Promo gears up for Return of the Cuckoo Movie Premiere

Finally, the long wait is over. The movie sequel to the popular TVB series 15 years ago, Return of the Cuckoo, will hit theaters tomorrow. I’m nervous about it, honestly. While not the greatest series, Cuckoo left a deep impression on me as child and kinda scarred me a bit too. The characters I should love, I loved. The characters I should hate, I hated. It’s such a dear part of my childhood and kick-started one of my first OTP ships ever in Hong Kong entertainment – Charmaine Sheh and Julian Cheung, together as Charlian. I really don’t want anything to ruin that perfect nostalgic feeling. Yunno? It’s been 15 years… their chemistry is no longer the same…

A lot of pictures and trailers/mv after the jump! You’re warned!

At Various Press Conferences:

 photo Cuckoo 20.jpg

 photo Cuckoo 43.jpg

 photo Cuckoo 49.jpg

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 photo Cuckoo 22.jpg

The original family. 🙂

 photo Cuckoo 29.jpg

 photo Cuckoo 30.jpg

 photo Cuckoo 26.jpg

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 photo Cuckoo 40.jpg

 photo Cuckoo 31.jpg

This suit is a WIN.

 photo Cuckoo 32.jpg

Julian…you lucky dork!

 photo Cuckoo 37.jpg

 photo Cuckoo 34.jpg

 photo Cuckoo 42.jpg

 photo Cuckoo 36.jpg

Michael Tong! How I love the macho characters you play.

 photo Cuckoo 39.jpg

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Girls Power!

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 photo Cuckoo 28.jpg


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 photo Cuckoo 65.jpg

Oh this scene…. my heart….

 photo Cuckoo 64.jpg

 photo Cuckoo 63.jpg

 photo Cuckoo 62.jpg

 photo Cuckoo 60.jpg

 photo Cuckoo 59.jpg

 photo Cuckoo 58.jpg

 photo Cuckoo 57.jpg

Scenes with Chen Qiao En. She’s so gonna get her heart broken. Sigh ~

 photo Cuckoo 71.jpg

 photo Cuckoo 72.jpg

 photo Cuckoo 73.jpg

 photo Cuckoo 74.jpg

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 photo Cuckoo 81.jpg photo Cuckoo 83.jpg

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 photo Cuckoo 84.jpg photo Cuckoo 79.jpg

 photo Cuckoo 87.jpg photo Cuckoo 91.jpg


 photo Cuckoo 53.jpg

 photo Cuckoo 52.jpg photo Cuckoo 54.jpg

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 photo Cuckoo 50.jpg

And finally, after much intense digging, I found two pics of her dead hubby! Here’s a peek of Steven Ma, whose character dies in a tragic accident, leaving his wife to mourn after him for years. In the drama, we only see Kwan Ho returning alone to meet her relatives. It’s nice that they invited his character back as a ghost, to help her heal. That’s my guess because of the bright light and how injured she looks and how regretful he looks.

 photo Cuckoo 85.jpg

 photo Cuckoo 86.jpg


Wishing Kwan Well – Kit Chan. Interesting to hear a female version of this song.

  • Return of the Cuckoo the Movie premieres in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Malaysia on November 12th and on November 20th in China.
  • In a sense, I don’t mind if they don’t end up together since it looks like the story is about Kwan Ho grieving and healing after her husband’s death. They will always be each other’s special person and that alone has transcended romantic love for me.
  • When asked about a possible sequel to the movie, Julian replies it’s not possible while Nancy Sit jokes that in 15 years, she won’t be around anymore. You’re still young! Don’t say that!!
  • Check out my previous post to learn more about the drama version and some old-schooled pictures. 😀
  • If you’re catching it in theaters, let me know how it goes! But no spoilers please!

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  1. 6 thoughts on “Promo gears up for Return of the Cuckoo Movie Premiere

    finally get to see steven ma after the long haitus…wonder whether he’s back for TVB drama soon

    • 6 thoughts on “Promo gears up for Return of the Cuckoo Movie Premiere

      I would love to see a collaboration with Steven, Charmaine, and Ruco. Powerhouse! ^^

  2. 6 thoughts on “Promo gears up for Return of the Cuckoo Movie Premiere

    Omg! So nice to see Steven ma in flesh!!! I haven’t seen him in any promo or sites. Good job with the digging Kap!! ?

    Their chemistry is so off amd awkward in the videos and pictures. You can see a ckear divide, probably because of the rumors and stuff back them. I loved them so much in point of no return.

    • 6 thoughts on “Promo gears up for Return of the Cuckoo Movie Premiere

      I know! I thought Steven wouldn’t be invited at all but glad he has somewhat of a presence. 🙂

  3. 6 thoughts on “Promo gears up for Return of the Cuckoo Movie Premiere

    Julian.. hahaha.. i remember i watched him in some dramas in TVB. the last time i watched about him was Triumph season 2. he was once my crush too.. hihi.. i have a lot back then, 🙂

    but agree with you and angela, they lost the chemistry after years.. sigh.

    • 6 thoughts on “Promo gears up for Return of the Cuckoo Movie Premiere

      Don’t we love our handsome Captain Cool? 😉

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