First Costumes revealed for Li Yi Feng’s The Legend of Chusen

So I haven’t been talking about this drama since…the last time, mainly because so many things change week after week! Because of the push back in production, some of the earlier confirmed actors had to bow out. Production began 3 days ago on the December 5th, and the crew has been releasing costumes for some of its characters. Where is Li Yi Feng? He’s busy promoting movies and doing CFs. Lol. As for Angelababy…sigh. I’m confused now because of the constant yes and no from the news. I guess we will get our confirmation once they release her character posters. As for now, take a look at the sea of blue in the designed costumes for Andy Yang Zi, TFBOYS, Qin Jun Jie, and more! The Legend of Chusen: Qing Yun Zhi (诛仙:青云志), is adapted from a Chinese fanasy novel Zhu Xian written by Xiao Ding (a game version called Jade Dynasty (read more about the game story)) and follows the epic battles between the human sects (main one being Qing Yun sect) with thesupposedly demigod tribes over the secrets of immortality and martial arts invincibility.

Step aside, Zhu Mountain, we have a new sect to bash! Lol. JK. I hope this righteous sect will be portrayed better. 🙂

**NOTE (12/11/15): Added more photos.

Character Posters:

Li Yi Feng as Zhang Xiao Fan. NO PICTURES RELEASED YET. His character is from Qing Yun sect. The story basically follows two youths, Xiao Fan and Jing Yu, after their whole village was massacred in one night. Both were saved by Qing Yun sect and raised differently. Xiao Fan is an ordinary kid and is sent to do chores in the kitchen while Jing Yu, the extraordinary one of the two, is given chances to learn the highest skills in Qing Yun sect. A lot more events happen and eventually Xiao Fan is pushed to the dark side and he follows Ghost King and gets a new name in Gui Li (Ghost Tears).

Angelababy (??) as Bi Yao. NO PICTURES RELEASED YET. She’s Ghost King’s daughter. Looks like there will be two female leads and from the spoilers that I read, one will die/stay in a coma. It’s an epic love triangle, they say.

Andy Yang Zi as Lu Xue Qi. The next generation of young talented disciples of Qing Yun sect. Aside from her cold beauty, she’s a no non-sense type of person with a passionate heart. I think she fits the bill.

 photo Dyn 11.jpg

 photo Dyn 10.jpg

 photo Dyn 9.jpg

 photo Dyn 8.jpg

 photo Dyn 7.jpg

Qin Jun Jie as Ceng Shu Shu. A disciple of Qing Yun also. He’s currently in The Legend of Qin as Shao Yu.

 photo Dyn 13.jpg

 photo Dyn 15.jpg

 photo Dyn 14.jpg

 photo Dyn 12.jpg

Cheng Yi as Lin Jing Yu. Xiao Fan’s childhood friend. Oohhhh I like him.

 photo Dyn 2.jpg

 photo Dyn 1.jpg

Tina Tang as Tian Ling Er. Innocent and kind. She’s Xiao Fan’s first love.

 photo Dyn 24.jpg

 photo Dyn 25.jpg

 photo Dyn 26.jpg

 photo Dyn 23.jpg

 photo Dyn 22.jpg

TFBOYS’ Wang Yuan (Roy) as kid version of Xiao Fan (LYF’s character).

TFBOYS’ Wang Jun Kai (Karry) as kid version of Lin Jing Yu (Xiao Fan’s best friend).

TFBOYS’ Yi Yang Qian Xi (Jackson) as Xiao Qi.

People from the Demigod Tribes. First up is Edward Zhang Lu Yi (Love Me If You Dare). He’s gonna play Ghost King.

 photo Dyn 29.jpg

Che Xiao as Ghost King’s wife.

 photo Dyn 30.jpg

Wei Wei.

 photo Dyn 28.jpg

Xiong Nai Jin.

 photo Dyn 27.jpg

NOTE: You can read some of the translated chapters of the novel here (click). I’m very tempted.

Added 12.11.15. This is Mao Zi Jun. You look so handsome but you’re evil and ruthless? 🙁

 photo Dyn 37.jpg

 photo Dyn 38.jpg

Liu Xue Yi.

 photo Dyn 35.jpg

 photo Dyn 36.jpg

Leon Li Chen Hao.

 photo Dyn 33.jpg

 photo Dyn 34.jpg

Pu Shuo.

 photo Dyn 31.jpg

 photo Dyn 32.jpg

Produced by Huan Rui Century Television Media Co (Young Sherlock Di Ren Jie, Ancient of the Legend Sword) and directed by Zhu Rui Bin (The Classics of Mountains and Seas, Ban Shu Legend), The Legend of Chusen: Qing Yun Zhi will be edited by its own author, Xiao Ding, and has 50 episodes.

