Vivian Sung leads drama adaptation of Don’t Be So Proud

Oh. I like the sound of this. Might be just the drama to pique a good amount of interest. And of course, I really like Vivian Sung since her heartfelt performance in Our Times. Playing her male lead is a new face, one that we have seen before in variety show, Grade One, and recently as a minor character in Li Yi Feng’s The Legend of Chusen. He’s Tong Meng Shi. Don’t Be So Proud (别那么骄傲) is a novel written by Sui Hou Zhu (随侯珠) and it’s a soul-swapping of our OTP. The idea isn’t new and we have had a few dramas with the same premise, the most popular being Kdrama Secret Garden. Our female lead’s a dance major with a gluttony for food while he’s a top, aloof student at the University next door. During a vacation between the two group of friends, they end up swapping souls when she falls in the water and he’s struck by lightning. What I like in this scenario is she actually enjoys the swap – relishing in his body while he gapes in horror at the way she treats his masculine self – stomping of feet like a little girl. LOL! Plus, the boy she likes for a long time is his roommate (along with two other entertaining roommates)!

This is gonna be so much fun!!

Booting Ceremony 4/24/16:

I’m so used to Vivian with short, spunky hair that it was hard to recognize her in long, flowing locks. What a transformation. It’s been so long since I see our female lead with long hair, or maybe I have been watching too many Twdramas, and their tendency to give the ladies short bobs frustrates me.

 photo Proud 15.jpg

 photo Proud 9.jpg

Tong Meng Shi, our male lead who wasn’t present at the ceremony. His side profile reminds me a tad of Dylan Kuo. And that’s a good resemblance. 😉

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Vivian with the producer, Angie Chai. Yep, she’s the producer of the highly successful You Are The Apple of My Eye and the upcoming The Tenants Downstairs.

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 photo Proud 3.jpg

Angie with the writer Miss Sui Hou Zhu! Surprised that writers are showing up at booting ceremony nowadays. Ding Mo showed up at Yu Zheng’s booting for Memory Lost too.

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Actresses Li Xin Ran, Angie, and Wang Chang Chang.

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Hou Yan Xi, Angie, Vivian, and Guan Hong. I’m liking our orangutan-inspired look on that kid. hehehe!

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Liu Qian Yu, Angie Chai, Vivian Sung, Li Xin Ran.

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The novel is being translated by the lovely ladies over at Fanatical. Enjoy reading. Hope the cast somewhat fits your imagination!

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  1. 8 thoughts on “Vivian Sung leads drama adaptation of Don’t Be So Proud

    I only know Vivian Sung out of the cast but this drama sounds fun. However, I’m not really liking long locks on Vivian Sung, must be because of how her fringe look so old-school (reminds me of Qiong Yao’s leading ladies in the past, lol), it made her look older and I almost couldn’t recognize her from the picture. Short bob hair actually fits her better. Anyways, I’ll be checking this out.

    • 8 thoughts on “Vivian Sung leads drama adaptation of Don’t Be So Proud

      Qiong Yao’s ladies say hi! Lol. (Please ignore Er Kang’s attempt at photobomb.)

  2. 8 thoughts on “Vivian Sung leads drama adaptation of Don’t Be So Proud

    I don’t know…I actually really like the long hair on Vivian. I don’t really feel like she looks old-old, just older than her high-school look in Our Times. Haha yay! Excited cuz I actually recognize this novel name cuz of Fanatical (I confess though, I’ve never gotten around to reading the translation).

    Honestly I’m super excited for Vivian cuz she’s awesome and pretty, but honestly Tong Meng Shi is not my fav BY FAR. Like…I didn’t hate him really, but I rather disliked many parts of his personality and scenes in Grade One. Who know? Maybe he’ll blow my mind or something.

    • 8 thoughts on “Vivian Sung leads drama adaptation of Don’t Be So Proud

      She definitely looks more feminine and her small seems to reduce half its size!

      I know nothing about Tong Meng Shi! Lol. But he doesn’t seem to be well-liked thus far from the comments. Hhaha!

  3. 8 thoughts on “Vivian Sung leads drama adaptation of Don’t Be So Proud

    Wasn’t too fond of Tong Meng Shi’s personality in Grade One but Hunan TV seems to love him…*shrugs*…

    Sounds like a fun drama and I liked Vivian in Our Times though. Might check it out when the drama is released 🙂

    • 8 thoughts on “Vivian Sung leads drama adaptation of Don’t Be So Proud

      HNTV likes troublemakers? Lol. Hoping his acting trumps his aura on variety shows!

  4. 8 thoughts on “Vivian Sung leads drama adaptation of Don’t Be So Proud

    Whew cool! I’m reading the translation at fanatical and I’m so excited for the upcoming drama adaptation. Bonus points because I actually know and loved Tong Meng Shi in Grade One. (Oops, don’t bash me up.)

    • 8 thoughts on “Vivian Sung leads drama adaptation of Don’t Be So Proud

      We are civilized folks Kate! No personal bashing! 🙂

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