Chat Station: Run Brother (Ep. 4) and Run For Time (Ep.3)

Sorry, I missed last week! Was just too caught up with life and work. If you’re watching any other shows, hit us up in the comment section for a recommendation. I haven’t watched this week’s episodes yet so you ladies can chat about them first. I have work tomorrow morning so see you in the afternoon!

Elvis, Gina, Hawick, and Luo Jin are here with us!

Run Brother: Episode 4 [Broadcast date: 11/20/15]

Guest List: Xie Na.

Run For Time: Episode 3 [Broadcast date: 11/20/15]

Guest List: TFBOYS, Du Chun, Ada Choi, Jia Nai Liang, Luo Jin, Shawn Dou, Zhang Liang, Fan Tian Tian, Zhang Yi Jie, Hawick Lau, Jia Ling, Pan Bin Long, Elvis Han, Gina Jin, Viann Zhang.

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    lol…. juli is right! elvis runs fast! maybe he should join run brother instead? 😛

    if i were there, being captured by mr. hottie hunters wouldn’t be a bad idea. li zi feng! come and catch me!!

  2. 6 thoughts on “Chat Station: Run Brother (Ep. 4) and Run For Time (Ep.3)

    Not going to lie, I love Run Brother (or it’s members, at least; objectively I have no idea if it’s quality content tbh) but I am enjoying Run for Time at an exponentially increasing rate. I feel like there were too many inconsistencies in RBros this week, stuff like the 20 minutes lasting so long that it went from midday to mid-night, and the fairly shoddy buildup, reveal, and ending. It isn’t quite their fault, since one of the member groups got bombarded with fans for over an hour, which mucked up the filming, so the second half of the show was heavily pieced together from salvaged clips and an ending that was shot last minute. Also, there were several elements today that seemed to be taken from Go Fighting! that I don’t feel worked very well, whether they were unsuited for the cast or if they were just incorporated badly. Did enjoy last week’s episode though! I think I just miss proper nametag-ripping games (or train-ticket/passport/etc. stealing), which we’ve had incredibly few of, and some good old fashioned mud-wrangling and other minigames.

    By contrast, RfT has been finding it’s groove with the most recent episodes. I know you said that RfT seemed like it was just copying RB, but there are actually very few similarities in the games they play and the flow of the game. Also love the silly NPCs, who walk so leisurely (aka SLOW) when the members are frantically trying to avoid capture. They finally gave up and just picked the girl up and carried her to the location, haha. I could do without the overarching alien plot though. Also, 17 members is still a bit too much, and it’s hard to develop attachment to a lot of them before they get captured. Only the members who last till the end or are recurring cast members make a proper impression, but over the course of 3 episodes, I’ve gotten very fond of the recurring members, esp our fish-memoried Empress Ada Choi, resident idiot Jia Nailiang, Canadian Dou Xiao, and the TFBoys, who have done very well so far despite being much younger and shorter than the other dudes (it helps that they take the game seriously instead of horsing around a lot like some other members: not always a bad thing, but it gets old).

    Anyways, I’m looking forward to RfT keeping up the decent work and getting better, and hope that RBros gets their stuff together so I can get back to fully enjoying the members’ interactions and antics!

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      ALSO, on the topic of other shows, I want to call out Happy Camp for copying RBros a bit tooo much. I get wanting to cash in on the success, but you have your own niche in the variety show world (you are literally the most popular one; RBros might be big now, but they’re no real match for your 18 years of popularity) and the constant spy episodes are starting to get old. One every now and then in cool, but you’ve had like 3 in the last month alone!

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        I definitely agree with you on the Happy Camp spy episodes. I generally really really love Happy Camp, but the spy episodes is sort of so far off from what Happy Camp is. Like, Happy Camp is so successful because Xie Na, He Jiong, Wei Jia, and Hai Tao work so well together and they’re super witty and charismatic, their dialogue alone is really funny. Games like “Shei shi wo di (who’s the spy…the phrase-word game)” utilize their talents in word games and stuff. Now with the spy games, it’s kind of just routine and the same things happen, like suspecting people, suspecting Xie Na…all of that. I loved it the first episode they did it, cuz it was Hu Ge and he’s naturally charismatic enough to pull it off, and it was the first time, and most importantly, because the drama they were promoting was The Disguiser, a drama that’s actually about spies, so the spy theme made sense. Afterwards though, it was just kind of all the same. 🙁

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          Lol I’m sad you forgot about Wu Xin! Sure she doesn’t have much screen presence, but the show wouldn’t really be the same without her (or any of them). Man, Wo Shi Wo Di is definitely one of my all time faves, and I hope they bring it back more often. Also loved the game where they can’t do the action/say the phrase on their forehead and everyone tries to trick each other into failing. The only game they have frequently recently that I really enjoy is 123 Mu Tou Ren. Everything else is alright but not excellent.

    • 6 thoughts on “Chat Station: Run Brother (Ep. 4) and Run For Time (Ep.3)

      Last week’s episode is much better edited than episode 4. I was confused at many points. I think the similarities of both shows are decreasing now that Run For Time has found its niches. I prefer the mini games of the group together than running around the city in separate teams. Not as fun.

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