Discussion Corner: The Legend of Zu Finale Spoilers

I can’t say bye fast enough to this drama. So sad that it disappointed me in all the ways possible. By the end of it, I wanted to become Blood Demon myself and do some real damage to the writer. RAWRRRRRRR!

SPOILERS ALERT. You are warned. They say that the TV version will have a different ending to the Online version, so let’s see.

The ending goes like this: Ding Yi (William Chan) and Lu Pao (Nicky Wu) sacrifice themselves to lock up Blood Demon, currently wreaking havoc in the body of senior brother, Gong Sun Wu Wo (Louis Fan). All three are trapped in a freezing tomb under Zhu Sect. Yu Wu Xin or Yu Er (Zhao Li Ying) tries her best to hold on to Ding Yi but alas she’s flung outside of the sucking vortex and knocks unconscious for a WHOLE month.

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Ding Yi: “I can see you one last time before I die, I have no regrets in this life. Yu Er, live a happy life…”

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My poor girl. I think she cries in every episode in the last 15 episodes. Such a harsh and cruel life. The universe does NOT want her to be happy. Her loved ones come back to life just to be torn away from her. Papa: “Yu Er, this is our choice [to die].” Of course it is. You never care about your daughter. You raised her to be a cold weapon in your hand and let your subordinate do the dirty deeds when you’re not around. The parenting in here upsets me too!

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The elder shows Yu Er that the men did not necessarily die in the freezing entrapment below earth because she can still feel their hearts beating. It might take 20, 30 years for the demon to be pushed out of the senior’s body and maybe then, she can reunite with Ding Yi and her dad. I rolled my eyes so hard at this part. But Yu Er breaks into a hopeful smile. This poor puppy, pining after every ounce of love possible.

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Zhou Qing Yun (Janice Man) gives Yu Er the divorce letter before Yu Er heads out to protect the land her loved ones died to save. Yep. Ding Yi married and slept with Qing Yu 2 episodes before the finale to save her life. Her body was poisoned and could only be cured “that” way. Unnecessary plot device because it didn’t subtract or change ANYTHING to the overall storyline. But it did add on to my mountain of frustration. The ladies wish each other the best and hug it out. Poor 5th Ghost, forever a shadow in Yu Er’s life.

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The finale ends with Xiao Zhang being possessed by Blood Demon. Really? You think with your subpar level of writing and storytelling that I will be back for another season? N.O.P.E.

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    Kappy, you comments! lols… do they want to make the season 2? havent watched this, but viki already subbed it, but is it worth watching kap?

    i found so many good j-doramas… try Kyoko fukada’s please love the useless me and dorama Love that makes you cry… both are romance.. or kdrama, Cheese in the trap?

    i have no C-dramas in my folder now, any recommended?? πŸ˜€

    • 43 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: The Legend of Zu Finale Spoilers

      Yes. They plan to make season 2 and this time Liu Shi Shi will play a part in producing. Planning begins in the latter half of this year. They (Nicky and LSS) were in New Zealand taking wedding photos. πŸ™‚

      Nicky didn’t say anything about the cast so I hope Li Ying put on her running shoes. Lol.

      Well, February is here so many cdramas will come out. Take you picks here!

      • 43 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: The Legend of Zu Finale Spoilers

        Season 2? There must be a pretty good demand for the first season! I haven’t watched past ep 10, and despite my personal issue with it, I’m happy for both Zhao Liying and Nicky. And my interest is piqued with LSS on the producer’s seat. When I’m in the right mood, I’ll probably check the drama again (if only for the visuals), esp now that Viki is subtitling it.

        Now that the Legend of Qin has ended (I love the finale!), I’m so ready for Wang Kai + Gina! Plus, I actually quite like the 5 Heroes & 3 Gallants trailer, so I’ll likely watch the first ep when it’s aired.

        • 43 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: The Legend of Zu Finale Spoilers

          You said Lenje, watch S2 and let me know how that goes. hehe!

