Chat Station: Run Brother (Ep. 2) and Run For Time (Premiere)

I’m feeling so bloated right now from the food and Thai Tea drinks. Lol. Sitting in a chair and watching variety shows might not be the best way if I want to maintain firm butt cheeks! But I’ll do that for now~ XD

Run Brother: Episode 2 [Broadcast date: 11/6/15]
Guest List: Chen Qiao En, Ma Su, Amber Kuo, Zhang Hui Wen, and Song Jia.

  • Pairings for this episode: Chen Qiao En x Jerry, Angela x Deng Chao, Cho Lam x Ma Su, Ryan x Amber Kuo , Michael x Song Jia, Lu Han x Zhang Hui Wen. Deng Chao reenacted the scene from his movie [Comrades: Almost A Love Story] with his real wife, Sun Li. Awww.
  • First game is turning the cubes to your team color. Youngest team Lu Han and Hui Wen sets up a cave for their stack prior to the game! Smart. While the naughty men Deng Chao and Cho Lam secure Jerry with their arms and legs.
  • Second game involves mud! Always my favorite! With three rounds, each pair will take turns to push their partner in the wheelbarrow across the plank to the finish line. Everyone worries about Song Jia because Michael is known to be a mountain of weight. haha. Surprised that Qiao En pushes the muscle boy quite easily down to the finish line, followed close behind by Ma Su and Cho Lam. Ryan and Amber make friends with mud from head to toe (they are still stuck at the starting point!) Lol. It’s sweet that the winners come around to help the ones struggling behind.
  • When it’s the guys turn, it’s expected of Jerry to bull doze ahead with speed and control. Behind, Ryan tumbles forward and Amber goes FACE PLANTING right in the MUD! OMG. She’s so game, I like her! While everyone is stuck at the traffic point in the middle, Ma Su and Cho Lam takes the other route and comes first at the finish line. Angela figures a new method to winning sneakily: let Deng Chao fall along the track as they inch their way forward. Angela: “Just a few more falls and we’ll be there!”
  • Third Game is answering questions. Questions that the ladies probably won’t know, as evident from their faces. If they fail their male partner gets sprayed with water guns. Lol, questions about cars, basketball player, plane models. The guys drop their jaws about nails polishes, shoes, anti-aging names.
  • Last game, finding train tickets in the chosen venue. All routes lead to Beijing. They have one hour for the search and can store their tickets in a “safe” house. However, the safe house will only be activated an hour later. Which means Michael is one devious kid! He takes Red Team label and hides it outside the window panel. The twist is Deng Chao also puts a warning sign outside the door to Michael’s safe house. Good brothers! He then gets robbed of his two tickets by Deng Chao, Angela, and Lu Han. Elsewhere, Jerry and Qiao En locate Lu Han’s tickets in his unlocked drawer. Lol. But then after hearing Lu Han’s cries of misfortune, they give the tickets back. Awww. You two seniors can’t be mean to the fresh meat huh?
  • Awww Michel gets robbed again by Ryan and Amber. They did come to a small truce, open for trading later. His hopeless face when he finds another ticket and mentally melts inside because he’s the target for all robbery.
  • The speaker announces the portion for nametag ripping! The eliminated players leave their safe house up for free robbing. Michael becomes aggressive and aims for Lu Han and Hui Wen. He asks for one ticket and keeps Lu Han hostage but Hui Wen gets attacked by Cho Lam and is eliminated. Things heat up and Lu Han goes into a rage mode to get revenge on the Pink Team (Cho Lam x Ma Su). But it comes a little too late and Ma Su secures her tickets in the safe house just seconds before the game ends.

Run For Time: Episode 1 [Broadcast date: 11/6/15]
Guest List: Huang Xiao Ming, TFBOYS, Jia Nai Liang, Du Chun, Ada Choi, Shawn Dou, Zhang Liang, Fan Tian Tian, Zhang Yi Jie, Leo Chen Ou, Li Yun Di, Bao Chun Lai, Zang Hong Na, Shen Meng Chen, Ju Jing Yi, Zhang Meng,

  • Oh Hunan… This show is almost the exact replica of Run, Brothers in many aspects. I need subtitles for this. Moreover, we need more cast interaction to create that bond for viewers at home. I have to care about them first as individuals and in groups, for their missions to matter.
  • I’ll give a better opinion when I understand more. How did you guys find the two shows?
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    I absolutely agree with you on the cast interaction of variety show,Run for Time. Btw, Happy Belated Birthday Kaptain A!

    • 13 thoughts on “Chat Station: Run Brother (Ep. 2) and Run For Time (Premiere)

      Thanks! 🙂 I hope Hunan realizes that having bigger stars doesn’t mean ratings success.

  2. 13 thoughts on “Chat Station: Run Brother (Ep. 2) and Run For Time (Premiere)

    lol at Angela calling Deng Chao her uncle!! HXM is only a year younger!! LOL. “He’s my uncle too.”

    i always dislike games about quizzes! so boring! and i think they should stop being so damn nice about robbing each other’s nametags. tough love people!

    Run for time is…quite boring….no explanation just hit and go? we barely know the guests…well i do, but i still can’t distinguish between the three tfboys. who is who? lol

  3. 13 thoughts on “Chat Station: Run Brother (Ep. 2) and Run For Time (Premiere)

    I didn’t watch Run for Time so can’t really comment on the show, but i agree that the larger cast is, the more difficult for everyone to interact or get screentime.

