More Character Previews for The Mystic Nine (Old Nine Gates)

I uploaded a few more character previews of the other characters. One character in particular stood out from the rest. He might just be the scene stealer of the tomb-raiding community and Lay should be worried!


William Chan as Zhang Qi Shan. He is Zhang Qi Ling (played by Yang Yang)’s ancestor. Leader of the nine families. Synopsis: A mysterious train ride to Changsha leads to a bizarre mountain areas, where Zhang Qi Shan seeks the help of Er Yue Hong and good friend Qi Tie Zui to infiltrate a mine, resulting in the discovery of an ancient tomb. At the time, Yue Hong was in the North searching for medicines to save his wife. The trio quickly become good friends and unveil the unsettling massacre plan of the Japanese to poison the Changsha river. To protect their people and city, the nine families stand together to ward off the invaders.

However stiff his acting, William looks spiffy in these clothing. A handsome lad indeed!

 photo Old 62.jpg

 photo Old 60.jpg

 photo Old 59.jpg

 photo Old 61.jpg

 photo Old 65.jpg

Zhao Li Ying as Yin Xin Yue. Zhang Qi Shan’s wife. She looks adorable in the suit. XD

 photo Old 77.jpg

 photo Old 75.jpg

 photo Old 76.jpg

Zhang Yi Xing as Er Yue Hong. His day job is a female opera singer with a flower boy face. Is devoted to his wife.

 photo Old 71.jpg

 photo Old 72.jpg

 photo Old 70.jpg

 photo Old 74.jpg

 photo Old 73.jpg

Crystal Yuan Bing Yan (The Legend of Flying Daggers) as Ya Tou. Yue Hong’s wife. She looks super young and cute with short hair.

 photo Old 78.jpg

 photo Old 79.jpg

 photo Old 80.jpg

Ying Hao Ming as Qi Tie Zui. Ranked #8 in the family. A man skilled in fortune-telling and divination.

 photo Old 85.jpg

 photo Old 69.jpg

 photo Old 68.jpg

Harry Hu Yun Hao as Chen Pi A Si. Ranked #4 in the nine families, is said to be the most cruel.

 photo Old 67.jpg

 photo Old 66.jpg

 photo Old 81.jpg

 photo Old 82.jpg

 photo Old 83.jpg

 photo Old 84.jpg

Yang Zi Jiang.

 photo Old 86.jpg

 photo Old 87.jpg
Zhang Ming En as Zhang Fu Guan.

 photo Old 64.jpg

 photo Old 63.jpg

Character Previews:

I already posted William and Li Ying’s previews before but for the sake of those who missed them, here they are again:

William Chan.

Zhao Li Ying.

Lay Zhang Yi Xin.

Lay and Wifey, Crystal Yuan Bing Yan.

Yang Zi Jiang.

Ying Hao Ming.

Harry Hu Yun Hao. Most intriguing character thus far. *heart heart*

The Mystic Nine (Old Nine Gates) premieres June 20th.

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  1. 8 thoughts on “More Character Previews for The Mystic Nine (Old Nine Gates)

    The last guy seems impressive with an evil vibe..reminds me of Zhang Ruo Yun in Wuxin. Ying Hao Min’s expression looks a little like Han Dong’s!

    • 8 thoughts on “More Character Previews for The Mystic Nine (Old Nine Gates)

      Totally agree about the Ying Hao Min/Han Dong comparison. But while Harry’s dead-eye-expression does remind me of Zhang Ruo Yun, I honestly think his expressions have so much more life than Zhang Ruo Yun. Like even when Zhang Ruo Yun was pissed, his eyes sort of looked dead and blank. But with Harry, man you can practically feel the flames in his glare. Like, the guys shooting out lasers of revenge and intensity. His performance holds a sort of vitality Zhang Ruo Yun lacked for me.

    • 8 thoughts on “More Character Previews for The Mystic Nine (Old Nine Gates)

      DING DING DING! I thought the same about the last guy (Harry), which was why I strategically placed his trailer last. HAHHA. XD

      But I definitely agree with Juli about the intensity and vitality in Harry’s performance thus far.

  2. 8 thoughts on “More Character Previews for The Mystic Nine (Old Nine Gates)

    I totally have a thing for Chen Pi A Si rite now. William looks amazing, true, I have a serious thing for men in uniform. Like serious (Descendents of the Sun, Real Men (China version just finished watching), etc), But still I’m having serious hots for Harry’s cool swagger and lazy arrogant poses in the stills. Lay seems like a sweet guy, and Chen Pi A Si’s probably at least a little bit the bad guy here, but honestly in that one scene, seems like Lay’s character wrongs Chen Pi A Si. Assuming Lay and Ya Tou are married and CPAS has a crush on the wife. Then the scene shows her coughing in her usual sickly way, with Chen Pi A Si standing there while the door is opened, then with Lay throwing the cup at the kneeling CPAS, then CPAS being forcefully dragged away, then him with the revenge filled, grief filled eyes. I can only assume Lay wronged him, plus since he has hots for Lay’s wife.

    Whatever. All assumptions. New interests aside, still most interested in a possible better adaptation of the ZLY/William ship. Please revive the OTP. Legend of Zu totally killed the chemistry for me (and everything else along with it), so I’m hoping the pretty couple at least make a good OTP somewhere in this universe. Plus ZLY is too cute with her mischievous haughty side out.

    • 8 thoughts on “More Character Previews for The Mystic Nine (Old Nine Gates)

      Which is why Lay should be scared! Dude (Harry) has the lazy pose and dangerous ease down to an art in just 45 seconds. Very impressive and one to forward to!

      I know right?! I need a good OTP to root for and it can be ANYONE (better if the other half is Li Ying, lol)! It’s been a long time since I’m fully behind a couple… can’t remember the last time! I need this to work!

  3. 8 thoughts on “More Character Previews for The Mystic Nine (Old Nine Gates)

    William and Lay better be careful!! William needs to improve his acting or his handsome face won’t get far! Lay is also quite stiff right now. I agree with you guys, the other kid is killing it in his stills and trailer alone. I’m liking him A LOT. And he doesn’t get the girl. Poor thing. Lol. Villain!

  4. 8 thoughts on “More Character Previews for The Mystic Nine (Old Nine Gates)

    4th is easily the most compelling character even in the original source i’m looking forward to the drama adaptation.

  5. 8 thoughts on “More Character Previews for The Mystic Nine (Old Nine Gates)

    I agreed about Harry. So far I think Lay’s character can be a very interested also so really hope he can bring the most out of his character. So far fm the trailer I am more interested in Lay, Crystal and Harry’s story more than the William and ZLY. 😀

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