Back To 1989: Episode 1 “Saving the Damsel.”

Taking a break to watch some dramas! A few weeks ago, Yui recommended two dramas for me to watch. Both are Taiwanese dramas, 1) Refresh Man with Aaron Yan and Joanne Tseng and 2) Back To 1989 with a cast I’m unfamiliar with. My choice? Fresh faces! And I also like the synopsis much better. A sharply-dressed man accidentally time-travels to the year before his birth to meet his mom and find the truth about his missing father. Sounds good.

Back To 1989 (1989一念間) Episode 1 Recap:

We begin the series with these shots…

 photo Back-1.jpg

 photo Back-2.jpg

 photo Back-3.jpg

Apparently, the director knows their targeted audience. Swimmers are very strong and flexible, yes yes? Lol. Ladies, meet our male lead, Chen Che (Marcus Chang), an astute financial analyst, who’s enjoying a swim because he’s decided to quit his day job at an investment company. For what reason, we don’t know. But the kid does show signs of parental issues when the manager asks how he could heartlessly leave his position, casually throwing out the question: “How did your parents raise you?!”

Cut to his mother, Chen Ya Juan (Mini Tsai), refusing an offer to eat out with her co-worker. Dressed plainly, she works as a housekeeper, and the supervisor raises his concerns about her withdrawn and quiet personality; she’s been with the company for over two years and yet everyone only knows of her name. After he leaves, a phone call puts worried lines on her face.

 photo Back-6.jpg photo Back-5.jpg

She calls Chen Che to the hospital and apprises him of his grandfather’s worsening condition, leading to his latest fall down the staircase. When grandpa’s eyes flutter open, he says wistfully that Christmas is coming and asks for a person named Li Jin Qin to take responsibility. Ya Juan looks rattled at the mention of the said person and raises her voice at her father to stop it. He turns away from her, mumbling, “No, no, no. Ya Juan doesn’t want Li Jin Qin. She wants to give birth by herself!”

 photo Back-7.jpg

The statement hits Chen Che hard and he looks at mom curiously as she pushes grandpa down to bed, trying to stop his sputtering. Getting more worked up, Grandpa pleads earnestly: “Xiao Juan, I’ve let you down. We shouldn’t have objected Jin Qin from pursuing you…. Your mom regretted that she didn’t forgive you…” Interest piqued, Chen Che stares hard at his mom, a round of questions running around in his head.

 photo Back-9.jpg

Feeling suffocated by grandpa’s sudden awakening of guilt, Ya Juan steps outside to tamp down her rising emotions, and Chen Che follows her, determined to get some answers of his own. He has asked her the same question when he was in middle question, again when he was 18, and then again when he was in college. He repeats the question, “Where is my father?”

“He passed away.”

 photo Back-10.jpg

He calls bull crap on that response. A dead person will have a grave, he’ll be recorded and be remembered. His dad has nothing of the sorts, not even a photo. She faces him and says one more time that his father is really dead. Chen Che grabs her arm and spins her around before she can walk away, “Who is Li Jin Qin? The person who should take responsibility…” Ya Juan tells her hotheaded son that grandpa suffers from dementia, his words have no meaning and logic. She breaks free from his grasp and continues to walk down the empty aisle but he’s not finished with the pursuit for answer. “Words with no meaning don’t mean they are lies. That person definitely exists in grandpa’s memory.”

 photo Back-13.jpg photo Back-17.jpg

Frustrated with her repeated answer, he shouts at her to stop avoiding the question because he will ask her again tomorrow and the next day until he gets an answer. “Everyone has a father, I must have one too!” Before, he didn’t want to harry the answer so relentlessly, knowing that every time he’d approach the topic, she would grow distance and reticent. He thinks that Dad might have hurt her, but she, in turn, is hurting him by living in a forlorn and stranded way. All his life, he has only ever known of an ailing grandpa.

Ya Juan becomes firm and points at him. “I don’t want to bring up that person! If you ask me that question one more time, don’t treat me as your mother anymore. Don’t ever see me again!”

 photo Back-19.jpg photo Back-21.jpg

Hurt, Chen Che becomes defensive and tells her coldly with his face turned, “So what if I don’t see you? You think I care? I already don’t have a father, so what if I don’t have a mother?” Oh, you cold bastard.

