New promo stills for Nick Wang’s modern dramas

Happy Children’s Day! In the spirit of honoring the well-being of children globally, drama production teams compete to release stills and grab your attention. Not sure why the two are related…

When A Snail Falls In Love drops 3 measly stills.

 photo Snail 51.jpg

 photo Snail 52.jpg

 photo Snail 53.jpg

Stay With Me releases a BTS video and stills of their OTP in Disney Costumes. THIS I can see the relations.

 photo Stay 21.jpg

 photo Stay 20.jpg

 photo Stay 19.jpg

 photo Stay 15.jpg

 photo Stay 18.jpg

*swings* This drama is packed with cliches. LOL. Tong Hua!!

 photo Stay 17.jpg

Ladies, can we officially call Nick by the name Duckbutt? I have proof!! Lookie at that cute little wiggle wiggle. I’m calling it! 😀

 photo Stay 16.jpg

Via: Weibo

  1. 2 thoughts on “New promo stills for Nick Wang’s modern dramas

    How does he look so good! He oozes charisma even without being in motion! T.T People, hurry up and release his productions already…

  2. 2 thoughts on “New promo stills for Nick Wang’s modern dramas

    What happened to tong Hua?? Did fame get to her head after bbjx?? None of jer projects are decent after that mega hit. And this one looks like its just basing on chemistry with the same rehash storyline. They look cute so am watching for that.

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