Chat Station: Run Brother (Ep. 12 – FINALE)

Run Brother Season 3 comes to an end. I’ll watch it in full when subtitle is available! I do wanna see whether they address some overseas issues mentioned by Aryael in the last chat station.

Any variety shows you guys recommend? I know The Greatest Love is my next one to cover!

Run Brother: Episode 12 [Broadcast date: 1/15/16]

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    Yayay, the greatest love is also one of my next shows to keep an eye on. Despite the number of cheesy dramas broadcasted on hunan (The Disguiser was a pleasantly surprising exception), hunan does a REALLY good job of coming out with interesting and entertaining reality/game/tv shows. Like really good. I’m starting to watch shows from other channels on youtube, but I watch almost all of Hunantv’s first. Except Day Day Up (really guys, translational error anyone), which I just really can’t get behind. I just don’t find it very funny. Despite LOVING Wang Han immensely (from Up Idol, mostly).

    Anyways, REALLY looking forward to The Greatest Love.

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      I hope all the pairs get to interact with each other! Imagine the parents trying to out each other as best? So cute! Each pair is visiting their family home in the countryside and see how the child, aka, grown kid, will fare. Gotta be fun!

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        Just saw the 10 min preview, and at least so far there doesn’t seem to be much pair-interaction. In fact I think they’re all staying at different locations. Idk about later on though.

        It does look super fun and touching though.

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          I watched the preview this morning too. They are visiting the parent’s home place, so it should be different for each pair.


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    The segment of the episode where they had to swap a cocoa bean for something expensive made me cringe so hard. I hate when variety shows make that an assignment because it feels so awkward and embarrassing, even if they pay it off behind the scenes. The terrible English was also pretty cringe-worthy. IDK, the fact that they were doing all this in a foreign country made it worse, like I was worried that they were leaving behind bad impressions about the whole nation… That aside, I quite enjoyed this episode: just some mindless fun for the team. Loved that all the special powers were so useless, haha.

    As for variety shows, has anyone around watched “Go Fridge/Bai Tuo Le Bing Xiang” hosted by He Jiong and Jackson Wang Jia’er? Gave it a try after seeing a lot of praise for Jackson being thrown around, plus I’ve always like He Laoshi, and their chemistry is unexpectedly excellent! I went in without knowing anything about the actual show or what they did on it, but I got hooked by the people. It’s another import from Korea, and it’s a variety cooking show with celebrity guests bringing their fridges to supply the cooking materials. I’d say that actual cooking only takes up about a third of the 45 minute episodes though; the rest is banter. I think there are English subs on Youtube since Jackson is a KPop star, if anyone wants to check it out.

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      I think I have seen comments of The Fridge on the cbox before. Jackson and Lao Shi would be a joy to watch.

      Jackson Wang Bar is providing English Subs for those interested. 🙂

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      Have you seen the show Hello Food/Shei Shi Wo De Cai (literally: Who’s my dish) on Anhui TV’s youtube channel? They have surprisingly interesting shows. It’s similar in that they have 6 star chefs who cook appetizers for 2 mystery celebrities, then the celebrities eat and they bring in their fridges and they each choose two chefs, one to cook using something from their fridge and another to cook using something from their freezer. And then one chef per celebrity (two total) wins, not necessarily by skill, but by preference of the dish, since the show’s called “which/who’s my dish”.

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        There’ve actually been some pretty well-known guests like Chen Xiang, Wu Yi, Xuan Xuan’s parents from Where are we going Dad, Jiang Xin, Zhang Meng, Han Dong, etc.

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      OMG lol. I started watching the first ep, and seriously. The show is a lot more informal and sort-of, well, purposely funny as opposed to the other show I was talking about. Like the chefs are more obviously exaggerated and sort of have “roles” and the editing is like trying to make it more funny, with sound effects, extra captions, inserts, etc. Like, it’s more variety, whereas the other show I mentioned was funny from like witty conversation and stuff, but was more seriously a cooking/food show.

