Chat Station: 24 Hours, The Greatest Love [Episode 5]

LOL! Do not miss this episode! The boys pack their stuff and head to Dubai with the lovely Ruby Lin and Wang Zhi. You can’t miss the scenery and sandy desert and you certainly can’t miss the number of kisses Chen Kun gives his good friend, Ruby. Also, Zheng Yin’s one-sided jealous bursts for his former co-star Wang Zhi whenever the boys touch her. And the exotic dances! OMG. I’m rolling on my stomach watching this at 5AM before heading out to work. =D

A winning episode!

24 Hours: Episode 5 [Broadcast date: 2/19/15]

Guest: Ruby Lin, Wang Zhi

The Greatest Love: Episode 5 [Broadcast date: 2/20/15]


  1. 4 thoughts on “Chat Station: 24 Hours, The Greatest Love [Episode 5]

    Omg Xu Zheng’s belly dance with the face on it LOL !!!
    What is with the production team playing games during their sleeping time? So cruel

  2. 4 thoughts on “Chat Station: 24 Hours, The Greatest Love [Episode 5]

    Hola Kapitan A!

    Wow, we are really praying hard here – that you will post in your blog this 24 Hours, The Greatest Love; especially that our dear Ruby Lin is here – how can we ever thank you for this .

    Anyway, just like you, our group here were rolling with laughters, too . . That belly dance, with a smiling face, etc.

    What is more surprising – is the number of kisses that Chen Kun had given to our Ruby! I don’t know how to express in English words that feeling of a fan looking at her idol being kissed . .wow! But actually we are beginning to get to know about Chen Kun, he is a handsome guy and does not really look Chinese?

    Words are not really enough to tell you of our feelings to see our 40 year old Ruby Lin, running, jumping, shouting and of course, dancing! Whew, what an energetic lady Ruby is ! ! !

    We hope there is an English sub-titles on this 24 Hours.

    Muchas gracias, mi querida Kappy! Todo lo mejor!

  3. 4 thoughts on “Chat Station: 24 Hours, The Greatest Love [Episode 5]

    Relishing the brotherly love in this! Aaaaaah 😀

    just finished the season and omg Yin Zheng’s reluctance when he discovers Wu Lei as his target (ep10). Though the age range may be wide, this cast is fantastic and everyone has great chemistry! Hahahah when Wu Lei and Yin Zheng make their own group aka Real Men (ep!

    I also cannot believe that Chen Kun is 40yo! This show introduced me to everyone save for Wu Lei and if I hadn’t looked Kun ge up, I would have thought he was in his 30s! No wonder he couldn’t carry Jiang Xin (ep1); he also ran with one hand on his back 😮 (ep2)

    The Handsome team have officially won my heart! Wu Lei bc he is so cute and oblivious (little brother needs to sleep!– his older brothers always tease him) but gives everything 110% (his battle with the powder lmao); Han Geng bc he took my breath away when he was not intimidated by the square dance routine (I couldn’t learn it :3 took me 40 mins while he just went SO EASY! OF COURSE)– no idea he was a former Super Junior member (haven’t walked into k-entertainment yet xD) and Chen Kun is like a real life Xiang Hao from Destined to Love You (Jia Nai Liang’s character). In fact, I thought it was Jia Nai Liang when I saw the pic you posted when I first read this post! Fast forward a few months later and oh my gosh how have I not heard of these guys??

    The More Handsome Team (lol) is charming in their own way as well. Xu Zheng clearly knows how to enjoy life haha. He is so relaxed! He’s only 44yo (Chen Kun looks miles from him!). I hadn’t realised that Da Peng was the guy that Conan was complaining about for copying the Conan Show. That’s all I can find when I google Da Peng 😛 also funny how he oogles at foreign beauties yet he exclaims he is married when Jiang Xin grabs him, “men and women can’t touch each other before their marriage! I’m already married, let me go!” in an attempt to stop him from winning in a game. BUT Yin Zheng, oh Yin Zheng. The song that the show has dedicated to him hahahah “Xue hua piao piao” rofl. I think only of his tragedies when I hear this song.

    I love this so much.

  4. 4 thoughts on “Chat Station: 24 Hours, The Greatest Love [Episode 5]

    Wow, dear Amy; we shared the same love for this episode, too. Our fans group based here in Canada are really crazy and laughing all throughout with that dancing episode of the 2 teams . . but of course, our hearts are always with Ruby Lin and Chen Kun . .

    Oftentimes, when we are on our lunch, we opened this saved episodes in our laptops or cellphones and then watch it again – so many times . . . It makes our heavy days here – a lighter one.

    Thank you so much, Amy for sharing your long thoughts on this show: The Greatest Love . . We cannot forget how Chen Kun kissed our Ruby for many times . . ah, that joy and beauty of seeing again that somebody – after many years . . Anyway, both of them are single, mature and responsible . . . We think it is now a high time to think of a lasting relationship . . .

    Muchas gracias, Amy. Todo lo mejor.

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