        • 43 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: The Legend of Zu Finale Spoilers

          Kap, I hope I will get to be in the right mood to check S2 too! LOL. If nell’s watching too, I dunno, haha! I need friends to brace the upcoming tortures! :)))

        • 43 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: The Legend of Zu Finale Spoilers

          Torture buddy system always works. Things hurt better when you have another to rant with. X)

  2. 43 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: The Legend of Zu Finale Spoilers

    This is like another η‹—θ‘€ drama that I smh all the way while watching but can’t help to watch because there is ZLY in there sigh.. Wonder what is the scriptwriter thinking, Ding Ying sleeping with Qing Yun… totally cheating on Wu Xin. Ding Ying basically slept and married 2 women, what a naughty boy!!!

    • 43 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: The Legend of Zu Finale Spoilers

      I skimmed through all the way too. x)

  3. 43 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: The Legend of Zu Finale Spoilers

    Sigh. No words. I tried watching the last season last night, and just…couldn’t. ZLY is beautiful, and she’s really trying her hardest. But they way they wrote her character…just do desperately in love with Ding Yi for like no reason…I just couldn’t…

    • 43 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: The Legend of Zu Finale Spoilers

      Her character would be a great leader, very magnanimous and straightforward. Love drags down her character and she loses all common sense.

      The only saving grace for me is how beautiful they styled her so I had to watch to make screencaps. hehe.

  4. 43 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: The Legend of Zu Finale Spoilers

    Zhao Liying was the best thing out of this show. Sigh… High hope crushed for Legend of Zu. And WHAT? Ding Yi dared to sleep with another woman? disappointing, but not unexpected. No word really. On another note, the drama had very high ratings for the last week so good for them about that ^^ Now, we can move on.
    The last month was so dry on cdrama releases that I went back to reread my favorite mangas instead, At least Imperial Doctress will be released in two weeks so we can wait and watch that πŸ˜›

  5. 43 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: The Legend of Zu Finale Spoilers

    Hey, Kap! Thanks for the warning! πŸ™‚ I was thinking about picking this up again to finish it once and for all but now – nope, nope, nope. You saved me from another terrible drama and even more terrible case of Korean eyebrows on people who look bad with them. When will this trend end?! Wheeen?

    • 43 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: The Legend of Zu Finale Spoilers

      That is evil Nell! Watch S2 with Lenje! ;D

      • 43 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: The Legend of Zu Finale Spoilers

        Well, tbh, Kap, before I read your post, I would have watched it because I am a ZLY completist. I think William is hot and Nicky is cute (their hair, however, wasn’t all that nice). Buuut, I am sick and tired of a) everyone walking all over my girl and not getting what they deserve for it, and b) her not getting any revenge on those who’ve wronged her (the list is long and distinguished and includes various current/former friends, classmates, teachers, masters, boyfriends, husbands and so on, minus Sha Jiejie who is always flawless and awesome <3 )
        The only way I watch S2 is if it is about her being a total boss and putting everyone in their place. Otherwise – nope. πŸ™‚
        Also, lenje, please don't do that to yourself.

        PS. Please be good Agent Rouge, please, please …

        • 43 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: The Legend of Zu Finale Spoilers

          I’m joining your circle Nell.. *pleasebeGOODpleasebeGOODROUGE*

  6. 43 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: The Legend of Zu Finale Spoilers

    I haven’t touched this since episode 1. Can someone tell me if the romance in it is worth my time, since it seems like a shitty show?

    • 43 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: The Legend of Zu Finale Spoilers

      Well, he’s constantly hurting her and she would always come right back because she feels guilty for tricking an lying to him in the first few episodes. When they are allowed to do things other than those mentioned above, they have great chemistry and he would always shoot himself in the foot by doing things that proves he loves her. But then again, I lost interest in them as a couple (b/c of the back and forth) and only wanted for HER to be happy because boy, the girl deserves some happiness. T___T

      Not sure that I help… Lol.

      • 43 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: The Legend of Zu Finale Spoilers

        Thanks Kap, I will be sure not to watch this. HAHA.

