Cdrama: The Legend of Chusen (Jade Dynasty) OST

Uhmmm, well. My friend sent me an email and was like, “Did you watch the press conference of Chusen?” Me: “Of course not, I’m still on vacation (last day though. *sobs*).” Friend: “Well, they have a date on the cake…”

I hate to be the bearer of bad news ya’ll. August 8th. Remark your calendar! But I have a present to nurse your anger! hee!


01. Heroes Have Ways – Richie Ren
02. Qing Yun Zhi (name of drama) – June Wu and Eleanor Li Kai Xin
03. 离思 (Thinking of?) – Henry Huo
04. 青衣谣 (??) – Yisa Yu
05. 時光筆墨 (??) – Diamond Zhang Bi Chen


Kap: Am I the only one pleasantly surprised by the songs included (except for the rap song, LOL)? Unlike the many auto tune songs and modern rhythms, we have plenty of instrumental beats and some soulful voices (most are very young at that!) My favorites are Heroes Have Ways and Thinking Of.

Li Ying promoting for the game. Cute. 😀

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    I like the themesong. It might take time for the others to grow on me. Surprised ZLY isn’t singing this time. She seems to sing most of her dramas. Oh well

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      maybe its because she’s not lead lead? lol. plus, she was like last minute add-on so im guessing they already have everything planned out. the songs here are quite difficult for her type of voice since they reach and extend those notes for long~!

      li ying looks so cute in the game costumes. they always make her look beautiful for the game promotions!!

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    Yay a date finally confirmed!!! So near yet so far sobs! Im glad I at least have Mystic Nine to enjoy all the cute ZLY and William moments, plus the drama is actually not bad! ZLY just looks absolutely adorable! Especially the last gif kekkee!!!

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    Thank you for the update on the official release and the OST. Heroes Have Ways all the way!

    Some of the other songs are good too. But that opening song is just fun and energetic.

    Calendar re-mark!

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    The song with the best melody is 時光筆墨 but the singer’s very weak voice ruins the song. They should’ve gotten someone with a stronger voice to sing this because the melody is BEAUTIFUL but they wasted it on someone with such a weak voice who doesn’t even enunciate clearly. I can’t even make out the words she’s supposedly singing sometimes and her vocals are completely overshadowed by the background instrumentals. This sort of melody should ideally be carried by vocals (if they got someone who can actually sing well) with emotion and enough power that can be heard above the backing instruments.

    WTF at the 2nd rap song cuz it’s completely off for a wuxia and the singers can’t sing/rap well either. Clearly amateurs.

    离思 is good because Huo Zun can actually sing and the lyrics are great. This song is great as an insert song because it’s very soft and calming, so I’m glad they didn’t use this as an opener because wuxia opening themes need to be kickass.

    青衣谣 is just plain boring and the lady’s voice isn’t strong enough to carry such a song with lack of instrumental backing. Need someone with a very dynamic voice to pull this song off, but unfortunately the singer’s voice doesn’t have that dynamic quality.

    Heroes Have Ways is a decent wuxia opening song but the singer’s voice isn’t strong and dynamic enough to hit those high notes with power, so it kinda falls flat for me. I can hear him strain when it gets to the high notes so *shrug*. Also the melody is too similar to the composer’s previous theme songs so it’s another generic wuxia song with nothing unique about it.

    Apparently there are supposed to be a few more songs in preparation sung by Mayday, Jam Hsiao, and someone else (I dunno who), so I hope those songs are more kickass and energetic to get into the wuxia mood. Right now the insert songs are too soft and calming that are great for falling asleep to but not good for the kickass wuxia that Chusen is supposed to be. I heard rumors that Zhang Jie is singing a song for this so hopefully that will be good cuz Zhang Jie is pretty good at wuxia themes.

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      I agree with you on Zhang Bichen’s voice. I don’t know what happened but she definitely doesn’t match the song. Nothing wrong with her vocals though, as I know she can sing and have heard her on several occasions in shows, but this just wasn’t her jam. For some reason I keep thinking of Jane Zhang’s voice for this type of melody.

      Omg I’m hoping it won’t be Mayday doing a song, especially in wuxia. If it’s a slow song then yes but nothing wuxia like. Their theme for Lanling was already a disaster, even for longtime fans. Lol.

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        I dunno about Zhang Bichen cuz this is the only the second time I heard her sing – the first time was the live performance of 時光筆墨 at the Chusen press conference. If anything that live performance was even worse! The only live performance out of the press conference that was actually decent was Huo Zun cuz he actually sounded good.

        LOL the Lanlingwang theme song. I actually like that song but it really didn’t suit the drama.