Ya Juan watches as her only son trudges away and she leans against the wall for support, tears brimming in her eyes.

 photo Back-22.jpg photo Back-23.jpg

With the rain and thunder pattering against his body, Chen Che remembers his upsetting conversation with mom speeds into a tunnel, letting out a loud roar before being blinded by a bright light before him. He’s knocked off his motorcyclist and rolls a few feet before being absorbed into the light, leaving behind his safety helmet and bike.

Slowly regaining consciousness, Chen Che faces the familiar tunnel and wonders how long he was out for. He gets up, observes his surrounding, and notices his motorcycle isn’t anywhere to be found. At the entrance of the tunnel, he notes it’s not raining, and when he dials a number on his phone, it’s ringing nonfunctional.

When a girl drives down the tunnel, he stops her doing this:

 photo Back-26.jpg

Lol. This is our heroine, Ye Zhen Zhen (Ivy Shao) and she asks what he wants, and he apologizes for his brash intervention, but it was the only way to get her to stop, and asks for her cellphone. She gapes up at him, confused, not knowing what a cellphone is, and points him to a phone booth. He sizes her up and down, and comments about her old bike, “You can still use it?” Offended, she hops off her motorbike and confesses that she bought it not long ago. He can’t believe his ears and offers to pay her if she brings him to a place with people. He tries to hop on her bike and she stops him, musing at his lack of manners, “Please, thank-you, sorry… You haven’t said a word, why should I help?”

 photo Back-33.jpg photo Back-35.jpg

She’s about to leave when a car comes spiraling out of lane and towards their direction. Chen Che reflexively grabs her by the arms and swings her to safety. She pushes him away and prepares to yell at him some more before another careless driver charges down in the opposite direction and Chen Che spins her the other way, ending with her in his safe embrace. Unfortunately, no one cares about her motorbike and it gets kissed by the careless driver. In her haste to check her new baby, her head juts him in the face. Lol.

 photo Back-36.jpg photo Back-39.jpg

The angry driver gets handsy with her and Chen Che intercepts immediately to grab his wrist with one hand. His other hand, he gently pushes her (by the waist) behind his back. I am swooning. Don’t blame the deer for looking at him with a new set of eyes.

 photo Back-43.jpg

They’re at a local repair shop and everything befuddles our time-traveler. Our heroine listens to the boss and her face slowly droops at the repair fees. Chen Che tells her that if it has to do with money, it’s the easiest thing to fix. She rides on his comment and demands him to pay for it. Seeing that he doesn’t carry much cash, he takes out his credit card, and she marvels at the VISA card in his hand. “Didn’t VISA arrive in Taiwan just this year?” Chen Che lets out an incredulous laugh at her country bumpkin attitude, “I’ve been using this for ten years! What world are you living in?”

Then something dawns on him and he uses the old-fashioned phone to call the police, without noticing the big calender behind him with the year 1989 printed on it.

 photo Back-46.jpg

Chen Che puts the phone down, horror written on his face. “1989…the year before I was born?”

While he tries to understand the situation he’s stuck in, Zhen Zhen chatters on and on about the repair fees and I gotta tell you, I have the same look as Chen Che below.

 photo Back-49.jpg

 photo Back-51.jpg

To reassure her naive heart, he plucks off his Rolex watch and hands it to her as a hostage, promising to return a week later with money. With that, he runs off before her non-stop chattering gives me him a bigger headache to deal with.

 photo Back-54.jpg photo Back-53.jpg
 photo Back-55.jpg photo Back-57.jpg

At a local bar, campus prince Li Jin Qin (Yorke Sun) takes the stage, serenading all the ladies with his voice and guitar skills. Zhen Zhen sits at a table with a friend, Lin Xiao Long (Yang Zhen), and he tells her the Rolex watch is a fake. She pouts her way to his side as he distances himself, citing her bad luck as contagious. Arriving with a few drinks in hand, the bespectacled young owner Wang Zhong En (Zhang Jie) hands Zhen Zhen a drink and taps Xiao Long’s claws away from the other one, because he’s saving it for Ya Juan (Chen Che’s mom!).

