Mermaid Ma Tian Yu swims into your heart in Ice Fantasy

Ma Tian Yu posted the pictures himself on weibo. This dork. He wants to be a mermaid which is fine with me….because… I’m Prince Pirate of the Sea. *wink*

Picspam ahead!

For more pictures and drama details (if you’re new around here!), please visit the drama tag: here. Briefly, Ice Fantasy is drama adaptation of the novel written Guo Jing Ming. It tells the story of two brothers in the Ice Tribe, the elder one (Feng Shao Feng) not caring about the throne, while the younger brother (Ma Tian Yu) uses his own unorthodox ways to help his brother. If all else fails, I’ll watch for the pretty.

Ma Tian Yu with his tail. 🙂

 photo Ice 155.jpg

 photo Ice 156.jpg

 photo Ice 157.jpg

 photo Ice 158.jpg

 photo Ice 143.jpg

 photo Ice 144.jpg

Ladies, it’s official with me and Tian Yu! Lookie, he’s wearing my signature eye mask!! xD YESH!

 photo Ice 145.jpg

Two lovelines? Interesting.

 photo Ice 146.jpg

He’s so pretty!! Those eyes…

 photo Ice 169.jpg

 photo Ice 170.jpg

 photo Ice 171.jpg

 photo Ice 176.jpg

 photo Ice 167.jpg

Victoria Song, our female lead.

 photo Ice 165.jpg

 photo Ice 162.jpg

 photo Ice 163.jpg

 photo Ice 164.jpg

 photo Ice 161.jpg

 photo Ice 160.jpg

Her warrior look is much better.

 photo Ice 154.jpg

 photo Ice 148.jpg

 photo Ice 147.jpg

OTP: Victoria and William Feng. Rumor of them dating is still going on with William being extra “touchy” on set.

 photo Ice 181.jpg

 photo Ice 149.jpg

 photo Ice 150.jpg

 photo Ice 151.jpg

 photo Ice 152.jpg

 photo Ice 153.jpg

Other characters.

Kim Hee Sun.

 photo Ice 177.jpg

Madina Memet. The Mermaid Princess.

 photo Ice 178.jpg

Zheng Pei Pei.

 photo Ice 179.jpg

Zhang Yu Jian.

 photo Ice 180.jpg

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  1. 23 thoughts on “Mermaid Ma Tian Yu swims into your heart in Ice Fantasy

    LOL, what’s with that eyepatch? Luckily (or lucky for us) he’s got such a beautiful face, even the eyepatch can’t cover it :))).

    I must’ve missed Madina Memet before, so I looked it up, and found out she’s another actress of Uyghur descent. Based on her name, I thought earlier she was Turkish (though yeah, Uyghur is part of the Turkic ethnic group). I don’t think I’ve ever seen her before. She’s pretty, but so far I still think Dilraba is the best looking of the bunch.

    Speaking of mermaids and mermen, I wonder why there’s never been an explanation how they reproduce. Of course it’s fantasy, but come on, create one! They should be mammals, so they probably mate like dolphins and whales. Maybe someone can write a smut mermaid love story *looking at chasingpolaris and Julianne*

    • 23 thoughts on “Mermaid Ma Tian Yu swims into your heart in Ice Fantasy

      Oh Lenje, gathering all the smuts ladies out of their cave, aren’t ya? LOL.

      That eye patch is fashionable! He looks mysterious! XD I personally love his eyes so I wouldn’t cover them up. But since he’s making a statement… *AHUM AHUM* I’ll let it slide… heeheehee!

      Madina made the earliest splash among the three for me cause she was in Li Ying’s dramas. Lol. Han Xiang in the remake of HZGG back in 2011 and then the foreign dance girl in Female Prime Minister.

      • 23 thoughts on “Mermaid Ma Tian Yu swims into your heart in Ice Fantasy

        Ahh… thanks for the info about Madina. I haven’t seen Liying’s earlier works, that’s why.

