Cdrama: Ode to Joy Episodes

Finally, it’s here!

English Title: Ode to Joy
Chinese/Korean/Japanese Title: 欢乐颂
Cast: Liu Tao, Jiang Xin, Wang Zi Wen, Bridgette Qiao Xin, Yang Zi, Nick Wang, Jin Dong
# of Episodes: 45
Airing Days: M-F
Broadcasting Station: DragonTV
Synopsis: Five distinguished women residing under the same roof as they navigate their career and love life. [Credit: Me (Can’t give much away right?)]

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Our Seashell’s First Impression Rating Chart (added entertainment value b/c something can be bad but entertaining!)
– Story:
– Chemistry:
– Acting:
– Directing:
– Entertainment Value:

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  1. 55 thoughts on “Cdrama: Ode to Joy Episodes

    – Story: ✪✪✪✪
    – Chemistry: ✪✪✪✪
    – Acting: ✪✪✪✪
    – Directing: ✪✪✪½
    – Entertainment Value: ✪✪✪✪

    It’s a solid start for Ode to Joy. What’s really working for me is the chemistry between the four lead actresses. I love all four of them have distinctive personalities and they all remind me of people I know some way or another. My favorite two ladies so far would be Jiang Xin’s Fan Shengmei and Liu Tao’s Andy. They complement each other so well.

    For acting, these two ladies also shine the most. Yang Zi also does a great job portraying the extremely naive and slightly annoying Qiu Yingying. At times she reminds me of her character Hu Xiangxiang in Battle of Changsha, but not as smart. Lol.

    Bridgette Qiao Xin is practically a new face to me, despite her brief appearance in Nirvana. Her character so far is nothing complex so I’m waiting to see the layers peel off because I decide if I like her acting. I do have to say I wish I had a friend like her character though. She’s extremely supportive.

    Wang Zi Wen as Qu Xiaoxiao grates on my nerves. No, I like Wang Zi Wen as an actress, but her character is such a spoiled brat that at times I wish I could throw something at her. She’s got a sharp tongue and most of what she says is true but it’s her attitude that sets me off. But I guess in a group of four, she has to have something to make herself stand out.

    The men who have appeared so far are quite interesting. Jin Dong is actually just a cameo in this, according to the opening sequence. But every time he appears, it’s at a vital moment in Liu Tao’s life. The other man in her life is Zu Feng’s character. He’s a bit of a mystery right now, but hopefully not for long. He and Liu Tao have intellectual conversations most of the time and there’s a lot of to read between the lines.

    Wang Kai should be showing up soon, gals! Let’s hope Dr. Zhao cures Qu Xiaoxiao from being a brat. =P

    My only problem with this drama is the corny voice overs. I tweeted about it, saying that the voice over reminds me of a corny romance novel. It still has that effect.

    • 55 thoughts on “Cdrama: Ode to Joy Episodes

      Haha. At first yeah, I hated Qu Xiao Xiao, but honestly I rather like her. She pushes so many buttons, but like I said in Cbox, she can be really degrading and bratty, but she’s never purposely hurtful or over the line. For me, I just really like what a character she is. She’s so spoiled, but she never wrote off the girls of 2202 from the start. She looks down on her for certain things like lack of caution or being unreasonable, niavete, or lack of (in her opinion at least) spunk or style. But she’s never discriminating to a point of cruelty, and she doesn’t write people off based on unchangeable/uncontrollable things like looks or money. Her discriminations are very much based on changeable variables. She’s confident to the point of arrogance that can be grating, but she’s also got the brains and skills to back it up; she’s untrained and lacks experience, but when she puts her mind to it, she can make things happen. Which is why her mentor-sister relationship with Andy is one of my favs.

      Speaking of the men, LOVE the first scene with Wang Kai and Xiao Xiao. Lol she thought she was being so sly and coy and seductive, and the whole time, Wang Kai’s face plainly says “girl, I see right through you, and you’re only getting away with it cuz it’s funny and you’re cute the way you think you’re so smart”. Lol his facial expressions are so subtle and on point! The barely there “ah-hah” head-tilt and barest change in expression when she asks for his number is so obvious yet so subtle. WK obssessing rite now. God, I rewatched his minute scenes in ep 10 so many times.

      • 55 thoughts on “Cdrama: Ode to Joy Episodes

        Qu Xiaoxiao reminds me of Bai Xiaojing from Grow Up. Both are super rich and have sharp tongues. While I liked Bai Xiaojing from the start cause she practically raised herself, XX on the other hand has too many first world problems. She is smart but only in knowing how to sweet talk and use people to her advantage. That scene of her trying to translate food from Chinese to English? It’s like, girl, how do you graduate from college in the US without learning the most basic things?

        She does have redeeming qualities but I very much prefer Liu Tao and Jiang Xin right now.

      • 55 thoughts on “Cdrama: Ode to Joy Episodes

        I agree, I didn’t end up hating QXX as much as I thought I would and in fact I actually quite like her and find her amusing at times lol. QYY does remind me of HXX in BoC except she’s just a taaad more annoying and not as smart as you mentioned earlier lol. I am glad they didn’t drag out the whole Manager Bai storyline and have her naively pine after him and ignore her friend’s advice for 1/2 the drama though it would’ve been so irritating to watch.