    Back to RB, I really enjoy the 2nd episode. The mud part is the best lol. I felt so bad for team Amber-ZK and DC-Baby but I couldn’t stop laughing at every time the boys fall lmaoooo. And the boys’ face when they were asked questions about girls. The last segment I felt so bad for Luhan, no wonder they call him Xiao Lu. The face he made when he found outthe ticket got stolen, you couldn’t help but felt sorry for the kid lol

  4. 13 thoughts on “Chat Station: Run Brother (Ep. 2) and Run For Time (Premiere)

    Thank you for posting, I really enjoyed ep 2 of Running man! So funny! I was rooting for Wong CHo Lam and Ma Su they were my fav and they won!! heeh!! I agree these guys should just be more aggressive when ripping the name tag, and stop begging! LOL it’s so much more intense! I;ve seen the cast in series here and there, but through this game show I am starting to like each of them more. Woo this Zheng Kai guy s pretty cute!!

  5. 13 thoughts on “Chat Station: Run Brother (Ep. 2) and Run For Time (Premiere)

    Is it just me that finds all these variety shows really dull? Hurry Up Brother is the definition of boring. I’m glad the ratings are going down and most of China can see that the show isn’t all that. Deng Chao is so fake, it’s aggravating. The new guy Lu Han has no personality at all.

    These stations need to produce fun, original shows and stop getting these Korean variety show copies. And they need to get interesting people on their shows too.

    • 13 thoughts on “Chat Station: Run Brother (Ep. 2) and Run For Time (Premiere)

      I feel the same way. I find all the currently airing variety shows really boring. I tried liking Hurry Up Brother, I watched all of season 1 but it was seriously a dull experience. The cast interactions were so forced and none of the jokes were funny. Same goes for all the other shows, they’re basically copies of Hurry Up Brother/Korean Running Man.

  6. 13 thoughts on “Chat Station: Run Brother (Ep. 2) and Run For Time (Premiere)

    I watched Run for Time because the cast was so epic, but tbh, it was kind of boring. Like the whole almost two hours were about the same. They did basically the same thing; I feel like I just saw a lot of running and chasing and hiding, essentially. It was a really busy episode, yet it felt like they didn’t actually do much.

  7. 13 thoughts on “Chat Station: Run Brother (Ep. 2) and Run For Time (Premiere)

    Just saw ep2 of Run for Time, and I think I can grow to like it depending on the people participating. Xie Na and Tian Liang were so awesome! Like they’re amazing at escaping! Xie Na was a true champ, hanging in there to the end. At one point, she hid from the hunters clinging to the side of a bridge. She’s so quick on her feet and good at hiding and escaping. Obviously, the awesome athlete that he is, Tian Liang was smart and awesome too. And he was really smart about the end. I won’t spoil it for you guys, but totally cunning. And they can’t even say anything about him doing that at the end cuz he helped complete the first two tasks.

  8. 13 thoughts on “Chat Station: Run Brother (Ep. 2) and Run For Time (Premiere)

    btw Kap, I feel like Run for Time is so different from Run, Bros. The lack of cast interaction actually works in this case kind of (more in ep 2 than ep 1) because Run for Time is purely an advanced scary version of tag. It’s heart pounding in a really athletic, being-hunted-way. They occasionally need to work together, but the motives are all fundamentally selfish cuz in the end, the rules are set up so that it’s every-man-for-himself. There are missions to complete, but that’s usually still need-to-get-to-some-place-to-prevent-more-hunters-or-prevent-shrinking-space. There’s not brainy way out of things, and their are no games that can give them advantages and stuff. It’s literally a race to hang in there to the end. I feel like fundamentally, the feel is entirely different from Run, Bros. Since in Run, Bros, there’s more comedy, games, interaction, brain-games, that allow for stuff like betrayal as comedic points, but Run for Time is more primal, like just people trying to survive. Lol I felt so bad for Xie Na in ep 2 cuz by the end, she had scrapes and was so exhausted and dirty. Poor Na Na.

    • 13 thoughts on “Chat Station: Run Brother (Ep. 2) and Run For Time (Premiere)

      It makes them (Run for Time peeps) more likely to not betray each other and band together when they need to accomplish something, but also more likely to abandon the mission for self-preservation.

  9. 13 thoughts on “Chat Station: Run Brother (Ep. 2) and Run For Time (Premiere)

    So if you guys can’t tell, lol, I really like Run for Time ep 2. It was a LOT better than ep 1. Ep1 was too chaotic and hard to keep track of and just like busy-bee style. Not sure how to pinpoint what changed (maybe the cast, maybe something else) but ep 2 was a LOT better.

    Now my only issue is, I don’t really get how the casting works. Like, their are some of the cast who appear in all the eps so far (+ ep 3 from the teaser) like the TFBoys, Ada, Shawn Dou, etc. Then there are some that aren’t consistent? Like Chen Xiang’s in 2 (+3 I think), HXM’s only in 1 so far, Na na and Tian Liang are in 2, and Zhang Liang’s in 1 (+3 I think). The thing is, how does that work? because the whole point is to see who accumulates the most time/money by the half-way point (I think…it’s a little vague), and if some of the runners have more eps than others, how does that accumulation work? Does anyone have any idea?

  10. 13 thoughts on “Chat Station: Run Brother (Ep. 2) and Run For Time (Premiere)

    btw. Good news. For anyone recently into the now-hot rising star Elvis, supposed to be in ep 3 I think.

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