  7. 43 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: The Legend of Zu Finale Spoilers

    Hello Kappy, thanks for this discussion corner. I am new on this and am a huge fan of Liying too. Your comments made me smile though. I watched until the very end and ……..like WTF is going on? Where’s Episode 57?????? Can’t the be end! Nooooooooooooooooooooo……..I honestly wanted to slap Ding Yin silly after that stunt he pulled by marrying Qing Yun. Having said that I watched the drama twice and some episodes a few times. ZLY is just too adorable and she is very good. Hopefully she will be back for the next one. With LSS on board, hopefully the storyline will be better. I love Wu Gui (5th ghost) character. He is such a character.

    • 43 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: The Legend of Zu Finale Spoilers

      Welcome here!

      Li Ying is indeed very cute and beautiful in here and there are scenes I will rewatch in the future because they’re so sweet. But of course, every time he does something sweet to her, he also inadvertently hurts Qing Yun. =/

      Me too! Love 5th Ghost!

      • 43 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: The Legend of Zu Finale Spoilers

        Thank you πŸ™‚ So glad to be here!

  8. 43 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: The Legend of Zu Finale Spoilers

    I watched a few times (just couldn’t get enough of Liying) and cried at the same scenes over and over again. Depending on how they make the Season 2, I may watch it. But only if there’s Liying. Her looking so cute and adorable melts my heart. Actually I like it when she acts like a badass as well.

    Kappy, do you know if she has any other projects lined up? Apart from The New Eternal Waves and Legend of Zhu Xian (in which apparently she will not stay very long)? What about the drama that she was supposed to film with Bosco Wong? Is it still on ? I haven’t seen anything recently.

    • 43 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: The Legend of Zu Finale Spoilers

      My favorite scene would be when he has to pick which of the two girls he would give the antidote pill to. Lol. So CHEESY but I loved it. He gives it to Qing Yun and then kisses Yu Er (after sucking out her poison) to die with her. Aww. But then I immediately disliked him in the following episodes. Lol.

      That general drama is still without a male lead. Bosco has been filming other projects so I’m not sure if he’s still in. She has some rumored movies but I don’t think the poor girl has time for them. Nothing official yet. πŸ™‚

      • 43 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: The Legend of Zu Finale Spoilers

        Yeah I totally agree with you on that. It was such a romantic thing he did and I was like “awwwwwww….” and BAM he had to spoiled it by hurting her. I wanted to smack him hard after that!

        I hope she gets interesting projects that will boost her skills. I was so happy that she was awarded with Weibo Queen. She deserved it. BTW, I have always wondered why she never did that duet with WH “Cannot say” Do you know anything?

      • 43 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: The Legend of Zu Finale Spoilers

        Yeah I totally agree with you on that. BTW, I have always wondered why she never did that duet with WH “Cannot say” Do you know anything?

        • 43 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: The Legend of Zu Finale Spoilers

          No idea. Could be scheduling conflict. Nothing serious so don’t worry too much over it.

  9. 43 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: The Legend of Zu Finale Spoilers

    This drama was a waste for both ZLY and WC. While I really liked her strong character, it definitely does not outweigh the horrible drama itself… Sigh. Let’s just hope Zhu Xian is better!!!

    But I do like the background music!!! If anyone knows where I can get them, please do let me know!

  10. 43 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: The Legend of Zu Finale Spoilers

    I too feel Zhao Li Ying was wasted in the Legend of Zu. The storyline is not good and the makeup/costume is too gaudy to my liking. If the second series is anything similar to this first one, I hope Li Ying will not be any part of it. With her fame and stardom now, she should pick her shows more carefully.

    • 43 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: The Legend of Zu Finale Spoilers

      Anything for ratings these days. There are just too many dramas being released. I hear on one of the news that ZLY is among one of the highest in demand (and paid) newcomers. She is a very good actress so that’s a real plus.

  11. 43 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: The Legend of Zu Finale Spoilers

    This drama seriously a train wreck. Zzzz…..if not for ZLY l won’t watch it. Ding Yi is such a jerk, obviously, he doesn’t deserve Yu Er. Well, at least Wu Gui (5th Ghost) is still alive~ l was afraid that he might die to protect Yu Er and forever disappears. My fave couple for sure! LOL

  12. 43 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: The Legend of Zu Finale Spoilers

    Correction* The seal will last at most 24 years, minimum 5 years. The elder said 5,10, to 24 years. This is not a long time given that the characters are long living cultivation characters that don’t seem to age, looking at Nicky Wu and his mistress. So it is a bittersweet ending. Also, Given that Xiao Zhang is possess by a blood demon I think it wouldn’t take 24 years for the guys to return.

