Rumored Cast for Possible Remake of Romance In The Rain

So I’ve been contemplating whether or not to post this piece of floating news and I’ve decided that speculations are fun (=P). The list of invited cast appears in a manual of possible future investments. So take it with a grain of salt because my (our) girl is kinda booked until June of next year and some of the actors have expressed not knowing about the possible remake. However, with the horrendous remake of Huan Zhu Ge Ge (Princess Pearls) in 2011, anything is possible! For those who are fairly new to Cdramas, Romance In The Rain is the drama adaptation of Qiong Yao’s novel Romance in The Rain in 2001 (there are older adaptations but not my cup of wine). It starred three breakout stars from her previous smashing hits, Princess Pearls in 1998-1999. The story follows the ups and downs of Lu Zhen Hua, a retired general, and his family in Shanghai as the complications of having nine wives and many kids unfold in a melodramatic way. While he has many kids, one is bound to stand out and she is our protagonist; the daughter who shares his volatile personality – Lu Yi Ping.

——– Rumored Casting Below ——–

NOTE: I have pasted the picture of the rumored actor (left) next to the former actor of the same role for visual comparison.

Zhao Li Ying as Lu Yi Ping. This is a dream casting for me because I love Yi Ping. I love that she is allowed (like many MALE characters nowadays) to brood and be angry and be bitter! When she’s around her heartless family, she puts on her porcupine armor and when you take them away, she’s the sweetest soul (if you’re on her good list, lol). She and her mother were kicked out of the house when Wife #9 accuses them of causing harm to her kids. Since then, she has to literally come back to the same house month after month, year after year, to ask for living fees. They are dirt poor while her dad and his other wife + kids live a comfortable life in a mansion. But all that comes to an end that one fateful, rainy night…. right before she meets the man she never thought existed.

Tough, tough life for any actress to follow Vicki’s expressive performance. My girl is already getting criticized even when the rumor is still baseless. Lol. The other caveat is…Yi Ping becomes a famous club…singer! ZLY and her poor pipes. XD

 photo Rain 19.jpg

Zhang Rui as He Shu Huan. A reporter, a gentleman, and a Yi Ping’s lover! He is her volunteered bodyguard when she works at Shanghai’s biggest Night Club. At one point before this year, my dream pairing for the OTP was…. ChenxYing. Chen Xiao fits in this era very well and I could see them exploding the screen together. Alas, things have changed. While Leo Ku was rather stiff and poor at fighting, he had the sweetest chemistry with Vicki. Them kisses were scandalous at the time. XD Unfortunately, I can’t picture Zhang Rui as Shu Huan.

 photo Rain 22.jpg

Wang Xiao Chen (Good Time) as Lu Ru Ping. She’s known as the kind, good-hearted younger step-sister to Yi Ping. She meets and falls in love with Shu Huan first but his eyes and heart are captivated by the enigma that is Yi Ping. So she tells him she can wait….and wait…until Yi Ping breaks his heart. LOL. One has to wonder how she could be so nice when she was raised by a snake. But she’s not boring nice either because cracks of flaws do come out here and there.

 photo Rain 24.jpg

Zhang Ruo Yun (Wu Xin The Monster Killer) as Du Fei. The clumsy, kind reporter who is devoted 100% to Ru Ping. I don’t know, Ruo Yun looks a little too cool for such a role.

 photo Rain 29.jpg

Nick Wang (Nirvana In Fire) as Lu Er Hao. HELL NO. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Please don’t even think about it, Nick! Lu Er Hao is the older step-brother of Yi Ping (real brother to Ru Ping). I hate him with a passion. I hate his character – selfish, irresponsible, judgmental, and a full-on hypocrite! Thinking about him sours my taste buds for Halloween!

 photo Rain 41.jpg

Maggie Jiang as Fang Yu. The two actresses do share some resemblance. Fang Yu is Yi Ping’s best friend who falls in love with Er Hao. One of the biggest fails of the drama for me. How could a sensible girl like her…go down that road? Lol.

 photo Rain 21.jpg

Qiu Xin Zhi as the abusive father to his kids and wives, Lu Zhen Hua. I like that his bond with Yi Ping starts on a terrible note and changes for the better (however, I wanted him to SUFFER MORE AND MORE). He even recognizes her as his little tiger. heh. Qiu Xin Zhi looks….like a mild version. Get the same actor!