And what do you know, a younger and healthier-looking Ya Juan enters the bar in a pink dress, prompting campus prince Jin Qin to sing about her tardiness. She smiles sweetly at him and joins the table, completing our circle of friends.

 photo Back-59.jpg

Zhen Zhen heads home with a sour face on and her parents are the owners of YEB Suit, the same store Chen Che went to earlier to get his suit fixed since the owner has an awesome life time warranty for the suits he made.

 photo Back-60.jpg

So where is our hero? Chen Che paces back to the tunnel and when nothing comes of help, he screams out of frustration, “To hell with 1989!” Hey! That’s not nice! Later, he finds comfort in a nearby park and uses all his physical power to rub the stamped date on a newspaper, hoping that it would magically become 2016 again. When nothing of the sort happens, his mind flashes back to the last rebellious moment he shared with his mom, realization dawning on him how cruel and disrespectful he was towards her. He leans back with a sigh and deduces that if he could travel back in time, Einstein’s theory of relativity is correct and there must be a way to go back. When his sudden outburst of I’m Chen Che and I can do everything! scares away a young couple, he sneers at the innocence of kids back in the eighties. Lol.

First step in adapting to the current world is looking presentable and finding a job. Chen Che heads to YEB to have his suit fixed, surprising Zhen Zhen’s dad because he doesn’t recall making the suit at that caliber yet.

 photo Back-66.jpg photo Back-65.jpg

Zhen Zhen, Xiao Long, and Ya Juan all work as stockbrokers at the same company, Tai Yuan Securities, which is where Chen Che strolls in confidently to apply for a position which doesn’t exist at the time – a financial analyst. He throws out a lot of big promises but Zhen Zhen’s manager, Manager Jian, questions the legitimacy of his resume and education, and once he can’t provide proof, he’s shot down quickly as a phony.

Before he leaves, Chen Che emphasizes, “You will definitely regret not hiring me.”

 photo Back-73.jpg photo Back-72.jpg

After Zhen Zhen listens to an earful of complains from her manager, she comes sobbing into the break room to make him tea, which is where Chen Che waits to strike a deal with her. He reasons with her that he can repay all the money he owes to her if she lends him some investment money. Zhen Zhen lays it thick about his unemployment and calls herself a dummy if she does believe him.

As she makes the tea, she mumbles about her miserable work life, tonight she even has a date with a big shot at Ding Shang Shark Restaurant to increase her sales numbers before the end of her 3-month probation period. Her friends warn her about the dangers of these social parties but our hot-headed heroine cheerfully tells them she will show them who’s the real tiger. Moreover, she doesn’t want to burden her parents financially. To make sure her friend is safe, Ya Juan promises to find Zhen Zhen when the clock strikes nine.

 photo Back-74.jpg photo Back-75.jpg

Turns out the big shot man is a lecher and chills go down my spine as he leers at Zhen Zhen up and down. Xiao Long tries to intervene but is sent away to buy cigarettes. Chen Che arrives outside the VIP room and witnesses Manager Jian openly pushing Zhen Zhen into the tiger’s den. When the topic of accompanying him alone to a karaoke bar, Zhen Zhen stammers and tries to get out of the situation. Chen Che steps into view then and exclaims, “I will accompany you instead.” Zhen Zhen screams a wave of relief at his entrance.

 photo Back-82.jpg photo Back-83.jpg

Chen Che catches Director Li’s attention with his statement about the fall of stock market, he even brags about knowing the exact percentage down to the decimal points. The men make a bet, if Chen Che is right, Director Li will pay him 200,000NT, but if he’s wrong, Zhen Zhen will sing with Director Li, until the sun rises.

 photo Back-84.jpg

Upset for being a pawn in the match, Zhen Zhen trails after Chen Che on the street with her non-stop babbling about the unjust and insensitive nature of the deal. With his stress level increasing with her words, he grabs her by the shoulders and screams at her to leave him alone and of course this is how Ya Juan finds them. She charges at them with her bike and falls off of it with Zhen Zhen to the side.

“Chen Ya Juan, that was really dangerous!”

Upon hearing his mother’s name, Chen Che looks up and his mouth drops when she turns around. He can’t shake off her visual and repeatedly inquires about her name, age, and parental figure.

 photo Back-85.jpg photo Back-86.jpg

The girls team up and warn him to stay away because Ya Juan’s dad is a famous astrological professor and wouldn’t let him off easy if he messes with them. He then keeps his distance but follows closely behind them.

——- END ——-

Kappy: I absolutely enjoyed episode 1 and found the stakes pretty high if the story allows the precarious time-traveling elements to play its parts seriously. One wrong move and our male lead could be wiped from existence. Which won’t happen right? Since this is rom-com, after all.