        I hope Zhang Jie does a song cuz his opening theme for Gujian was great!

        I agree about Jane Zhang. I liked her theme song for the Painted Skin movies and the style is somewhat similar to this 時光筆墨 so they should’ve got her to sing it instead.

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          You’ve heard her before if you watched Hua Qian Gu. She sang the insert song 年輪. Even her enunciation there wasn’t great but I’m guessing it’s her style lol.

          I’m up for some Zhang Jie!

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          LOL I skipped that Nianlun song from the HQG soundtrack because I didn’t like it :p
          The soundtrack had 2 versions of the same song, one by a male singer and one by a female singer
          I hated the female singer version cuz I thought the voice was terrible so… *shrug*

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          Hahaha, wow… you have a good instinct tho!

          The composer for this song (時光筆墨) is Ikuro Fujiwara (藤原育郎) who also composed Jane Zhang’s Painted Heart (畫心) for the film Painted Skin.

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      Wasn’t the song 時光筆墨 the one posted in the previous article about Chusen? Coz I’ve loved it since then. Because I don’t understand the language, I could only tell that the melody is beautiful. It’s beautiful and sad and romantic at the same time (well, once again, I can only tell by the melody). I hope they release an MV with this song, since I’ve been imagining the hero mourning about his past and the 3 ladies, the 3 loves that were all sad and difficult :p (yeah, I’m being dramatic 😀 )

      And, I also don’t like the rap song. I don’t think it suits the atmosphere at all.

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        The melody IS very beautiful! It’s actually my favorite from the 5 in terms of melody, composition, and arrangement (the lyrics are good too), which is why I’m so annoyed they got the wrong singer for it! What a WASTE of a terrific song that I would’ve otherwise listened on repeat (if they got someone who could sing it well)!!!

        The rap song is TOTALLY wrong for a drama like Chusen and the singers aren’t very good either, so… *shrug*

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          It is my favourite too! 🙂

          For me, the melody is not only beautiful, but it is also the most suitable for the story (although a bit too mello-dramatic). From those 5 songs, I like this one and Richie Ren’s. Then again, I think Richie Ren’s song is nice to hear, but too cheerful and ‘light’. I hope there is at least one more song that is ‘spirited’ enough (dunno how to describe it 😀 ).

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    Richie Ren’s voice sends me down memory lane. He did a few wuxia series himself about a decade or more ago, and he sang the theme songs for those as well. His style really hasn’t changed much over the years so no big surprise there.

    I skipped the rap song. =P

    I’m not the biggest fan of Huo Zun to be honest. There’s just something about his vocals that does not click with me, no matter what he sings. But I’ll be frank and say he surprised me with this song. It brought me back, temporarily, to the old wuxia days.

    Is the first gu feng style song for Yisa? I’ve only listened to her mainstream stuff. The opening to 青衣谣 is as expected. It seems that any song with 青衣 (qingyi) in the title must have some opera aspect to it LOL. (For those who don’t know, Qingyi is the mature and virtuous female role in Chinese opera.) Out of the songs on this current list, I think this one speaks to me the most, probably because it’s similar to the gu feng songs that I listen to on a daily basis. So it’s more in the comfort zone for me. Lyric-wise, it’s nothing spectacular. Very poetic.

    As I’ve mentioned to shimo in a reply above, Zhang Bichen doesn’t really match the song 時光筆墨. It just sounds like something Jane Zhang Liangying would sing.

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      Probably because Huo Zun’s vocals are heavy on the nasal sound?

      Huo Zun’s song is kinda flat melody-wise BUT the lyrics are quite good so that makes up for it. This is why I was glad to see it is an insert song and NOT the opening theme because it’s too soft. Wuxia opening themes need that “oomph” that makes it epic. The opening theme song sung by Zhang Jie for Gujian is good. Also the 80’s era TVB wuxia drama theme songs composed by Wong Jim / Joseph Koo (and sung by the power duo Jenny/Roman, for example) is what I want to see in a wuxia theme song: awesome melody/instruments + awesome lyrics + awesome voices.

      The famous theme song of Painted Skin sung by Jane Zhang is composed by the same composer as the one for 時光筆墨. Chusen production company deliberately got this composer to compose the background music + ending theme song for this drama because of how good his composition was for Painted Skin movies. This is probably why we’re lamenting that they didn’t get Jane Zhang to sing 時光筆墨 LOL

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        Hmmm, perhaps. I think he’s just one of those singers that somehow don’t click with my ears even though he’s good. Plenty of those out there.

