Anhui TV Drama Awards 2015

I would like to get back to writing news. Lol. I apologize in advance for slowing down people’s computers for this picture-heavy post. No self-control —> me. 98% of the men wear bow-ties but I do like that Chinese Actresses always bring the colors! =D I’ll be ripping some fancams so do check out the comment section. ^^

Let’s start with the Nirvana in Fire and The Disguiser crew since they pretty much dominated the arena. Lol. Must be nice to be a part of this big family.

 photo An 24.jpg

 photo An 25.jpg

 photo An 28-1.jpg

Hu Ge is not tired from filming. He’s exhausted of finding outfits for these shows. XD I do like the details and colors of this suit better than the others. One of the few not-bow-tie look of the night.

 photo An 2.jpg

 photo An 3.jpg

 photo An 4.jpg

 photo An 26.jpg

With Wang Le Jun.

 photo An 1.jpg

Nick Wang walked with fellow fiery man, Jin Dong, with matching bow ties. These two. Based on pictures alone, Jin Dong is making me a fan of his charisma and style. I haven’t seen a single episode of anything yet too. ha.

 photo An 6.jpg

 photo An 7.jpg

 photo An 23.jpg

 photo An 20.jpg

When the MC asked them to dance, each man takes on a partner. Nick with Angel Wang. At some point, Jin Dong got in between Nick and Angel cause they are getting too chummy. XD

 photo An 12.jpg

 photo An 13.jpg

 photo An 10.jpg

 photo An 21.jpg

 photo An 18.jpg

 photo An 19.jpg

 photo An 17.jpg

 photo An 11.jpg

 photo An 16.jpg

Face: “Much better.”

 photo An 15.jpg

 photo An 22.jpg

Jin Dong took Song Yi and kinda killed the competition right there with his big circle swirl. EEE! She looks like a princess. 🙂

 photo An 30.jpg

 photo An 29.jpg

 photo An 31.jpg

Shooting chemistry out of his eyes.

 photo An 32.jpg

 photo An 33.jpg

 photo An 34.jpg

 photo An 37.jpg

So shippable….

 photo An 35.jpg

Renacting that famous three-way gun scene.

Leo Wu. He won Most Promising Actor.

 photo An 40.jpg

 photo An 42.jpg

 photo An 39.jpg

Oh Leo…dear, stop shooting hearts at Hu Ge! XD

 photo An 38.jpg

Andrew Yin.

 photo An 114.jpg

 photo An 115.jpg

Wallace Huo. Receiving the award for Favorite Male Character of the Year for Bai Zi Hua. I need a moment to forget this award. Lol.

 photo An 54.jpg

 photo An 55.jpg

Wang Xiao Chen.

 photo An 71.jpg

 photo An 72.jpg

Joe Chen Qiao En arrived with Aarif Rahman, who is looking more and more like doll Ken (O_O). He had to take care of her tail too. LOL. She was then joined by future OTP Nick Wang (and Jin Dong backstage). How you like them together? She wore two gowns.

 photo An 44.jpg

 photo An 45.jpg

 photo An 48.jpg

 photo An 51.jpg

 photo An 50.jpg

 photo An 46.jpg

 photo An 47.jpg

Korean actor Ji Chang Wook. Here for Healer. I didn’t watch but heard it was one of those crack dramas of the year.

 photo An 52.jpg

 photo An 53.jpg

Fan Bing Bing snatched away the Best Actress Award for The Empress of China with Jerry Li as arm candy. They have to give her something for that ratings monster.

 photo An 56.jpg

 photo An 59.jpg

 photo An 58.jpg

 photo An 57.jpg

Yang Yang. Interesting prints on his suit. He won two awards. 1) Actor that Generated the most Concern/Interest 2) Actor with the Most Media Influence.

 photo An 60.jpg

 photo An 61.jpg

 photo An 62.jpg

Hawick Lau. He looks teary….

 photo An 63.jpg

 photo An 64.jpg

Liu Yu Xin.

 photo An 65.jpg

 photo An 66.jpg

Another bow for actor Qiu Xin Zhi.

 photo An 67.jpg

 photo An 68.jpg

Dilraba Dilmurat in a beautiful light yellow dress. She’s here for Favorite New Actress.

 photo An 69.jpg

 photo An 70-1.jpg

 photo An 70.jpg

Janice Wu. The younger they are, the less color they go with. Lol. Girl??!!