 photo Rain 25.jpg

Wang Lin reprising her role as the evil stepmother. Fantastic portrayal. You can’t help it, you just have to hate her! =D

 photo Rain 20.jpg

Let’s go down the road of nostalgia~~

The different shades to our Porcupine. =D

 photo Rain 43.jpg

 photo Rain 27.jpg

 photo Rain 8.jpg

 photo Rain 10.jpg


 photo Rain 18.jpg

 photo Rain 12.jpg

 photo Rain 9.jpg

 photo Rain 7.jpg

 photo Rain 6.jpg

 photo Rain 42.jpg

 photo Rain 39.jpg

 photo Rain 38.jpg

 photo Rain 37.jpg

 photo Rain 32.jpeg

 photo Rain 30.jpg

Second OTP.

 photo Rain 1.jpg

 photo Rain 4.jpg

Cast Together.

 photo Rain 28.jpg

 photo Rain 26.jpg

 photo Rain 32.jpg

 photo Rain 33.jpg

 photo Rain 34.jpg

 photo Rain 35.jpg

 photo Rain 36.jpg

 photo Rain 5.jpg

 photo Rain 11.jpg

 photo Rain 13.jpg

 photo Rain 15.jpg

 photo Rain 16.jpg

Some of my favorite songs Vicki sang in the drama. Qiong Yao wrote the romantic and poetic lyrics. She’s very talented in that area.

As much as we dislike adaptations, they are inevitable. At least this one is 15 years ago. What are your envisioned/ideal cast? Beside Chen Xiao, I really want Elvis Han to take the male lead role. hehe Wu Xin times two!

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  1. 16 thoughts on “Rumored Cast for Possible Remake of Romance In The Rain

    wow. this is not gonna be easy for any newbies to tackle!

    the key to yi ping was sorta vicki’s huge expressive eyes, i gotta agreed. i can’t imagine anyone else in that role. i don’t think any current actresses have big enough eyes. lols.

    zhang dan feng as the male lead? he needs a break! why keep getting small secondary roles. =(

    those pics are really nice. i haven’t touched this drama since i last watched and fast forwarded many….many scenes…like half of unnecessary drama with the assistant’s daughter.

    • 16 thoughts on “Rumored Cast for Possible Remake of Romance In The Rain

      Definitely Vicki’s eyes are a challenge to overcome!

      I know! I keep reading news of him playing supporting characters! BAH. 🙁

  2. 16 thoughts on “Rumored Cast for Possible Remake of Romance In The Rain

    Qiong Yao’s romance novels are too melodramatic for my tastes so I’ve never watched any of the drama adaptations save for Huanzhu Gege of course. I do agree with frea that this is going to be a hard project for newbies to tackle.

    I can see Liying in a role like this. Her acting abilities can handle this.

    Nick has been receiving multiple screenplays a day (I hear the rumored number is 20 a day) to choose from. I’m sure there are better options for him than this. Perhaps there’s one that will fulfill his wish of playing a psychopath. =P

    • 16 thoughts on “Rumored Cast for Possible Remake of Romance In The Rain

      LOL 20 scripts a day haha… I guess when it’s your time to shine then it’s your time to shine 🙂
      Good for him cuz he’s an awesome actor and deserves the recognition… I hope he chooses his roles carefully and continues honing his craft…

      • 16 thoughts on “Rumored Cast for Possible Remake of Romance In The Rain

        He’s still getting used to his popularity. Good thing he’s levelheaded!

    • 16 thoughts on “Rumored Cast for Possible Remake of Romance In The Rain

      I think I have only watched two. HZGG and RITR with a lot of forwarding in the latter. So many abusive men in one drama.

      Psychopath? Lol. LMIFD is getting to him. The bad guys are having all the fun!

      • 16 thoughts on “Rumored Cast for Possible Remake of Romance In The Rain

        LOL from Xiao Jingyan to psychopath … talk about a big change…

      • 16 thoughts on “Rumored Cast for Possible Remake of Romance In The Rain

        He likes the challenge. Plus, everyone is always telling him he has the “good guy” look so he wants to be something different.

