Chat Station: We Are In Love – Farewell Date [Episode 11 & 12]


We Are In Love Episode 11: Last Days Together

  • Kimi x Xu Lu segment (ENG SUB HERE): It’s a nice and hot Summer day in Sanya, China. What better way to get even HOTTER by trying on some wedding outfits!?! You with me? Let’s check these two out.
  • Lulu suggests they should take some wedding photos on this date. She was totally surprised Kimi agrees to this date without a fuss. Nice! The couple enters a wedding studio, heads upstairs, where Kimi’s utterly shocked at the pool of bridal gowns in-store. How is a girl to choose? I’m not physically there, but I too feel like a princess already, not alone Lulu. Her Prince Kimi has already suited up. Fast. Xu Lu picks three gowns and tries them on. Kimi gets kicked out of the fitting room. She doesn’t need him to lend a hand or two. LOL! We know where his mind was treading a while ago picking a deep V-neck gown for her ealier. Haha~ She rejects his choice of style, of course. She gets a wardrobe malfunction trying on the first dress, however it’s my most favorite dress out of the three.
  • The couple gets a surprise visit from Wang Zi (Prince); Lulu’s ex co-actor. Uh-oh, I see the green-eyed monster has awaken from his hiberation. Who’s gonna get jealous of whom? I believe Kimi was suppose to act all jealous of Prince’s attractive presence, however that plan backfires… on Lulu. LOL! She ends up acting jealous over Kimi’s and Prince’s blossoming bromance. So cute, I mean, the part where the boys are taking care of each other. Okay, I did feel bad for the girl walking in those killer heels. Ouch! I would put on a pair of flip flops in either gowns. C’mon, it’s a beach resort for goodness sake.
  • After a long photo session on the beach, they retreat back to their cave of wonders. *Chuckles* Kidding aside, the couple has got mail, and it comes with a watch. Ehhh!?! Their bright faces have mulled over with gloom. The mission card states that they only have eight hours left being a couple. Their awkward silence breaks with Lulu’s cooping mechanism tactic — busting out a rap — “Yo! Yo! Yo!…” It doesn’t take much time thereafter to see her breakdown into tears. It finally hit her, bad. The couple changes in matching pajamas and lounges on the sofa. They have a quick and unsettled pillow talk session which leads to an unrestful evening.
  • Next morning, so it begins. T-minus EIGHT HOURS. Looks like they are grabbing breakfast in an underwater restaurant. Very nice, isn’t it? I’d like to visit there. (The only fish tank I have to stare at is my parents’ 550 gallon fish bowl that holds one red Arowana. Yes, one fish. LOL!) Back to our cute couple. They order food, and bicker like an old couple. So now Lulu is frustrated at Kimi over a sensitive issue since the beginning of their relationship. Her being a Capricorn, a zodiac sign which Kimi wanted to alienate himself away from. Kimi wants to douse her flames of fury, so he excuses himself from the table. She thinks he’s heading to the restroom but in fact he’s gone underwater. For a Capricorn, who lets action speak louder than her own words when it comes to her own feelings, she realizes all this time she was seeking answers from Kimi when all he wanted to do was let his actions speak for himself too. The true him for her to see… and then cherish like what he has gained by learning from their unique relationship.
  • Ruby x Ren Zhong segment (ENG SUB HERE): This couple gets struck with the final mission card without any sugar coating. Ruthless producers. Aiyah! Sure, stick it to the mature couple. Ren gets the mission card before Ruby does, so the production crew wants Ren to plan this final date.
  • The couple heads to Prague in the Czech Republic, where Prince Ren with carriage in tow picks up his Princess Ruby. They enter the festive Old Town Square. Ren is vlogging everything. He records Ruby playing with bubbles, and in a glimpse Ren sees a more light-hearted Ruby free from the shackles of life. Ren gets emotional capturing a glowing Ruby being so carefree. They tour the center square until the right moment when the Astronomical Clock chimes in on the hour. As a drone flies away from the couple, we see a wide shot view of a heart-shaped mob of tourists surrounding them.
  • Next stop, they stroll over to the (John) Lennon Wall. They both leave their mark just center on the iconic graffiti landscape right under “WAR IS OVER!” Two hearts with wings fly as one (pair) best expressed with a lyrical quote from the Beatles stating “All We Need Is Love”. Oh Ren, how romantic!?! After there, they stroll nearby to a Bridge of Love, Charles Bridge, the oldest kind in all of Europe. Ruby finds Jan Nepomuk statue interesting so she leads Ren there. Ren makes up stories on the go, who hired this tour guide(?) *LOL*, he BS’s about a fertility charm wishing under the landmark statue. Thinking of making babies, Papa Ren? Mama Ruby will be a happy wife, and their first child will be the luckiest baby.
  • Next destination, Ren wants them to have a photo memorabilia. They cosplay in nineteenth century attire and have a studio photo session. Which couple are they pretending to be? Huang Fei Hung and Thirteenth Aunt. Haha~ The photographer tells them to pose here and there, then asks them to kiss because she thought they were a real couple. That request stuns Ren. He’s so cute! He confesses in the dark room that if he had kissed her the whole relationship building up to this point would be ruined. Are there regrets? Of course, there are plenty as he confesses time and time again but he has true feelings for her so he doesn’t want to joke around.