 photo An 116.jpg

 photo An 117.jpg

Benny Chan in a green tropical suit, looking strange.

 photo An 73.jpg

 photo An 74.jpg

Ruby Lin glowing in a sexy, sleek dress with openings you can’t look elsewhere.

 photo An 105.jpg

Adorable kiddies. Liu Chu Tian leading the pack. I believe she’s the kid Sun Li in The Legend of Mi Yue. Wait, there are three kid versions of her as they grow throughout the years. The boy is Wu Hao Feng.

 photo An 82.jpg
 photo An 83.jpg

Hai Lu.

 photo An 81.jpg

 photo An 80.jpg

Du Chun and Ma Su.

 photo An 86.jpg

 photo An 86-1.jpg

 photo An 88.jpg

Nicky Wu.

 photo An 92.jpg

 photo An 89.jpg

With Zhang Si Fan.

 photo An 90.jpg

Zhang Si Fan and Yan Dan Chen.

 photo An 91.jpg

 photo An 93.jpg

Yang Tong Shu.

 photo An 84.jpg

 photo An 85.jpg

Rain Lau. Tvb actress! Did she leave too?

 photo An 94.jpg

Yuan Hong walked with lady love Zhang Xin Yi.

 photo An 96.jpg

 photo An 95.jpg

 photo An 97.jpg

While Nick was seated two rows ahead, they placed Yuan Hong next to Wallace, who was next to Hu Ge. At one point, the two chatted and laughed their heads off, to the dismay of Huo Huo. Lol.

 photo An 101.jpg

 photo An 100.jpg

 photo An 99.jpg

 photo An 98.jpg

Tang Yan also wore two outfits. One to walk comfortably on the red carpet and the other to receive her awards. She won Favorite Female Character of the Year for My Sunshine and Actress with the Most Media Influence.

 photo An 102.jpg

I like both.

 photo An 103.jpg

Li Ying is no where to be seen next to Yang Yang… T_T

 photo An 104.jpg

The Journey of Flower Cast. Zhang Dan Feng, his wife Catherine Hung, and Ma Ke arrived on the red carpet together. I really want to see Zhao Li Ying with them again…. T___T All three perform songs from Flower.

 photo An 75.jpg

Ma Ke won Favorite Male Actor.

 photo An 76.jpg

 photo An 77.jpg

 photo An 79.jpg

So pretty these two.

 photo An 78.jpg

Ocean Jiang Yang and Li Chun. Their photos are mostly LQ. What’s up with that man?!!

 photo An 108.jpg

Let’s finish with Zhao Li Ying in a popping stylish-collared yellow dress from Versace (~$4900!) with the Tango set of jewelry from Pomellato. Due to tight scheduling (barely made it on time!), she didn’t walk the red carpet. She sat between Yang Yang and Nicky Wu, and received two awards: 1) Most-Watched Actress of The Year and 2) Female Actress of The Year for Special Dedication (???!!!).

 photo An 113.jpg

 photo An 112.jpg

 photo An 109.jpg

 photo An 111.jpg

There she is! I hope they talked somewhat. 😀

 photo An 110.jpg

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  1. 50 thoughts on “Anhui TV Drama Awards 2015

    I’ve seen Nick getting chummy with Angel in several occasions — pls pls make them an OTP one day, Cdrama TPTB!! Nick has sparkling chemistry with Angel and Jin Dong, but none with Joe LOL. There’s your homework, children!

    It’s funny to see Yuan Hong and Hu Ge acting like teen boys and practically ignore peeps around them. And seriously, why didnt they seat Yuan Hong and Nick together? It’d be surreal to see these Wuhanites twins :)))

    Thrilled to see Andy and Ma Ke together!! Now I wonder who’s the 3rd wheel, Catherine or Ma Ke? 😉 Yeap, they should have had Li Ying in there too! Do you know what award did Andy get?

    I can’t get on board with BZH being the most faved character, but I can see why. On the other hand, Tang Yan in My Sunshine got similar award?? She was snoozefest there. The drama was carried by Wallace Chung! (And with some help of the lovable 2nd characters)

    • 50 thoughts on “Anhui TV Drama Awards 2015

      Think Angel would be a good match with a guy named Lucifer who lives in Taiwan!

    • 50 thoughts on “Anhui TV Drama Awards 2015

      Angel is very cute too. She’s like Leo, taking selfies with everyone. Lol.

