Ma Ke sings themesong for Reincarnation of the Superstar

Am I having amnesia? I published this post a few hours ago… but now I don’t see it no more? O___O

Anyway, one of Ma Ke’s projects now has an air date! March 24th! Reincarnation of the Superstar, or simply Revive, is adapted from the novel of the same name. Our Ma Ke better be extra careful because it looks like dark horse Joe Xu might steal the scene…. from the former scene stealer. 🙂

Quick Summary [Visit previous posts for more info]: The story follows new actor who is often looked down and bullied. When a scandal breaks out that he’s gay, he becomes distraught, leaving him vulnerable to the truck of doom in dramaland. He comes back with a new face [in the novel, his soul inhabits a new body], determined to see his dream come true – becoming a recognized star in the acting world. However, his secret threatens to spill at every turn, with friends and foes suspicious of his identity.


 photo Rebirth 84.jpg

Viann Zhang as the queen of scandal.

 photo Rebirth 83.jpg

 photo Rebirth 82.jpg

 photo Rebirth 86.jpg

Korean actress Han Chae Young. She has a little somethingsomething with his former face.

 photo Rebirth 80.jpg

 photo Rebirth 85.jpg

The strict manager, played by Joe Xu. He looks smoking hot with a new intensity I haven’t seen before.

 photo Rebirth 88.jpg

 photo Rebirth 87.jpg

 photo Rebirth 78.jpg

 photo Rebirth 89.jpg

Just because you highlighted your hair, you think I don’t remember you, kiddo? Zheng Ye Cheng.

 photo Rebirth 79.jpg

 photo Rebirth 81.jpg

 photo Rebirth 90.jpg

 photo Rebirth 91.jpg

 photo Rebirth 92.jpg

 photo Rebirth 93.jpg

 photo Rebirth 94.jpg

Themesong “Rebirth” by Ma Ke:

Reposting the trailer for those who missed it last time:

Directed by Zhao Xiao Xi and Zhao Xiao Ou and written by Rao Jun, Yang Xiao Hui, and Zhao Tian You, Revive (Reincarnation of The Super Star) is a short, sweet drama with only 16 episodes. Premiering on March 24th on QQ.

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  1. 4 thoughts on “Ma Ke sings themesong for Reincarnation of the Superstar

    yea, i saw this earlier on twitter but when i clicked on it, it was no where to be found? lols….

    agreed, joes character looks really intense and dark. im liking the feeling too. hua qian gu has a way of dampening all its characters to cookie cutters… he basically did nothing.

    ma ke’s voice is so deep. so weird compared to his dubbing as sha jie jie. XD

  2. 4 thoughts on “Ma Ke sings themesong for Reincarnation of the Superstar

    I like Ma Ke’ voice. Hopefully the drama is not so sad and has a good ending.

  3. 4 thoughts on “Ma Ke sings themesong for Reincarnation of the Superstar

    Finally! Been waiting for this to air! Thanks for the good news 😀 Btw are u considering uploading this series? *hint hint*

  4. 4 thoughts on “Ma Ke sings themesong for Reincarnation of the Superstar

    Where can i read the novel??? Please i need link!!!!

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