While Chen Che is a dashing male lead and well-acted out by Marcus, I have a hard time being persuaded by his story of desperation to know his father. Maybe I’m just a heartless person. But if you have no part in raising my little behind up, I don’t want to know or meet you. Which is exactly what I’m planning to do for the rest of my life. When he saw the pain it causes his mother whenever he speaks of his dad, he should’ve stopped and re-evaluated the worth of his pursuit. I do hope they explain his side of the story more so I can somewhat understand his POV.

Our female lead is your typical well-meaning heroine who could use a few more brain cells and less chattering. Lol. She’s cute but let’s give her more substantial lines, okay?

The opening themesong is nice. “A Friend” by Gary Chaw!

[Download the Song Here.]
  1. 28 thoughts on “Back To 1989: Episode 1 “Saving the Damsel.”

    i must be out of the loop because i recognize nobody from the cast!! except the mom and dad!! lol.

    the lead guy looks hot!! holy. a hot taiwanese actor. that’s rare. for me.

    • 28 thoughts on “Back To 1989: Episode 1 “Saving the Damsel.”

      Me and you both!! It’s a good thing they have an interesting plot to intrigue me!

      • 28 thoughts on “Back To 1989: Episode 1 “Saving the Damsel.”

        Hi Kappy.

        Which Chinese entertainment sites do you frequent for the latest new TV programs and movies? Thanks!

        • 28 thoughts on “Back To 1989: Episode 1 “Saving the Damsel.”

          If u wanna watch the latest chinese dramas then try they always upload mainland chinese and taiwanese shows the day or next day it airs over there. However its just all raw videos and they do korean and japanese shows as well but you have to know the title of the show to search. What i find helpful is finding the chinese title and copy n paste in the search engine of the site.

        • 28 thoughts on “Back To 1989: Episode 1 “Saving the Damsel.”

          Hi Binge! I usually go to regular sites like Sina, Qiyi, and QQ. Then of course, I stalk celebrities on twitter as a night job too. XD

        • 28 thoughts on “Back To 1989: Episode 1 “Saving the Damsel.”

          Kappy and c.HER:

          Thanks! I was asking because I wanted to see if there are other sources I can use for my blog 🙂 Hope you can check it out some time 🙂

    • 28 thoughts on “Back To 1989: Episode 1 “Saving the Damsel.”

      I’m already on the most recent episode of this drama. It’s a good one to watch! The lead actor is pretty good too despite being a newbie. Thumbs up!

      Please check out my blog too for Chinese dramas, films and food 🙂


  2. 28 thoughts on “Back To 1989: Episode 1 “Saving the Damsel.”

    Yeah everybody in this drama are newbies with only 1-2 other previous dramas that actually aired this past year besides the veteran actors. So if you haven’t kept up with 2015 taiwanese dramas you won’t recognize them. From what i remember Marcus debuted in To the Dearest Intruder as 2nd male lead oposite Amber An and Melvin Sia. Ivy played 2nd lead in When I See you Again starring Jasper Liu and Mandy Wei. I know the other boys too, the guitar price and friend are both from the very popular family daily drama Bitter Sweet.

    • 28 thoughts on “Back To 1989: Episode 1 “Saving the Damsel.”

      Thanks for the tidbits! It’s always nice to see second leads pulling to the top. 😉

  3. 28 thoughts on “Back To 1989: Episode 1 “Saving the Damsel.”

    Wow, I have no idea this was even a T-drama. Always thought it was a K-drama each time I saw the title, haha.

    Looking forward to your recaps!

    I’m watching Refresh Man right now and while it’s silly, the chemistry between the two leads is strong in and outside of the drama.

    • 28 thoughts on “Back To 1989: Episode 1 “Saving the Damsel.”

      I feel like I see Aaron every month in a new drama, hence a break from his crop of projects. hehe.

    • 28 thoughts on “Back To 1989: Episode 1 “Saving the Damsel.”

      Never like Aaaron Yan in all of his drama except for Alice in Wonder City. I thought he will act in mature theme dramas after Alice but Taiwanese TV doesn’t have much to offer other than idol drama though.

      • 28 thoughts on “Back To 1989: Episode 1 “Saving the Damsel.”

        I agree. His performance in Alice in Wonder City stunned me. Prior to that, I never thought of him as an actor until his portrayal of He Ting Yu made me do a double take. Unfortunately Taiwan doesn’t produce many of these dramas.