      When the reporter asked Yuan Hong what kind of dramas his lady love likes to watch, he answered, Nirvana and Disguiser. Lol. Her cute response: “I have to watch how his ‘old’ person is like.” XD

      I have no idea what Andy won. So many random awards titles. I need to check, Lenje. 🙂

    • 50 thoughts on “Anhui TV Drama Awards 2015

      Totally agree with you about Tang Yan! Like no offense to her personally but WTF? Wallace Chung carried that drama FFS.

      PFFFFT Bai Zihua does not deserve an award like WTF. Zhang Danfeng and Ma Ke were way better and good to see them get awards…

      Honestly the entire seating arrangement was epic fail this year. They should’ve sat Hu Ge with the Disguiser/Nirvana cast and put Yuan Hong next to Hu Ge as well, so that we’d had the Ming sister + Ming brothers + Yuan Hong + Leo Wu, then we have the rest of the Disguiser + Nirvana cast filling up the 2 rows.

      Then we should have Ruby Lin, and then Nicky Wu, Zhao Liying, Wallace Huo + the rest of the Hua Qiangu cast

  2. 50 thoughts on “Anhui TV Drama Awards 2015


    The Nif and Disguiser crew. That’s enough to put a smile on my face and I have no idea when this (?) is going to subside. 🙂

  3. 50 thoughts on “Anhui TV Drama Awards 2015

    wow.. since tang yan won something for my sunshine, why not wallace chung??? sorry, i feel so bitter now… but all the actors deserve the awards especially NIF and The Disguiser… my fave definitely, but still.. 🙁 🙁

    So, i want to see the interaction between Yuan Hong and Nick Wang, i love them…

    huaaa, Nick, it’s time to get a girl dude! even im so into him, i’m a sincere fan, lols.. i hope he get a girl to lovey dovey… angel is pretty… fighting!

    NIF and The Disguiser crew <3

    btw i watched Leo Wu in The Whirlwind Girl… handsome!

  4. 50 thoughts on “Anhui TV Drama Awards 2015

    Here are two videos I ripped.

    One has Li Ying arriving late and finding her seat. I love how close she is to Nicky that she can tap him on the shoulder (wrong side to get his attention). And then towards the end, once she’s seated, Hu Ge waved and Ruby smiled when she waved towards their direction. Fans noted how Wallace appears distant. Lol.

    This video is the dancing part of the Ming bros. Jin Dong slays! I like him a lot right now… all based on pictures too… and Shimo’s descriptions. X)

    • 50 thoughts on “Anhui TV Drama Awards 2015

      Just LOOK at how suave Jin Dong is with Song Yi!!! (Come to dark side with love for Jin Dong, Kappy … once you do you’ll never stop…)

      • 50 thoughts on “Anhui TV Drama Awards 2015

        The dark side? It’s full of adoration and talents. =D

    • 50 thoughts on “Anhui TV Drama Awards 2015

      Omg, my heart couldn’t take it! That Liying waving and … Hu GE replying? I want their collaboration so bad! ? On another note, the seats are so shuffled and messy. Ideal seating in my opinion:
      Zhang xinyi +yuan Hong+hu GE+ Wallace Hu+tang yan(cp3 pls!)+yang yang+liying+Nicky +ruby Lin :3

      • 50 thoughts on “Anhui TV Drama Awards 2015

        I guess this means that he saw her request to work together?!! heeheee! I want her to work with Jin Dong too. XD

    • 50 thoughts on “Anhui TV Drama Awards 2015

      Thanks for the videos!! LOVE LOVE Jin Dong, Hu Ge, Wang Kai, Wang Ou, Song Yi!!! Can I please see a drama with Song Yi as the main actress and a happy love line? We need older Ming Sister here to make the Ming Family complete!

  5. 50 thoughts on “Anhui TV Drama Awards 2015

    WOW! Thanks for all the great pics, Kappy! Beautiful! 🙂

    Song Yi looks like Cinderella in her getup! Very beautiful and very princess-like. She’s so lucky to get to dance with Jin Dong (sexiest and most attractive of the Ming brothers IMHO … I mean I love them all but HOT DAMN Jin Dong! I swear if he wasn’t married already…) Now go cast Song Yi as the lead in that new drama already, Shanying.