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  1. 54 thoughts on “First Costumes revealed for Li Yi Feng’s The Legend of Chusen

    LOL this drama has like guaranteed ratings promise, with Li Yifeng, Angelababy, TFboys all in the one drama hahahaha

    Apparently they’re making massive changes to the plot (oh dear)…

    LOL I just wanna see Li Yifeng play a villain (to satisfy my mom and my prediction from back in Ancient Sword days)

    Zhang Luyi is the big baddie in this one I think. (For now we can enjoy watching his psychopathic character torture Wang Kai in Love Me If You Dare)

  2. 54 thoughts on “First Costumes revealed for Li Yi Feng’s The Legend of Chusen

    Bi Yao (Angelababy’s character) is the one who sacrifices to save Xiao Fan and stays in a coma

    Xue Qi is the one who ends up with Xiao Fan at the end

  3. 54 thoughts on “First Costumes revealed for Li Yi Feng’s The Legend of Chusen

    From memory of the novel, the story goes like this (which will most likely be very different in the drama):

    Basically, Li Yifeng’s Xiao Fan is like Baili Tusu, where his whole village gets slaughtered and he’s the only survivor. A dude from Qing Yun Sect takes Xiao Fan in and trains him. Xiao Fan becomes really strong in the martial arts, etc. while having this evil/awesome power inside him (think Baili Tusu from Ancient Sword)

    Xiao Fan leaves the sect the travel across the world below for a bit, but then has to go back to the sect. One of the Sect elders hate Xiao Fan cuz he thinks he will bring ruin to the whole world with his hidden powers. Stuff happens and Xiao Fan’s master gets killed, and Xiao Fan gets framed for the murder. The elder almost succeeds in killing Xiao Fan but Bi Yao steps in and takes the blow for him, sacrificing herself (because she loves Xiao Fan). Bi Yao is the daughter (or something like that) of the Demon/Ghost Lord (who all the righteous sects hate, etc.).

    The Demon/Ghost Lord takes Xiao Fan in and Bi Yao stays in a coma. Xiao Fan becomes the Demon Lord’s right hand man (or the most talented assassin) and takes the name Gui Li. As Gui Li, he slaughters the righteous sects’ people (in revenge or as part of his orders from Demon Lord, etc.) and struggles with his conscience while trying to find a way to wake Bi Yao from the coma.

    Stuff happens and eventually Xiao Fan (Gui Li) “turns back to the good side” and gets the Chu Xian sword (the Chusen of the title) and kills Demon Lord with it. He retires (hides) from the rest of the world (he’s got too many enemies) to live a peaceful life as a cook in a village. Xue Qi (who by then became the leader of her own sect and loves Xiao Fan) finds Xiao Fan and they live happily ever after and have a son together.

    In the novel, it doesn’t say anything about Bi Yao’s ending – it just says that her “corpse” has disappeared from where it was housed, so the reader is left to wonder if she woke up or not or what happened to her…

    • 54 thoughts on “First Costumes revealed for Li Yi Feng’s The Legend of Chusen

      What the… the first half really sounds just like Anicent Sword!

      I was hoping the main character stays as part of the demon world, hehehe

      • 54 thoughts on “First Costumes revealed for Li Yi Feng’s The Legend of Chusen

        Well technically this Zhuxian was written before Ancient Sword, but yeah, I get what you mean…

        • 54 thoughts on “First Costumes revealed for Li Yi Feng’s The Legend of Chusen

          T.T He killed the Ghost King?! In these kinds of good/evil dramas, I often feel like the bad sect is better than the good sect. The good sects always act irritatingly self righteous and arrogant and useless. Beside…T.T how does he have the heart to kill Bi Yao’s dad when she’s in a freaking coma because of him?!

          Anyways. I kind of like Bi Yao’s character a little more, but Yang Zi’s just so awesome and pretty! And does Li Yi Feng have to choose the same types of characters to play? It’s one thing for the character to be inherently similar, because it’s a common trend and you can’t blame the plot. But LYF didn’t have to choose to play him! I feel like LYF’s acting has a lot of potential, but he constantly chooses really idol-ish characters and dramas. Looking forward to this though. Jade Fantasy’s like a big thing so…I hope it turns out nice. Everything’s so pretty so far.

          Kind of hope LYF’s Xiao Fan will be different from TuSu in that he willingly goes dark for a bit. Maybe they can make him more layered and complex with an evil side. Cuz with Tusu, he always had the excuse that he was possessed, that he’s actually a kind goody-two-shoes at heart.

        • 54 thoughts on “First Costumes revealed for Li Yi Feng’s The Legend of Chusen

          @ Julianne: I can’t remember the details cuz it’s been a long time since I read the book (book was written over 10 years ago LOL) and some details are fuzzy cuz the book is damn long and most of it is focused on Xiao Fan’s inner struggle with his conscience, etc.

          But apparently in his heart Xiao Fan knows that the Ghost King dude is a really bad guy and if he doesn’t get rid of the Ghost King, the whole world would be in danger, etc. etc.

          Yeah I get what you mean cuz with these type of stories I always end up rooting for the “bad guy” sects instead of the so-called good guys, cuz all those self-righteous assholes are all hypocrites and are more despicable than the so-called bad guys (see Hua Qiangu and other many wuxia classics as examples).

