First teaser for My Fair Lady with Chen Yi An, Zhang Tian Ai

Webdrama My Fair Lady is based on the novel My Friend Miss Chen Bai Lu (我的朋友陈白露小姐) written by Hai Tang. It stars new faces Chen Yi An and Qu Chu Xiao as the OTP; whereas she’s a wealthy girl who falls to rock bottom financially. She then meets him, a rich runaway son, and together, they change the trajectory of their lives. Their story will be told through the eyes of their best friend, a girl who is kind and gentle, and carries a torch the for male lead, played by Zhang Tian Ai. Some articles are describing it as the Chinese Version of Gossip Girl. Oh Boy. Be yourself! Anyway, the short teaser is out and Crystal definitely has more screen time in it than the female lead as the director cast her before the wild success of Go Princess Go and had to bank on that selling point with more cuts for the rising starlet.



 photo Lady 11.jpg

 photo Lady 12.jpg

 photo Lady 16.jpg

 photo Lady 14.jpg

Li Zi Feng plays a wealthy young master. Friends with the male lead.

 photo Lady 17.jpg

 photo Lady 13.jpg

Ming Dao as a guest role in overbearing CEO.

 photo Lady 15.jpg

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 photo Lady 20.jpg

 photo Lady 19.jpg photo Lady 18.jpg

Screencaptures I took from the teaser.

 photo Lady 10.jpg

Oof. Those eyes!

 photo Lady 9.jpg

 photo Lady 8.jpg

 photo Lady 7.jpg

 photo Lady 6.jpg

 photo Lady 5.jpg

 photo Lady 4.jpg

 photo Lady 3.jpg

 photo Lady 1.jpg

 photo Lady 2.jpg


My Fair Lady premieres on Qiyi on 06/07/16.

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  1. 2 thoughts on “First teaser for My Fair Lady with Chen Yi An, Zhang Tian Ai

    i guess its a good career move to play contrasting characters… meek ones… make me mad sometimes so lets see how she carries this role.

    not impressed with the male lead though!

  2. 2 thoughts on “First teaser for My Fair Lady with Chen Yi An, Zhang Tian Ai

    Surprised that newbies are taking lead roles lately. I don’t recognize either of the leads. Don’t really dig the short bob on TIan AI though. 🙁

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