Sun Li and Chen Xiao courted for Dai Yi Qin Shang

Close to a done deal but don’t hang your hopes up yet because filming won’t begin until September and many things can change until then. Dai Yi Qin Shang (大义秦商) has been itching to start since 2013 and is a period piece centering around the female lead (as expected), Sun Li. Set during the early modern period, the story is said to be based on a real wealthy merchant family in Shaanxi Province running and controlling the salt business, and the roles of oppressed women rising to positions of authority. Interesting storyline and a very fit choice for female lead. Chen Xiao will act as her arm candy then, following the lead of Wallace Huo. Lol. ;D


As mentioned in the news batch, Chen Xiao started filming with Ying Er for their new bickering drama, Shu Ke De Tao Hua Yun or temporarily as Shu Ke’s Luck With Women (舒克的桃花运, name was changed). The title plays on the hero’s luck with women. His name is Shu Ke and for those not familiar with 桃花运, the phrase = táo huā yùn = lucky in love, originating from a classic poem.

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For May Issue of Cosmo.

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Sun Li rocking her fly short hair like a boss for Bazaar.

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Favorite photo. The endless length of her arms and legs!

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  1. 2 thoughts on “Sun Li and Chen Xiao courted for Dai Yi Qin Shang

    another arm candy for jiejie??? lols.

    but honestly, sun li looks like his older sister…. depends whether they have that chemistry to make the romance work…

  2. 2 thoughts on “Sun Li and Chen Xiao courted for Dai Yi Qin Shang

    Ooh I’m excited about sun li anything. Lol still need to catch the legend of miyue with English subs.

    And chen Xiao is a cutie. I would love to see sun li with a guy round her age (a bit more mature looking; maybe HXM ala shanghai bund? 😀 ) but i hope this works out.

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