        Refresh Man’s plot is very typical but I love the way that they tell the story and execute certain elements. There’s high school scenes in there, so we get to see Aaron and Joanne in their awkward teenage selves. We still don’t know what happened to them in high school but their reunion in the present time is anything but dull. And as I mentioned above, their chemistry is strong. It makes me wonder why they waited 6 years before working again.

  4. 28 thoughts on “Back To 1989: Episode 1 “Saving the Damsel.”

    Great recap! It’s nice to see new faces.

    So interesting that it’s back to 1989. Isn’t that a pretty controversial year for Mainland China…

    • 28 thoughts on “Back To 1989: Episode 1 “Saving the Damsel.”

      I’m the worst historian ever, Lily. Please don’t inquire me for details about 1989. Lol.

    • 28 thoughts on “Back To 1989: Episode 1 “Saving the Damsel.”

      1989 is also the turning point of Taiwan from dictatorial Government to multi party system with uiniversal suffrage.

  5. 28 thoughts on “Back To 1989: Episode 1 “Saving the Damsel.”

    Omo!! This new guy is handsome and has a well-toned body! I like! Where can I find me some of him? At least the girl is cute.

    There’s a new Tdrama that premiered yesterday and would love to hear your first impression!

  6. 28 thoughts on “Back To 1989: Episode 1 “Saving the Damsel.”

    YAY!!! i’m so glad that you gave it a try. i hope you will watch refresh man too 😀
    i love the ending themesong too, two people.

    aaahh, i havent watched the latest episode cuz my macbook is just ‘dead’ now, and it’s in ibox service center now. and i dont like watching it on iphone, too small. i couldn’t see Marcus clearly, lols.

    Marcus and Aaron both are my fave now. sorry K-oppa, im just being soooo unfaithful.

    have you watched Descendant of the sun? i heard that C-viewers are all over Song joongki. emm.. but im trying hard to be faithful to Marcus and Aaron, hahahaha…

    • 28 thoughts on “Back To 1989: Episode 1 “Saving the Damsel.”

      Haha yes! Before I went on my k-ent hiatus a year ago, Yoo Seung Ho and mild case of Song Joong Ki were my thing. Then they both went to the army. YSH was my ultimate k-bias. But post-army, his works have been so lackluster and uninteresting I didn’t even bother researching the summaries and promos. Pre-military, SJK was just a passing interest with an on-watch-for-good-stuff-cuz-I-kinda-like-him-but-don’t-know-him thing going on. I never watched anything he was in, but I heard glowing reviews and he seemed like a competent and versatile actor and not just a pretty face. But even so, he wasn’t really a thing for me. But post-army! Man. I’m all over that. Admittedly like I said over on c-box, part of it is just the fact that his character is a charming smooth spec-ops dude. Despite all the Bourne-paranoia over government, I have a thing for army-war-patriotic characters and movies. Who doesn’t love a man in uniform? I think my fav part of his character is that he unapologetic-ly puts the country, his career first. Unless it was a moral or life/death issue, I doubt he’d give up his job for the girl (I mean, the guy’s already been rejected countless times because of his job yet he unlike the typical k-drama lead chooses to get over the girl instead of giving up the army and going after her). She also happens to treat her job with the same respect. The drama setup itself isn’t overwhelmingly original, but the seriousness with which he treats his job and his respect towards it is pretty atypical. So far the script-writers haven’t just used his spec-ops job as a plot device or romanctic-obstacle-tool.

      Lol some of my fav movies/dramas are super patriotic army stuff. Lone Survivor, Disguiser, (there’s more that I can’t remember). Point, a lot of people say it’s government brain-wash or stuff, but I eat that stuff up like crazy. Like, I get crazy emotional over things like that. The whole heroic-soldier-sacrifice-for-comrade-and-country stuff. God that’s like my. sweet. spot. Haha you can see why I like DotS so much (and why I hate Bourne…god that thing makes me so paranoid and cynical it makes me feel complicated and icky). So far DotS hasn’t brought up the whole corrupt-machiavellian-military dilemma yet. The general, while a little unreasonable in the personal level, is a very moral and reasonable general and so far SJK’s orders have for the most part been things he can stand behind.

      Plus he really pulled it off for me too. Like, he used to be all boyish-pretty-smiley-next-door-neighbor-cute-crush type. And now, while he’s still not very bulky for a spec-ops dude, he’s got a sharper, wittier, smirkier edge that he’s surprisingly believable in.

      Still not really back into the K-drama game, but def keeping an eye on SJK now.