        Also side note, thanks for the upload, Kap! 😀

  2. 55 thoughts on “Cdrama: Ode to Joy Episodes

    Seems the fun thing to do nowadays is to spot NIF actors. Was surprised to see a modern ‘Mu Qing’ and especially the evil ‘Xia Jiang’ as a doting dad . Good thing he didn’t cave in to his obnoxious and whiny daughter’s demand to be instant CEO.

    • 55 thoughts on “Cdrama: Ode to Joy Episodes

      There is a LOT of actors from NIF to spot in Ode to Joy! And some of them, really not obvious. I saw a video somewhere – can’t find the link anymore 🙁 that was showing the actors from NIF in Ode to Joy. Aside from Liu Tao, Brigitte Qiao and Wang Kai, there’s also “Mu Qing”, “Yu Jin”, “Xia Jiang”, “Li Gang”, “Consort Jing”, the Emperor, the Emperor’s younger brother, “Gao Zhan” – the Chief Eunuch, and even “Shen Zhui”… oh and I think Tong Lu too! The one most difficult to recognize was Gao Zhan LOL.

      Anyway, I’ve been looking forward to this series and so far, it’s fun to watch 🙂 Very happy with it.

  3. 55 thoughts on “Cdrama: Ode to Joy Episodes

    Marathoned the first 7 episodes and am happy to report Ode to Joy is worth watching! It’s not without flaws (chasingpolaris highlights most of the stuff I’m not a fan of), but it’s SO refreshing to watch a show where the main characters are 1) female 2) friends and 3) not fighting over guys (yet?). Each character is also pretty distinctive and are slowly becoming more fleshed out as the show goes on. I thought I’d dislike Qu Xiao Xiao, but it’s actually Qiu Yingying who’s the most annoying.. but I think that’s baked into her character.

    The funniest part is all the product placement– everything from cars to websites to seafood! Show’s out to make bank from all the ads.

    • 55 thoughts on “Cdrama: Ode to Joy Episodes

      Hahaha the product placement makes me laugh all the time – has anyone spotted the Wallace Chung coffee (?) ad that’s always in the elevator? I think I saw other people drinking it too in some other episodes lmaoo

      • 55 thoughts on “Cdrama: Ode to Joy Episodes

        Netizens have complained about omnipresent product placements in the big Korea hit drama Descendants of the Sun.

    • 55 thoughts on “Cdrama: Ode to Joy Episodes

      Have you seen the K-drama Descendants of the Sun? Product placements galore!

      • 55 thoughts on “Cdrama: Ode to Joy Episodes

        I haven’t, but it seems like product placement is here to stay! To scary thing is it kinda.. totally.. works? As in, I’d probably find myself buying one of the (many) snacks they zoom in on just out of curiosity. I would DEFINITELY be down for that Wallace Chung coffee 😀

  4. 55 thoughts on “Cdrama: Ode to Joy Episodes

    Only watched 3 episodes but loving it so far! Like what everyone has been saying, it’s awesome that the 5 main characters all have distinctive personalities and are relatable in different ways. It’s rare to see fleshed out female friendships in TV dramas, let alone between 5(!) females.

  5. 55 thoughts on “Cdrama: Ode to Joy Episodes

    You can get 1080P Ripes from MP4BA and upload on here , better quality but each episode is like 2 GB in size

    • 55 thoughts on “Cdrama: Ode to Joy Episodes

      you must be new here. team zask is all about small encodes for an average fan (like me), with slow internet speed and limited storage room. they take those enormous files, ranging from 2-10 gb per file and encode them into smaller files while retaining the most quality as possible. it reaches a wider audience and the files do stay alive longer than those huge files – accepted and retained by file hosts for shorter time, unless your a premium member. and many of us are not. 🙂

  6. 55 thoughts on “Cdrama: Ode to Joy Episodes

    – Story: ✪✪✪✪
    – Chemistry: ✪✪✪✪✪
    – Acting: ✪✪✪✪
    – Directing: ✪✪✪
    – Entertainment Value: ✪✪✪✪✪

    love everyone so far! including wang’s character. she’s bratty and spoiled but so much fun to watch!! XD

  7. 55 thoughts on “Cdrama: Ode to Joy Episodes

    Marathoned the first 8 eps and HOLY SHIT Shanying, WTF is going on here? What a waste of an otherwise talented and awesome cast!

    Not even my love of Jiang Xin and Liu Tao can keep me watching this series. I love these ladies and I like their characters but Goddamn the plot offends me on such a visceral level that I can’t watch without my blood pressure rising, so sorry, can’t even last till Wang Kai shows up.

    Jiang Xin especially is the show stealer here. A subtle and nuanced performance and full of emotion that tugs at ya. Liu Tao is badass but so far she’s a bit too aloof for my liking (OK, her character is written like that but it’s hard to identify with her)

    Brigette Qin is a pretty girl and not bad for a young actress. She’s quite sweet and likeable here.

    Yang Zi’s character irritates me and she doesn’t enunciate clearly. Pretty much everyone uses original voices here so I’m free to judge.