        One thing is for sure though. He’d make one very good-looking villain. =P

  3. 16 thoughts on “Rumored Cast for Possible Remake of Romance In The Rain

    With the right cast I would totally check out the remake. Romance in The Rain was one those damas that I would watch and rewatch. I tried watching the 1986 version but couldn’t get past the 1 st episode and the fact that RuPing dies in that version and that there is no DuFei.

    I am hoping that ZLY if gets cast then Zhang Rui wouldn’t , I am not a fan of Zhang Rui at all. I don’t think Qui Xing Zhi looks scary/intimidating enough to play the dad. I don’t see Ruo Yun as DuFet either, I was thinking the guy who played Lord Gu should play DuFei instead . I can totally see him being all silly trying to get the girl and have a bromance with ShuHuan.

    • 16 thoughts on “Rumored Cast for Possible Remake of Romance In The Rain

      Ru Ping dies? Now that is taking things too far, even for a melo!

      BUT YESH!! Lord Gu!! How could I forgot about him. He would be so cute! hehe!

      • 16 thoughts on “Rumored Cast for Possible Remake of Romance In The Rain

        I take it you’ve never read the novels. The vicky version has changes made to it.

        You will not like the original storyline if they follow it.

  4. 16 thoughts on “Rumored Cast for Possible Remake of Romance In The Rain

    Nick Wang as er hao you must be joking?
    He is better as Shuhuan, and honestly I want to see nick wang and Zhao Liying chemistry as couple in drama..?

  5. 16 thoughts on “Rumored Cast for Possible Remake of Romance In The Rain

    no no no no no wang kai no no no… just NOOOOOO!!!!! i watched this drama haha… hao xiang hao xiang was one of my fave song and kept singing it at school while my friends were busy watching dragon ballz.

    i disliked the bro’s character… what a poisonous man. sigh. it’s better if our wang kai plays the main character. he will date LZY hehe…

  6. 16 thoughts on “Rumored Cast for Possible Remake of Romance In The Rain

    Hey there! Shocked when I read the title! Aww….look at those OLD pics!! l’m having a dilemma whether l want to see the beautiful Romance ln the Rain being adapted or not. We were all MADLY IN LOVE with this drama thanks to the beautiful dialogues, excellent casts, heartbreaking storyline, and romantic songs.

    Hmm….Liying as Yi Ping….l don’t know. l love Liying, and she always act to the fullest, but l don’t know if she can keep up with Vicki, or may be give different vibe? Personally l think Li Sheng would be Vicki’s lil sister. She played twice as Vicki’s adaptation characters (Xiao Yan Zi and Huo Mu Lan). She looks sooooo similar to Vicki and she acts really great too. So l don’t see any problems here. But Liying….l can imagine her as Yi Ping, but my heart goes to Li Sheng, at least for now. Both are good singers as well.

    Anyway, Zhang Rui…. l agree with you, l think Chen Xiao is much better. He has the similar smile with Leo Ku. Plus, only with Liying, Chen Xiao was able to shine! Zhang Rui is fine, but l think he has perfect chemistry with Li Sheng.

    l don’t mind who will be Ru Ping, but Du Fei is another big trouble. l don’t know who is good, so l can’t name one. Somehow l imagine Zhang Dan Feng (l don’t want him to love other than Liying!!), Kimi Qiao or Kenny Kwan. Yeah….blame me.

    Er Hao is a jerk, stupid, but still, he cares for his sisters so much. He changed to a better person thanks to Fang Yu and Ke Yun. After Ke Yun’s incident, he is no longer a jerk, and started to be kind to Yi Ping.

    Maybe, the only one who can act as Lu Zhen Hua is Zhang Tie Lin. LOL LOL

    Really, l HOPE if they are going to make the remake, they will consider the casts VERY carefully. Hai Lu was a big failure as Zi Wei.

  7. 16 thoughts on “Rumored Cast for Possible Remake of Romance In The Rain

    Hello Kap, do you have any news on this project? I saw this on youtube and was wondering if this is on old news or recent (based on the date this was downloaded)?
    I hope to see our darling girl in such a role which is more challenging.

    • 16 thoughts on “Rumored Cast for Possible Remake of Romance In The Rain

      I hope so too but after the initial wow-wow moment, this rumor kinda died down on its own.

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