        Agree, Ma Tianyu’s eyes are gorgeous.

        Kap, in fact, the smuts ladies can stay in their respective caves, as I found interesting SCIENTIFIC information on the internet regarding, um, dolphins procreation. A male dolphin has retractable, er, “reproductive organ” (or we can call it “RO”). The RO is prehensile, it swivels, and the dolphin can use it to explore objects like a hand. Male dolphins can mate many times a day, only each only lasts 12 seconds (so that’s the downside). They also have a ravenous appetite, they’re known to often try to “climb” on inanimate objects and even other animals LOL.

        • 23 thoughts on “Mermaid Ma Tian Yu swims into your heart in Ice Fantasy

          Yeah dolphins are cute and stuff but they’re crazy horny bastards known for rape and shit

          I used to LOVE dolphins and stuff when I was a kid so imagine how horrified I was to find out their rapist tendencies in science class 🙁

      • 23 thoughts on “Mermaid Ma Tian Yu swims into your heart in Ice Fantasy

        Ahh…no wonder I thought Madina looked familiar! I never officially watched Female Prime Minister, so I only know Madina from the 2011 HZGG. ZLY, made her biggest impression on me with Boss&Me/Shan Shan Come Eat. I mean I really liked her in HZGG, basically one of my fav character in the 2011 version, the one bright spot in a dismal remake. I won’t say I hated 2011 HZGG, cuz it’s addicting and entertaining in a really crappy way, kind of like weed or something. Bad, but you can’t stop. But despite her role in HZGG, ZLY didn’t become someone I really liked and actively followed until Boss&Me. I’d heard good things of Female Prime Minister, but tbh, I’m not sure why, but I’m really not too interested in watching it. Somehow it’s not really my thing. I think I’ve started it (like watched the first 2-3 eps) at least twice, but have been unable to continue it.

        • 23 thoughts on “Mermaid Ma Tian Yu swims into your heart in Ice Fantasy

          You should give it a try again Juli, at least more episodes before it gets addicting. I really loved Li Ying in there. OTP chemistry helped got me through the tedious (aka draggy plot devices) times, just a warning. Lol. Boss and Me was too saccharine for my taste. I like my heroines a little smarter and less cutesy.

    • 23 thoughts on “Mermaid Ma Tian Yu swims into your heart in Ice Fantasy

      Did someone mention smut in an Ice Fantasy post??? Notti notti!!!
      *hides back into my cave*

        • 23 thoughts on “Mermaid Ma Tian Yu swims into your heart in Ice Fantasy


          Oui moi aussi. 😉 I think I can safely say that when I was reading smut, most of you were not born yet. LOL I’m a retired old hag with a heart that never ages! 😉 ….and you know what they say about old hags…the older you are, the…… you become! 😉 hehehe