    Leo and Hu Ge are so sweet together. Hu Ge is like the favorite uncle / mentor or something and Leo is just so damn adorable! 🙂

    Always glad to see the Nirvana/Disguiser cast! (Now go film those sequels already, dammit) All the family bonding and beautiful friendships and epic bromance (just LOOK at my man Wang Kai with the AWESOME Jin Dong … I can almost see the sparkles!) will make your teeth rot from all the sweetness 🙂

    LOL are those snowflakes on Yang Yang’s suit? 🙂

    Timeless Goddess Ruby Lin looks like a boss as always with the sexy slick black getup. Simple but gorgeous 🙂

  6. 50 thoughts on “Anhui TV Drama Awards 2015

    My favorite ZLY look this year. 🙂 Soo happy , she looks fantastic. I wish I could wear such bright and brilliant colors. 🙁
    Also, I’m sorry for the stupid questin butdon’t the ladies get super cold during these ceremonies? All the gentlemen are wearing suits with jackets and vests but the women must rely on super thin pieces of fabric to keep them warm. So unfair…

    • 50 thoughts on “Anhui TV Drama Awards 2015

      Girl, me too. I can pull off dark colors at best. Lol.

      I’m hoping that the seats have seat warmers. Unlikely. I guess that’s why they gave them pillows for cover and warmth. In some of the backstage photos, you can see the ladies draping something warm over their shoulders and such.

      • 50 thoughts on “Anhui TV Drama Awards 2015

        Same here. I don’t have the required luminous complexion. 🙁

        So those were pillows on the pictures. Not that they would do much, I’d bring a blanket. :)))

  7. 50 thoughts on “Anhui TV Drama Awards 2015

    The Ken comment on Aarif. But seriously, his face is more sharper now. I just hope he didn’t do PS. :c

  8. 50 thoughts on “Anhui TV Drama Awards 2015

    Thanks for the pics Kap and the recap. I saw the pics floating about but didn’t know what most of the awards were for. Though I understand that most of the readers on the page do not like Journey of the Flower/Bai Zua Hua, but give the guy some credit for the fact that he was the most talked about/obsessed with character.
    I mean sure, about 70% wanted her to end up with the other two guys but I think did Wallace Huo flawless job giving a stone of a character something for people to go on. With the material he had, Wallace Huo did a pretty good job. I recently read the book and trust me, you thought he was a cold fish on screen, he was a bloody dead fish on paper. But despite that, at the final moment everyone was rooting for them to end up together – might not be out loud but subconsciously 🙂
    I don’t know.
    I am usually cool with people’s comments and distaste for the drama but this one tipped the iceberg because we shouldn’t discredit them for doing a good job. I agree with one of the comments above about Tang Yang in My Sunshine. She was boring to us, the majority who didn’t read the book but coming from a friend of mine who did, she thoroughly enjoyed it.
    This has turned into somewhat of a rant. …
    Call me an anti or a negative Nancy or whatever, I just feel like there should be more different opinions on the page.
    Also, can some explain to me what the fuss is about with ZLY? I’m trying to get on board with that but I think I’m lacking something. Point me to the correct drama so I too can worship her 😀 😀 (defs, not FLower though. She annoyed me in that one)

    • 50 thoughts on “Anhui TV Drama Awards 2015

      you let our comments got to you regardless of how you feel!! lols.

      [because we shouldn’t discredit them for doing a good job. I]

      let’s get this straight, im not discrediting him for anything, heck, everyone pulled through the drama despite everyone becoming unlikable towards the end. also, whether or not an actor did a “good” job or not, is subjective, correct? so there will always be two sides. to me, he was a stone, i never connected to him emotionally, so to me, he didn’t a good job. and that’s just me. my opinion. yes, 70% of readers here don’t like bai zi hua, but other parts of the world – weibo for instance, 70% voted for him (his character got a fanmade weibo and the fans there actively posted unpleasant comments about all the cast members, including HQG, LOL). see my point? some liked him, some won’t. you just gotta learn to accept and move on.

      and no, im not gonna call you an anti just because we have different opinions, we are grown up here. lols.

      as for zly, i dunno. i just like her but that doesn’t mean all her dramas are good. if you have watched her dramas and don’t like her, then she’s not your cup of tea. lol. really, im cool. speak up and don’t worry having a different opinion.

      there’s only one rule here, as long as you don’t bash the readers (each other), you’re always welcome.