    But HOLY SHIT Wang Ziwen is such a Goddamn turnoff. Her character offends me on a visceral level and her voice is so FKing annoying and absolutely grates on my ears.

    Feel like dropping this already so went ahead to the novel to sneak peak and the story gets so offensive that I think I’ll spare myself the misery and drop this early.

    Going ahead in the novel, the tenets it spouts are these:

    1. Poor people, no matter how hard they work, will always be stuck at the lower stations in life, with no happiness or blessed life whatsoever and nothing they do will change their social status. Their dreams are moot because they are poor and therefore nothing they do matters in the end.

    2. People who are lucky because they are born rich will always win in life and have everything they want and everything they don’t have yet will eventually fall at their feet. Life will hand their dreams to them on a silver platter because they are born at a higher station in life.

    3. Rich/elite people can be complete assholes and still win at life, and people who are beneath them (i.e. poor people) will just have to shut up and put up with their selfishness, bullying, etc. because rich people are entitled to do what they want and get what they want.

    This entire FKing novel reeks of classism and social prejudice and the author’s entire worldview (that perpetuates through what she’s trying to preach in the novel) is so classist, elitist and problematic that everything about her warped “truth” of life (that she’s trying to preach) is offensive on every level. Screw this novel and screw the script, I’m outta here and done wasting my time with this bullshit.

    • 55 thoughts on “Cdrama: Ode to Joy Episodes

      I don’t agree with you wholeheartedly but I do agree to a certain level. I find Ode to Joy to be a VAST improvement from most other modern dramas coming out of China for 1)recognizing that their audience aren’t dumb by incorporating somewhat realistic details and 2) writing stronger women than many other dramas on the market. However, I do think the drama has untapped potential to be groundbreaking in their portrayal of their characters and everyday issues.

      Might be unpopular opinion but I find the characters come off as too bland even though they do have their background stories. Instead of portraying women that are motivated and actively trying to improve their “miserable” lives, most of what they do is complain and get bogged down by trivial issues. I find the whole thing almost shallow in the portrayal of supposedly “strong” women.

      I also think that the male leads and female leads have zero chemistry lol but that conclusion might be too premature

      • 55 thoughts on “Cdrama: Ode to Joy Episodes

        Apart from how some of the women characters are too bland to identify with (rather than bland I would say they are too cookie-cutter, like stereotypes of “strong women” instead of realistic strong women), there seems to be an underlying theme that the way to “solve” their miserable lives is to find a nice man, which I really have issues with. Why doesn’t the story show these women try to improve their lives instead of wallowing in misery? Why doesn’t the story show us how these women try to work hard for themselves and better themselves?

        Also the voice-overs narrating the inner minds of the women piss me off. FFS these actresses can act and show us their inner minds with their emoting/acting – no need for the intrusive voice-overs to dictate to us what the characters are feeling.

      • 55 thoughts on “Cdrama: Ode to Joy Episodes

        Also I totally agree with you about the male/female leads having zero chemistry with each other. The male leads in this series are very miscast. These male leads are great actors but they don’t quite fit the character, nor they have romantic chemistry with our female leads.

        I feel that especially with Jin Dong and Zu Feng – these guys are wonderful actors but they don’t quite fit the characters (based on book description and story). Also they have ZERO chemistry with Liu Tao which is another big no-no.

    • 55 thoughts on “Cdrama: Ode to Joy Episodes

      It goes to show not all shanying productions are masterpieces. Lol. We cant put them on a pedestal.

      • 55 thoughts on “Cdrama: Ode to Joy Episodes

        LOL I rarely put anything on a pedestal because then I’d just be bound for disappointment.

        That said, I expected better from Shanying, especially since this is such a great cast they got. Too bad the script sucks too much and wasted a good cast.

      • 55 thoughts on “Cdrama: Ode to Joy Episodes

        TBH I think Shanying is just relying on the nostalgia and good will and the likeability of their cast rather than actually having a decent script. It’s like, after the hits with All Quiet in Peking, Nirvana, and Disguiser, they’ve gotten this good reputation and the actors are very well-liked, so they decide they can just produce anything starring this cast and people will flock to watch it anyway.

        I mean, I’m sure ratings-wise this drama will be decent, but doesn’t mean it’s a quality drama. The plot has SO LITTLE substance and the overarching themes are downright insulting and offensive, so *shrug*

        TBH after the shit that was Love Me If You Dare, I’ve been wary of putting too much faith in Shanying productions. It’s like they grew overconfident after the success of AQIP, Nirvana, and Disguiser, so they can just put out anything and people will watch it.

        If Wang Ziwen is the lead for that Snail drama then adios, adieu, and goodbye – not even my love for Wang Kai can make me sit through a whole drama with that annoying actress as lead.

        • 55 thoughts on “Cdrama: Ode to Joy Episodes

          Personally I’m enjoying this, but I see what you mean. I’m loving it, but not because it’s particularly spectacular or anything. I agree, it’s not quite up to the shanying “standards”. I think according to recent works, it just goes to show that Shanying productions always have potential, and are largely better than average, but they still don’t quite have the skills to pull off any drama that’s anything less that plot-heavy/intricate. The slice-of-life, romantic/novel-ish, more lighthearted dramas aren’t quite in their realm of excellence. Hopefully with time, thye improve in this area (at least by the time When a Snail Loves comes out). I see what you mean about Wang Zi Wen, but personal preference, I rather like her, character flaws and all (she can be annoying but…oh well. Lol I actually have rather low standards for certain things…just with bottom-lines).