  • Night falls, they sit besides the river enjoying their red wine. Oh, those darn PPLs sneaking in the frame. LOL! Ren starts to serenade a new song he wrote especially for his leading lady, Ruby. It’s a totally cute song revealing all her hidden weaknesses and charm, he promises to keep being by her side, hand in hand, to overcome it all. She needs only to take his hand whenever.
  • The last leg of this segment confuses me a bit. The show edited in their time staying in Taiwan, because we get to see the iconic Pingxi hotspot for floating lanterns. Those railroad tracks have a whimsical attraction sending thousands of tourists per day releasing sky lanterns, not to mention the grand annual Sky Lantern Festival is held here. They make their wishes for one another on all sides of the lantern and release it to Heaven. Hope someone grants all their wishes to come true. Well, Ren confesses that Ruby already made one of his wishes materialize already. D’aw. (Need someone’s help to translate all their wishes. I’m terrible at this.)
  • Siwon x Liu Wen segment (ENG SUB HERE): They get a notice on a video clip that it’s their final date, however the clip rewinds back two days prior to this finale event. Following through, you know, I see Liu Wen cry but I can’t feel her sorrow. Maybe it’s the fact that she keeps looking into the camera that freezes up my emotions.
  • D-2 is a night of seduction. Liu Wen is dressed in a black and gold sequined bathing suit covered by a black silk robe. She catwalks over to the hotel pool to meetup with her Prince Siwon. Oh, if only I can borrow that inventive dog collar from “Doug” in the Disney animation movie Up, that way I can put it on Siwon to actually know what he’s truly thinking about Wenwen’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit photo-op right now. Kiikii~
  • One of Wenwen’s “Things To Do With Oppa” wishes was to learn how to swim, she asked for it before in the first episode. The only dilemma… she has hydrophobia, since little, because of a drowning incident. (I use to believe Jaws lived in my parents’ pool when I was little; thanks to my mom forcing me to watch her thriller movies. Great childhood, huh? Haha~) Wennie has gone under water for a photoshoot or two but that’s practically her limit, holding her breath for no more than five seconds in the shallow end of the water. Aww, poor Wennie. So, swimming instructor Siwon tries to take a few pictures with her under water. He fails every time. The most interesting part in this segment is seeing Liu Wen’s super model makeup wash away. LOL!
  • Last lesson, Siwon tries to teach Wenwen how to float in the pool and learn how to kick her legs properly and propel forward. In order to set a better romantic atmosphere, Heaven decides to rain on their lesson. Light rain never hurt anyone in the pool. Very romantic if you can spot some stars too. Have you tried it?
  • D-1 is a day of bravery. Very. Exciting. Day. Wenwen makes another wish to skydive with Oppa. The best part is knowing how much Siwon cares enough to test jump first before picking the perfect day and perfect instructor for Wenwen. D-1, Dimples Couple gets shuttled to an airplane bunker still in Guam. Siwon picks the best instructor for Wenwen, and his name is Bobby. Siwon tandem skydived with Bobby before, so they’re well acquainted.
  • Before the jump, Siwon and Liu Wen requires to sign a life/death waiver. (I’ve done that too, and it’s no way an exaggeration the amount of paperwork you have to sign your life away on.^ ^” Before signing the waiver though, you’re required to watch a presentation video, but I guess they edit that part out here.) After done so, they gear up, and head out to the small plane. (You don’t really need to wear a jumpsuit from my experience, but okay.) Wenwen asks Siwon if it’s okay if she chickens out anytime later. Siwon assures her it’s okay if she can’t go through with it. This calms her nerves and she sticks to their plan. Up they go! Yeah, the planes are normally compact, loud, and a lot of turbulence.
  • Siwon jumps first, since he’s done it before. Best way to stir your woman’s competitive nature there. It’s that “if he can do it, (then) I can definitely do it too” mentality that Wenwen sticks with in order to complete her jump.
  • After their safe return back into the bunker, the couple shares their thoughts from that skydive experience. It’s a bittersweet moment since the couple has no idea what sadness is awaiting for them next day.
  • Tandem skydiving is the most safe extreme sport you can ever decide to do for yourself. I encourage y’all to try it. It’s an outer body experience. Once you brave the courage to skydive, you’ll feel nothing else is impossible to overcome in your life.
  • The couple continues their date in a seaside oasis, and the adrenaline from their extreme sporting venture lingers on. Liu Wen shares people who skydive together are done with those you’re most closest to. Is that a green light for Siwon? Ooooo~ Siwon brings up another of Wen’s wishes, is to go kayaking. Wow, Genie Oppa is on crack today fulfilling Wenwen’s third wish for the day. Siwon encourages a race competition, the loser has to announce outloud something to the other. Something likable in term needs to be said that they have put aside saying. How each feel for their significant other. C’mon, even my guppy fish can predict who’s gonna win in this race. LOL!
  • Siwon wrote in the sand saying: “I love you very much (Liu Wen)” which he reclaims in the confession room latter. Liu Wen wrote: “I love you [Ai lao hu you]” but has a cute way of playing with phonic words to express her shyness. She lost the race and was struggling to say those words outloud. Why so cute, little tigress!?! She finally says it though, “… I do love you very, very much. I love you very much.”

