts on “Character Posters for Alan Yu and Zhang Yun Long’s Xuan Yuan Sword: Han Cloud

    Wait in the Flying Feathers supporting cast, doesn’t the girl warrior look like Ady An? At least I think. Maybe it’s the hair.

    And lol the veterans. Forgot her real name, but I’ll always remember the one on the right at 2008 LotCH Bao Xi Ruo, Yang Kang’s tragic mother. God she’s gorgeous and ageless.

  4. 4 thoughts on “Character Posters for Alan Yu and Zhang Yun Long’s Xuan Yuan Sword: Han Cloud

    Leon and Alan make me want to check this out even with the bad styling.

    Vengo’s acting makes me want to skip this altogether.

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