    • 55 thoughts on “Cdrama: Ode to Joy Episodes

      Oh Novel plot is that lack of inspiration? Could you spoiled more? What happen to the girls? XD

      • 55 thoughts on “Cdrama: Ode to Joy Episodes

        Andy and Qi Dian date for a while but she feels no sexual attraction to him and he is distrustful of women, always worried that women are after him for his money. Andy meets another guy (not Jin Dong’s character) and sort of gets with him instead (they spent the night together). Qi Dian finds out from Jiang Xin’s character (who didn’t mean to tell him – she just mentioned that one of them spent the night at the other’s place), gets jealous, hits Andy, and they break up. Andy eventually marries that third guy.

        All the girls gang up on Jiang Xin’s character after that because they blame her for ruining things for Andy (when it was totally unintentional because Qi Dian was looking for Andy and Jiang Xin’s character didn’t know that Andy and Qi Dian’s relationship problems). Qu Xiaoxiao leads the pack in isolating Jiang Xin’s character and sort of “casting her out” of their little group (but Qu Xiaoxiao always looked down on Jiang Xin’s character anyway because of her poverty and social standing).

        Jiang Xin’s character dates that classmate guy who came back to Shanghai to woo her. They love each other but ultimately break up because they are both poor.

        Wang Kai’s character already had a girlfriend but Qu Xiaoxiao breaks them up and gets with him. These 2 break up and make up twice.

        Qiu Yingying continues to be stupid about guys and marries a guy who is strongly hinted to NOT make her happy in the end.

        Guanguan was secretly in love with Wang Kai’s character but because he was with Qu Xiaoxiao she ends up marrying another guy instead. The guy she marries is really traditional and seems controlling.

        That’s all I can remember about the girls’ endings. Out of the 5, only Andy and Qu Xiaoxiao find happiness. The other 3 continue their non-blessed lives.

        • 55 thoughts on “Cdrama: Ode to Joy Episodes

          OMG that make me hate Qu XiaoXiao charactor more 🙁 She seem so selfish and horrible AND she got happy ending!!!! Throw-up here

          Jian Xin charactor is my fav and her sisterhood with Guanguan and Yingying keep me watching this drama.
          After read that both girl (and Andy) cast her out really make me sad 🙁 Qu xiaoxiao is a real bitch (lol)

          btw, is the guy Guanguan marriage is her senior from school?

        • 55 thoughts on “Cdrama: Ode to Joy Episodes

          Dont quote me on it but IIRC guanguan rejected her senior because of her unrequited love for wang kai’s character. She eventually gets with another guy who is the traditional dude I mentioned in the comment above.

        • 55 thoughts on “Cdrama: Ode to Joy Episodes

          Do you think they will fit the entire book with endings and all in season 1? It seems that enough episodes are left that they could cram it all in. With the leads signed up to do Season 2 & 3 – what content will be left?

  8. 55 thoughts on “Cdrama: Ode to Joy Episodes

    I’m like the sisterhood so far but QYY is super annoying. How can a girl be that clueless! There doesn’t seem to be strong chemistry between the male and female leads so far.

    Is it me or they using the Cheese in Trap Ost during many of the scenes. It thew me in for a loop.

  9. 55 thoughts on “Cdrama: Ode to Joy Episodes

    I watched the first 4 episdoes, and my bae Wang Kai hasn’t graced me on screen yet. Overall, it’s indeed worth watching like comments here said, but not that memorable. So it is definitely an easy watch. After watching NIF, it’s good to see lots of NIF casts here in Ode To Joy as completely different characters. Shandong productions are indeed different from others. I will catch up with more episodes once Viki has finished subbing. I think Wang Kai won’t come out until like ep 10 and Jin Dong only has like guest appearances. This is female-centric but those opening and ending theme songs are so misleading most of the time. My love for NIF still hasn’t died down yet. LOL
    I am more looking forward to Stay With Me with Joe Chen and Kai Kai. Will wait until it comes out to savor Kai Kai as a male lead who will finally? get the girl. XD

  10. 55 thoughts on “Cdrama: Ode to Joy Episodes

    Still early for me @ Ep. 7. Wife was wondering, “Where’s Kai at, I thought he was in this show ” . Qu Xiao Xiao is so annoying. I’d put her in a box and ship her to a remote destination.

  11. 55 thoughts on “Cdrama: Ode to Joy Episodes

    yeesss… i like this drama so far… i didnt even fast forward anything, lols. sooo… im still watching it!

    – Story: ✪✪✪✪
    – Chemistry: ✪✪✪✪✪
    – Acting: ✪✪✪✪
    – Directing: ✪✪✪½
    – Entertainment Value: ✪✪✪✪✪

    yay for girls power! haha

  12. 55 thoughts on “Cdrama: Ode to Joy Episodes

    Up to episode 14 now and wanted to update those of you still deciding whether or not to plunge in! (Warning: mild spoilers included.)