We Are In Love Episode 12: Final Hours Together

  • Ruby x Ren Zhong segment (ENG SUB HERE): I love this chapter, we now get to see Ruby’s reaction receiving the the farewell mission card. Their romance had been cut short abruptly and harshly once their love blossom, and Ren threw a fit at the producers about this mission.
  • Ren continues to plan events for his lady. He has plans to reveal his peace of mind that he knows Ruby’s been waiting to know. He guides Ruby to a famous winery ( in the Czech Republic since she loves red wines. Ruby’s smitten that Ren has mapped most if not all her habits by now. The wine owner helps them bottle up their own pinot noir, and they both vow to return here within ten years to open it up and celebrate their reunion. Ren states their innermost feelings are sealed and corked tight like their wine bottle enclosed until the chance of a ten years reunion. Ruby’s wine tip: To check how old the wine is, you simply swirl and slush the wine in a glass. The older the wine gets the thicker and heavier the liquid coats the glass. Let us all age like fine wine.
  • Three hours left!?! Noooo. Noo. No. They change outfits to suit their farewell dinner at a different quarter of the winery. Dark (clothes, mood, etc.), isn’t it? And… desolate. (I don’t want to finish this post at all, so sad.) They sit and start their meal with small talks. Ren wishes Ruby will let go of her strong facade and find someone besides her to weigh the world on her behalf. Ren starts a powerpoint presentation then serenades to Ruby one of his songs. (Crying buckets, here. Gahhh!) All of that shines a subliminal message on his devotion to her. Ren’s farewell gift is a rose gold ring (Ruby’s favorite finest metal) with a sparkling encrusted ruby gem (’cause it represents her) and is also engraved “R♥R” (as an eternity symbol of their romance) inside the rim of the ring.
  • They take a trolly to their final destination. (D’aw, I need more of these two holding hands. It took Ren forever to start holding her hands. I haven’t had enough yet.) The couple exchanges only a few words till the countdown clock gives them six seconds left till their separation. (I still have room for more tears. Are you welling up too?) Ren Zhong gets going and leaves, Ruby is left behind on the trolly while Ren gets off. Ren goes and holds Ruby’s hand for the last time in this sequence until the trolly speeds away with Ruby in tow. Ren says he left the farewell with a trace of regret/pity that way he will always have Ruby in his thoughts.
  • Kimi x Xu Lu segment (ENG SUB HERE): Countdown – Five hours till separation. Starts now! Kimi leads Lulu to a tree ornamented with their photo memorabilia. Kimi says Xu Lu’s memory is weak so he created this momento for her. He asks her to pick her most favorite memory made between them. If that’s hard then she can pick a top three moments. In turn, she asks him to choose his. He picks 1) Kimi’s mini-concert, 2) their seaside wedding photoshoot, and 3) their family portrait with Kimi’s parents. Now, Lulu knows which is her most important memory, Kimi’s third choice, the family portrait represent warmth and inclusivity as a family unit. Oh, but wait! Why is there a blank photo? Their final mission, is to fill-in that blank photo card with an unforgetful impression during this final date.
  • Counting down – Three hours till separation. They walk down the aisle for an imaginary wedding ceremony in full cosplay. Pahehe! So sad no one witnesses their wedding vows, except for the production crew, they don’t count, do they(?), but I had to chuckle there. Oh, yes! Kimi takes out a ring to give to his young bride. Did he find the lost kitty ring in the ocean? Uhm… I doubt it, he may have bought a replacement. Shhh! Lulu doesn’t need to know the truth. And, in turn, Lulu takes Kimi’s fish ring and allocates it next finger. Haha~ (I don’t think it fits that’s why we see the fish ring still on his middle finger next segment.)
  • Get ready for my bucket of tears!!! Oh… Heart. Break. Lulu walks over to a white baby grand piano to give Kimi a sweet farewell present. We see she’s been very dedicated vlogging her progress practicing one of Kimi’s popular songs within two months on her free time. A prelude leads into a beautiful score. I could not stop welling up my human fountain. Cry with me, people. Let it go. The score is so pretty, isn’t it? Seeing Kimi’s reaction, you know no other woman has done this before for him in his life. It’s a priceless moment for sure Kimi and Lulu will never forget but always remember.
  • Can we just fade out then and there? I can’t handle all these good-byes. Less than a minute to go. Eventually, Lulu confesses in the black room that Kimi gave her a fairytale love story she didn’t believe existed before she met him. And they’re able to successfully capture their last photo memorabilia, so we see Xu Lu meets her hero, Baymax, I mean, Kimi, again, in a new beginning. *FADE OUT*