      • 50 thoughts on “Anhui TV Drama Awards 2015

        Thanks for answering. I agree with you about what you said and I thought my original message was about that – how he (BZH) is liked and hated. I just saw a lot of hate so I thought I should fill in for the 30% that liked him.
        You’re right on the subjective nature of a “good” actor/character but I used that word because of the existing fan clubs and fan movements of him.

        On the subject of ZLY, I haven’t watched all of her dramas yet. I only watched the FemaLe Prime Minister and Flower (shipped her with Chen Xiao so hard!). What in your opinion is her most memorable work?

        • 50 thoughts on “Anhui TV Drama Awards 2015

          I really liked Zhao Li Ying in Boss and Me, but my favourite drama (with her as lead) is cuo dian yuan yang – it made me a huge fan of her! Also, her honest and straight-forward nature is what I like too. She’s honestly perfection to me : ) (but that’s my personal taste!)

        • 50 thoughts on “Anhui TV Drama Awards 2015

          Zhao Li Ying caught my attention in Boss & me the very 1st drama of Her that I watched. She was just adorable in that drama. I than Looked further into her acting projects and the drama cuo dian yuan yang just made me love her. Therefore Whatever project Zhao Li Ying Does now I always watch good or bad.

  9. 50 thoughts on “Anhui TV Drama Awards 2015

    I thought Zhao Liying win best actress award..

    • 50 thoughts on “Anhui TV Drama Awards 2015

      ZLY should win best actress! It wasn’t easy to act out the transformation of Hua Qian Gu

  10. 50 thoughts on “Anhui TV Drama Awards 2015

    ZLY dress is fabulous! 🙂 aww that’s so cute she’s close to Nicky! Thank you for the recap since they’re not airing it until January 1st. The seating is such a fail, iQiyi did a much better job.

    BTW if you’really looking for a drama with her in it, I would watch Legend of Lu Zhen! Its really good!!! I even rewarded it. I hate boring goodY damsel females leads, and this isn’t one of one them!

    As for most favorite female character, I can’t believe Tang Yan won it for my sunshine! Wallace Chung basically carried the entire series. I skimmed the english translations for the book and she didnt give me the character vibe. Sigh* oh well…

    No favorite couple award? Then why have so many polls online? I feel cheated 🙁

  11. 50 thoughts on “Anhui TV Drama Awards 2015

    Haha love how on the baidu ratings, even months later, Lang Ya Bang is still #5 for the week and #4 for the month. Doing so well. See producers and directors?! Stop mass producing idol crap. People recognize quality when they see it. If you’re going to produce a drama, produce it well.

    • 50 thoughts on “Anhui TV Drama Awards 2015

      This truth right here 🙂

  12. 50 thoughts on “Anhui TV Drama Awards 2015

    Shimo, you got your wishes granted. Hu Ge and Liu Tao were both nominated for the Flying Apsara award 😀

    • 50 thoughts on “Anhui TV Drama Awards 2015

      They were nominated for their roles in Nirvana, right? That’s great to hear! 🙂 Hu Ge was great as Mei Changsu and I’ve always liked Liu Tao (apparently she’s a REALLY nice person IRL, always taking care of people and everything).

      Too bad Jin Dong’s Ming Lou isn’t the male #1 in Disguiser or otherwise he should’ve been nominated cuz he was just THAT AWESOME OMG

  13. 50 thoughts on “Anhui TV Drama Awards 2015

    Zhao Li Ying’s skin is glowing! She’s super pretty! I would look like a banana with yellow. LOL l hope she’s not overworking….
    Congrats for all the winners!!!!

    What award did Andy Zhang win? His Dong Fang really captivated me!! ^3^

    Where’s William Chan? l thought he would come since Legend of Zu is airing….

    Ruby looks so skinny than before. l hope she’s not stressed out. And Fan Bing Bing now became one of the most successful and prettiest c-actress!

    • 50 thoughts on “Anhui TV Drama Awards 2015

      Zhang Danfeng got the award for something like “most well-received by media” or something like that…

      Ruby is skinnier than usual but when asked about it, she answered that it’s because she hasn’t been able to hang out with family/friends as often so when she’s at home alone she can’t eat as much (and as heartily) as when she’s with family/friends

  14. 50 thoughts on “Anhui TV Drama Awards 2015

    For anyone interested, The Disguiser is currently available on Viki!