      • 28 thoughts on “Back To 1989: Episode 1 “Saving the Damsel.”

        i watched Dots. and totally YES with your comment above. basically im not that hooked with dots, not like i was into Signal. have you guys watched signal??? A HIGHLY RECOMMENDED ONE. minimalist love story, but a very deep one, and the story was just… great. aaahhh, i gave it 4.999/5 lols.

        but SJK is definitely the new definition of hawt oppa… lols. he totally ruined my k-oppas bias list. time to say goodbye to some names, lols. im an unfaithful fan, i know 😛

        now im focusing myself into Tw dramas. im not so into ancient dramas nowadays… i hope you or kap or others would recommend me some good C-modern dramas 😀

        • 28 thoughts on “Back To 1989: Episode 1 “Saving the Damsel.”

          Ancient dramas used to be my thing, but they’ve gone so “pop” now. Like I don’t think that’s the word for it, but it’s all so idol-y trope-y unoriginal hero-journey stuff. Like Wuxia has classic elements, but they have to build off that, not just take it as it is! Ancient drama is supposed to be like the epitome of imagination. The things you can do with history, with the holes in history, with folklore, fairytales, fantasy, heroes. And now it’s become so…bland. and unappealing. I have to say, with TW dramas, I tend to stay clear of those unless there’s something I know I like. So if you come across so great TW dramas, feel free to recommend!

          btw, what’s Signal? I stepped out of the K-world, so I’m not really familiar with any new stuff or ent-news (only cuz DotS is literally so hot in China now that my isolated non-drama-watching-only-reads-chinese-news-articles Mother in California is asking me about it…)

        • 28 thoughts on “Back To 1989: Episode 1 “Saving the Damsel.”

          Signal was drama airing last ‘season’, lols. it ended on early march, im not sure. but you can search signal drama,
          i highly recommend you to watch signal. it’s far from typical k-dramas. i totally agree with knets that signal is one of the nominees for best drama 2016. no doubt.

          nah, that’s why im not so into ancient nowadays. i watched some, but didnt finish it. not just bcuz the sub is very slow, but also the story didnt reach me, sigh. i miss Nirvana In Fire so bad. something like that. that makes me hooked since the very beginning until the end 🙁

          Sure, now im looking forward to watch Lego Lee’s new drama. i like the actress. i hope it will be a good collab between them. cuz Lego’s last drama was such a meh. ught… if that one is good enough, i’ll recommend it to you guys ^^

    • 28 thoughts on “Back To 1989: Episode 1 “Saving the Damsel.”

      Could never watch anything on my phone! Too small. My eyes won’t forgive me.

      I’m not hooked on DOTS since I’m pretty familiar with the writer’s style of romance.

      • 28 thoughts on “Back To 1989: Episode 1 “Saving the Damsel.”

        Haha it’s not really the romance. It’s the bromance…and the eye candy. Lol. So shallow.

    • 28 thoughts on “Back To 1989: Episode 1 “Saving the Damsel.”

      Yay, another Refresh Man viewer! 🙂

      So many people watching DOTS lol. I quit Kdramas 7 years ago and haven’t looked back since, but I adore the lead actress Song Hye-kyo. Just not enough for me to get back into Kdramas lol.

      • 28 thoughts on “Back To 1989: Episode 1 “Saving the Damsel.”

        Yeah while watching DotS I considered getting back into kdramas and picking up other dramas (like Cheese in the Trap) but honestly I found myself really unable to get back into it. I dropped everything before the end of the first eps. I think for particular biases, I’m always going to make exceptions (like DotS and possibly the korean BBJX and etc), but they’d have to be a really big hit to get my attention, cuz I’m not going to be paying much attention to the ent-news circle.

        Idk why, but for me C-ent circle is fun and really easy for me to pick back up anytime, but once you drama kdramas, like it’s really hard to pick it back up, it’s a lot of work, tiring, just not…it’s not a thing for me anymore as a general …thing. Lol such a general statement.

  7. 28 thoughts on “Back To 1989: Episode 1 “Saving the Damsel.”

    Interesting plot for Back to 1989 because we do not know how the writer is gonna explain his return to the past. As for the female lead, technically would be an aunty for him if he ever return to present,since she is his mom’s friend? I too only watched the first episode..hehe gonna check it later cuz there are quite a number of kdrama now.

    • 28 thoughts on “Back To 1989: Episode 1 “Saving the Damsel.”

      She’s a cute aunty though! heh. I need to continue watching!

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