11-minuter Trailer for Chen Xiao’s Mr. Delicious Miss Match

I know Chen Xiao is a busy man this month (wedding and baby), but I really hope to see his handsome face on my small screen again! With still no air date in sight, his latest modern rom-com, Mr. Delicious Miss Match (火柴小姐和美味先生) with Ivy Chen revealed a long trailer the other day to whet your appetite (uploaded it at the end). And like all your modern trailers, we have half rom-com, followed by half melo. But I kinda just let my ears enjoy their real voices. Hee!


The synopsis I translated a few months ago: Chen Xiao plays a talented chef, with his keep ability to distinguish and list off all the ingredient in every dish he’s eaten. While he’s strict and requires the best quality in his food, his handsome chef image is only a means to achieve his revenge plan. Only when he meets the heroine (Ivy Chen) that he realizes the good in him, allowing himself to be mischievous and relaxed. She’s described as frank, impulsive but provides warmth and kindness. With her keen sense of smell, unrivaled by anyone else, her dream is to travel and taste all the delicacies around the world, against her dad’s wishes – he wants her to take over the family’s rice shop. One day, dad accepts a star recruit in the form of our hero. She shares a connection with him through their love for good food – she loves to eat, he loves to cook. At some point in the story, the hero loses his sense of taste, and she stays beside his dejected self, making way for their sweet romance down the line. More secrets down the line to tear our foodie couple apart…. That’s all. XD

Our handsomest chef! Chen Xiao.

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Our heroine, Ivy Chen.

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Our OTP.

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Caesar Li Mao.

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With Vincent He Feng Tian.

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11-Minute Trailer:

  • Honestly, the trailer doesn’t compel me to watch at all. Lol. But for the sake of missing both of the Chens, I will give it a try and then decide.

Directed by Chen Chang and written by Xu Su, Mr. Delicious Miss Match has 55 episodes.

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  1. 4 thoughts on “11-minuter Trailer for Chen Xiao’s Mr. Delicious Miss Match

    …not really interested. But how is Ivy so freaking ageless and adorable! It’s like amazing. She’s just so gorgeous. I really wish Ivy would take more roles like her 1 amazing role in Black&White. That character showed a totally different side to her and displayed her skills and potential. Ever since, she like only takes cute, mary-sue characters. Her and Joe Chen both. Sigh. I ADORE them both but they always choose the same characters. Joe was great in Swordsman (despite the drama being terrible IMO), and Ivy was great in Black&White, but it’s like those are their one-hits or something. Come on girls!

    Tbh, I think it’s also partially the fact that they’ve entrenched themselves so deeply in that cute-role image that most of the scripts going their way will tend to be those characters. Vicious cycle.

    • 4 thoughts on “11-minuter Trailer for Chen Xiao’s Mr. Delicious Miss Match

      You nailed it Juli. Mary-Sue characters tend to dominate dramaland and I’m sure they are given mostly those type of scripts. Unfortunately!

  2. 4 thoughts on “11-minuter Trailer for Chen Xiao’s Mr. Delicious Miss Match

    I actually enjoyed their chemistry and the wacky, light-hearted feeling of the first half of the trailer and then shit hits the fan. I want to like this! Ivy is one of my favorite actresses to watch and Chen Xiao is Chen Xiao, nuff said. But meh, I think I will skip this.

    • 4 thoughts on “11-minuter Trailer for Chen Xiao’s Mr. Delicious Miss Match

      RYU (as in your nick)! I just belated realized your avatar is of Ryu Jun Yeol! We love the same man and woman? Lol.

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