    For those of us annoyed by Qiu Yingying, the good news is that we get to see her grow up a bit. As much as the character’s personality is annoying, I actually find her a consistently and realistically written character. She’s not going to suddenly become savvy like some of the other girls, but she’s going to mature at her own pace. The main unrealistic part is believing that Yang Zi is just “average looking,” haha.

    I actually disagree with a lot of shimokuren’s verdicts. Yes, there’s a gross focus on luxury products and the trappings of upper class living. But Liu Tao’s character Andy is written as an orphan who basically worked her way up. And yes, Jiang Xin’s character cares too much about her future partner’s wealth/background. The show doesn’t necessarily endorse that, though; in fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if a big part of her story arc is going to be finding love despite that materialistic view towards marriage. Also, she’s an AMAZING friend and older sister despite this flaw.

    Some moments/characterizations I think set Ode to Joy apart from less worthwhile watches:

    – Qiu Ying Ying’s doomed office romance dragged for too long, but what a good lesson after so many dramas that show these relationships having a happily ever after ending. More often than not, it’s just messy and unpleasant at the end.

    – Qu Xiao Xiao being told to translate the documents herself before Andy will help her. I was annoyed when it seemed like Qu Xiao Xiao was going to (once again) get her way by having others do her work, but the group of girls managed to get her to put in the work herself. She still gets a ton of help, but.. baby steps.

    – Brigette’s character gets mad at Qiu Ying Ying. SO glad she’s not just a pushover when it comes to her best friend. She gets mad at Qiu Ying Ying implies that she’s on Andy’s side because Andy takes her to work in a nice car.

    – Qu Xiao Xiao decides to cancel her date with her hot doctor (Wang Kai <3 <3 all else. Chicks before dicks for sure.

    Can’t deny that there are still issues with this production, but if you’re at all intrigued by the premise or the cast, I say try it for yourself. I know I’ll be sticking around for the full run.

    • 55 thoughts on “Cdrama: Ode to Joy Episodes

      panda-pop, are you me? Lol. I agree with your post completely.

      Shimo, I can see where you’re coming from but my first thought when I read your verdicts on the novel was “well, ain’t those the truths in life”. I have seen three of those themes in real life being carried out in different ways. I have yet to read the novel but I want to see how she’s written these themes.

    • 55 thoughts on “Cdrama: Ode to Joy Episodes

      YES! all good points I TOTALLY agree with! Definitely agree with shimo that it’s perhaps not as remarkable as the classic Shanying masterpieces, but personally I find it enjoyable and not quite run-of-the-mill. I’m really liking it so far.

      The only single thing I have any major issues with (as I said in Cbox) is the OTP of Andy and Qi Dian. Like…they’re relationship is sort of…lacking. Maybe it’s Andy over-rational personality paired with Qi Dian’s over-soothing/quiet (Idk, like “bei dong” – lack of that push) personality. Separately they’re fine. But put them together in a romantic setup…ummm. It’s just a really unconvincing relationship. There’s no chemistry; no spark. Honestly I find it very much like a psychologist-patient relationship. I can’t even really see them as friends! Maybe it’s a personal problem, but I find it kind of sad. Like, the voiceovers tell us Andy is conflicted over the attraction she feels, but honestly it’s just not convincing me that either of them feel anything more than mild-curiosity-due-to-excessive-boredom-in-their-lives or something. There’s no passion, no can’t-stop-thinking-about-it, no lust even (except for that really awkward out-of-the-blue kiss in ep 15, which I can understand then why Andy “slaps” him)…the relationship itself is so passive and nothing more than what seems like mild curiosity…if even that.

      I found QYY really unbearable and childish at first, but like you, I really LOVE her slow maturation. She needed the wake-up call, but once adjusted, she’s wholehearted working hard, no resentment, no grudge despite not even being completely sure what she’s wrong about. Perhaps people think it’s not genuine to apologize for something she’s doesn’t even know why it’s wrong, but I think it’s very realistically done. It only goes to show that no she doesn’t understand, but after some talking to and a lot of trust in her sisters-in-arms, she’s willing to listen, to accept, make amends, and just keep an open mind in at least trying to understand.

      All they’re relationships are so genuinely emotional and realistic. They have their spats and disagreements, but at the end of the day, they’re never malicious or resentful of things. They talk to each other, worry about each other, but are also firm with one another, honest and not accepting of BS; there’s no compromise of self or others in these relationships; their’s perhaps growth and adjustment, but never a one-way street.

      • 55 thoughts on “Cdrama: Ode to Joy Episodes

        I do find that this series, as is the case for many other series, still focuses many standard clichés. A character who is successful in career tends to be educated abroad, and tends to sprinkle English words around. This had been true since many of the old HK TVB series, especially those involving lawyers and doctors.

        They are not good at fleshing out successful characters. They don’t seem to be able to show the progression of how a person is getting increasingly successful in detail. You send them abroad. They come back smart and successful? When they return to China, they “conduct important business” and “have important meeting” with “important clients”. That sort of sub plot lines aren’t that illuminating or convincing. I only vaguely recall “Du Lala” series trying to provide a few bits of details, but I thought she was eventually Head of HR. Not all that groundbreaking, TBH. There are many female Asian corp execs around in real life who are a lot more impressive than the Du Lala character. I find many writers, producers, directors are good at presenting cutesy conversations between characters, provide lots of flashy cars and apartment backgrounds, but lacking in real substance and detail.