  4. 54 thoughts on “First Costumes revealed for Li Yi Feng’s The Legend of Chusen

    Not looking forward to it already… Why does drama like this always have the same old plot…

    • 54 thoughts on “First Costumes revealed for Li Yi Feng’s The Legend of Chusen

      IKR? Ancient Sword, Hua Qiangu, Legend of Zu, and now this one …. it’s the same thing over and over again…

  5. 54 thoughts on “First Costumes revealed for Li Yi Feng’s The Legend of Chusen

    Wow, the TFboys…

    I thought LYF’s character sounds pretty awesome, come to the dark side ~~~

    • 54 thoughts on “First Costumes revealed for Li Yi Feng’s The Legend of Chusen

      LOL IKR? TFboys, Angelababy … HR is busting bank with that line-up… (Li Yifeng doesn’t count cuz he’s their employee anyway, although his salary won’t come cheap either…)

  6. 54 thoughts on “First Costumes revealed for Li Yi Feng’s The Legend of Chusen

    This is like the Nth time I have written something about the TFBOYS and I still can’t tell them apart. Lol.

    Sneak Peek at LYF’s look! I’m not impressed but I do like he’s wearing a different color. heh.

    • 54 thoughts on “First Costumes revealed for Li Yi Feng’s The Legend of Chusen

      LOL I can’t tell the TFboys apart either

      Ehhh… it looks like the costume for his Baili Tusu when he got out of his imprisonment and had to copy scrolls as punishment and then later framed for the murder of his fellow student in Tianyongcheng…

      And did they borrow Lu Yi’s wig for Legend of Qin or something…

    • 54 thoughts on “First Costumes revealed for Li Yi Feng’s The Legend of Chusen

      I’m never impressed with LYF. His eyes look funny somehow. He’s not handsome (IMO) or a particularly good actor. I just don’t get his appeal. But I’m obviously in the minority =P

      • 54 thoughts on “First Costumes revealed for Li Yi Feng’s The Legend of Chusen

        But I’m obviously in the minority

        Trust me, you’re not.

        Li Yifeng has cunning/villainy eyes and he’s more of an idol than a serious actor. He struck jackpot with Ancient Sword which made his popularity explode but he is riding on his charm more than actual acting chops (let’s be honest here, c’mon, dude has a decent singing voice but has a long way to go in terms of acting skills). Beauty is in the eye of the beholder but I get what you mean about him – he’s definitely not the drop dead gorgeous / classically handsome / etc. etc. type, but he has the ladykiller / playboy / flirty charm which works on a lot of women … hence the popularity…

      • 54 thoughts on “First Costumes revealed for Li Yi Feng’s The Legend of Chusen

        LYF needs to challenge his acting a bit more to be taken seriously. He was adorable when he debuted in those puppy roles. But that gets old real quick. Fans are banking on Sparrow to see his acting chops. And like Shimo said, he has a good, bubbly personality that works with the ladies. hehe.

        • 54 thoughts on “First Costumes revealed for Li Yi Feng’s The Legend of Chusen

          I was happy to hear about LYF taking on Sparrow because it sounds like a role that would challenge his acting. He’s a funny and charming guy but the schtick gets old real quick, and he needs something solid to back up his popularity.

          I took a look at the production promos and stills etc. for Sparrow but it looks more like an idol drama than a serious drama … which is strange because the novel is an award-winning serious Republican era spy/war thriller. I was expecting something more serious like Disguiser but I won’t say more until I take a look at it…

          LYF’s character in Sparrow is something like a Ming Lou mixed with Ming Tai type of character so it’ll be interesting to see how he pulls it off…

        • 54 thoughts on “First Costumes revealed for Li Yi Feng’s The Legend of Chusen

          Speaking of which, rumor has it that Shanying has an upcoming medical drama (yay!) in the works, due to start production early next year (now that Ode to Joy has finished filming). People are wondering if Wang Kai will get to play male lead this time (instead of another supporting role) but bosses at Shanying are keeping quiet.

          WK himself is laying low these days cuz of all the scandalous press he’s been getting (I dunno if you heard about that but the hate and conspiracy theories are everywhere)…

        • 54 thoughts on “First Costumes revealed for Li Yi Feng’s The Legend of Chusen

          @shimokuren, I actually have no idea, what’s up with Wang Kai? I can’t see why ANYONE would have an issue with my adorable talented puppy! It’s like people have no heart.

          So interested in Shanying’s new med drama. Totally excited about Ode to Joy, but still kind of cautious. Like with Lie Chang, Nirvana, Disguiser, and the med drama, they all have a very specific profession/theme that grounds the production. Like Lie Chang is career/business based, Nirvana is politics/struggle for throne based, Disguiser is war/spy based, and obviously the med drama is medically based. Idk, bad description, but it’s kind of hard to describe. But with Ode to Joy, it’s more relationship/friendship based, and that sort of allows more leeway for mistakes/problems IMO.

          On LYF, he’s really pleasant in variety/reality shows and is really charming and witty, BUT as an actor he falls short on so many levels. He needs to take his period of fame to experiment and try new roles and improve his acting, so after his period of fame is over (and it’s going to end sometime) he has a reputation for himself. He should take this chance when everyone loves him to try things because if he messes up, his fans will be more forgiving. If he continues what he’s doing, taking the same roles establishing a very very generic and narrow niche for himself, people are going to tire of him so quickly, and afterwards he won’t even have any other experience to fall back on. Plus people are going to expect the same thing from him, so even if he wants to try different things later on, he’s not going to be offered as many scripts with different roles and he’ll be stuck with his idol/cute-sy persona.