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    Happy to see they’ve been to Rundel Mall and FUSA (Flinders University of South Australia). Both places are places I frequent. I graduated from FUSA and worked there for many years until my retirement. The building they filmed is a new building – part of it still under construction. My office was at the main campus with the older building facing the lake (up in the hills). There’s also the engineering and architecture building with built in ecosystem right in the middle of the building – one of the many places I used to take my lunch break while feeding the ducks and enjoying the trees and green lawns. FUSA is the only University outside of the city with views of the Flinders Ranges. At FUSA, we pride ourselves with offering the best courses and modern facilities for our students. I live just 15 mins away from FUSA. My home faces the beach with views of the hills. 🙂 It is a beautiful part of Adelaide to live in. 🙂

    The other two Unis are in the city centre – namely Adelaide Uni and UniSA. I used to work in Adelaide Uni before joining FUSA many years ago and frequent Rundel Mall for lunch as it is just right across the road from Adelaide Uni. Amazing how proud I feel seeing my hometown filmed in RM. I hope more ppl will come visit Adelaide. We are famous for wineries with some of the world’s best wines produced here. Our wine tasting tours are world standards. We are also home to Kangaroo Island, Adelaide Hills, Handorf (German Village), Victor Harbour (penguin, seal, whale watching) etc etc. Lots of nice places to visit here and after you’d enjoyed the natural and historical beauty of Adelaide, you can head to Melbourne for shopping. Melbourne is the nearest city to Adelaide. Along the way, there are many little quaint towns you can visit or you can just catch a plane (just 45-50 mins flight) to Melbourne. My family lives in Melbourne and I travel there once or twice every year to visit them. Beautiful city with excellent vibes of metropolitan mixed with heritage.

    I hope you guys enjoyed watching Ep 11 & 12 of RM China. I sure did…but mainly to see Melb and Adelaide in those 2 eps. 🙂

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      Aryael, your life sounds wonderful. House facing a beach? Girl!

      Thanks for all the tips!! Would love to visit Adelaide and sip a glass of fine wine.

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        I suppose it does. Excellent place to raise a family and retire. Not as happening as Melbourne though (and I was originally from Melbourne!) but very quiet, scenic and relaxing city. Adelaide is known as the City of Churches… lots of beautiful churches here. In many parts of the city, it reminds you of parts of Europe with its beautiful cathedrals etc. Adelaideans pride themselves as being descended from important and dignified migrants unlike most Aussies from other states who are descended from deported crooks and criminals. Therefore, there’s a strong sense of pride in maintaining their cultures which explains why we have places like German villages, Italian suburbs, English farm cottages, French village, Russian churches etc around here that still do things as per where their ancestors originally hailed from. This makes for very interesting variety in the design of houses, architecture, language and food in Adelaide. I dare say that you can only find such interesting European influences mixed with Aussie culture in Adelaide. The rest of the country’s pretty much Aussie through and through. Yes, my home faces the beach though now it’s simply too hot (summer here now) to be enjoying it. I hate getting sunburns! But you are welcome to join me for a glass of wine. 🙂

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    I just showed my hubby this episode and the first thing he asked was “Have they paid those ppl?”, indicating to the retailers, and I said “Don’t know. Only know they haven’t paid the restaurant ppl.” (Coz my friend runs a restaurant involved in supplying meals to the cast & crew members and told me that they have yet to pay him). My hubby simply shook his head and walked away. I can understand his behavior since he owns a retail shop at Rundel Mall and he earlier told me it’s lucky that they didn’t go into his shop that day or he will be put on the spot and don’t know what to do! Hahaha I simply feel amazed that they didn’t go into Raw Pearls where there are raw south sea pearls and black Tahitian pearls costing thousands of dollars per pearl! I used to always walk past it and window shop at Raw Pearls, wishing one day I’ll own one of those beautiful pearls. *sigh*

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      I understand him. I do hope they get some form of compensation because it just leaves a sour taste in my mind about the whole crew. =/

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        I think we cannot blame the crew entirely. The whole farce was in the local news a while back and apparently it’s the fault of the agent/middleman who was supposed to arrange all of the approvals, compensations etc. The Chinese team employed a middleman here to arrange things for them and that middleman did not do a good job of it, leaving many pot holes. So now it’s a matter of legality and give and take. This sort of things will drag on for a while since it involves $$. It is simply unfortunate and it is not the fault of the artistes at all.

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    I hope they add a new person next season… someone actually exciting. Luhan’s addition was only beneficial in one aspect – faster subs. But since I can understand the language I don’t really care if he leaves.

    There were some fun moments this season but it was mostly really dull. It’s like the life got sucked out of the show. They need funner missions and funner additions to the team.

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