Chat Station: Run Brother Season 3 Premiere

I knew having an idol star in Lu Han would boost interest in Season 3, leading to English Subtitles for international fans! A huge thanks to the team. Watch and spazz after the jump!

— English Subbed by Meet Lu Fansub (3 Parts) —

  • The theme for everyone’s outfit is flowers but that’s no fun. =P Leader Deng Chao appears first…in an outfit with a huge purple frill. The production team called it beauty of Dugu Qiubai. Lol. The name literally means The Loner Who Seeks Defeat, and he’s a character in Jin Yong’s novels. Coming out in light footsteps in a light pink outfit is the adorable Ryan Zheng who welcomes fan to the third season of Run Brother! Next is Michael Chen bouncing in a yellow outfit. Running in next in a light green robe is the one and only vitamin of the team – Angela. She looks really pretty, as if she just walked off a wuxia set. It’s sweet how she hugs each man and stumbles for a second when she sees Deng Chao’s lizard flower. LOL. Jerry Li runs in with powerful steps ad enthusiastically greets everyone. Wong Cho Lam skips in as the comic relief of the team. The last and newest member of the family this season is EXO’s Lu Han. The song “Pretty Boy” starts playing and I’m brought back to my idol tvb days. XD
  • Mission for today is to find the killer and save the last surviving peony. On their separate car ride there, each member receives today’s task and they all gasp and panic. Turns out each of them gets the same mission: You’re killer! Finish the mission to get clues on how to open the Phoenix platform. The thing is…they believe they are the “only” killer. HA. Angela: “Already you’re making me be the bastard!” The twist: flower boy Lu Han is the only protector and he knows the others are killers. He’s also given the key to the Phoenix platform which could be stolen if his nametag is ripped off.
  • While the killers are looking for clues, Lu Han sneaks up behind Michael and eliminates him easily. In jail, Michael tries to break down the situation – how is he OUT? Isn’t he a killer? Unless Lu Han is a COP? Lol.
  • Lu Han this kid cannot carry out a lie! He’s all nervous when questioned by Deng Chao. But he manages to rip of Angela’s name tag next when she’s occupied with tying her shoes. Everyone then suspects Cho Lam since he’s the only one around when Angela was eliminated and he actually bellows, “If I ripped off her name tag, I would get a divorce!” Taken aback, Jerry and Deng Chao tell him not to say that so easily.
  • Next to die in hands of fresh little meat is Jerry! Why is he so easy nowadays?!! Lu Han is becoming scary now, he rips and walks away swiftly like he didn’t do anything wrong. XD
  • Cho Lam figures out that Lu Han is the only protector and he and Deng Chao go on the hunt for fresh little meat! He’s taken down.
  • Next mission is to help the peony flower bloom again. Game: One person guesses the word while the six members form the strokes on a platform above water. They have one minute to do so and if they fail, they are dumped in the pool. They get the first word right and instantly become cocky. LOL. Of course, they fail the next word. Angela doesn’t get away with punishment either and a load of water is dumped on her on the dry platform. When it’s Michael’s turn to guess the word, he purposely acts the fool, letting the guys be discarded in the pool. Deng Chao holds on tight but Jerry pulls down his outer shorts. LOL.
  • Lu Han does a pretty good job but I die when they try to make out the picture of a phone and Ryan asks what Jerry is doing and he’s like, “I’m the HOME button.” OMG. *rolls* Deng Chao saves the day and guesses three correct words! Total = 10/10!
  • Next challenge is trying to keep the water in the bucket over your head as full as possible. The combined water has to reach a certain level at the end. This game is hard because the weight of member at the end is gonna kill out buffalo (Jerry) as he has to drag them all to the finish line. But it’s sweet how they try to cover each other’s cup in the cart. Team work! They succeed in their third try.
  • Last challenge: Jump robe to 10 with 66 people in total. They also succeed in the name. Being together for two seasons, these members have grown a lot and they know each other pretty well too, so it’s nice to see jokes of the past helping them along the way to solve some clues.
  • Next week is couples game! Invited guests are faces we know: Chen Qiao En, Ma Su, Amber Kuo, Zhang Hui Wen, and Song Jia.
  1. 6 thoughts on “Chat Station: Run Brother Season 3 Premiere

    man, these exo boys are everywhere in chinese entertainment. so far, lu han is serviceable. he doesn’t stand out nor drag down the feel. but the games could be funner this season.

    i don’t know how they think they could demonstrate a phone?!! but LOL at jerry and his home button.

    looking forward to next week with the couples!!

  2. 6 thoughts on “Chat Station: Run Brother Season 3 Premiere

    Yay for the return of Run Bother.

  3. 6 thoughts on “Chat Station: Run Brother Season 3 Premiere

    The episode is better than I expected lol. The 1st half is really funny but the other half is lackin something to pull my interest till the end. Overall quite a promising start :D. New member Luhan is not bad for the 1st ep. I wish he would open up and talk more in the next coming eps. My fav in this ep is Cho Lam lol

    • 6 thoughts on “Chat Station: Run Brother Season 3 Premiere

      Lol, it was the exact opposite for me! the nametag ripping part (aka first half ) of this episode felt so boring to me because there weren’t any real stakes or proper stand offs/action. It was just luhan repeating the same move on 3 people and then getting taken down very easily. No suspense, no misunderstanding (I’m annoyed not one of the killers got taken out by each other) and not a lot of interaction between the members ): Instead, I really enjoyed the minigames in the second half (esp the first two; the jump rope I could have done without tbh)

    • 6 thoughts on “Chat Station: Run Brother Season 3 Premiere

      I like the small games too. The nametag elimination felt like a segment for Lu Han to stand out as the new member. I’m hoping he would speak more in the upcoming episodes since I know nothing about EXO.

  4. 6 thoughts on “Chat Station: Run Brother Season 3 Premiere

    I love the teamwork segments, especially the guess-the-word. I was laughing so hard when Deng Chao’s shorts came off I almost chocked. Michael desperately needs a good spanking to get his smugness under control. Lu Han must be a ninja in his previous life because he definitely got the “float like a butterfly, sting like a bee” part down. He was incredibly light on his feet and super quiet. The killers didn’t even hear him coming.

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