        Awesome melody and equally awesome vocals. That’s a powerful and rare combination these days. Even when the melody is beautiful the vocals can fall short of expectations. T_T

        Damn it. They should have just offered the song to Jane instead. Now we’re stuck.

        I think it’s safe to say this OST could have been better lol.

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      He’s an award winning composer so I expected good stuff from him 🙂
      Just pissed off that they didn’t get a better singer to sing a terrific song that I would’ve otherwise listened to on repeat 🙁

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      What qualifies a song as Gufeng (ancient style) ? 郁可唯’s 遠方from 電視劇「古劍奇譚」 has Erhu etc. She also sang the opening OST for Tangren’s Green Hills. The instrumentation for the latter doesn’t sound “classic” to me though. Hard to tell for sure, the song is a bit busy with multiply instruments being used at once.

      Woah.. I guess I have v weird music preferences compared to many of you. I usually like Yisa Yu’s singing voice. Generally I like soothing (weak) voices and melodies (like Lisa Ono, 朱俐靜’s 相愛的模樣 etc) so I’m not as bothered by Zhang Bichen’s singing though the sound mixing work from the version I heard sounds out of whack to me as well. — I never downloaded anything from this site actually. I started visiting this website long after it started. Never quite learned how to do things properly here.

      I’m afraid Huo Zun’s voice texture is too nasal for my taste. I had to avoid a lot of Richie Ren, Yoga Lin, Raymond Lam.. songs in the past. Just like I have to avoid brass instruments and some very gut-wrenching high-pitched violin sounds. I had classical music training for a dozen years. A lot of pop singing voices come across too nasal for me, especially for notes above a-6th-interval-above-the-middle-C. I don’t usually pay as much attention to lyrics. Usually I hear the notes, the “do re mi” of a song.

      Melody-wise, I’m allergic to several of Yu Zheng’s OSTs. Some of them are very similar to 張杰’s 劍心 in 「古劍奇譚」. The refrain/chorus part of that song, “聽琴聲瀟瀟該忘的忘不掉紅塵困住我年少.. ” part of the lyric, is very Yuma like. One example is “你的路循著他的孤獨 蜿蜒而上就是幸福 …” in Yuma’s 云中歌 (丝罗).

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        Ah. No wonder. I just did a Goog search. I guess the “2” melodies were written by the same person? I saw “作曲:譚旋”. I didn’t even try to find out who wrote the 2 songs before. There is just a bit too much of the same sub-melody being used multiple times. I could spot the cut and paste work without even checking out the details. I wish they would stop using this sub-melody over and over. 😛

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          I love gufeng <3
          Totally my jam <3
          Thanks for sharing <3

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          Thanks Chasing. Do you often listen to GF (Gu Feng)? 郁可唯’s 遠方 should qualify as GF. All 4 samples above start with at least one Chinese instruments. Dizi, qin or other Chn string instruments. Some of them add piano to the opening riff. Piano was featured solo at times in the 4th song. Melodies of both regular Mando pop and GF songs rely very heavily on the 1-2-4-5 (and 6) chords. (Musicians often write this in Roman numerals). I think they used synthesizers etc to add additional sounds. All 4 samples and 遠方 have longer “phrases”, thus use a lot more notes in each phrase within the melody. 時光筆墨 starts with 5-note phrases twice ( 一念成执着, 沧海变荒漠) , so it uses bigger note-steps from one melody-note to the next. It takes 11 melody-notes (愛上漫天的星河靜靜流淌) just for the first phrase of 遠方. So the melody sounds “more like talking”. This is an artifact of 11 small note steps.

          For those where lyricist is not the song composer, I wonder if they write the lyrics first, or the melody first (or together?). The 2nd has to adapt a lot.

          One of the major differences in the various pieces is how they choose a piano, dizi, some synthesizer sounds (or whatever they use to create Kitaro-esque and other effects), or the vocal to carry a dominant melody at different time points. (In between vocal, an instrument can dominate a bit.) And use different sets of synthesizer sounds in the different songs. This last part is what may be one of the 2 deal-breakers for me. Many pieces have this blurring (or semi-smoothing) effects during mixing. Can be tricky to master or control well. Sometimes it interferes too much with the dominant melody.

          GF singing style also uses violin-glissando type technique. Especially at the end of some phrases. Usually they don’t do this too blatantly. This can give soulful, 撒娇 etc. effects.

          IMO the exact boundaries of GF aren’t that clear cut. No one can provide an exact checklist of the required elements? 😉

          藤原育郎’s composition for 画壁 even contains some electric guitar type sounds in between vocals. I suspect a composition is often sent to a team of sound engineers who may add additional sounds to it. For better or worse. eguitar shouldn’t have been Fujiwara-san’s strong suit.