      • 23 thoughts on “Mermaid Ma Tian Yu swims into your heart in Ice Fantasy

        LOL nothin’ wrong with smut – it’s “biology” *snickers*

  2. 23 thoughts on “Mermaid Ma Tian Yu swims into your heart in Ice Fantasy

    Can someone tell me WHY so many of the outfits look like cosplay?! Especially Victoria’s one outfit with the miniskirt and boots when she’s in William’s arms (I think it’s William from the back?). That’s like classic gaming female-avatar outift! Are they TRYING to make hot, beautiful people look cheap? And let’s not get started on Victoria’s super-fake looking blue dress. Her warrior outfits really fit better, and her warrior hair looks better than her ridiculous uneven bangs too. Anyways, after my passionate rant with shimo on the cons of Song Qian, let’s not talk about her anymore. I’m kind of hoping Ma Tian Yu ends up with the fire girl. She looks really sharp and badass. Also, can I say Kim Hee Sun’s outfit is the only one that actually looks rich and luxurious? Even Zhang Pei Pei’s stiff collar looks faintly reminiscent of cosplay. The hair’s good (except Victoria’s awful bangs), the faces are beautiful, but the OUTFITS? Someone do something about them! The outfits looks good in concept, like the style’s are pretty decent, but the materials they use? The excecution?! They’re turning perfectly OK designs into gaudy, cheap, costume-level stuff! It’s NOT good! For example, I love Zhang Yu Jian’s look. It’s very cool and fantastical and the colors are pretty. But a close-up of those feather designs on his arm in high resolution?! They look so cheap and fake! There’s really no other word to describe the quality. It just looks cheap, like maybe the best you can buy at a costume shop on Halloween eve. At least the feathers in his hair looks somewhat genuine. Ma Tian Yu’s outfits look good far away, but when you get a closeup of his beautiful face, the scene is marred by the plastic looking flower at his throat and the cheap sequin-esque things ornamenting his neckline.WHY? T.T

    And let’s not start on Ma Tian Yu’s tail. He’s gorgeous waist-up, and then we see the tail that looks disproportionate. Honestly, it looks like a bad photoshop job that someone did with minimal skill and a half-hearted effort at best. I know this is fantasy, but WHY can’t this looks less FAKE and CHEAP? T.T I’m sobbing here.

    Still think the fire girl in the pic with young beggar-Ma Tian Yu is the prettiest of all the female specimens here so far. Kim Hee Sun’s looking pretty fantastic as well.

    @lenje, haha totally agree on Dilraba being the prettiest of the Uyghur actresses. Not only is she prettiest, I feel like she’s got the most acting skill too (at least out of the known ones…). Gulnezer is pretty (although I personally prefer Dilraba’s looks. Admittedly, her delicate features makes it hard for her to diversify some of her roles though…aka her not-really-believable body-guard character), but I honestly don’t think much of Gulnezer’s acting. Nothing awful, but not really great either. Very much the typical idol level IMO. Dilraba really impressed me in Diamond Lovers. Didn’t watch much of it, but from what I saw she’s pretty good and made her character really likable and real. Like you believed she was her character. It also could have been the script that made her character, but I’d like to attribute most of the success of her character to Dilraba’s acting.

    Lol @lenje, mermaid smut…I’d need to work out the biological kinks first. How do fish do it? They lay eggs? Maybe mermaids just lay eggs…not very smutty though. Lol. Anyways, I tend to be more of the observer in reading and not really the writer. Chasingpolaris though…maybe you need to put in a request lenje! 😀 Even better, in Chinese. I’ve developed an odd fascination for Chinese smut. It’s strange how well-written and almost lyrical it is, contrasted with the generally porn-like qualities of English smut. Lol. Maybe it’s a culture thing.

    • 23 thoughts on “Mermaid Ma Tian Yu swims into your heart in Ice Fantasy


      Yes, essentially this is cosplay with a bigger budget as opposed to cosplay while playing RPG games in front of the computer. It’s meant to attract the younger generation audience and currently in China, a huge proportion of the those born 90s onward are into computer games. What I really dislike is how they consider this as wuxia. This is fantasy, not wuxia. There might be some ‘wu’ (martial arts) but even that’s taken over by CGI and definitely there’s no ‘xia’ (the elements of chivalry that define a hero) in it. So, how can this be categorized as wuxia??? What are we trying to teaching the younger generation about positive values? This is just feeding their addiction to media and internet games. Sorry for being a little vocal today. Must be the grandma in me coming out. LOL

      • 23 thoughts on “Mermaid Ma Tian Yu swims into your heart in Ice Fantasy

        I agree with you – no way in HELL is this Ice Fantasy wuxia. Even xianxia is stretching it because it’s so Westernized. Xianxia is more ancient Chinese fantasy, e.g. Shushan (NOT Nicky Wu’s version, but the proper version)

        Honestly we can’t expect much from Guo Jingming cuz this guy just copies shit from everywhere and passes them off as his own. His Tiny Times series sucks and is a Goddamn insult to audience intelligence yet he still makes shitloads of $$$ from it which is even more sad. This Ice Fantasy shit is just a copy smish-smash of Tolkien-verse, Eragon, and a whole bunch of Western famous fantasy stories with a tinge of Orientalism to pass it off as his work.