        • 54 thoughts on “First Costumes revealed for Li Yi Feng’s The Legend of Chusen

          What news/scandals about Wang Kai? What conspiracy?

        • 54 thoughts on “First Costumes revealed for Li Yi Feng’s The Legend of Chusen

          It’s very similar to what happened with Yang Yang before … basically, rising stars like Yang Yang and Wang Kai whose popularity suddenly explode (the “Dark Horses” of television) often gain many fans but also enemies from rival companies who want to create scandals to influence the opinion of the populace. (This is a common tactic in Chinese entertainment industry)

          With Wang Kai, his unexpected popularity from just playing supporting roles in Disguiser and Nirvana is a natural target. The ratings, critics/audience reviews, word of mouth, popularity of Disguiser and Nirvana slaughtered all rival series so Shanying naturally gained many enemies. Jin Dong is an established industry big shot so rival companies can’t do anything against him, but for an “unknown/invisible” actor like Wang Kai to suddenly explode in the limelight, with no serious backing or connections (this is very important in their target selection), this makes him an ideal target as he has now become a competitor for sponsors / advertising / spokespersons contracts, etc.

          First we have the media digging out every bit of info they can find about WK’s past and personal history (this is very extreme because they even track down his primary schoolmates and teachers and stuff like WTF), then comes:

          1.allegations of plastic surgery
          WK’s long and pointy chin … but when people dug up photos from like 12 years ago and traced back each of them to his current face they couldn’t find solid proof because if anything, his face has filled out over the years as he aged … his chin is still pointy though but he’s always had a pointy chin since from he was young *shrug* …. maybe it runs in the family cuz his sister has a pointy chin too

          2. the media storm of the landlady’s letter
          WK received a handwritten letter from his old landlady from years ago (when he was a poor actor living on his own) congratulating him for making it big after all these years of hard work. In her letter she says that she believes in him, etc. etc. WK published his thanks to her through his weibo with a photograph of the letter saying that he received it and is thankful for her support.

          The media looked at the date of the letter and said that it was impossible for him to have received it so soon after it was being sent because he was elsewhere (far away) filming, and that the letter was made up by him to make himself look good (i.e. that he is a fame whore who is just trying to get attention). WK ignored the storm for a while but then it got to the point where everyone was demanding proof of this landlady’s existence and that the letter wasn’t faked by him … WK then gave an explanation for the letter and proof that it was delivered by express mail and that there was a landlady (basically that the letter wasn’t faked by him). Afterwards people were just saying that he’s an idiot for showing that letter in the first place and he became the media joke for a while….

          3. allegations that he is gay with questionable morals
          Now with the plastic surgery and letter-gate being calmed, people need new goss to talk about, so someone secretly took a shot of the top of WK’s undies while he bent over to get something, and after a thorough investigation, determined that he must be gay because those were fishnet undies (what kind of logic…).

          The fact that WK’s first TV role is a gay fashionista/designer doesn’t help – it was his first role after being out of work for a year. After graduation from drama school, Huayi Brothers signed him up but because of reasons (i.e. because he didn’t sell himself / “socialize” / casting couch, etc.), “froze” him for a year before dissolving the contract with him. (This is similar to what happened with Ma Ke, who was also signed up by Huayi and then kicked out. Ma Ke eventually went to Ciwen, the company who made Hua Qiangu and Huaxuyin) Back then nobody would take on a role like this because it would be a role that would kill any actor’s career, but WK had bills/rent to pay and a guy needs to eat, so he took on the role and played it very well, so well that everyone (including his family and friends) thought he must be gay in real life to be so natural in the role.

          WK played that role for 4 seasons (2 years), before being out of work again for almost another year (because after that the only roles that would be offered to him were gay or clownish roles, and he refused to take them because he didn’t want to spend the rest of his career playing roles to be made fun of). He then started “all over again” by getting various roles of extras / pedestrians / cannon fodder. It got to the point where industry people only knew him as “that extra / cannon fodder” instead of the notorious “gay best friend” (his first TV role).

          Eventually he got a very small part in a Shanying production (Shanying used to make only “serious” historical / war dramas, none of the more general audience types like we see today) as little more than an extra. However, the executive producer (boss) of Shanying remembered WK because filming for that particular drama was especially difficult, with the weather 30 degrees below 0 (among other difficult conditions), and WK just got down and did what needed to be done without any complaint or signs of giving up, etc. (from the words of the Shanying boss, not me).

          WK filmed for a few more small roles in Shanying productions before eventually landing a role in All Quiet in Peking as the main character’s little brother. He played that role very well and Shanying signed him on as one of their actors. After Peking, he got the role of Prince Jing in Nirvana in Fire and many people (novel fans, general audience, etc.) chucked a shit cuz they didn’t want an infamous sissy to play a manly role like Prince Jing, and he got a lot of flak for it until he wowed everyone with his performance when Nirvana in Fire got broadcasted.

          With Disguiser (broadcasted before Nirvana but actually filmed AFTER Nirvana), WK was offered a male lead role in other dramas but because Shanying couldn’t find anyone suitable (and WILLING) to play Ah Cheng (Male #3 and only a supporting role as a servant, but a complex character requiring acting skills that newbies don’t have), WK declined the lead role and took up Ah Cheng instead, because the production team was the same team as Nirvana (Shanying) and he liked working with the co-stars (Jin Dong, Hu Ge, etc.).