        I don’t have as strong a conviction about the following, as I haven’t watched in detail. But Jin Dong’s character looks to exist in the series only for the purpose of enhancing Liu Tao’s role. Which makes JD’s character appear contrived.

        At the end of the day, the focus is on relationships. Which series doesn’t cover relationships? It’s entertaining enough, if you don’t mind some “things”, but it could have been more ambitious.

        • 55 thoughts on “Cdrama: Ode to Joy Episodes

          I just remembered…. The medical drama last year with Bai Baihe as lead was among the better ones at providing details on how a character is becoming more successful over time. I’m not currently aware of another one.

        • 55 thoughts on “Cdrama: Ode to Joy Episodes

          The awesome drama u speak of is Grow Up with Lu Yi and Bai Baihe as leads. That drama is sadly underrated since it’s one of the better modern dramas I’ve seen in a long time. LY and BBH have excellent chemistry and their acting is so subtle, natural, and nuanced. The story is very touching and my only complaint is the cliffhanger and somewhat cruel ending.

        • 55 thoughts on “Cdrama: Ode to Joy Episodes

          They totally shouldve made a sequel that resolves the big cliffhanger ending! But alas the mediocre ratings mean that this is highly unlikely ???

        • 55 thoughts on “Cdrama: Ode to Joy Episodes

          @chasingpolaris + Julianne, great minds think alike? 😉 Haha just kidding, I actually really appreciate the critiques that shimo and g and others have brought up. Kappy was right to add the “entertainment” rating– this isn’t a masterpiece by any means but it’s super entertaining for me personally!

          I’m a sucker for spoilers so I just read what shimo posted above. EEP. I already feel bad for Jiang Xin’s character, she deserves better! It’s interesting that Andy’s character (SPOILER SPOILER) doesn’t feel physically attracted to her online friend, since people have noted the lack of chemistry between the actors. Was that intentional? I also can’t help but dread Yingying and Guanguan’s future love lines since I’m not a fan of Yingying acting a fool for a man/Guanguan going out with her upperclassman. Guanguan is adorable and the guy (if it’s who I think it’s going to be?) isn’t. Superficial, but there it is.

          Has anyone read anything on whether the drama is going to stick closely to the novel’s plot? I almost hope it deviates a bit..

        • 55 thoughts on “Cdrama: Ode to Joy Episodes

          G, I think you’re talking about Grow Up with Bai Baihe and Lu Yi. It’s an underrated drama and I agree with you that it showed details on how they became successful. It definitely lived up to its title in my opinion.

        • 55 thoughts on “Cdrama: Ode to Joy Episodes


          I find her online friend Qi Dian to be a creep, for the lack of a better word. The way he’s forcing her out of that shell grates on my nerves. But it looks like he won’t be in her life for that long. Phew. I do find it interesting that he’s worried about women going after his money especially when he’s dating Andy who seems financially stable and not much of a spender.

          It’s also surprising to see that Yingying and Guanguan would isolate their beloved big sister Fan Jie. They should already know what kind of a person Qu Xiaoxiao is and how manipulative she is, so I’m just shocked that in the novel they would also join in.

        • 55 thoughts on “Cdrama: Ode to Joy Episodes

          It was great that they had 2 great actors as the leads in “Grow Up”. I hope they will be able to make more series along those lines and of that level of quality. I much prefer those 2 lead characters than a lot of the characters in Ode to Joy.

          I was initially fine with Qi Dian, but from Shimo’s description and the more recent episodes, he does seem to get increasingly creepy. Thank you, Shimo, for providing the novel ending!!!

          More series set up their characters to mimic flawed, selfish real life characters, which can sometimes be frustrating to watch as entertainment. lol… I do prefer more cerebral characters myself. More multi-dimensional and independent than the cutesy, spunky, occasionally selfish waif with a heart of gold commonly found in drama series.

        • 55 thoughts on “Cdrama: Ode to Joy Episodes

          Phew, we’re already halfway through the series! I didn’t dislike Qi Dian (the online friend) as much as most people at first but geez, dude has no chill. From episode 15 on he’s pretty much forcing Andy to let him tag along everywhere. If I learned my crush was about to meet her long-lost, potentially mentally disabled brother for the first time, I’d probaaably give her some space.

          It’d be both a letdown and kind of refreshing if none of the women end up with the guys. Maybe then they’ll cast actors with better chemistry in season 2?

  13. 55 thoughts on “Cdrama: Ode to Joy Episodes

    Looks like we’re halfway done with season 1. I read that season 2 will be filmed this September.


    The third man in Andy’s life has appeared: Bao Yifan. His “grand” entrance left Andy with a negative image of him. A couple of weibo users have mentioned how sleazy he was, chasing after her car like that, but I found it absolutely hilarious. I mean, if you want to talk about sleazy, that would be Qi Dian. Anyway, you can tell how interested he is by Andy when she talks about body temperatures and whatnot when she gets out of her car. I couldn’t stop laughing at that scene. His expression was too funny. And then at their breakfast date, that’s when he reveals his true motive. I like how he says that he doesn’t deny that he’s attracted to her but he has other priorities too e.g. saving his family’s business. Talk about honesty.

