Chat Station: 24 Hours, The Greatest Love [Premiere]

New season! New shows! I’ll most likely be following 24 Hours and The Greatest Love. Everyone is free to throw in recommendations and join the chat for all things variety shows. The Greatest Love will premiere tomorrow so I’ll add it in accordingly.

Gotta shower and catch some sleep before I watch the first episode. 🙂

UPDATE: Added The Greatest Love!

24 Hours: Episode 1 [Broadcast date: 1/22/15]

Guests: Ady An, Jiang Xin.

 photo Twen 4_1.jpg photo Twen 5.jpg

The Greatest Love: Episode 1 [Broadcast date: 1/23/15]

  1. 4 thoughts on “Chat Station: 24 Hours, The Greatest Love [Premiere]

    i did not know chen kun is that playful and mischievous in real life!! he’s a hoot to watch!! the way he teased the two ancient beauties before they are awaken cracked me up!! ady an is such a pro at keeping a poker face!! LOL

    while yin zheng kissed ady on the forehead, very chaste, chen kun kissed jiang xin right on the cheek!! boy!!

    leo is so cute in the race at the end. i say less games where they have to run around and do missions with the locals and more games with cast interactions!!

    • 4 thoughts on “Chat Station: 24 Hours, The Greatest Love [Premiere]

      Was Chen Kun this playful before? I don’t follow him but I’m surprisingly thrilled by his personality. Perfect for variety show.

      Ady is a lovely watch.

      Is this Thailand they were shooting at?

      • 4 thoughts on “Chat Station: 24 Hours, The Greatest Love [Premiere]

        Chen Kun has always been playful and quite extroverted although private about his private life. Glad to see that he finally gets to showcase that now that there are more variety shows. He like Deng Chao is a natural charismatic leader. I hope this succeeds!

  2. 4 thoughts on “Chat Station: 24 Hours, The Greatest Love [Premiere]

    Haven’t watched 24 Hours yet, but I couldn’t get through The Greatest Love. Well, it’s not bad, per se. In fact it was very emotional and quite a tear-jerker. But that’s just it. It was a tear-jerker and very serious, but honestly, it wasn’t very entertaining, funny, or fun yet. Maybe cuz everyone’s just getting settled in first. I guess it’s kind of really shallow for me to complain about a parental relationship show for not being “entertaining or fun”, but that’s honestly the large part that holds my attention in a reality/variety/any show. Otherwise I’ll just go watch an interview or something. But I’ll still check out ep 2 next week, maybe I’m just in a PMS-ing mood swing or something. Ep 1 wasn’t BAD, I just didn’t really like it.

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