    • 43 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: The Legend of Zu Finale Spoilers

      Not a long time? Omiiii. Not that I care about them anymore. It would take me less than 10 seconds to delete this drama from my hard drive, that I can tell you for sure. Lol.

      • 43 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: The Legend of Zu Finale Spoilers

        Not very long by fantasy standards because the characters are long living youthful magical beings.
        I was correcting the tone, 20, 30 years is different from 5,10, 24 years suggested by the elder. The prior seems cynical while the latter is more optimistic. The smiling and laughter from the elder, Qing Yun, and Wu Xin in the scene represents a bright outlook that the two males will return for certain. It’s not that they can’t open the seal, but that would risk the demon energy from breaking out. The elder was saying that the demonic energy will stabilize in 5,10,24 years and the two would be free to come back without dooming the world. Since Ding Yin and her father is alive and will be back Wu Xin is no longer suicidal. Followed by a relationship closure scene from Qing Yun. It’s bittersweet rather than cliche happy ending that leaves no room for a sequel. This ending had a high note given that the average Chinese fantasy dramas ends tragically for the main cast, looking at Chinese paladin.

        I felt it was a decent drama given that modern dramas of this generation is by average subpar compared to the 90s. BTW Ding Yin is such player. My only complaint is that Ding Yin is not funny compare to Xiao Zhang and Wu Gui. I wouldn’t mind watching a spin off with them. There is a clear gender role reverse the female lead is the persistent one while the male lead is the tsundere. I felt it was refreshing that ZLY played such a strong female because she usually plays the soft and passive characters. If anything I am keeping this on my hardrive for her scenes.

        • 43 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: The Legend of Zu Finale Spoilers

          Magical beings…..that can die so I’m not sure they will meet again. They try to be positive and all that jazz but they are separated and she lost both of them. It’s a fact. Whether they return, we don’t know. We can only wait. Waiting is a torture in itself if you have to wait like me for someone to return… So the ending was meh.

          No second season for me. Only watched for Li Ying but her character got so lost in the end and was all about Ding Yi kinda pissed me off. I wanted to tell her to live for herself! Love herself! Their relationship wasn’t even built on a strong foundation for them to be that “in love” so I didn’t buy it one bit. It was nice to see her play a strong, domineering character. I remember wanted to smack myself when I watched Boss and Me. Many liked it but I couldn’t stand her character one bit.

      • 43 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: The Legend of Zu Finale Spoilers

        I think you are interpreting the ending in a cynical manner, contradicting the optimistic tone given off by the characters and plot wist. The characters weren’t being positive they were certain of the reunion and acted according to the future. The elder suggested that their release would be within 5 to 24 years and ensured that Wu Xin will see them again. Qing Yun fully expects Ding Yin to be back. Hence, she resolved the triangle relationship so that Ding Yin wouldn’t be burden in the future. Wu Xin plans to cooperate with her sister in Xi Yu plains to bring a better world for Ding Yin to come back to. All characters are prepare for their inevitable reunion. She didn’t lose them. Accurately speaking, she is separated from them for a time frame.

        You need to keep in mind that Legend of Zu is a Xianxia. Xianxia novel characters have special powers and extended lifespans. Some live 300 to 500 years and retain a youthful appearance. Xianxia literally means immortal hero, an exaggerated title given to characters have have powers beyond humans but below gods. The more powerful the character the longer their life span, and greater their powers. Hell even Wuxia characters lived in high 70s to 90s with youthful appearance and inhuman strength, Wuxia is considered less fantasy than Xianxia.

        An example, Lu Pao waited 20 somewhat years to enact his plans and met his wife again. He retained his youthful appearance with exception of facial hair. Actually all the characters look very much the same despite the 20 year gap. The only thing that change for the men was facial hair and the women looked identical. Xianxia people are youthful long living people.