          Anyway, back to the gay allegations. When those allegations didn’t stick, someone dug up an old photo of WK having dinner with another 11 guys back in 2013. This photo was taken when WK went to Thailand for the Songkran festival. After investigating these 11 guys (through their weibo, etc.), this photo became “solid proof” that WK must be gay and just in the closet to deceive fangirls and audiences alike (being gay is very heavily stigmatized in China/Japan/Korea entertainment industry), because apparently these 11 guys are gay prostitutes who went over to Thailand for the annual gay orgy gathering. (Not making this up, it’s what was being reported in the media)

          By this logic, the reporters (or professional paid “haters” … this is a legit job in the C-entertainment industry) deduced that WK himself must either be a gay prostitute or a promiscuous gay man who participates in orgies while masquerading as a straight man to fool women. It got to the point where these were the headlines like everyday for weeks until Shanying published an official notice telling these people to stop harassing WK or they’d take legal action, and when that notice came out, all “news” of WK’s illicit activities were erased from the internet (because the people didn’t want to get sued).

          With all these media storms one after the other, even people who didn’t watch Nirvana in Fire or Disguiser knows WK (but not necessarily in a good way, because all the negative press was so in-your-face to the point where WK’s “news” was dominating the entertainment news sections).

          As for the “conspiracy theories”, apparently the negative press was done purposely because some company wanted to get WK to be the spokesperson for one of their new products, like the new face of their new product line or something, and the contract is something that some other celebrities wanted, so the rival companies backing those celebrities (because they get a massive cut of whatever $$$ the celebrity makes) hired the professional haters to rip WK’s reputation to shreds so that the contract would not go to WK (nobody wants someone with a bad public image to advertise their product).

          Also, many of Hu Ge’s fans hate WK (to the point of attacking WK on weibo and having crazy flame wars with WK’s fans) because apparently WK is a despicable fame whore who’s only trying to get close to Hu Ge to make himself more famous, and that only Wallace Huo is good enough to play “CP” with Hu Ge … and many netizens (like JD and HG fans or general WK haters) want decent people/actors like Jin Dong and Hu Ge to stay far away from WK (cuz he’s so “despicable” an all) … seriously, this logic … (–_–);

        • 54 thoughts on “First Costumes revealed for Li Yi Feng’s The Legend of Chusen

          So it will be interesting to see if Wang Kai is invited to the Dragon TV 2016 New Year’s event, because Jin Dong and Hu Ge have already confirmed their invitation and participation. With the iQiYi event, Jin Dong, Hu Ge, and Wallace Huo, Wu Lei, etc. (all the really popular people of this year’s hot dramas) were all invited, but people questioned why WK was left out … could it be because the bad press had an effect? Who knows. There are rumors of Hu Ge distancing himself from WK (and apparently JD doesn’t really wanna put up with WK either) but I think they’re just rumors spread by WK haters…

        • 54 thoughts on “First Costumes revealed for Li Yi Feng’s The Legend of Chusen

          TBH Wang Kai’s sexual orientation is none of my business and I only care about the fact that he is a great actor and I like watching him on my screen LOL. I find him to be a funny and charming guy in interviews and variety shows so I’m gonna like him anyway regardless of whether he’s gay or not (I honestly think he’s bi but that’s not the point).

          All I care about at the moment is what new roles will WK get because I want to see more of him on my screen. I wanna see him take on challenging roles and show me his acting skills! 🙂

        • 54 thoughts on “First Costumes revealed for Li Yi Feng’s The Legend of Chusen

          My goodness. I’m speechless.

          I’m with you, others’ sexual orientation is their own business (or their closest families). But the entertainment business is one of the most hypocrite business in the world. Even in Hollywood. Let alone in Asia. And casting couch is quite typical, particularly in established movie industries — there’s a report about one in Bollywood.

          I never heard about the accusation towards Yang Yang, but I read randomly similar stories (to different degrees) about several actors, including Viann Zhang, Wallace Huo, and even Zhao Liying. Anyone remember the allegations against Zhang Ziyi? The latter even made it to the Western media.

          I hope Wang Kai remains strong and gets support from his family, friends, and colleagues. It saddens me that those who supposedly understand the harshness of the industry the best, are sometimes the same people who stab their peers at the back. But it’s at times like this that one can see who their real friends are.

        • 54 thoughts on “First Costumes revealed for Li Yi Feng’s The Legend of Chusen

          Oh these… allegations (about WK, my girl, YY, etc..). I know about them but the best strategy to deal with these is to let them come and go. Notice I don’t even talk about them because I’m not letting the haters get the satisfaction of “thinking” the scandals bother me. I just move on and post pretty pictures. =D

          Here’s a sneak peek of Wang Kai and Chen Long for GQ. WK confirmed attending Weibo ceremony though so that’s something. 🙂

        • 54 thoughts on “First Costumes revealed for Li Yi Feng’s The Legend of Chusen

          Totally agree, Kap, and that’s the only way to deal with it. Happy to hear WK will be attending the Weibo ceremony. I look forward to seeing pictures from the event! *signaling the Kaptain*

        • 54 thoughts on “First Costumes revealed for Li Yi Feng’s The Legend of Chusen

          I personally find the “scandals” against Wang Kai ridiculous because:

          1. it’s his weibo, so he can thank his landlady however he likes (and what’s wrong with thanking someone for writing you a letter of support?)