  15. 50 thoughts on “Anhui TV Drama Awards 2015

    From the weibo and Baidu Vote best Actor win by Huge and Best actress win by Zhao Liying. So one of the Liying’s award should be for best actress. And fan bing bing win the award for her drama empress of china.

    • 50 thoughts on “Anhui TV Drama Awards 2015

      fan bing bing won best actress for empress of china. zly did not win best actress. kappy put her awards along with her pictures….

      1) Most-Watched Actress of The Year
      2) Female Actress of The Year for Special Dedication (whatever this means)

  16. 50 thoughts on “Anhui TV Drama Awards 2015

    I finally got around to watching the entire ceremony on youtube (if anyone’s interested)

    …but seriously can someone tell me who sang the opening?! (after Dilirabat’s short tiny solo(?)). I mean the song is obviously EXO, but I’m pretty sure the people were…not. And I recognize one of the dudes as Bai Zhe from the strange planet on Run For Time, but seriously. Who were they? And did they ACTUALLY sing? Or was it like a lip-sync. Cuz if that was actually live singing, dude those guys should be famous — they’re pretty professional sounding.

    • 50 thoughts on “Anhui TV Drama Awards 2015

      Ok Now I’m just doubting myself. Were they Exo or not? I’m so confused…

      ..anyways. While they were singing, did anyone catch Wang Kai filming the whole thing with his phone? Lol every (almost…Hu Ge seemed too tired to pay the camera any attention) other celebrity was waving/making faces at the camera when it panned over, and Wang Kai’s just like “I don’t notice you, I’m filming this damn thing alright?”

      • 50 thoughts on “Anhui TV Drama Awards 2015

        lol… juli… i fell asleep trying to watch the full show a few weeks ago…how could you sit through it all?!!

        it’s an exo songs sang by a bunch of singers, new and old. i recognize their faces but not names. they are not a group or anything. and i don’t think they sang it live since it’s a dancing song and you don’t hear them panting or breathing.

        • 50 thoughts on “Anhui TV Drama Awards 2015

          Lol. Yeah. I’ll probably stop watching once people I don’t know start showing up on my screen.

  17. 50 thoughts on “Anhui TV Drama Awards 2015

    OMG watching fav character award…HOW IN THE HELL did LIU MIN TAO’s MING JING lose to freaking Tang Yan in diamond lovers?! That’s just so…argh!

  18. 50 thoughts on “Anhui TV Drama Awards 2015

    Did anyone listen to Hu Ge’s speech/recitation (was it a poem?)? It’s so amazing! I remember back in my elementary weekend Chinese school days, I was forced to participate in recitation competitions. Like hot damn, I know Hu Ge’s dubbing is phenomenal, but his voice control and etc is so amazing! He sounds REALLY good.

  19. 50 thoughts on “Anhui TV Drama Awards 2015

    OMG now I understand why Jin Xing is so popular as a comedian/MC. She’s really quite hilarious.

  20. 50 thoughts on “Anhui TV Drama Awards 2015

    Seriously Best Actress award… so wrong. I find it hard to believe Fan Bing Bing is in any way a better actress than either Zhao Wei or Liu Tao, esp Liu Tao’s phenomenal performance. Zhao Wei in Tiger Mom was really convincing and well acted. But Fan Bing Bing’s acting skills have always been pretty consistently mediocre to me at least. And the small bits I’ve seen from Wu Ze Tian are no different.

  21. 50 thoughts on “Anhui TV Drama Awards 2015

    Oh. My. GOD! Hu Ge’s speech when he got the award. Best speech of the night. So so so touching. Literally I teared up. He was so so honest. It was a heartfelt sort of thanks, and you get the feeling like yes he’s humble, but he’s also honest in that he does express his pride while not coming off as arrogant. It felt so genuine and substantial, the best out of all the other speeches that night. He talked about the value of being an actor, the effort he put in, his crew, colleagues, his story about his mother was the most touching though.

  22. 50 thoughts on “Anhui TV Drama Awards 2015

    Hey, does anyone know why Wallace was acting so cold towards Liying? He hardly look at her and instead, it was Hu Ge who waved at her and Ruby turned to smile at her. Although he did sort of looked her way when she stood up to get her award……I am just curious. Kind of blowing hot and cold. He was so nice and smiling and laughing a lot at iQiyi award early December.

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