        • 43 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: The Legend of Zu Finale Spoilers

          That is the point of watching dramas isn’t it? Different interpretations. I’m not being cynical. Just based on personal experience.

          Who is to say they will return? Nothing is 100% guaranteed. About looking younger and extended lifespans: take a look around Mount Zhu. The elders ARE OLDER and they are the ones who have cultivated for a long time. The only reason why Lu Pao, wife and them don’t age is because they are the main characters and the stylists wanted them to look pretty. Lol. This is an idol drama through and through.

          Yue Er, Wu Gui, and Qing Yun and the others do not have any special powers in them for extended lifetime, etc. The drama did NOT say anything about that aspect. What we do KNOW is that they have been close to dying multiple times before. So no, extended lifetimes, special powers don’t apply to them. They are just better than some humans because they practice martial arts. That’s it.

          The drama did a poor job at building the world they wanted us to believe in and just because it’s classified as a Xianxia doesn’t mean they can do a lousy job at giving us details and background story.

          That’s all my two cents.

      • 43 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: The Legend of Zu Finale Spoilers

        The elder literally guaranteed their return to Yue Er. They are alive/well sustained by the energies and the demon stones will always balance, The seal will open up when it balances.. This was the “good news” that stopped her from being suicidal. They are guaranteed to be free between 5 to 24 years. This news was what motivated Qing Yun’s and Yue Er actions. The three characters were smiling from ear to ear during that scene. The viewers personal experience had nothing to do with that plot point that was clearly directed to be optimistic rather than pessimistic. Unless you bring personal experiences to the drama.

        You do know that legend of Zu classified as a Xianxia novel/drama? This is why they have magical seals, flight(almost everyone), sword spirits (anyone with a god sword), magical martial arts (everyone on mount zu and other mounts), see through walls (Wu Gui), turn into bats (Lu Pao), Animal morphing, Gaint Animals, mind control people with seals, disappear when they die etc. And you are doubting extended life which is consider the most basic of cultivation skills? Those feats are common in Xianxia genre. It’s like reading dc comics and complaining about superman’s flight, green lanterns ring etc. These fantasy elements are literally the foundation of Xianxia genre.

        Not all are equal in terms of cultivation skill, a reason why Lu Pao was such a threat. The elders are older because their internal energy weaker than Lu Pao or they reached their height at a much older age. Youth various with time of individual cultivation height. Another troupe is once the cultivation reached new heights they stop aging or aged slower. It is obvious that the protagonist and other main cast have greater cultivation than your average cultivationist due to plot.

        The higher the cultivation skill the greater the strength, longer the lifespan, and youth. This is a common troupe in both wuxia (inhuman) and Xianxia (magical). This is why Zu Er’s mother and brother looks more like her brother and sister.

        Yue Er and Qing Yun are wielder of godly swords that would require high cultivation utilize. Yue Er was frequently mentioned as a high level cultivationist among the demon sect. Most of the characters that belong in any sect or mount are not ordinary people. In the ending, Qing Yun becomes mount zu leader. She would have to either already have the cultivation to hold that title or eventually gain the cultivation required. Longevity is literally the first step in cultivation before using all that fantasy stuff.

        The only times they were close to death because of injuries, poison, external factos, etc. This had nothing to do with longevity from cultivation that is common in Wuxia and Xianxia. They are long living, but are not immortal. They are xianxia in human terms aka beyond human heroes to be exact.

        • 43 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: The Legend of Zu Finale Spoilers

          We also need to account for the reliability of perspective. The magical cultivation’s perspective supersedes the viewers because they have superior understanding of their world. If they felt something was achievable than who are we as the outside viewers to doubt them, unless we have better understanding of their magical world. This is where Xianxia genre fans and common viewers interpretation differs due to understanding of the genre

        • 43 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: The Legend of Zu Finale Spoilers

          correction* Lu Pao’s and Yue Er’s Mother’s high cultivation skill was what made them look like Yue Er’s older brother and sister rather than her parents.

