Reincarnation of The Super Star (Revive): Episode 3 Recap

Our hero finally gets a chance to release some anger in this episode, but the villain gets suspicious and makes a nasty move. Don’t worry though, the fairy godmother is just one phone call away.

Episode 3 Recap

Again, we open with a scene from the past. In an underground parking lot, a man with a pair of pliers pops out from beneath a car. It’s Xie Yi’s manager, which is not a surprise really.

The next part we know. Du Fei gets into the car and drives off to his impending “death.” The manager watches him leave with his patented Evil Smirk.

After Du Fei crashes into the overturned car on the road, Mystery Man appears on the scene. He examines the body in each vehicle: one is Mu Zi Che and the other is Du Fei. Presumably, this is where he decides to force Du Fei to take over the other man’s identity.

Back in the present, Du Fei and his “mom” are having dinner with their self-invited guest, Liu Yi. Mystery Man calls him and he ducks into his room to answer the phone. The man warns Du Fei that someone is digging into his past, so he should be careful.

“You need to make use of the two women in front of you,” Mystery Man says. He’s obviously referring to Liu Yi and Lin Xuan. Particularly Liu Yi, because she’s always been a magnet for gossip.

After dinner, Liu Yi makes a big deal out of leaving. “So I’m leaving.” She eyes Du Fei. “I’m really leaving… all by my self.” Finally, mom takes pity on her and asks him to take the girl home.

When they get to her place, they bump into Liu Yi’s manager, who’s obviously been keeping tabs on her. Why are all the managers in this drama so shady? Liu Yi gets mad at him for interrupting her time with Du Fei and storms off, leaving him standing outside.

At ESE, Feng Jing tells Du Fei that he can’t use “Yun Xiu” as his stage name. When asked why, Feng Jing tells us something interesting.

Turns out, when Feng Jing used to be an actor himself, he had worked with Du Fei and admired him greatly as an actor. Guess what Du Fei’s real name was? Yun Xiu.

Du Fei is unfazed (It’s not clear to me whether he remembers working with Feng Jing). He says, “What if it’s because of him that I want to use that name even more? I will remember that Du Fei was a top notch actor. I won’t make the same mistakes he did.” Speaking passionately, he says that he wants to become a real actor.

Feng Jing is moved by the speech and agrees on the condition that Du Fei will make good on that promise with his actions. But before that can happen, he orders Du Fei to become a respectable idol first.

For anyone who’s confused, here’s a summary of the naming situation. Du Fei, who “died” in the first episode, took on the identity of Mu Zi Che. And now, he will be using the stage name Yun Xiu, which is actually his real name. For sanity’s sake, I’m going to start referring to our hero as Yun Xiu.

For Yun Xiu’s first gig, Feng Jing has cast him as the second male lead in ESE’s biggest idol drama of the year, Hua Yang. The lead actor Chu Feng, also a newbie, just came back from training for a year in Japan. Yun Xiu and Chu Feng will be formed into a unit called The Legacy.

Needless to say, Xie Yi is taken aback by Yun Xiu’s new stage name. Even the paparazzi notices that it’s the same name as Xie Yi’s “dead” best friend, but his manager puts a stop to the press conference before things get awkward.

Hua Yang starts filming and Xie Yi, who’s guest starring, acts like a big shot on set. The staff placates him by changing the filming times to fit his schedule and pressuring Yun Xiu to give up his seat for him.

Xie Yi and Chu Feng start filming a scene, but the latter keeps messing up. Instead of being encouraging to the newbie, Xie Yi warns him that if he doesn’t improve, he might get replaced. What a d-bag.

It’s finally time for Xie Yi and Yun Xiu to film a scene. Naturally, their lines are a direct parallel to the fallout of their real relationship. Yun Xiu’s character is furious at being betrayed and screams, “Are you still afraid to admit to all the things you’ve done to me?” This hits too close to home and Xie Yi struggles to finish filming. He claims to be feeling unwell and pauses the shoot.

Yun Xiu spots a depressed Chu Feng and gives him some acting advice. “Block out everything around you. When you’re acting, know when to let go and when to hold back.”

Xie Yi overhears those words and remembers Du Fei telling him the exact same thing. When he confronts him, Yun Xiu replies coolly that he heard the advice from an interview.

But Xie Yi is still suspicious, so he instructs his manager to get someone to put hoisin sauce in Yun Xiu’s food. This is a test because Du Fei was seriously allergic to hoisin sauce. You know it’s ‘bout to get serious when the villain breaks out the wine.

The scheme works because Yun Xiu collapses onto the floor during his meal, clutching his throat and breathing heavily. But when Xie Yi and his manager burst into the room to check, he’s not there.

Fairy godmother to the rescue! Yun Xiu somehow managed to dial the phone during his allergic reaction and called Feng Jing. The two make it to the hospital just in time.

When the director of the drama calls, Feng Jing covers for Yun Xiu, saying he has a last minute event that he can’t miss.

Lying in his hospital bed, Yun Xiu remembers a time when he gave away an acting role to Xie Yi in order to help his friend. When Lin Xuan accused him of being generous to a fault, he insisted that Xie Yi was a true friend worth helping.

Feng Jing wasn’t lying when he said Yun Xiu has another event because he drives him to a children’s welfare center (an orphanage). Lin Xuan is planning on holding a volunteer event there and Yun Xiu will appear alongside her. Xie Yi was supposed to be there, but cancelled last minute.

At the event, Lin Xuan tells the reporters that she’s there in memory of Du Fei, who supported the center while he was alive. She wants to continue his volunteer work for him.

Cue montage of Han Chae Young playing prettily with cute kids. When she sits down to take a break, Yun Xiu hands her a candy. She comments lightheartedly that he’s always appearing around her and he looks down shyly, unable to form a proper response. Once again, she says that his actions remind her of him, even down to the way he fumbles for words.

A little girl runs up to them, asking for the whereabouts of Du Fei. Lin Xuan leans down and says sadly, “He went somewhere very, very far away.”

Yun Xiu watches her with a pained expression and seems to come to a decision. He says, “I am Du Fei.”


I’m loving the use of cold openings for this show, which are so rare in Chinese dramas. It’s a nice way to show pieces of the past without bombarding us with flashbacks.

Feng Jing continues to steal all the scenes, but he’s not just beautiful and intense. This episode shows us that he can be pretty cunning. I expect he’ll be a powerful partner on Du Fei’s road to revenge.

Seriously though, the female characters have been disappointing so far. Lin Xuan has spent two episodes doing nothing but mourn. Liu Yi hasn’t done much either, but at least she’s entertaining.

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    I can already feel the intensity from your recaps, Lily. 🙂

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    yea, this drama is definitely about the pretty pretty boys and we have a lot of them. lols.

    at least Liu Yi is so harmless and entertaining at the moment, i don’t mind.

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    [email protected] managers being shady!! I want a fairy godmother as hot as Feng Feng too.

    BTW, when I click on the pictures, it wouldn’t open to a new page with the full size. Is something wrong? I usually just click on the picture and another page would open up so I can save the screencaps.

    Thanks for the recap!

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      Hey Angela!

      Try right clicking on the image > Open Image (or something similar depending on your browser) and it should open the full size image.

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