Viann Zhang’s scandalous behavior sparks outrage

Oh crap. This is not good for anyone involved. Paps followed Viann Zhang and then released a long video of her sharing kisses and scandalous behavior with three men and a woman (?). One of which is the producer of Song of Phoenix, Liang Zhen Hua. Another man is being identified by fans as Ma Ke. If you’re carrying out immoral behavior, why would you stand in front of the window of all places??!! Some are saying it’s a dinner party gone wrong (too much drinking), and some are deducing it as an “entertaining” gathering of big shots.

No official statement has been released.

UPDATE 5/12/16: Viann updated her weibo with a long apology, clarifying that she wasn’t kissing the men, they were merely talking in close proximity and the angle played into the scene. The only person she kissed was the the female crew member. They were merely having fun and playing many games (the quick peck seen in the photos). The producer is like an older brother and treats everyone really nice. “As a public figure, I should be careful of my image. I was wrong, and I sincerely apologize.”

Netizens scoff but in the end, these types of gatherings are not new.

Captured Photos:

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The man in black is Ma Ke.

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  1. 14 thoughts on “Viann Zhang’s scandalous behavior sparks outrage

    well, well, well. the entertainment industry is not known for its innocence.

    ma ke looks so lost when the two girls started to kiss? LOL! viann has been in a strings of scandals from plastic surgery to being a crazy ex. i think she can pull over this one… i think… but those nasty old men! ugh!

    • 14 thoughts on “Viann Zhang’s scandalous behavior sparks outrage

      It’s so sad to find about this stuff… cause it makes it appear than actresses get their roles through doing the deed with the big shots instead of being good at acting 🙁 Ma Ke does look confused… when you wrote than Ma Ke was identified as one of the men, I thought you meant he kissed her! Really glad that’s not the case

  2. 14 thoughts on “Viann Zhang’s scandalous behavior sparks outrage

    uh-oh. and Viann had been trying to remold her image after the Li Chen/FBB triangle. What a brainless bimbo she is. Poor Ma Ke’s budding career will be taken down with her.

  3. 14 thoughts on “Viann Zhang’s scandalous behavior sparks outrage

    What a shocker. Viann Zhang is known for her shaddy weibo posts and long list of exes. She also got into both plastic surgery and sex scandals so I wondered how she still got SO MANY projects in the last year… Her acting isn’t bad, but this definitely makes me question how she got all those jobs… Of course, there is also the option that this video is a one night thing and was all for fun.
    Omg, when I first read the post, thought you meant she kissed Ma Ke O_O luckily not the case because I wouldn’t know how to react to that…

  4. 14 thoughts on “Viann Zhang’s scandalous behavior sparks outrage

    I just thought she was real pretty in Condor Heroes, but then all the scandals about her just keep flowing out, huh. And that thing with Li Chen happened not too long ago…

    Quite indifferent to this but Ma Ke in that gif looks hilarious hahaha.

  5. 14 thoughts on “Viann Zhang’s scandalous behavior sparks outrage

    Honestly…I’m not very outraged. Idk. I can’t help but think if this was any other non-celeb, nobody would care and it’d just be chalked up “fun” or a party or something. Cuz if you think about it, they all participated (idk why Ma Ke’s there, but at least all the kisses required double participation for all pairs), nothing particularly amoral (i think at least). The identities of the producers are pretty dubious, but frankly, it only shows not only that Viann Zhang is willing to use these methods but also that producers are receptive to these methods. But because it’s shady-scandalous-Viann, that’s really all they care about. I’m not really defending Viann (I actually don’t really like her myself, but that’s a diff story), but honestly I really don’t think this is a huge deal.

    All I can say is, seriously paps? I know this is your job, but you really spend your time doing such trivial things? And the sad thing is the public just eats it up too.

    • 14 thoughts on “Viann Zhang’s scandalous behavior sparks outrage

      Agreed. 潜规则 in the entertainment industry is common and anyone who is in that industry clearly would know of it as well. So like you said, why make a big deal out of it?

      I really didn’t understand why people on weibo went on to trend 心疼马可. You can’t believe all that you see, NOT that I am saying he is taking part in all these, but I am just thinking he should at least know what would be going on when he went to that gathering.
      But anyways, hopefully the drama would not be greatly affected by this incident..all the hard work put in by the cast and staff..

      • 14 thoughts on “Viann Zhang’s scandalous behavior sparks outrage

        Yeah. I like Ma Ke, and I honestly don’t think any differently of him, since I really don’t see this as a huge deal (IMO at least), but he’s definitely old enough and smart enough to take responsibility for his own choices. Partaking or not, he was there, he knew (if he didn’t, well, time to be less naive and more aware) what he was getting into, so yeah. He’s a cute little newbie “xiao-xian-rou”, but at the same time, he’s also a sensible adult. There’s no need to coo over him or feel bad about him getting mixed up, that Viann’s actions are “pulling him down”. Uhhh, his own actions led him to be at that party.

        Not saying Ma Ke’s wrong or not, but I too don’t really like the 心疼马可 trend.

    • 14 thoughts on “Viann Zhang’s scandalous behavior sparks outrage

      the identity of the producer and team is pretty much confirmed. they followed them their from the filming site. lols.

      it’s considered amoral because the producer is married, but he’s out here enjoying Pretty Young Things, while harping on about being a principled person, slash good husband, etc.

      people cheat all the time, but it’s NOT right. lols. but like i said, this is the entertainment. decency and morality be damn.

      • 14 thoughts on “Viann Zhang’s scandalous behavior sparks outrage

        Ahhh. I understand. Sorry, I didn’t know the producer was married. Yeah, that’s pretty bad, but at the same time, I’m not really outraged cuz there’s zero shock factor. It’s sad how expected this kind of thing is.

  6. 14 thoughts on “Viann Zhang’s scandalous behavior sparks outrage

    Eh. Just another day in the entertainment industry.

    Have these paps never gone out to a drinking party, I wonder? Worse things have happened than an actress kissing people in her party. Lol. But because it’s Viann Zhang, everyone jumps at the opportunity to discuss and make a big deal out of it.

    • 14 thoughts on “Viann Zhang’s scandalous behavior sparks outrage

      On second thought, we might be jumping to conclusions. This doesn’t look like an orgy. Everyone has their clothes on. Vianne seems on a high, but because of her scandalous past and proclivity for self-promo, is being judged as indecent for being exuberant.

  7. 14 thoughts on “Viann Zhang’s scandalous behavior sparks outrage

    If it happens to another artists/actors, the reaction would be the same if not worse. Viann got it easy because she is willing to do what it takes to get the projects so she keeps getting the project no matter how bad her image

  8. 14 thoughts on “Viann Zhang’s scandalous behavior sparks outrage

    Poor Ma Ke. But at least he was not accused cheating with Viann. Guess he is not popular enough to warrant black PR.

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