        • 43 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: The Legend of Zu Finale Spoilers

          1. I don’t trust/believe the elders. They have failed many many times before, either protecting their own students or their own sect. Credibility not that high.

          2. I know why they smile. I do. You don’t have to explain why they smile, hug blah blah blah. They presented the ending and I reacted to it. Just like any other beings. You find it uplifting, I just find it sad because based on my own experience, waiting is a torture. But to Yue Er who is desperate to see her loved ones, she can wait. She finds it encouraging doesn’t mean I HAVE TO.

          3. I thought we already established this is a XianXia? Need to repeat again? Just because it’s labeled as such doesn’t mean they don’t have to explain. Different cultivation levels. Yes. But these elders are the ones who have been training since they were YOUNG. You know as well as I do they look old because they aren’t the main characters and need to have least beard or white hair to look credible for their status. Can you imagine everyone looking like teenagers?

          4. I don’t doubt extended lifetimes but I’m saying the drama didn’t explain it well. Poison, injuries are all external factors that affect longevity. No? Our protagonists are a joke when it comes to cultivating skills and they only look young because this is an idol drama. You tend to forget the requirements of idol dramas and focuses too much on Xianxia alone. And living to 300-400 years is a stretch. I haven’t seen any characters that live that long and still aren’t classified as an immortal already. They LIVE LONG. BUT NOT THAT LONG. C’mon now.

          As for the rest, I don’t even understand what you’re talking about anymore, so let’s just stop here.

      • 43 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: The Legend of Zu Finale Spoilers

        1Failing to protect their students and their own sect is independent from their knowledge of the Demon Stone. Those are two different things. The stone’s powers are well known to elders of mount Zu since they have been guarding and studying it for generations on mount Zu. They are the living experts on it. The elder’s fighting potential has nothing to do with their knowledge about an object.

        2)Elder, Yu Er, and Qing Yun were smiling with joy because they discovered that the two were not dead and will be released based on predicted stone’s behavior. The seal will open up once the stone has stabilize. It’s guaranteed they will be released. The only variable is when, but we know it’s within 5 to 24 years. This is well within average cultivist life time. Much less a highly cultivated Yu Er who is wielder of the Godly Blade that once sealed the Demon clan Xi Yu from Zhongyun. Qing Yun also wielded equally powerful godly blade of her own.

        3)Cultivation level has nothing to do with length of training time. The height of cultivation is based on skill. Some grasp the basic much faster than others and reach their height sooner. Obviously the author favors main characters because they are normally “geniuses”. The sword spirit child is older than the great sage that founded mount Zu due to quicker Cultivation as a spirit. BTW, She is now tamed by Qing Yun. Lu Pao, Tu Mei looks younger than the Wu Tang clan head that belonged in the same generation (one that took the spot after Lu Bao killed the former head of Wu Tang) This is because Lu Bao and Tu Mei had reached their prime years before the Wu Tang head had reached his.

        4)External Factors don’t affect longevity when they are cured or treated by “magical” methods. Cultivation extends life span. This is a norm for the Xianxia genre. How many times have these characters been fatally wounded only to be fine later on.

        The master of Lu Bao is an example of well beyond his mortal lifetime. When he died their was no body because his life was sustained by magical cultivation rather than a physical body. This is why sometimes enemies die and turn to smoke because they aren’t surviving on a physical body alone.

        • 43 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: The Legend of Zu Finale Spoilers

          01. Yea right. Living experts who fail throughout the drama. Nope. Not buying it. How do you guarantee he’s not lying?

          02. I told you I understand WHY they smiled. You’re not even taking into account my explanation….oh my god. My issue is with wait! wait! wait!

          03. What????????

          04. When they are cured? Seriously. And if they are not cured what happens? They die = no more longevity. Magical methods include sleeping with another person without permission right? How magical!


  13. 43 thoughts on “Discussion Corner: The Legend of Zu Finale Spoilers

    Spoiler alert********************
    Tv version ending is different and obviously edited out some scenes to make it end in a higher note with closure but still tragic ending. Avoid the TV version like the plague.

    The original version explains why Wu Xin was smiling face to floor while the TV version confuses the viewer.

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