          2. the so-called gay undies actually look really comfortable – they’re black and form-fitting and made of a breathable material (that looks like fishnet but isn’t the same fishnet on our stockings) … I honestly don’t think they’re gay undies because they look like undies I often see the men’s sections

          3. straight people can have gay friends (but no, according to the tabloid logic, if 12 guys sit together and 11 are gay, then the 12th guy must also be gay)

          4. those 11 guys aren’t even from the entertainment industry, and the so-called proof of them being gay prostitutes is just from their weibo posts

          5. WK wasn’t even there at the so-called orgy party (in fact, the only proof of WK knowing these guys is that photo of him sitting in the same dinner table with them, and that apparently some of them talked to WK on weibo long ago)

          And I would never understand why “being gay” is an unforgivable character flaw because I think it’s just discrimination talking. I think this sort of discrimination is the most despicable of all and speaks more about the morals/character of the accusers than anything. Whether Wang Kai is gay or not has no bearing on his character or his talent, and if he is then as long as he’s happy then I’m happy for him. If he’s not, then good for him too for being a straight guy and not discriminating against gay people.

          The scandals against Yang Yang followed a similar pattern, with accusations that YY was a male whore back in his academy days (he totally wasn’t, and in fact was one of the top students of the class who represented the school in dance competitions).

          In fact, the professional haters dragged his whole academy into it but stopped when the academy students, reps, etc. spoke out. Yang Yang actually attended the very prestigious People’s Liberation Army Academy of Art in Beijing (majoring in ballet and traditional Chinese dance) and it’s actually one of the “4 Great Performance Arts Academies of China”: (all of equal prestige and standing)

          People’s Liberation Army Academy of Art: famous alumni include Dong Jie, Han Hong, Yang Yang, etc.
          Central Academy of Drama: Liu Mintao, Jin Dong, Wang Kai, Ma Ke, Tong Liya, Zhang Han, etc.
          Beijing Film Academy: Zhao Wei, Huang Xiaoming, Chen Kun, etc.
          Shanghai Theatre Academy: Lu Yi, Nie Yuan, Yan Kuan, Zhang Danfeng, Feng Shaofeng, Hu Ge, Yuan Hong, Lin Gengxin, etc.

        • 54 thoughts on “First Costumes revealed for Li Yi Feng’s The Legend of Chusen

          Thank you Kappy for the awesome pic of Chen Long and Wang Kai! 🙂

          Also, I agree with Kappy’s stance on “scandals” and that ignoring haters is the way to go (I usually just read the “news” and laugh at tabloid logic)

          Weibo ceremony? There’s a weibo new year’s ceremony? Where? Do you know if Wang Kai will be at the Dragon TV one? Because I wanna see Jin Dong and Hu Ge and Wang Kai reunite 🙂

        • 54 thoughts on “First Costumes revealed for Li Yi Feng’s The Legend of Chusen

          Oh and this is something I heard from back in the old days about actors/actresses:
          You know you’ve made it (popularity and looks-wise) when you’re in GQ

        • 54 thoughts on “First Costumes revealed for Li Yi Feng’s The Legend of Chusen

          I want that coat Chen Long is wearing. The cut and design is gorgeous and it looks really comfortable! 🙂

        • 54 thoughts on “First Costumes revealed for Li Yi Feng’s The Legend of Chusen

          GQ knows how to pick their guys cuz they had Hu Ge and Yuan Hong in the issues before and now they have Chen Long and Wang Kai! 🙂

          They just need Jin Dong to complete the set LOL

        • 54 thoughts on “First Costumes revealed for Li Yi Feng’s The Legend of Chusen

          Too bad they don’t sell the Chinese editions of GQ over here cuz apparently this December edition features Hu Ge, Wu Lei, Wang Kai, and Chen Long as the main attractions!

        • 54 thoughts on “First Costumes revealed for Li Yi Feng’s The Legend of Chusen

          Wu Lei’s eyes / eyebrows looks like Wang Kai and his chin / mouth (bottom half of his face) looks like Hu Ge … from these photos anyway.

        • 54 thoughts on “First Costumes revealed for Li Yi Feng’s The Legend of Chusen

          WHAT These stupid sheep! Effing hate these people. Not only do they feel entitled to digging through people’s lives, they make things up and feel like WK owes them evidence otherwise or something. Idiotic morons, the accusers provide evidence and the defenders only have to provide reasonable doubt, and WK has MORE than enough reasonable doubt because these are probably all batshit crazy false, they’re so out of the blue and illogical. And to those awful Hu Ge fans, by behaving so despicably and unreasonably, you’re only disgracing and embarrassing Hu Ge in the process. I really hope at the Dragon TV event Hu Ge (and Jin Dong and the others) freaking do something subtle or not about the situation.