          I have heard 3 慕寒 songs, which are prob considered GF. He had a duet w 吾恩. If you like 時光筆墨’s melody, you may wanna check out Yoga lin’s 兜圈, if you don’t mind it’s not GF.

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          I’m going to have to stop commenting on this now. This is taking too much time. lol.. Thank you both for your generous opinions.

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    I loved reading your post! It’s very informative for me as I don’t know much about music. I just like to listen. Hehe.

    To answer your question, I have been listening to gu feng music on a daily basis for a year now. Not so much the ones sung by mainstream artists, but mostly the ones that you’d find on 5sing. 吾恩 is one of my favorites so I’ll check out the duet that you mentioned. I may have already listened to it before but I get them mixed up quite often. There’s way too many GF songs out there for me, haha.

    Thank you! 😀

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    @chasingpolaris, Glad to hear. And you’re v welcome! 🙂 I feel a bit like what Chen Xue Dong said. When he did an interview for Jie Mi this month. He said he was always in the way and interrupting when Yin Xiao Tian and Ying Er were having intimate discussions in Jie Mi. My apologies for interrupting.

    I didn’t say it clearly last time. But length of each phrase in the lyrics is one of the variables that can predict whether a melody will likely sound more talking-like or more cantabile-like (singing-like). I’m not a fan of “talking” style song. This is similar to the recitatives in Western operas. I prefer the aria-type more. (I only tried W opera a few times. No expert.) This corresponds to the bigger note steps. Sometimes I neglect to notice what will be obvious or not obvious to people who read what I type.

    I think it was 醉字玦 w 慕寒, 吾恩. Some of the synthesizer work at the beginning and a few spots are a bit weird to me.
    Every now and then I like 花間事 w 慕寒. The bells are a bit too audible in this one. The female singer, “Xianqi ” in your sample — I like her voice texture. I tend to not repeat-listen songs with spoken words though. The speaking interferes too much. Several GF songs do have the soothing quality I like. My troubles are (1) find aria-type melodies (2) I often find the males’ glissando singing style a bit 太娘娘腔了. idk how to put it delicately. Sorry about that. Once in a while, we can help each other look for songs we might enjoy hearing. I do have a few female singers w voice textures I like: Joanna Wang, Olivia Ong, etc. I like the melodies of ” 牛奶咖” but her voice sometimes reminds me of Hello Kitty. lol. None of these are GF. You like Liu Tao’s Nirvana OST?

    You know. It’s easier to be fan of instrumental songs. As long as you buy decent quality instruments, the sound is pretty consistent from one to the nx. A lot of the times you just need to find the compositions you like. With pop, you have to pick singer voice texture, melody, vocal & enunciation style, etc.

    I have to confess, I think I did this interrupting thing once before in another thread when you (& shimo?) were discussing Lu Yi not taking on bad guy roles. I mentioned Lu Yi kind of had bad guy roles before with Qin Hai Lu (with Gao Jing Fei and others) …. You’d have to goog if you are curious and haven’t read it. I haven’t found it yet. My back etc hurt when I sit or use computer too much.

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      No worries, I don’t think you were interrupting at all. You were just joining the conversation. 

      I’ll have to pay more attention to the styles. It’s quite interesting.

      I know what you mean by spoken words in a song. So distracting. Sometimes I just want to learn how to cut out the dialogue from the song myself. But that’s too much work. Heh.

      Joanna and Olivia are a couple of my favorite singers as well. I love the richness of their voices. I also enjoy Tanya Chua and have been listening to Rosie Yang KaiLin lately as part of a project for a friend. Rosie is recommended, if you don’t already know about her. She has only put out one album so far.

      Liu Tao’s song in Nirvana is great. I have heard the original version from Cui Zige and actually prefer Liu Tao’s. A lot more emotional. I find that a lot of female singers on 5sing either sound overly sweet or they lack the emotional depth that goes well with the lyrics.

      Instrumentals are lovely on their own. I listen to them on Youtube and my only concern is the background noise. Ones recorded in a studio are much nicer to my ears.

      Take care of your back! And you’re always welcome to join in our conversations here. It’s really what keeps this site going, methinks.

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        I heard the original version of the song I must say I also like Liu Tao’s version SO MUCH BETTER. Not only because of the emotion in the singing but also Liu Tao is actually a better singer than the original one.

        I like instrumentals too! And sometimes speaking in a song can be distracting if overdone or not done right…

        I also prefer studio recordings cuz of the noise issue that you mentioned

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          Cui Zige can’t sing live. She sang the theme to Go Go Princess at a press event and she went off tune.