    I’m excited to see what else he’s doing to do to Andy. Hopefully nothing ridiculous like what Qi Dian does. I’m rather miffed at the way he labeled her as “his girlfriend” way before she was even ready. Ugh. I’m just waiting for him to exit the stage now.

    Another character I have no patience for is Qu Xiaoxiao. She is getting more and more out of control as the episode passes and I swear she finds entertainment in bullying Fan Jie. Before it was just a jab here and there at Fan Jie’s preference for rich businessmen and materialistic things, but now I think she’s just a bully. She’s putting Fan Jie down all the time and of course she has to share her thoughts with her boyfriend, Dr. Zhao. (I don’t know what he sees in her and I’m seriously judging him for his taste in women.) She can’t keep her mouth shut. If she weren’t from a rich family, she’d be bullied herself with that personality of hers, to be honest.
    At this point, I don’t really care what happens to her and Dr. Zhao. They can get married, have kids, whatever. As long as they’re out of sight.

    Qiu Yingying is growing up and has found a career for herself in selling coffee. Her new love interest hasn’t appeared, which is probably a good idea from the scriptwriter because she’s doing so well right now.

    Guan Guan has fallen in love with Dr. Zhao at first sight. Girl, you don’t wanna do that. Qu Xiaoxiao would have your head.

    • 55 thoughts on “Cdrama: Ode to Joy Episodes

      Lol I mentioned in the Cbox that I “dropped” (may pick back up depending on comments) Ode back in ep 18. Like I said in Cbox, I’ve officially jumped on the hate-Qu Xiao Xiao- train. Now seems like QYY and Fan jie (and Guan Guan, but when I left her plotline was pretty stagnant, and from what I hear isn’t going anywhere now either) are my fav characters. QYY esp. I do love Fan Jie (awesome sister to have) and Jiang Xin’s awesome, but her character does have her seemingly inconquerable flaws. I can understand her reasoning behind her selective partner-searching, but honestly, it also is slightly golddigger-ish in an understandable yet limiting for her character way.

      QYY’s character arc so far seems to be the most growth, most inspiring, positive, and non-stagnant. She’s actually taking her career somewhere whereas while career seems to be a big part of the show, Guan Guan, Xiao Xiao, Andy, and Fan jie’s have been pretty constant. There’s always mentions of Guan Guan’s work, but she doesn’t do much about things. Andy’s of course “efficient and capable”, Xiao Xiao started with her familial connections and continues with her neighbor-connections (still the same privileged advantages), Fan jie’s still in HR with a decent job yet still struggling financially.

      Frankly, I like Liu Tao but her character Andy doesn’t interest me much at all. She’s already successful entering the show, and only lacks in the emotional/social department. Yet she has no human interactions (save Jin Dong) outside of her neighbors, her romantic partners (specifically Qi Dian) are not a match with no chemistry…like yeah.

      Now that I’m done ranting, I think I might just keep watching cuz my rant’s incited mild curiosity.

      Rooting for Qiu Ying Ying!

      • 55 thoughts on “Cdrama: Ode to Joy Episodes

        Fan Jie has mental breakdowns in the latest episodes and it is so sad to see her like this. To her family, she’s just an ATM. Her brother gets in trouble, people are showing up at her parents’ house asking for compensation and her mother actually tells her to retract her rent money and sleep at the office so the money can be used to save her brother. Growing up, that was how it was for Fan Jie. Her parents blatantly favored her brother over her. Whenever they call, they never ask for her well-being. Nope, they just want money. Even her sis-in-law is absolute shit. QYY and GG are the only people in her life who actually treat her like family.

        I can now see why she has become a gold digger but at the same time she hasn’t done anything like become a rich man’s mistress or sell her body. She still has dignity and it feels like that’s the only thing she’s able to protect, given how terrible her family life is.

        Andy becomes more interesting after she meets her brother tbh. She has an underlying psychological problem that I feel like limits her from interacting with others, but she’s not totally emotionally inaccessible. For me, I’m OK with her interacting with just a few people because that’s how she is. But I can’t wait to see her with Bao Yifan. I feel like he will bring out another side of her.

        • 55 thoughts on “Cdrama: Ode to Joy Episodes

          Polaris, Thank you for the spoilers!

          This series just doesn’t engage me enough for me to even go as far as hating QXX. I just found QYY too helpless and frustrating at times, though she is moving up in the world and has the most character-development in the series.

          I dislike selfish characters in real life too but I do find the world is full of QXX’s. Unfortunate, but true. Very few super-successful people are both nice and competent. I see more who get successful by being ruthless than being competent actually. Many corporate leaders and politicians. There’s 1 thing to ponder on QXX though. If she wants something, she’ll go for it. Is that an admirable trait to you? That is the sort of thing that can make someone more successful.

          I saw Wang Zi Wen’s interview. She sounded a lot more normal in the interview than she did in Ode to Joy.