  • Siwon x Liu Wen segment (ENG SUB HERE): D-day is finally here for the Dimples Couple. A mission card implies they only have ten mini polaroid films to capture memories and keepsake on their last date together. Wenwen is all in tears when Siwon arrives to her hotel room. He doesn’t get it why she’s crying. To him, an end is another beginning. Preach it, bruv!
  • Siwon plans two events for their last date… on the program. HINT. HINT. First place he takes her to is called “Two Lovers Point”, a romantic landmark, like Seoul’s Namsan Tower. Couples visit this cliffside pennisula to lock in their future commitment with a significant other. Siwon pulls out two Doraemon locks for them to reserve a spot in lovers point. Wenwen asks Siwon if he’ll regret being locked with her for a lifetime. He says, she may regret it but not he, right before she throws away the locks’ keys in the ocean. Sure, that beautiful ocean looks like it needed some metal to balance its pH, why not?
  • Next, how cheesy do you like your love story? The couple nearly replays the famous “Jack and Rose” scene from the Titanic‘s front bow shouting on the top of their lungs their I Love You’s. Oooo~ “Rose” will never let go “Jack”. The rare surprise is seeing Wen initiating more, and Siwon here follows her lead.
  • Afterwards, they stroll hand-in-hand under an iconic liberty bell per say, uhm, more like a longevity bell. Siwon informs Wennie that the longer this bell rings the longer their relationship will last. To her, that’s not important. Wennie thinks life is better lived sharing with the right person than focus matters on relationship longevity. I have to agree with her. Life is too short to let time control the meaning of a lifetime.
  • Next, Siwon meets Wenwen at a crystal cathedral church. (Ahh, so beautiful. I want that kind of minimalist church wedding. I apologize, if my sidetracking bothers you too often.) Here, Siwon wants to reminsce their first encounter in the church from episode one. They relive some moments and they also create new ones too. Siwon decides to leave first and says he’ll head back to the hotel to pack his things up. He can’t bear to see her walk away from him. What is this? You coward. He claims he is, now, Liu Wen is a strong woman and Siwon is a weak boy. Oh, you consider yourself a boy not a man, Siwon? Okay then.
  • As Wennie leaves the cathedral, she intercepts a note spelling “Follow Me” with an endless string of red yarn leading her to a beach front swing. There, she intercepts another note spelling “For Liu Wen” protecting a photobook memorabilia Siwon put together. Continuing her yarn trekking, next this leads her to a small venue. A small stage with an oceanview backdrop. So pretty! We get to watch Siwon serenade Liu Wen two songs. Wennie walk towards Siwon ready to wipe off Siwon’s hard work with her dress sleeve. He whips out and presents her a pair of matching couples’ rings. They exchange rings wearing each other’s engravings. Liu Wen will always have Choi Siwon with her, and Choi Siwon will always have Liu Wen with him. Next time they meet, Wennie will read outloud and translate her personal letter she gave Siwon in the cathedral. I want to know the contents of that letter. Do you want to know too?
  • A sweet finale. Lucky guy! Okay, I can’t get disappointed about this couple. Siwon’s smart to continue his friendship with Liu Wen. Tell me what kind of guy would turn down being friends with a super model?
  • DOWNLOAD: ♬ Spare Me the Time of a Song by Siwon Choi
  • Keane: Long overdue but done, and I forced myself to get this post completed by New Year’s. Taking in consideration for my absence and tardiness, I’m releasing a compilation music album for this variety show. It took me two seasons to find some rare entities and to complete this album up to ten tracks in HQ. Hope you enjoy! Go here for its OST.
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    Any news yet of S2?

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      The news went up and went down again. =/

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    Ok guys, I never really got this. Is this like a reality show? Like the emotions and feels are like real? Or is there a storyline somewhere like a real-person drama… I’m just confused.

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      I believe there is a script of their activities but the words they say and their reactions are genuine….as genuine can be since they are actors after all. Lols. Just keep that in mind when you do watch it. my fav is ren zhong and ruby. she’s feisty in real life. hahaha

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      Scripted reality show with ad libs. I believe this show is a co-production collabo with its original sister production from Korea, “We Got Married”.

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