          Liu Tao is a great singer. I’ve been watching her on and off on that Crossover King/Queen show.

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        Any professional singer who can’t sing live doesn’t deserve to be called a professional singer.

        I know those American Idol, etc. reality shows are scripted but at least their contestants have to get through each weekly round by a decent live performance.

        I LOVE the melody/arrangement/etc. of the theme song of Go Princess Go but for the singer’s weak and breathy voice annoys me. I didn’t realize it’s the same person as the one for the original version of Liu Tao’s song. No wonder I didn’t like the voice. (LOL it seems my pet peeves are pretty consistent)

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      @ g: I really like your posts! Very interesting and informative! 🙂 Feel free to jump in discussions anytime – it’s the point of this site LOL 🙂

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    Many thanks to both of you!
    Sorry for my typo above. I meant 牛奶咖啡.

    I explored a bit of 蔡健雅 a few years ago. Don’t remember how far I got. So far ended up only half-liking Mo Sheng Ren. Are there particular songs of hers that you like? Her voice texture may be at my preference-borderline. I prob prefer Stephanie Sun. I also half-liked 楊凱琳’s 怎麼還不愛. She hasn’t sung that many songs? Based on the few samples I heard, I’m guessing her song styles won’t be among my classic favorites. Issues with staying power. It’s the background embellishment sounds that seem to be the showstopper for me. This is a common problem for me when I search for GF songs. Surprisingly I kind of like 朴樹’s 平凡之路. That’s outside of my staple.

    Sometimes a song became more memorable just bc some drama used it for OST. lol. I also have that weakness.

    I like Christine Fan Wei Qi’s voice texture, but I have a hard time finding melodies I love from her songs. They are not bad. But not memorable to me. If I have to pick one most memorable one. It may have to be 小王子.But the process leading to that one may have been random.

    I searched for Stephanie Sun songs some a few years ago. Now I only recall Sun’s one other song. It started with a Minnan dialect lullaby. In Mandarin the song and the lullaby would be Tian Hei Hei. Cloudy Day or Dark Sky. The old lullaby starts with “Tian Hei Hei” in Minnan. I haven’t searched for it recently. I think it sounded nice-ish. I change computers sometimes. Hard to find older stuff.
    For pop, some of my favs: Stephanie Sun’s Yu Jian/Encounter (old OST for Turn Left Turn Right), A Lan … ‘s 2 OSTs from John Woo’s Red Cliff. I didn’t check to see who sang the original version of Yu Jian. I once saw Gigi Leung singing it on a video clip. I prefer Yu Jian to the other 2.
    In the future, I’ll refer to niang niang qiang as NNQ. This reference may be used again. Unfortunately.
    Unexpectedly, there are many pros and cons to having studied music. I’ll get to those slowly over time. Bit by bit.
    There are a lot of points above from all of us that I haven’t gotten to yet. I’ll get back to them next Tuesday or so. I have a major thing due next week. Date is not yet pinned down.
    BTW, what’s the antonym for NNQ? Does either 女汉子 or 女强人 (NQR) imply “bitchy” (as in fierce) quality? NQR is just typical career woman? Or women who prioritizes work above family?
    (a) What is the Chn term for “butch”. When it’s stronger than just tomboy-like or androgynous. Just trying to make sure I won’t use the wrong term. I’ll just call this Categ(ory) A.
    Have you tried 好妹妹樂隊 songs? I’m intrigued, but haven’t spent enough time on it. May be great for bedtime. lol. It’s not aria like, but likeable-ish.
    This took a lot longer than I had anticipated.

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    It’s fun to guess what songs someone would like.

    A person’s musical taste is often indicative of his/her personality too.

    BTW, Nirvana’s instrumental OSTs are quite varied and well-done.
    Zhen Huan’s OST is pretty good, but doesn’t have as much variety.
    伪装者’s main OST overlaps with 米歇尔·罗格朗’s 瑟堡的雨伞 OST. Similarly with 宋轶’s 于曼丽 and 安娜·芭麗瑤 in Nikita.

    How much have you re-listened to your old C-pop songs? Are you able to find a lot that you still like 5-15 years later?

    There are a lot of recurring and parallel themes in life. From classical music composition, to psychology, and other sciences like medicine, math, and even all the way to decision making, finance etc. For those who are able to, or good at translating musical or decision making issues or other issues into quantifiable metrics. One can usually problem-solve it and make improvements.

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    hi Captain, can you share Better Man Ost. at least the opening / closing theme? thankyou

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