          If anyone with even a single active brain cell watched Wang Kai’s interviews, he’s practically one of the most sweetest most genuine celebrities out there. Even Hu Ge, one of my fav of his characteristics is his charm and wit in interviews, doesn’t always answer questions straight on and avoids certain topics very deftly. But Wang Kai, he’s well-spoked and eloquent, but he never shies away from giving his true opinions. And people think this is the guy who’s petty and underhanded?! Talk about f***ing hypocrites! This just makes me so pissed. The PS thing, like whatever, their are PS rumors ’bout every goodlooking person practically, but seriously dipshits, why is it any of your(your as in the general public, not you shimo :D) business what his sexual orientation is! I get the stigma around being gay, but people! Pull your heads out of your asses! The Japanese samurai have been engaging in openly accepted male prostitution since like the BC ages! Are you guys f***ing regressing culturally?! Please remember, haters, that gay does NOT equal promiscuous or prostitute, gay or not, WK’s a sweet, classy, good guy. Plus I feel offended for those 11 guys. Being deemed male prostitutes engaging in annual orgies because of one photo and ambiguous weibo searches by discriminating bigoting POS?! Seriously. These people don’t even share a single brain cell between them! They’re lower than bacteria! Even bacteria can be harmless! I am SO PISSED.

          I know WK probably just wants to ignore this shit, but honestly they can’t just get away with that. It’s not some sort of twisted “freedom of speech” principle. This is straight up slander and libel! This is ILLEGAL activity! What, fucking reporters, media, and retarded fans and haters, just because WK’s a celebrity, it’s legal and morally acceptable for you to belittle other people because of your own hate and bigotry?! Does this give you some sort of twisted satisfaction?! These media reporters just want to earn their own headline money, and they’re accusing WK of doing unbased things for money?! Hello, pot, meet fucking kettle.

          SO. PISSED.

          Ok. Done ranting. *deep breath* Hi Shimo! 😀 I’m going to try to pretend I don’t know anything going on and not involve and invest myself. You can’t fight brainless sheep. Lol reminds me of Game Theory principles in math.They always start with “assume all players are reasonable and logical”. Ha. As if. Case and point right here.

          I’m with you, at this point, imma keep supporting Wang Kai and look forward to his future more awesome (hopefully) roles. 🙂

        • 54 thoughts on “First Costumes revealed for Li Yi Feng’s The Legend of Chusen

          @shimo Lol. Thanks for the pretty pics! Lol though. When I clicked on the first Wang Kai pic (with the ww4 web address) I couldn’t see it cuz my school internet web thing classified it was “illicit porn”. Ha! So true, here that WK? With you looking so awesome, you’re classified as illicit porn. Can’t help but agree. Lol I had to change the web address to ww3 for it to work.

        • 54 thoughts on “First Costumes revealed for Li Yi Feng’s The Legend of Chusen

          Haha Shimo! Didn’t you know? Wu Lei’s secretly the lovechild of Hu Ge and Wang Kai, inheriting both the talents and the looks. 🙂

    • 54 thoughts on “First Costumes revealed for Li Yi Feng’s The Legend of Chusen

      Haha. After watching a lot a lot of Run for Time and constant googling when I get confused, I’ve learned to tell them apart. Wang Yuan is IMO the “cutest” one, like he looks the youngest and like a boy-next-door preteen. (sorry, bad description). Wang Jun Kai’s the tallest and the most studious looking — like he looks like a “xue ba” (like a cooler nerd? but really like a student. idk). His head’s more quished-pointy-triangle shaped, and his features also sort of look like an upside-down triangle when put together, like he has pretty long straight eyebrows and a really small mouth. Like really small. Yi Yang Qian Xi’s the shortest (I think) and his face is long and sort angular in a rectangular sort of way. He’s the opposite of Wang Yuan in that he looks older than he is. Like he’s got the body of a teen and the face of a young adult. His face looks really serious and somber and mature. Yeah. Hope that helps a little.

      • 54 thoughts on “First Costumes revealed for Li Yi Feng’s The Legend of Chusen

        For the longest time, I thought the three were real life brothers. X)

        I’m gonna try to fit those descriptions next time. Lol.

      • 54 thoughts on “First Costumes revealed for Li Yi Feng’s The Legend of Chusen

        Thanks for the tip! I’ll try to use this description to see if I can tell them apart the next time 🙂

      • 54 thoughts on “First Costumes revealed for Li Yi Feng’s The Legend of Chusen

        @ Julianne: (I’m replying here instead of the comments thread above because it was getting long)

        LOL you’re hilarious! But I totally 100% agree with your rant! Well said! 🙂 I can’t understand why some people’s thinking are so culturally regressive, but you know, bigotry… *sigh*

        Although since then there are some people who have spoken out in Wang Kai’s defense, such as the young actor who plays Yujin in Nirvana in Fire (he openly defended WK’s good character on weibo and told haters to take their hate elsewhere and leave WK alone LOL), the executive of Shanying (who was the guy who signed WK up and said it was because of WK’s work ethic and good acting skills), and also the director who worked with WK on his first TV role (he’s also praised WK’s acting and work ethic).