        • 23 thoughts on “Mermaid Ma Tian Yu swims into your heart in Ice Fantasy

          Same like his L.O.R.D. series. Another copycat.

    • 23 thoughts on “Mermaid Ma Tian Yu swims into your heart in Ice Fantasy

      LOL I dunno why but I just laughed my ass off at the outfits and styling and stuff cuz they just look like cheapo ripoffs of LOTR costumes.

      The CAST are beautiful people but Goddamn the outfits are so fucking awful *sigh*

      Ma Tianyu is gorgeous and so are Kim Hee Sun and Madina. Zheng Peipei is a badass. The guy who played Zhanying in Nirvana looks like a badass but his costume looks like a cheapo version of Thranduil’s battle armor.

      I dunno who the main girl is (haven’t seen her in any dramas) but I dun like the vibe she gives off cuz she seems so fake.

      I dunno who the fire girl is either but at least she looks more spunky so I hope Ma Tianyu’s character ends up with her instead.

      • 23 thoughts on “Mermaid Ma Tian Yu swims into your heart in Ice Fantasy

        Haha Lol the main girl is Victoria Song Qian, the one with the terrible performance in Beautiful Secret that I’ve been ranting about in one of the other posts. She’s one of the recent kpop-singer-to-Chinese-actress transfers who’s getting all the popular idol roles with little to know acting basis and experience…or skill.

      • 23 thoughts on “Mermaid Ma Tian Yu swims into your heart in Ice Fantasy

        Yup, it looks like a rip-off of LOTR because they hired Dan Hennah who worked for LOTR and The Hobbit movies as a production designer. I’m not too happy about it. The costumes and styling look so cheap.

    • 23 thoughts on “Mermaid Ma Tian Yu swims into your heart in Ice Fantasy

      LOL Chinese smut is written more “lyrically” because if it’s too explicit (like English smut) it’ll get censored

      • 23 thoughts on “Mermaid Ma Tian Yu swims into your heart in Ice Fantasy

        Thranduil’s a jerk in the movies (book!Thranduil is much nicer) but Goddamn at least he looks badass LOL. It’s only cuz Lee Pace is such a great actor that he can make you NOT hate the character.

  3. 23 thoughts on “Mermaid Ma Tian Yu swims into your heart in Ice Fantasy

    Victoria looks gorgeous. Warrior bae. Queen!
    I read that Beautiful Secret did fairly well ratings. Good *claps*

    • 23 thoughts on “Mermaid Ma Tian Yu swims into your heart in Ice Fantasy

      Oh and that dating rumor is not something I would take serious lol She has always been one of the most shippable kpop celebs (there were so many xTorias – Khuntoria, Changtoria, Kyutoria, Zhoutoria, Yuntoria, Yangtoria blah blah blah with the most romantically suspicious ones being Changtoria and Kyutoria, most delusionally hyped one is Khuntoria). In her “defense”, she was always friends with male stars around her, from the same agency. Due to age gap with the other female idols, it was natural she would develop friendships with male idols around her age. But honestly, if she is in romantic relationship right now, well, I support her. She deserves her happiness. For 10 years she worked her ass off to reach kpop stardom putting aside her personal life. Has always been a good representative of chinese people in a foreign land. Enjoy your happiness and success, bae. This oppa supports you!

  4. 23 thoughts on “Mermaid Ma Tian Yu swims into your heart in Ice Fantasy

    Victoria’s outfit reminds me of Queen Elsa. Kim Hee Sun is looking omnipotent and Zhang Yu Jian looks so mysterious. Love them all! 😀

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