          Is Andy’s brother related to any of the other characters except for Andy? I can’t even remember Andy’s last name.

          I’m just lukewarm to most characters. No love, no hate.
          Fan Jie is about 30. She is kind of panicked and “desperate” to settle. That becomes the current defining factor for her, when she’s not busy helping out her roommates. I’m understanding of that, but I’m just lukewarm of the character. Having crappy Chinese relatives, male-favoritism are both rather common in real life as well. It is a real pain in the neck.

          To me, the main female characters are somewhat realistic. But I’m not fond of any one of them. It’s like going to a wedding banquet where none of the dishes on the table are my favorites. So I’m just eating slowly with minimal appetite.

  14. 55 thoughts on “Cdrama: Ode to Joy Episodes

    i used to like every character in this series. but then… sigh.

    Btw, anyone please give me a spoiler, will andy end up with qi dian or not??? oh Lord, please NOT. i prefer the 3rd guy in her life. Bao Yifan. seriously… Qi dian is just… a stalker. ught.. i dislike him so much. fast forward everything with him, but unfortunately, andy has a story with him, huft.

    for the first time, I DO NOT ENJOY WATCHING WANG KAI. thanks to xiao xiao… she’s so childish and selfish… i was glad when she started working on her own project… and helped andy but then… she has never learned anything about friendship.. all she knows is friends with benefit. im sooo done with her.

    i like seeing Andy with her boss and Bao Yifan, but… aaaaaaahhh, i really really really dislike qi dian… oh my God!!! lols… he’s just soo… ught… 😛

  15. 55 thoughts on “Cdrama: Ode to Joy Episodes


    @g: I’m not going to deny that QXX has some admirable traits, but she often lets her negative ones take over so it’s very hard to take her seriously. I like that she doesn’t sugarcoat anything but An Di can still be brutally honest while being her classy self. If QXX wonders why no one likes her, it’s not because she isn’t telling it how it is, but with the way she says and does things. I do think after the whole Fan family debacle, she’s definitely learned to tone it down a bit. I’m at peace with her character at the moment.

    And yes, this world is full people like QXX. Very unfortunate.


    Just came here to share some thoughts:

    I am immensely proud of Fan Jie for standing up to her parents. She’s always had a backbone when it came to her roomies’ troubles, e.g. trashing QYY’s ex-boyfriend’s room, but she didn’t grow one in front of her family She was a doormat and an ATM. Good thing she woke up from it all and defended herself in front of her shitty parents and her useless brother. (With the help of the 22nd floor neighbors and roomies, of course.) She’s starting over with a clean slate and here’s to hoping she will find happiness with Wang Baichuan. (He is, undoubtedly, one of my favorite men in the series. Always pick a man who’s head over heels in love with you over someone whom you’re heads over heels in love with, they say.)

    Qi Dian single-handledly wrecked his relationship with An Di and I’m sorry to say he deserved every blow from Lao Tan. Why in the world would you investigate your girlfriend’s parents when she made it clear that she had no interest in finding out? She was doing so well with getting to know her brother! There are some things better left untouched. But no, he had to go unlock Pandora’s box and create a shitstorm out of it. It was heartbreaking to watch An Di lose control of herself in front of her boyfriend and the man who supposedly fathered her. Then to be told that her mother and grandmother were mentally ill? All right there in her work office? Extremely brutal. I can’t understand why a man like Qi Dian, who knows what should and shouldn’t be done, would have the fanciest idea of bringing her birth father to her office and then proceed to let the “father” tear her apart like that. Just. REALLY? But to think about it seriously, he seems to have an ego problem. He thinks he can fix anything and everything with what’s wrong with An Di.

    Bao Yifan needs more scenes. I love his limited interactions with An Di so far and it seems like she’s very comfortable with him. There’s no awkwardness between them like there was with Qi Dian. I suppose it’s mostly due to Bao Yifan knowing when to stop and not cross boundaries. But I know this only because I read spoilers on weibo. =P Season 2 starts filming in September so I hope to see more of BYF trying to win An Di’s heart.

    (Is my bias for BYF that obvious? I think so. =P)

    • 55 thoughts on “Cdrama: Ode to Joy Episodes

      how to get rid of Qi Dian??? ught… i disliked him very much. much. much. much.

      and wait?? season 2??? aaahh… so the ending of this season 1 would be an open ending??? i just hope andy breaks up from qi dian. and start to learn and know more about BYF. hehe, you’re not alone. BYF is my bias also 😀

      thanks for spoiler. btw how many episode left???

      • 55 thoughts on “Cdrama: Ode to Joy Episodes

        SPOILERS. An Di breaks up with him after she realizes that there is a high chance of her developing the same mental illness as her mother and grandmother.

        The ending is a preview of what’s to come. We see Fan Jie running into problems with Wang Baichuan’s mother, Qiu Yingying developing a romance with Ying Qin, An Di and Bao Yifan, etc. Can’t wait for season 2!

        Yay, I’m not the only one with a BYF bias. He lights up the screen whenever he appears. Or rather, he lights up An Di’s face. LOL. I don’t think she herself realizes how comfortable she is with him.

        42 episodes altogether for season 1.

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