        LOL at the “illicit porn” thing hahahahahaha 🙂

        Hehe, I like your interpretation of the love child (LOL)

        Yeah, it’ll be nice to see the Ming 3 brothers together again. I hope Dragon TV invites WK to their new year’s celebration event because Jin Dong and Hu Ge are already gonna be there, and it just feels wrong to leave out the middle brother…

      • 54 thoughts on “First Costumes revealed for Li Yi Feng’s The Legend of Chusen

        And Julianne, I totally agree with you – I hope to see Wang Kai in more challenging roles and hope he eventually gets some acting awards, etc. and use his acting skills to shut haters up 🙂

        It’s like the whole haters thing against Yang Yang (which has died down now that they have someone new to focus on), another young actor with improving acting skills and awesome dance skills who’s been unfairly treated in the Lost Tomb fiasco but is now starting to get some good roles like Ye Hua in 3 Lives movie with Liu Yifei 🙂

  7. 54 thoughts on “First Costumes revealed for Li Yi Feng’s The Legend of Chusen

    Photoshopped character stills again. I miss the days when they didn’t do that. =P

    Never watched Ancient Sword but I do agree on the similarities of the general synopsis. I will probably skip this one but keep an eye on news about Yang Zi’s performance. So happy that she is being cast in various genres.

    • 54 thoughts on “First Costumes revealed for Li Yi Feng’s The Legend of Chusen

      I thought it was Sun Fei Fei in the first photo at first glance. Nope, turns out to be Yang Zi. Haha.

  8. 54 thoughts on “First Costumes revealed for Li Yi Feng’s The Legend of Chusen

    These character stills sort of have a Little Li feel.

  9. 54 thoughts on “First Costumes revealed for Li Yi Feng’s The Legend of Chusen

    Haha Ghost King’s wife looked so familiar, and then I remembered. She was the secretary manager person in The Interns! The one who made ZLY go buy noodles everyday.

    And Xiong Nai Jin’s poster looks like a cross between Chen Zi Han and Han Xue. Lol It’s the mouth and chin.

  10. 54 thoughts on “First Costumes revealed for Li Yi Feng’s The Legend of Chusen

    Haha I think I prefer Bi Yao cuz her cosplay pictures are so well known and commonly used and so pretty! Plus I’m pretty sure Bi Yao’s like the only cosplayed character you can find of Zhu Xian.

    • 54 thoughts on “First Costumes revealed for Li Yi Feng’s The Legend of Chusen

      I get what you mean because I find Bi Yao’s character more interesting too…

      • 54 thoughts on “First Costumes revealed for Li Yi Feng’s The Legend of Chusen

        Plus she comes from the dark side! Yang Zi’s too awesome for me to hate the other character, but she’s so stereotypical of this kind of drama — cold but passionate justice fighter. I wish Xiao Fan and Bi Yao ended up together instead, but actually I guess it doesn’t matter because I might not even decide to watch this drama. I’ve gotten let down so many times by this genre that I just have no energy to anticipate anymore. Back in like 2011, when the only RPG-adaptations that were known and out were the CP’s (1 & 3, which were awesome), I was so so hyped up for Xuan Yuan Sword. Back then I hadn’t gotten tired of LSS (in fact I was like her hugest fan) and was still in my latest Hu Ge craze, so I was so excited. I followed its promotions and rumors and news for over a full year (since its broadcast got delayed somewhere along the way). And it was disappointing. It wasn’t half as awful as the ones nowadays because it was Hu Ge’s first “evil” anti-hero character and he was awesome and looked totally cool, but other than that, it was pretty awful. Plus I was bored cuz that was the like the first of the super-long-trailer-that-practically-tells-you-the-whole-plot trend.

        Fast forward to Ancient Sword, I actually liked it, if only cuz I thought I discovered so many new awesome actors –now that I look back, the only one that still holds my interest is Qiao Zhen Yu. So with the semi-non-failure of Ancient Sword, I anticipated Legend of Zu…and look how that turned out. Bottom line, all these pretty flashy new idol-period-dramas need to be taken with a grain of salt. At this point I’m only for-sure looking forward to ZLY’s Rouge and Hu Ge’s Lie Chang and Gina’s Little Valentine.

        • 54 thoughts on “First Costumes revealed for Li Yi Feng’s The Legend of Chusen

          Qiao Zhenyu was the standout from Ancient Sword because he was the best actor in the series. His character was a complex villain with a tragic and sympathetic past. Qiao Zhenyu played that character beautifully and his performance was the most memorable for me.

          Hu Ge is a wonderful actor but he can’t play villains. Sorry he just doesn’t have the look and aura of a bad guy. Villains are actually very hard to play and not everyone can play them, even very talented actors, unless they have the right aura and look to play the bad guy. We get rare breeds like Benedict Cumberbatch, Tom Hiddleston, Jack Nicholson, Alan Rickman, Al Pacino, etc. who can play BOTH good guys and bad guys, but that’s because they have the look/aura on top of the acting chops to play a good villain.

          Qiao Zhenyu is a gem of an actor because he can play BOTH good guys and bad guys convincingly. Same deal with Victor Huang (Prince Yu in Nirvana in Fire) and Liu Yijun (Xie Yu in Nirvana in Fire and Wang Tianfeng in Disguiser).

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