Aaron Kwok, Zhao Li Ying, and Zhu Yi Long at Press Conference for Eternal Wave

If someone asks me about Li Ying’s OTP, I would say she’s married to her work. The second she wrapped up her appearance at Qiyi Carnival Night, she immediately flew to attend the pre-show press conference for her movie, Eternal Wave, with Aaron Kwok and Zhu Yi Long in Shanghai. Busy, busy girl. Production officially begins on December 13th and will run for about 100 days. Funny how they estimated the exact days needed. heh. As if!

For more info and pictures of the movie, please visit the movie tag, Eternal Wave.

Re-posting the Synopsis [Written by Kappy at AVV]: The year is 1930, when Shanghai is known as the Paris of the East with a thriving economy. However, behind the glamorous songs and dances, cruelty and terror run amok. From the Marco Polo Bridge Incident to the Battle of Shanghai, the Chinese Army fought courageously against the Imperial Japanese Army. In the city, the Japanese army destroys many means of communication between the Chinese troops, even private radio stations from Britain and France are required to register to operate. The person in charge of such operations is a Japanese female agent (Zhang Lan Xin) who proudly proclaims that under Shanghai sky, only Japanese-approved stations are allowed to survive. Then one day, Li Xia (Aaron Kwok), an underground CPC (Communist Party of China) radio transmitter accepts the mission of rebuilding a mean of communication for his fellow countrymen. He fake-marries another CPC agent (Zhao Li Ying) after his wife died and soon begins to fall for her straightforward personality. She is described as the “dare to love and dare to hate” type of person. In front of the enemies, she carries out the act of an old-fashioned, dumb, senseless wife, which is sometimes a source of amusement for her fake husband.

Press Conference Stills:

Whoever styled Li Ying’s recent dresses – I love you! She looks ridiculously adorable even when I don’t really like the see-through bra design on this piece, she looks chic and stylish. Zhang Han did not attend.

 photo Wave 6.jpg

 photo Wave 9.jpg

 photo Wave 27.jpg

 photo Wave 25.jpg

 photo Wave 4.jpg

 photo Wave 7.jpg

 photo Wave 12.jpg

The veterans in one place. Be a sponge and soak up their knowledge Li Ying!!

 photo Wave 28.jpg

OTP. I’m a little worried here. Both are good-looking but together they seem to lack chemistry. 🙁 When asked whether the big age difference will prevent real portrayal of husband and wife, Li Ying answers, “Aaron Kwok is my idol and it’s an honor to be working with him. I hope that sparks will take place during our collaboration. Seeing Aaron today, I don’t feel the generation age gap. I think that during filming, we will be able to act out the required chemistry in the script, like husband like wife, and also like comrades. Happy working together!”

 photo Wave 26.jpg

 photo Wave 30.jpg

 photo Wave 32.jpg

 photo Wave 20.jpg

 photo Wave 19.jpg

 photo Wave 18.jpg

 photo Wave 14.jpg

This week is like Girlcrush heaven for me.

 photo Wave 31.jpg

 photo Wave 29.jpg

 photo Wave 24.jpg

 photo Wave 17.jpg

Aaron Kwok.

 photo Wave 21.jpg

Zhu Yi Long. His role is someone under the hero’s guidance.

 photo Wave 15.jpg

 photo Wave 16.jpg

They matched!

 photo Wave 3.jpg

Zhang Lan Xin (CZ12, Who Am I 2015) as the Japanese agent causing horror in Shanghai.

 photo Wave 8.jpg

 photo Wave 10.jpg

Don’t mess with her!

 photo Wave 23.jpg

Kou Zhen Hai.

 photo Wave 22.jpg

Director Billy Chung aka Siu Hung Cheung (The Man From Macau, Mark Of Youth) reveals that Aaron and Li Ying are the best contenders in his mind for this remake. In Li Ying, he sees an indomitable fighting spirit. I see that too. Girl is ambitious. =D

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  1. 3 thoughts on “Aaron Kwok, Zhao Li Ying, and Zhu Yi Long at Press Conference for Eternal Wave

    Looks like a good project for Liying. <3

    Adore Zhu Yi Long but not liking his hair. I like it when his hair all gelled up. No bangs.

  2. 3 thoughts on “Aaron Kwok, Zhao Li Ying, and Zhu Yi Long at Press Conference for Eternal Wave

    Is anyone old enough and into Qiong Yao series enough to remember Xiao Cao (Little Grass) from Qing Qing He Bian Cao? (青青河边草)? I swear Liying looks like a slightly older version of her in some of these photos…

  3. 3 thoughts on “Aaron Kwok, Zhao Li Ying, and Zhu Yi Long at Press Conference for Eternal Wave

    This looks like an interesting project for our Liying. Lucky girl gets to collaborate with veterans like Simon and Aaron. Hopefully this will boost her professional career and get her out of idol dramas. This way she can challenge herself more. Bravo to our Liying…….

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